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My Story – Program X

After finding out weird but strangely precise information can explain my issues I stood in front of a simple decision.

First I need to write I already was on certain mini-protocol – short time before I got to these medical medium books I was exploring the boreliosis theory again. I was fresh consumer of Uncaria Tomentosa (Cat´s claw) and few others but then I switched to the thyroid book. Why? The boreliosis book described something which  sounded familiar to me – sort of intelligent behavior of these pathogens (spirochetes) which can completelly confuse immune system and avoid it or make it busy with some pathogen secreted products which enables these pathogens to escape. It all sounded crazy but to me also familiar, because I remembered weird theory about some gradually mutating and neurotoxins secreting huge viruses/pathogens described by Anthony William. In short it looked like these two authors are describing the same phenomen but with different terminology and slight differences! In my next post I critically reviewed these theories – I understand it sounds weird, but I think I found correlations with the latest scientifical findings.

That is just a quick note on how I re-opened Anthony William thyroid book, after approximately two years (it appeared too crazy to me for the first time). However once I started reading the book thoroughly it opened me new horizons – I started to see things in different and much more acceptable context somehow.

Anthony William prepared three treatment programs labeled A,B,C each aimed on specific objective (restart body – cleaning lymphatic system etc., detox of heavy metals, destroying infection) and requiring at least 90 days. It all appeared too simple to me so I was worried – if it has such significance, then perhaps even the author is not aware of it and he is taking it too lightly. That is why I have decided to go wild with all the recommendations right from the beginning. This is strange reaction when I´m thinking about it now – usually people would react differently. They would wonder if the protocol is some scam, that it looks too simple to eat some fruits and get rid of some of the toughest diseases people know about. They would just reject it or try it for few days and then give up. Well I did the opposite – I also thought it may not work and I wanted to see results so I formed my own personal program – ❌please don´t try it this way!

Later on I labeled this chaotic program as X like eXtreme. I also decided I will take down notes as I progress and will make photo documentation and thoroughly inspect any signs.

X program| X = parallel(A2 + B2 + C2)+ use(0.8 * supplements) + stickTo(all advices)

  • All black listed foods I put on my real black list starting from day 1
  • All processed or industry processed food I put on black list (not much left!)
  • All recommended fruits I was able to get became major part of my diet/food plan
  • All recommended vegetables I was able to get became major part of my diet/food plan
  • I bought juicer and started to drink cellery juice every day (EVERY SINGLE day)
  • I decreased alcohol consumption to ZERO (goodbye beer!)
  • I strictly followed the advice on animal fat consumption, food gap between two consecutive meat (beef, chicken) was always like 12+ hrs but rather more, often whole days as I decided to run something I called „veggie day series“, three four or 6 six days without meat easily. Pork was of course black listed.
  • I started to drink recommended herbal teas and other „broth“ like drinks
  • I started to juice many other fruits and vegetables, not just cellery (had multiple per day)
  • I followed advices on those „food combos“ to multiply the possibly positive effects and other advices
  • I got heavily inspired with those meal examples and created lots of my own simple or sometimes little bit weird combinations
  • Over time I bought many supplements like vitamins, strange stuff like ashvaganda (never heared about it before) and many others (list to be created)
    •  😜I really went mad because I had reason!😛
  • I was rock solid and followed this for 90 days
    • Then I rewarded myself with 20 beers in few days and continued in the protocol, food habits remained.
    • I´m approaching day #280 milestone as of editing this post before publishing
  • In short – I gave it maximum care and I have three notebooks full of records and notes on any aspect I thought it is good to persist on paper. It is like a software log.
    • Food eaten including time
    • Drinks and supplemements taken including amount and time
    • Feelings or symptoms
    • Photos
    • Weight including fat/water/muscle %
    • Later also blood pressure and temperature (COVID19 precaution 😁)

Now I´m thinking how does it sound:

  • silly or insane diet?
  • another attempt to make money on hidden supplement recommendation?

