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ALS High Level Mechanics

In this post I will summarize the possible way how amyotrophic lateral sclerosis also known as Lou Gehrig disease can get developed using the experimental framework.

This theory is practically the same theory Anthony William presents in his books where he covers multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia or thyorid diseases and partially also cancer. In terms of ALS Anthony is not describing it in big details but my findings lead to conclusion ALS can be 100% compatible with his chronic disease framework. Please note this is still just hypothesis and I don´t state it really is correct and true – however don´t forget I promised also empirical and practical part of this whole story and we are still dealing just with all the theoretical aspects. 

You probably noticed I use Wikipedia a lot. Now let´s open page for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. What information we will get?

  • ALS is disease
  • ALS starts with weakness in some arm or leg
  • ALS is characterized by stiff muscles and muscle twitching
  • Cause for 90-95% of cases is unknown
  • Cause for 5-10% is genetic – inheritance. (word cause is misleading here!)
  • ALS is incurable.

Let me translate this – ALS is just a bad luck, if you somehow get it or inherit it and it gets developed you are sentenced to death. That is how the public perceives it today but I´m trying to fight against this – there is a way. At least I see it now.

Alternative definition is much more optimistic and let me repeat it here.

The root cause of ALS is viral infection in brain, most often HHV-6 and other one or two viruses (e.g. herpes zoster or Epstein-Barr virus) in other parts of body. ALS symptoms are caused by neurotoxins which appear only when body is seriously intoxicated with high amount of heavy metals – mainly aluminium, copper and mercury.

— Anthony William

The whole recap of the ALS high-level process is following:

  1. You were born with virus infection which you inherited from your parents but you could also obtain the virus at some point of your life later – standard options.
  2. You were possibly born also with initial non-trivial amount of toxicity in your body but you may have obtained it during life (work in toxic environments, military service, adrenaline based heavy stressing activities like professional sport, body building, bad habits like smoking, alcohol drinking – I hope it is clear smoking and alcohol intoxicate)
  3. You may had lived still happy life as kid or adolescent etc. but at some age depending on how your life went and how exposed you were to risk factors, one or even multiple simultaneous triggers from the trigger framework fired and so far latent or non-harming virus became fully active and fighting enemy which resulted in all the symptoms like pains, muscle stiff, muscle twitches etc. It looked like it happened suddenly but it was there for a long time – a deadly time bomb. Trigger could be serious injury, serious and ongoing or longer lasting emotional stress (death in family, loosing job or partner etc.). Main suspects are notorically known infections: Epstein-Barr virus and the herpetic virus gang!
  4. After some time you went to doctor and received ALS diagnosis – life is in ruins. However you could end with different diagnosis as well – multiple sclerosis, strange Lyme disease or Guillain–Barré syndrome. There is non-trivial symptom interesection between those and the worst result is Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. If your doctor told you it is one of those others you might even get better because you did not have to face such death sentence diagnosis and you actually know there is a cure and people who made it. With ALS it is different, nobody ever recovered from it – but I repeat again, please read this post series from A to Z.
  5. That can be major factor today. Given the limited knowledge and improper research the diagnosis itself becomes one of the heaviest burden and ultra-ultimate risk factor with big F – anxiety, fear, chaos in mind further causes adrenaline production which. You may have ended in deadly spiral – your body did not give up and it would fight for you till your last breath but it is practically disarmed, chaos is everywhere –  in your concious mind and reality which can be considered the macro world as well as in micro world (cells, immunity, microbs).  Under these bad circumstances the body is able to keep you alive for few years but no more. However is this how it is supposed to end? Again I do believe this is just extremely hard situation but there is a solution and we just need to identify it. Ability to resist and keep good mental condition is of uttermost importance. I want to somehow pass this remote support to sick people as much as possible despite I may be accused of giving “false hopes” by some. In this sense, is a priest supporting someone sick a false hope messenger? Certainly not. I´m not a priest and I want to bring more than prayers.
  • So far there is no cure but the detox and body reinforcement activities seem as natural choice. Easy try for no cost, compared with expensive stem cell therapy. At least to get some time but who knows – the effect can be much bigger! I´m sure there were people who did eat “fruits and vitamins” and still were unable to slow down the disease. I think there needs to be some small detail, perhaps in the diet or it really requires massive dosing? What do you think? Is that too naive and crazy? You will see what my approach was despite I did not have ALS (but my mother had and I had strange problems … and I have resolved all of them but what a journey it was 😣). My mother case is in line with above and this is the reason why I started exploring this theory. It just matched so pseudoscientific or not I had to start investigation.

There is not much to offer other then the reinforcement protocol. There is no magic pill. Anyway there can be long and hard painful way.
If some device stops working well, what people often do? People clean that and revitalize it. Simple idea, hard to trust, all I can do is to share my protocol experience and other supportive information. I´m hoping one day someone will find this website in time of need.

This description is still high level, but I will try to dig further or deeper yet. Just refocusing science on crucial infection and metals roles in ALS can be helpful.

Please also note my initial deductions on chronic diseases – mainly the development period and early detection. So far it all fits together.
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