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Neurodegenerative Diseases – Just Coincidence?

There are more members in the neurodegenerative diseases family but amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is the ruthless queen. Perhaps the common symptoms can lead to theory of common root cause. ALS related information is not that frequently shown or referred in sources I work with. That ´s why I need to extend my perspective and analyze also information related to similar diseases. Let´s review them.

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Medical Medium Vs Modern Science

In this post I will compare both approaches little bit more. The context still remains same - chronic diseases, often very serious. In my opinion we all would benefit if some bridge between these two camps could be established. There is some theory and science has technology to examine and validate it.

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Inflammation & autoimmunity

My next steps lead me to exploring autoimmunity theory. In this post I summarize my current very basic understanding of inflammation and so called auto-immune body response. As you already know I´m not a scientist nor medical researcher but engineer conducting analysis and synthesis of information available.

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Genes & Heredity

In this post I will speculate little bit more and present slightly different theory than the one we all know. It also has its big importance in ALS disease. Of course I would like to strictly follow scientifical sources but they have no good theory - speculating is all what left.

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