Well I don´t really care. What I can write is after a short time I got really sick! As I wrote I was taking notes, photos  and I should publish some soon. However after few days I really got sick and I thought I really screwed up. I was so bad! However here again I reacted little bit differently – now I need to laugh. Normal person would perhaps just stop everything and even visit a doctor and tell him about these drastic changes and all the pains and symptoms. What I did was something else – I actually increased the effort even more. It was this time when I introduced more and more recommended supplements, more juices, more fruits, more lemon water, more herbs, more of everything.  I called that „carpet bombing campaign“ and it took many consecutive days. Whole day of action! I doubt someone ever did this, because people need to go to work and have duties etc. I was at home all the time due to COVID lock down and just ate fruits and everything all day long.

Only these food changes multiplied my initial somewhat detectable issues or symptoms by factor of at least five. Perhaps it is normal body reaction – is it? I don´t know. I suddenly realized I triggered this on my own. Before I had no idea what is happening, I was confused. This time I was in control. Moreover I felt everything my mother was commenting for some time before she was diagnosed with ALS. Here is the list of top feelings or symptoms:

  1. Strange pains around neck area
  2. Stiffed muscles – neck, shoulder area
  3. Muscle twitches – I knew from a book I read before magnesium helps and it did help!
    1. 3000 mg was max. per day and I reached that easily and perhaps even crossed that sometimes.
    2. Anyway with dosing I always read instructions and was quite cautious❗ .
  4. After approx. 2 weeks I noticed my thyroid looks bigger, it was thicker, like swelled up
  5. Big pains in my back thig parts – not muscle pain but nerves!
    • Feeling like if someone poured acid/mordant on my nerves …
    • I could not stand on legs for more than several minutes, then I had to sit and rest. I remember how I decided to do a walk and my legs hurt me so I walked barely 1 kilometer …
  6. Front head area pains, then right above nose root, then other parts as well
  7. Inability to work or do something – my thinking and focus was down – just resting
  8. Despite not eating much my body excreted big loads of waste – those sizes! LOL 😆 Also the regularity developed, priority morning business.
  9. Pins & needles feelings from waist down – standard stuff at that time
  10. Gradually I experienced „real disease like“ symptoms mentioned in the book with one quite interesting – strange blisters and bruises around my hand/wrist/forearm area (Do you still remember Lou Gehrig story?)
    1. Later on one such blister appeared right on the small muscle located between thumb and index finger. This was strange feeling for me as in our family we all know this muscle practically disappeared first on my mom´s hand and at that time we still did not know how bad it is and what is going on … The forearm/wrist discomfort was later on replaced with strange blisters – same area, no carpal tunnels!
    2. These blisters appeared twice, first small then almost healed and after some time again and much bigger – still same area. Even now several weeks later I have visible spots on forearms but it is getting better and better. Note: Now when publishing it is already good, but I see little scaring on those places.
  11. After approx. 2 months I suddenly developed strong pain in my back without any reason – no sport, no heavy stuff carried, no cold (hot summer). After 2 days the pain was gone but in worst moments it was very sharp pain limiting heavily my movement. A friend of mine who also started this protocol but in much lighter way got some throat inflammation – it looked like angina. She increased consumption of recommended food and natural supplements at that time and decided to not visit a doctor as she would probably ended with ATBs. After two or three days she recovered after heavy use of garlic, onion, honey, herbal teas, vilcacora, vitamin C. This can be in line with Anthony William theory which mentions gradual observation of deeper infections and temporary health state worsening – a part of the overall healing process. We both registered more of these stronger or lighter rounds during the few months lasting protocol. I called this repeated worsening „a wave“ and there were lots of them …

Since I was equipped with some theory I considered all these damn issues so called detox symptoms. That is why I did not stop and instead tried to accelerate it so I could get better sooner. The pace which I set up was so aggressive that I got kind of „internally poisoned“. That is my theory. Where did the toxicity come from?

