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ALS – Summary For Science

Since I´m trying to engage scientists I have realized the need for another and hopefully better summary of ALS Experimental Theory. All is written in the previous posts including references to work of others but here is another attempt for a more concise description.

In this summary I shall already focus on purely scientifical or medical sources despite those pseudoscientifical are no less important for me. Since ALS is in my opinion multi-factor complex syndrome I have split following text into sections each describing concrete factor and how it contributes to the development of the disease. Then I answered those ALS questions. I´m hoping it will inspire someone despite it may not be entirely correct. I believe it just cannot be entirely incorrect.

1 Organism State

  • It is logical to expect the organism of person in which ALS already developed is far from optimal healthy state but the theory says it already was in this sub-optimal state for a long time before the critical moment.
  • Some major issues are already known but some are perhaps not considered in case of ALS. It is mainly liver, spleen, thyroid, adrenals condition. These organs are highly suspected to not work optimally. They are expected to be weaker which is mainly caused by influence of other factors which will be described more below. However the lifestyle, mainly in terms of food habits/diet, exposure to toxins (smoking, alcohol, drugs) and hightened life stress levels play significant role here.
  • Big topic is immunodeficiency, key problem can be in liver and related to complement system proteins. I tried to explore the liver role in dedicated post here (with references included).
  • Another hypothesis is about decreased ability to assimilate necessary minerals which body requires for protection from free radicals.
  • Zinc deficiency is mentioned in latest autoimmune journals which can contribute to explaining some issues. Link to super oxid dismutase.
  • Selenium deficiency can be problem as well – glutathion.
  • Magnesium deficiency is suspected – as the toxicity and stress easily consume all “in stock magnesium”, a critically important element (nerves, endocrine system, anti-physiological stress factor, it should turn-off stress reactions).
  • B-complex vitamin, especially B12 is most likely very important and deficiency here can play big role in disease development.

2 Bacterial Infection

  • In human body there are many active bacteria types but in this theory spirochetal infection is highly suspected as factor (genus Borrelia).
  • This factor was identified by following work of:
    • Stephen Harrod Buhner (specialist on Lyme disease)
    • Lida Holmes Mattman (Nobel Prize nominated microbiolog focused on CWDs)
  • As per Buhner, these Borrelia spirochetes possess unique capabilities, mainly when interacting with our immune system. It is mainly ability to change surface molecules and leveraging human immunity for escape techniques. This gives spirochetes very advanced ways how to resist and survive immune response.
  • Buhner also claims it is known spirochetes stimulate immunity to produce toxic substances like QUIN which itself has neuron damaging potential. However when ROS is present the damage is even higher and when heavy metals are present in higher levels then the cascade “metals-ROS-QUIN” results in even higher damage. His work and sources he refers are recommended for further examination.
  • Mattman all life work focused on searching link between Lyme, MS, ALS and spirochetes is also very significant. In her book she confirms ALS but also MS and Lyme patients have been reliably tested for spirochetes – these were detected in high concentrations in patient CFS (cerebro spinal fluid). She is also mentioning spirocheta myelophora which was suspected to contributing to multiple sclerosis development.
  • Mattman also focused on bacterial pleomorphism which could explain the extreme resisting abilities spirochetes should have – absence of cell wall (L-Form, Spheroplast, cystic form) protects these microbs from the effect of antibiotics. It is stated L-Form, which is already virus size element, can somehow transform back to form with cell wall (“regular spirochete”).
  • Buhner states, once these spirochetes reach brain or CFS they switch to cystic form within 24 hours. In this state they can successfully resist immune response. Role of glial cells is also described, mainly microglia and astrocytes which is direct link with ALS scientifical findings. It is claimed it was observed other human cells get infiltrated by those “tiny forms” which makes them target of cellular imunity. Buhner also states patients suffering with spirochetal infections, or as is common with Lyme, re-infections, are immunedeficient in NK cells, more specifically CD57+ type.
  • I searched for QUIN glutamate link and found work which states QUIN levels can affect glutamate levels, this again is direct link with ALS.
  • Posts in which I describe all above including citations and references follow:
  • This is why I think spirochetes play important role in ALS development. In other book (not cited though) I read about unquestionable presence of spirochetes in humans, for example in red blood cells. They are intracellular parasitic microbs.

