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I´m a regular man who was not satisfied with answers received and who has decided to search for better explanations, in kind of Don Quijote style, without any real medical knowledge and education and thus falling into that ignorable pseudo-scientific camp. However with health it is different than with engineering, nuclear physics or biochemistry – we all possess health status, we all have experience with diseases and recoveries and thus to certain degree we all are entitled and eligible to comment health related matters. Role of science is to connect with true stories and further analyze/decipher them. In case new information is found science is supposed to generalize the findings and apply them in the form of new treatment techniques – for the good of all.

UPDATE Feb, 2023
The content on this website has been created by amateur, no doubt, but since the information was extracted from real ALS stories, real scientific works and findings, and based on real personal experience with ALS disease, it is highly relevant.

Readers can learn a lot about ALS, about its insidious individualized multi-factorial nature but mainly, they can learn that there is lot of things to do to fight ALS. The final results of such effort can indeed vary a lot, therefore I am not providing definition of the success here. It is everyone´s own job to provide this. Personal responsibility is the key and crucial aspect here.

Depending on other key factors it is possible to refuse typical ALS destiny (2-5 years of life) and sky is the limit (full recovery possible; rare thing because only rare, special people achieved that; very rarely it is medialized; very often it is neglected/questioned; very rarely people believe in the existence of ALS reversals and logic behind).

Please note that today science prefers more the case when 80,000 patients from 100,000 live few months longer as a result of getting some experimental medication than if few astonishing individuals fully recover while it is not exactly known what helped them (not simple drug, whole complex of things building strong synergic effect). That´s why these stories are suppressed as much as possible, as much as the society allows.

Forget esotherics, arm yourself with this freely available information and get prepared for extremely tough and hard work (if you need help with ALS).

I wanted my real story to be communicated nonetheless, no matter how many labels this website receives. I still try to work with facts and include references to many scientific and other verifiable resources. If this information does not somehow pervade scientific circles in some tiniest perhaps modified and corrected way then it will be disapointing. I believe it is a matter of time and I put hopes into those bravest, most curious, most progressive and most enthusiastic researchers fueled with pioneering spirit and natural desire to bring mankind knowledge on a new level.

I write under pseudonym. English is not my mother tongue – I apologize for all the mistakes, anyway I wanted to share my results with the whole world. If automated translation to your language can give acceptable results you may also use Google page translation feature included.

  • Recently I have added automatic ads on this website.
  • I explicitly minimized the amount of ads from obvious reasons – this is not money making website and too many ads would discourage people.
  • If it could at least somehow help with funding the site and make it more independent of my investments then the objective will be met. Till that time I will fund it 100% using my personal resources.
  • Please note I´m unable to control what ads will be shown, hopefully it won´t be any scam. If it is anything around healthy life style then I will be satisfied.
  • As of now, April 2021, I´m not completelly satisfied with the placement – the ads are being added where they should not be, for example “infoBox” between individual list items (???). I will take care of it, but later, busy now.

My project is indeed foolish but …

Where there is no hope, it is incumbent on us to invent it.

Albert Camus

Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth.

Albert Einstein

An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than idea that exists only as an idea.


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