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Nelda Buss Story – Deciphering The Miracle

Nelda Buss ALS recovery is a fascinating story which everyone should know about. However there are few problems with it. After reading the book and getting familiar with this case I can try to narrow down the views so that this true miracle can be actually reproduced and can contribute to real ALS revolution – lately, after almost 40 years, but now the time has come! Nelda deserves that, similarly as all others.

Update 23 Jul 2023
This article is one of the most popular/read on this website. It illustrates well the weakness of today medical science in ALS question. There are certain new findings which are even more promising (do you read latest ALS related scientific works?). We are going to provide updated and much better view on ALS. We are going to shock the world!

Part I

True Story

The most amazing aspect on this story is its official nature. This case has what many others who wanted to help ALS community don´t and thus these other stories can be easily questioned (without counterevidence, of course). However Nelda obtained the diagnosis from standard as well as specialized centres and all concluded the same – „We are sorry, ALS is confirmed! Confirmed! Yes, it is ALS, confirmed“. Also her physical state fully supported that, Nelda was losing her motoric functions gradually and relatively quickly. Soon she was paralyzed and fully dependent on others – similarly as my mother, she retained voice and at least some partial ability to move neck/head. Nobody from those medical representatives expected improvement – typical unfortunate ALS case. Who expects improvements when dealing with ALS? Well, I would say only human titans with naturally high self-confidence who never give up and who have good sense for experimenting and trying various things out, including some little bit weird/crazy but still cheap/accessible recipes .

When I was reading this part of the book I knew it all is legitimate. When someone undergoes this experience with someone, it is unforgettable. The examinations, the shock and psychic surge. My mother did not found enough of power to resist and died. Nelda resisted and recovered to full strength. I really recommend reading the book and also checking some photographs as shown in this article – folks from project interviewed Nelda and wrote quick summary of her story. However it does not give the necessary experience as the book. I was really sensing the emotions and revolutionary aspects hidden there, mainly because I went through very similar but luckilly for me, much easier experience. The difference is that I faced it three times in my life before finally I could realize what is going on and why I am getting into these very unpleasant states.

Prior reading the book though, I was really curious what was behind the success. Since energetic healer was heavilly mentioned I expected some sort of esoterics which obviously science will never accept (this is understandable), but I still wanted to know what it was all about. More on this in part II.

Problematic Interpretation

When someone will claim that very alternative healer with miraculous ability helped with recovering from deadly ALS, it is going to be quick denial by mainstream public and also medical circles. We live in the age of evidence based science and while we have unquestionable evidence of the recovery there is no evidence of Dean Kraft (the healer) skills which science would accept. Medical science requires more or less consistent results and Dean Kraft did not have such results with other ALS patients which is a big problem. Despite this clear mainstream denial, the very first thing many of these initial unbelievers would ask in case of receving ALS diagnosis later, would be: “Does anyone know Dean Kraft/energetic healer mobile number?“.

Not all people would do this, but many would do as the position in which we do decisions and make statements has huge importance. Everyone knows this. Unfortunately Dean Kraft passed years ago on heart attack. In my opinion energetic healers won´t be needed very soon to recover from ALS – please read on as I am really explaining what most likely happened.

As Richard Bedlack summarized that, there are some options regarding what happened – please see the pictures below from his Youtube presentation. You can guess three times which option medical science picked without any evidence …

Case Denial

As I wrote medical science chose the misdiagnosis option and closed the case, it was never counted, it just did not happen as it certainly was not ALS case. This is also the reason why not many people are aware of this astonishing story. I personally am very disappointed as now I see what a terrible mistake with catastrophic consequences it was. The story happened in 1984-1987. If my mother was aware of that I am sure it would help her, it would inspire her. I would need to explain it in more detail, maybe some time later. It would also inspire thousands of people who got ALS during the last 30 years. It was also a real opportunity for science and medical professionals to mine something very positive from this case, instead they killed the case and we all know what situation with ALS we have 35 years later. Medical science basically ensured this case is not part of general knowledge – I personally did repeated googling back in times when I needed just anything and with Nelda Buss official case I would get more than I ever hoped for.