3 Viral Infections

  • In terms of viral infections huge traces in terms of ALS and MS diseases (I suspected relationship between them) lead to herpetic viruses.
  • This part was identified based on work of many scientists – tens of names, see references sections in all posts, but especially those linked above (Lyme Disease, Stealth Enemy).
  • Omnipresent Epstein-Barr virus charcteristics was studied and lot of scientifical information was gathered. A room for theory this virus itself can directly cause autoimmune behavior was identified. Reason is EBV targets B cells and can make them immortalized and activated at the same time. When autoreactive B cell is infected in this way it can logically result in production of antibodies which react with self (tissue/organ etc.) and which is hard to remove due to anti-apoptotic mode of operation. Evidence EBV infects also T cells further supports this hypothesis because of the activation contract (B cell, Th cell).
  • Evidence EBV was found also in glial cells, namely astrocytes is another important finding when trying to understand ALS. Together with the spirochetes producing QUIN and astrocytes hijacked by EBV the situation may get really unpleasant.
  • Besides EBV there are other virus types and all can further contribute to ALS or even Alzheimer disease (HHV-6x, HHV-7, HHV-5).
  • I myself highly suspect HHV-3 which is causing shingles but it probably causes other already less known issues in PNS. My blisters could be caused by this virus despite I never had visible shingles problem. I can confirm discomfort of neural nature in my right arm and I can confirm my mother who died on ALS had big pains in PNS as well. Besides this I also studied Lou Gehrig case and I found mentions of “strange blisters” which nobody was able to explain.
  • Defects in complement protein system and thus link to liver was identified as well.
  • Some further EBV related findings were found, mainly the interaction with CR2/CD21 C3d and then presence of this complement on motor neuron axons in case of GBS cases – this was marked as possibly relevant as it was also found B cells are able to transport C3d complexes through blood stream practically everywhere.
  • All this together with 27 references were described here.
  • I also studied autoimmunity and believe Danger Theory makes much bigger sense, moreover when finding out the role of EBV and B cells.

4 Heavy Metals

  • Heavy metals as a risk factor is known and recognized by science now.
  • I have written a post where I tried to find scientific evidence metals harm human body.
  • I had to conclude the role is unquestionable and reference to some scientific paper is given.
  • Further the role of mercury, cadmium, aluminium was found especially harmful.
  • The hypothesis is such that not only these metals harm human body in many ways, it can also cause genetic mutations when metals reach cell nucleus and it can play an accelerator role in neural damage described above.
  • Link to men in miltary service provided and strange similarity in terms of health issues (which also I myself suffered) with Gulf syndrome was identified.
  • Since toxicity was analyzed in general another factor was identified: exposure to radiation, repeated X rays etc.

5 Genetic Predispositions

  • It is clear some people are less resistent to all those factors, whether there is lesser metal tolerance or problems in innate or humoral immunity (still could be caused by factor#1 which can be improved).
  • However heretical theory saying human DNA is not static in general is believed – without any evidence though 😁
  • In terms of ALS majority of the cases are sporadic form (90%) which does not speak for heredity curse. On contrary it is believed DNA is subject of mutations as per environment conditions, meaning presence of mutagens like viruses and metals mainly. Possibly the DNA of parents can already be damaged but it is believed the non-coding part of DNA has its miraculous solutions (“who does not make backups?”) 😎😀
  • The statements here are highly specualtive so you can easily ignore what you don´t like, anyway I summarized these thoughts here.