Since this is all about detox program and controversy theory saying our body is full of infections and viruses the answer can be following. Based on Anthony William the viruses, namely the strange Epstein Barr virus is able to nest deeply in our organs or tissues and somehow cause secreting of neurotoxins which confuse immunity and cause practically all the unpleasant feelings. Well I need to admit I felt something like that for sure! Second these strange viruses are claimed to become toxic although they die – if something kills them their dead bodies and all that „shit“ they produced enters blood stream or lymphatic system and temporarilly creates all the problems. Kind of similar phenomen is recognized by science and it is called Herxheimer reactions in a context of boreliosis/Lyme disease. I did use some food and supplements with „anti-virotic“ label and “hectolitres of celery juice” so who knows? Of course I´m also aware of the second factor – the toxins included in fat tissue. This should be body fall back strategy when liver is already slow so it wrap toxins with fat and water and person starts gaining weight (belly part). This pattern is fully compatible with me – all life lean person, then gradual weight gain. During the diet I started loosing weight naturally which probably freed these „toxin reservoirs“ as well.

Today I´m already fine and I feel much much better. I haven´t felt so good for years. As a result I also ended in better shape. At the beginning of the year I planned to loose some weight (docummented new year objective) as my BMI was already 24.3 and fat percentage 20.5%. I planned to achieve this by adding more sport activities and drink less beer but then couple months later I took this protocol with primary aim to resolve health issues. This mission is already success as all the strange symptoms disappeared at the end but it was pretty long fight. I have stats about the gradual weight loosing as I measured myself every few days. Today my BMI is 21.4 and fat percentage 14.5-15%. In waist area I removed 9 centimeters. Now I can wear my almost lost pricy shirts again! 🙂 Regarding blood pressure I did not want to measure myself when I was sick and bad, because I would get really frightened if I saw I have 165/100 or similar and I could have tendency to visit a doctor LOL. The plan was to start measuring once it is safe for my mentality. I have plenty of recorded measurements from past anyway so no real loss – perhaps I would have some new peaks. Today I measure my blood pressure without any fear on regular basis. I´m so happy it is OK now. Seeing values like 120/79 or 116/66 and practically never more than 135/85 looks like small miracle for me. Is that result of cleaned and regenerated liver as Anthony William claims? Since all I did was aimed at it I tend to agree!

In short, this is my experience with the protocol, it changed my life and some of these changes will be permament – I still did not have any milk product or egg for months and I still follow 95% of all rules! However it was not easy adventure, mainly for me because I was worried of ALS like symptoms. I did not break and carried on with everything until I got better and then through lots of rollercoaster like feelings I finally got to stable, normal and I believe healthy condition. It all was worth it. As a result I became very picky about food – those conservants and flavors are everywhere including „BIO“  or gluten free food.

Recently I was surprised that another short wave came. I felt worse again! I was surprised because if happened after rather months than weeks from the last occurrence. Anyway it was here again and it took for 2 days. Now I´m good again. My only explanation is this is really ultra-marathon. In other books I read about microbial biofilms which are hard to decompose and our bodies are unfortunately full of it – not just the visible one like tooth plaque!

Please take a look at the photos below and feel free to contact me with any query. I still want to go through my notes and digest list of food and supplements. I will do it later.

What can be cause? What about VZV​1,2​? I think, due to to my interventions, my immunity woke up and eradicated the virus deeply sitting in my nerves. I never had any shingles before but this time my body had the power to attack and thus it was also visually apparent. Those bastards were there for a long time. Crazy theory? 😉

Below gallery shows photos of my arms/forearms from May to July – blisters have twice developed and then very slowly healed. Even today light spots are still visible.

I´m not sure how Lou Gehrig strange blisters looked like, but these are mine – it got developed on my forearms where I felt discomfort in past 🤔 Bruises are also mentioned in the literature – I had them only on left arm.


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