The problem is that I never found any mention about Nelda Buss. Google engine works in pretty trivial way – if legendary ALS case is not cited and linked by scientific journals, it will never consider that relevant and nobody will be checking first 50 pages of search results. Why it is practically never mentioned by ALS organizations together with all those otherwise purely negative information? If you try today with really good search phrase you may already get a hit, but it is highly probable you will leave the page, you will ignore the case as soon as you read something about denied pseudoscientific case which has nothing to do with modern evidence based science. I say, be careful! The science is inside as I will explain soon, it is just little bit hidden.

Today patients should really get detailed and honest analysis of this miraculous recovery as nothing signalizes that science would have any great recipe for ALS patients. No cure on the horizone. They stole hope from all patients, anything what left they called a false hope, and provided “death penalty” solutions.

However why they chose the misdiagnosis option? Honestly it was the least probable option because of all those repeated examinations and obvious facts. If she got misdiagnosed then ALS diagnostics is one piece of crap and thousands of people could be misdiagnosed and fell into despair and self-destructing states which significantly affects overall health. I am glad Dr. Bedlack is thinking similarly, he does not believe it was misdiagnosis too.

Of course science has not provided any evidence for that misdiagnosis – they always require evidence from others, but don´t provide it when it is their turn. Their decision was made purely based on disbelief. In truth, the denial of Nelda Buss case was very acceptable for medical system but suprisingly not for all patients. Once it was convenient, doctors questioned their own work and helped to retain incurability of ALS. What is typical and extremely damaging is the reluctancy of neurologists to comment Nelda´s recovery – it even seemed like they are somewhat disappointed from that success, no enthusiasm. Below I am citing the most incredible statements.

In an inter-view with my Roanoke neurologist, she asked him if I had been diagnosed as having ALS. He assured her that I was. Then she wondered if he had ever had an ALS patient who improved. He said that he hadn’t, but he did have a patient who hit a plateau and had remained there. He was monitoring that particular patient. She then wanted his comments on why I was showing improvement. He would not comment on that, because he had not seen me for a year and a half. Debbie told me that she could tell that at that point he was ready to show her the door, but she continued to ask questions. As he somewhat abruptly continued to answer her questions, he finally told her he thought she would be doing a great disservice to the average person if she printed an article about my remarkable improvement. His reasoning was that it would give many patients false hope​1​.

Sport Analogy

I like to think in analogies and thus I immediately started thinking how it would look like in sport where rules should be followed all the time and for everyone, regardless it is loser or surprising winner case. Recently I have seen amazing performance done by Swedish athlete and pole vaulter Armand Duplantis. He has broken his own world record in such an easy way – 621 centimetres! Let´s use it as the basis of my analogy.

We have extraordinary person who cooperates well with official authorities. It is an athlete who competes in line with IAAF, who respects rules and who passes random regular anti-doping checkups but he trains in his own way, a very different, hard and non-standard way of preparing for competitions. IAAF does not like that from certain reasons but since there is no rule violation, they have no right to sanction this athlete.

They think that with such methods he won´t win anything anyway. However then this athlete breaks world record and masters one competition. The athletic authorities are in shock. They know they have been testing the athlete for the whole year and thus doping option is eliminated, only those weird but still allowed training methods could be attacked. Nobody else trains like that and who attempted to try it gave up early as it was too demanding and results were not quickly visible.

The athletic federation decided it has to protect those remaining athletes who are endangered by such weird methods and amazing results. Soon after, the world record is questioned and called as achieved under unknown doping. When asked which doping was used if the federation did not find anything, the authorities don´t provide any evidence, instead they come up with simple fuzzy reasoning – we have probably made some mistake when taking those samples, this just had to be doping and thus the athlete should not continue in competitions and all his achievements are erased from world tables. After 30 years not many people remember there was some extraordinary athlete who jumped over 620 cm while today, the best athletes cannot get over 6 metres reliably. If someone mentions the name, others google him and immediatelly call him a doping sinner.