Trigger Theory

  • After defining above five main factors we are only missing last important piece of the puzzle. This is represented with Trigger theory. With this I already can put together daring theory – ALS High Level Mechanics.
  • My knowledge of practically all ALS stories support the trigger theory, i.e. the problems started after injury or longer exposure to high and unregulated stress. Factors {1,2,3,4,5} were already present as a time bombs.
  • Sometimes it also starts with problems with hand or leg, I think this can be simultaneous attack/spreading of herpetic infection in PNS and spirochetal infection in brain/spinal cord.
  • Since I analyzed multiple sclerosis as well I found scientific evidence in a form of studies which confirm patients with multiple sclerosis were exposed to high stress life events before disease developed. Quite common seem cases of women which gave birth and after that all the problems started. This is explained by enormous stress and adrenaline production during the birth process. Already presenting bacterial and viral infections make use of lowered immunity and spread more. It is known fact that stress inhibits immune system. Besides this infectional like mechanism in multiple sclerosis was registered by scientists in past, however with no real observation of causative agent. Role of EBV is highly suspected though.
  • Interesting finding for me was when I found out all members of our family started having strange issues within the same period. Everyone had feeling of very early ALS symptoms as we knew it from our mother. I believe the truth is, we all have the same set of infections and the mother diagnosis was devastative for everyone, it was actually a trigger which temporarilly affected our immune systems. Luckilly for us we all recovered individually and shared this together much later. Not all five factors were active in necessary strength in our cases (my hypothesis).

ALS Treatment Options

  • As of now ALS is considered incurable.
  • Based on my knowledge and my hypothesis this can be changed immediately but with unpredictable results, perhaps slowing down the progress could be realistic but as an optimist I´m hoping for more. My crazy program gave me some insights.
  • Pseudoscientific sources and theories play role here – Mr. Anthony William mainly.
  • My experience with ALS ill mother is telling me there is a chance, despite science will probably deny that.
  • Also my own problems, often very unpleasant, are sign for me.
  • Three times in my life I fully recovered from strange issues which resembled something like this fearful disease. Now I think I know what is happening. I did necessary steps to detox heavy metals from my body and I supplied my immunity with everything it needs – minerals, vitamins, natural antivirotics, natural immune boosters, as well as super oxid dismutase high food supplements. The blisters and bruises in place of neurological discomfort is evidence for me.
  • I will try to share more details to my possible readers, but the general information is everywhere including books I recommended.
  • I have written this again in certain rush – I apologize for any mistakes and my English.

Ultimate Questions and Answers on ALS

What causes ALS?

Simple answer is multi-factor silent infection supported by negative aspects – immunodeficiency (can be temporal state), weakened endocrine system (liver, adrenals, thyroid, …), weakened assimilation of critical vitamins, enzymes, minerals. Part of this theory is also weak lymphatic system, detox routines cannot execute as needed. Imaging like MRI or CT most likely cannot reveal the details, however it can reveal inflammation areas – a clear indirect evidence the immunity detected problems, but is struggling with resolving it (chronic inflammation). This can be also caused by EBV and other virus types of the same family (herpetic viruses) due to confirmed behavior (immortalizing infected cells) and confirmed presence in cells (B cell, T cell, Astrocyte, Microglia, ?). Logical deduction is these viruses can contribute to disbalance in all types of immune cells (T-reg, T-helper, T-killer, …) which can practically disable or significantly corrupt standard immune processes (chronic inflammation).

Well, this does not sound correct. Science would need to know about presence of infections, antibodies in blood, what do you say?

Here I can cite the work of Lida Holmes Mattman. She stated science already knows some immunecomplexes are not present in blood which makes blood tests useless. Instead it is bound in tissues. Then we should also know presence of spirochetes in patient CFS has been confirmed and in general it is known EBV and similar target B cells but evidence is they were found in cells of critical importance in ALS (glial cells). Further EBV is very common virus. An analogy with polio virus can help – some people never get ill, some get paralyzed like US president Roosevelt. New analogy can also be SARS-Cov2 – most people won´t get sick but some get sick very seriously and some even die. This all is explained with the level and ability of immune system in individuals. If immunity is fighting with something for years (chronic diseases) then another virus in body can result in collapse. My mother had problems with thyroid, blood pressure and then was diagnosed with diabetes and soon after that ALS. My and not only my theory is EBV et al. is root cause of many chronic diseases. It is just individual nature of us defining what and how seriously it will damage.

How it is possible there is so big difference in length of life among patients with ALS diagnosis?

Here probably heavy metals enter the scene. They not only weaken the organism and immunity which contributes to infection spreading but then it probably acts as an accelerator factor. It is stated that presence of ROS which are further dependent on heavy metals can increase neural damage by 80%. Besides this, another possible reason can be the individual psychic ability to manage stress (living with ALS factor, stress is immunity inhibitor). Another factor can be “unintentional slowing down” of the disease. Some people may consume vitamins, consume supplements with positive effects (e.g. SOD enzymes), or improve lifestyle which can positively affect immunity so it can fight longer. This can also explain those temporary improvements, so called transient cases or ALS reversals. If immunity is exhausted and heavy metals present in higher concentrations it can result in rapid state worsening.

Why there are some professions statistically more endangered. Mainly professional athletes like football players or soldiers, do you have any theory?

Well, it is hard to speculate but I have theory on this as well. The simple answer is “statistics”. The key components of the disease I have already described. Science recognizes some of them, despite not all of them, and calls them risk factors. Now let´s apply simple statistics. The incidence of ALS is still very rare, it is not common disease like cancer or diabetes which means much more conditions need to be met for this disease to get developed. Normally it would create an impression the incidence should be more or less equally distributed among people regardless the profession or activity like exercising/bodybuilding. However we already know this is not true and hence the question. The difference between those endangered populations and general unspecific population is the stress level (adrenaline!) and high and very frequent demanding performance required. In other words the weakened organism of US Marine soldier or NFL athlete or european soccer player is put under additional heavy load. This is hidden and unnoticeable thing. For example the athletes need to really train hard and they play more and more matches. The stress on body increases. Some players could even use some illegal stuff which could be a terrible mistake (drugs, steroids etc.). Now those US soliders. These guys are very trained persons as in other armies but the difference is that american soldier is actually deployed into conflict areas and has to deal with real war stress. Just imagine the gulf war and related syndrome. Then war in Afghanistan, war in Iraq, long term service where these guys are exposed to extremely stressful conditions – stationary patrols, mobile patrols, guarding of bases. You never know who is the foe, who wears a vest full of explosives under clothes and is always prepared to blow up the marketplace or blow up himself or even herself when passing by some patrolling units. This is just significantly different type of stress from others. Soldiers also get in touch with toxic metals and toxic substances more often – obviously wars and war machines do not only imply high stress but also imply lots of various metals, lead especially.

And now the statistics. Someone can ask why other demanding sports don´t look so bad from ALS statistics point of view. The asnwer is, statistics is often about big numbers, one needs bigger samples for being able to notice some statistically significant difference. This means that the condition is not demanding sport but demanding and mass spread sport which hundreds of thousands or better millions of people do. Only then the numbers stand out for such rare and unplesant phenomen like ALS. Start counting all the soccer leagues, including all the divisions and semi-professional competitions – you will certainly end with big number. If you start counting hockey players which is also very intensive it will be already different, because hockey is an expensive sport, it also requires stadium and it is not that popular – just compare the World Championship in Hockey and World Cup in soccer/european football. Absolutely uncomparable. Regarding American Football it is similar – it is so popular in US, NFL then all the leagues and universitity teams. United States has almost 330 millions of inhabitants. Still someone could argue that it is less then traditional football which is basically the rest of the world, not just Europe. But the American football is very different from european football. Just look at those guys and their physique. NFL pro could be called a semi-bodybuilder. They stress the body even more, the agresivity and adrenaline in those hits and clashes is by far exceeding the relatively peaceful european football (still with contacts, fouls, air duels etc.). In NFL also those drugs or various medicaments further weaken the organism. It is a clear tradeoff – power, endurance, accelerated regeneration Vs natural resting, giving the organism time to heal and repair what is already little bit damaged but hidden. Immunity can be under load and this is where latent infections can progress for long time without noticing. And if noticed, the typical reaction can be in Lou Gehrig style, alias the Iron Horse style. Tough guys won´t react on some minor issue, they get some pain killer and hooray, let´s go into another action. This is very dangerous.

Now realize the size of US army including all the units – regular army, navy corps, marine corps, national guard, air corps, reserves … altogether it is more than one million of people. Those active guys who are deployed and rotated in conflict areas are the most endangered. The big numbers just show here too. Compare it with some european army like Bundeswehr. Germans have only 184,000 active soldiers and what they mostly do? They sit in barracks, drink beer and eat sausages. Compare the stress levels with active US Marine Corps (186,000) where the units are patrolling in Kabul, Baghdad or hunting some terrorists in sub-saharan Africa. Well I´m perhaps a bit unfair, I think some German soldiers were deployed in Africa as part of NATO but small amounts.

These key differences in my opinion explain why the stats show what they show. Please add body builders as well because the numbers of people lifting heavy weights around the globe is huge, every village has at least one dude who is drinking protein shakers and lifting weights like crazy. Add some steroids and again, numbers show up. Besides that the heavy protein diet is another load on the organism – even the most basic article or textbook on metabolism should confirm this.

My mission is to share this information and warn people and give them also recovery options. Give them hope and knowledge.

What about the genetics as a factor? This is heavilly mentioned in the context of ALS, all those mutations etc. Any comments on this?

Yes the genetics is a clear factor. But it needs to be in my opinion correctly explained. With ALS the public receives kind of incorrect information. It is too scary but I understand it is mainly caused by the fact that ALS is considered incurable which I would challenge now. Clearly there are genetic predispositions to this disease – but the message needs to go on and state it is no different from any other genetic predisposition. For example my opinion is there needs to be some heightened natural or native intolerance to heavy metals which are the “closing” factor – if metals are not there, then the disease probably won´t get developed. Still you can be sick, you can have troubles of neurologic nature but it won´t be so deadly and serious. Actually my expert guess is, that multiple sclerosis is “ALS without heavy metals or with very very low levels, and not serious metals intolerancy”. There are those infections which do target neural tissues (EBV, VZV, spirochetes) but there are no metals and inherited metal intolerance which would “lock” the poor person in that typical ALS hell. So naturally an experiment needs to be done and people need to try to remove those heavy metals using chelatation and see the difference – there is no loss, one can only gain and if it won´t make any difference then I´m just wrong. I can always accept and admit it. Similarly the GBS disease – my guess is it is another variant developed on same base principles but here some factor is also missing, since this disease is mainly affecting PNS not CNS, that spirochetal infection in brain (CSF) can be missing and thus it is less critical and curable. SMA can be another branch of the same root problem – not sure what can be the difference now, but I would again suspect certain pathogen diversity. Some are present and some are not. I have analyzed the links among these disease in a very shallow way but the links are there. Science knows.

So the natural analogy with limited tolerance would be for example ability to resist UV/UVA/UVB light, in other words the sun light. If you born and your predisposition is dark hair, dark eyes and thus great ability to deal with sun light, then you are much safer when living on Florida – still you can get sun burn but you know what I mean. You can compare it with some scandinavian blond and blue eyed person who needs to be very careful and perhaps this person skin won´t react as one would like – it won´t get that darker or tanned to protect the skin more. This is a predisposition. But does it mean blond people are doomed? Of course not. They just need to be much more careful. The same is with people who may have troubles to process heavy metals internally and do not let them accumulate in the body. This analogy can be closed with an ultimate advice. Blond people should not expose themselves too much to strong sun and if they need or want they should at least protect themselves with clothes or quality sunscreen (ideally natural based with minimal toxic chemistry). People with metals intolerance should be careful when interacting with heavy metals (watch your dentist and require mercury free solutions!) and as a preventive step have natural metal removers as part of your diet and learn how metals can get in to your organism. Since not all of us know, how we stand regarding metals tolerance, we can employ old good “safety first” strategy and act as if we were intolerant – problem solved. Similarly dealing with stress or metabolism type, practically anything is probably affected by inherited DNA. My message is – it is there, but once you know, there si always something you can do about it, and it does not mean hacking DNA with some CRISPR toy.

Why do you think ALS early symptoms are often muscle fasciculations or twitches?

Here I am thinking about two reasons why this is happening. Muscle fasciculations experience almost everyone during the life, sometimes it can be little bit scary when people already know about ALS (my case!). Anyway confirmed ALS diagnosis is followed with these twitches and it is a signature symptom. My theory is the root cause is always same. Normal person without ALS will experience twitches just for short period and it just disappears. However ALS persons have these twitches for a long time and it is very unpleasant – I always see my ill mom and how her arm muscle was involuntary “dancing”. The reason why it does not go quickly away in ALS patients is that their organism is by far weaker and in much worse condition. You can read about medical representative explanation here. However based on my studying of ALS and all my experiments and overall experience I would propose following explanation. Twitches are result of running out of magnesium – the organism shows hidden unrecognized and long term deficiency of magnesium. Now if you ask why would person run out of magnesium the whole experimental theory of ALS connects here. Magnesium is critically important for nervous system and it is necessary when dealing with detoxification and stress body reactions. It is a known fact that ALS patients admit heightened stress as a factor and then there is usually always another hidden factor called heavy metals. That oxidative stress contributes to high consumption of magnesium so the organism can silently run out of it. Such a trivial thing, right? If you have muscle twitches always try to supply magnesium in higher amounts for several days and you may address the problem – if you are just scared and not ALS diagnosed person. You will not make any mistake if you add more minerals like zinc, selenium or B-complex vitamins as these vitamins are important for nervous system as well.

In ALS patients there is also second reason why muscle twitching occurs. I personally would suspect those high glutamate amounts in brain. As I already wrote glutamate is neurotransmitter and if there are high amounts it can result in overexcitation of the nerves so they can fire without “approval”. Here again the experimental theory connects quite well as it suspects astrocyte cells do not work well and it is their obligation to cleanup the excessive extra cellular glutamate. In healthy persons these astrocytes can do their job well and after some time the twitches are gone. However with ALS patients the organism is already far from state where the organism can regulate itself and get back to relatively normal state. With ALS all is already worse and there are permament problems – mainly chronic infection and thus chronic inflammation. This is why ALS patients should try to follow the strict diet (“kernel mode diet“; as I named that within the PDF guide) which ensures no excessive glutamate is supplied in form of food (MSG etc.). It is also important to restart the detox system and get rid of those highly suspected heavy metals as it seems these make evertything worse. They are at the beginning of the nasty cascade effect. Please check the article cited in my other post which states after some period when on experimental treatment the organism of that man finally started excreting metals in urine which is a good signal (it takes time, be patient!). This all shows how everything logically connects within ALS experimental theory. In other words it can explain the ALS, how it basically works, what are the core principles, factors and interactions. Knowhing this can give a good information on targeting actions and interrupt/break those relationships which may result in turning off the deadly cascade effects and give organism time for recovery. One just needs to believe this is possible to achieve. Healthy mentality is key aspect. Then this knowledge and hard work. I have just tried to experimentally explain whole ALS when starting from muscle twitches. There are other important factors which I explain as well – infections, QUIN, Glutamate, NK cell deficiencies and complement proteins issues. These also contribute to higher glutamate levels which can result in overexcitation of nerves and after some time even neuron death, as too much of it is already neurotoxic.


  • Critical section” is term from computer science, it basically marks certain “dangerous time window” in which concurrent access to shared resource (e.g. data) can result in unwanted, unpredictable consequences and thus it needs to be specially handled by programmer. In this context I used that to mark “dangerous time window” in which autoreactive B-cell is produced and it should be quickly removed before it gets activated and causes damage to tissues. Quite wild theory, right? 😉
  • Another computer science term I used in this context is “memory leak“. It means data objects which are in computer operation memory were not erased (and memory freed) when they should have been. After longer time of execution of such faulty program the memory is exhausted and crash follows. The analogy was B-cell infected by EBV variant which is supposed to be removed but survives or “leaks” so that it can cause damage by producing antibodies/autoantibodies (classic autoimmune theory vs progressive danger theory proposed by Polly Matzinger).
  • In my research I used many other more or less wild computer science analogies which naturally appeared and helped me to somehow understand and overcome “impossible like behavior” so possible, I repeat, possible mechanics of ALS disease could be proposed at the end.

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