I think something similar happened to Nelda Buss. However I doubt this would happen in sport – it is a fiction. It´s medical world who often does not play a fair game and there it´s a reality, they did exactly this with Nelda Buss case. Let´s fix it now!

Part II

Despite all the problems in understanding the miraculous recovery we have one fact which nobody questions. Nelda Buss got ALS diagnosis (whether correct or not, formally she obtained it), she got paralyzed, she got fully dependent on other people and then she did not die (what a rebellion!), instead she slowly regained her motoric functions back. And that matters. Was it ALS? Was it something else?

What really is ALS?

This case reminds us that medical science does not really know what exactly ALS is. There is certainly a definition of it, description of symptoms and stages through which stricken person typically goes through but no real definition pointing at cause (I have delivered few such definitions, experimental though and thus be yet proven).

So let´s try to think a bit, everyone should try to answer above question. What is ALS? It cannot be some abstracted demonic three letter state, it has to be something real and logical, which is in line with human knowledge as of year 2022. Many people have no idea and only repeat the properties – fatal, incurable, terrible, brutal, f*cking disease etc. When I tried to discuss this with people in one ALS Facebook group there were no answers but lots of emotions. This is typical for ALS discussions. Instead of positive approaches, well designed experiments people often argue and waste time. I think it is mainly caused by the fact, that usually part of these discussions are people who lost someone to ALS, these people are full of pain and irrationaly refuse many logical hypothesis automatically, based on pure emotions and blind belief to authorities/disbelief in anything else. Compared to cancer there is also no officially approved case and people accept that. Those reversals​2​ and spontaneous remission cases are known by professionals but highly neglected and not communicated/suppressed, public does not know these cases widely, ALS is just fatal, period. Why this information gap exists? Because of the false hope doctrine. Let´s be more professional, more rational but mainly more ethical as there is nothing like false hope. Nothing like that exists, trust me. Hope is emotion, it is not rational matter. If you kill hope you partially kill also the emotional being, the ill human. Let´s bring back some rules and justice.

All ALS patients would benefit from simple fact – if they finally knew what they are facing. I read couple of blogs of people with ALS and paid special attention to how they perceive the disease. I cannot remember any such blogger would be describing ALS in medical terms – it is always a cruel disease stealing everything or something the people just learned to live with, they accepted the state and were rather focused on resisting and living the life in a new way, valuing every day, recognizing things they did not see when they were healthy and so on. But after 100 years I would expect some guess, some real description of biological essence as there is no big mystery. I remember what my mom was repeating even before she got the diagnosis – and she was right! Her intuitive guess was very correct, it just lacked the details and voice of authorities prevailed over her intuition (you will see soon).

There is indeed a big infomation gap and doctors really are part of this problem. Often people hear very brief and not really helpful description of the health condition – they need to google the disease and educate themselves as doctors told them 5-10 sentences which ruin life but do not bring any clarity/hope (human rights violation!). This was also case of Nelda Buss who stated that her friend from church, Irmtraut, was able to explain the disease in much more detail and clarity than anyone in the hospital as she was care giver for couple ALS patients in past. The medical system is failing in every aspect and ordinary people need to fill those gaps. Remember this heretical statement.

Lessons from logic

The lack of explanations is understandable to certain extent as ALS officially remains the big unknown. Efforts to treat it are not successful which confirms that people even don´t know what is the main problem which would enable devising already effective and targeted treatments.

However under such circumstances, I mean under such huge uncertainty, there is no room for hard statements. Every engineer would need to state this and would follow the principle of precautionary. But what about doctors? Doctors are weak in core principles and violate even their own ethical codex in particularly shameful way. Even worse, when doctor does not know, he switches to politics. Compare statements of doctors, including those Nelda mentioned, with politicians (refusal to comment, silly statements).

My last question, which I had to ask hurriedly because it did not seem as though he wanted to talk with me, was whether or not he would look at my medical records from UVA to determine if I had been tested for chronic inflammatory neuropathy, and if he thought I should have further tests. His answer was that he would not look at my records unless I became his patient. Then he said that he certainly was not looking for any new patients!​1​

We, the society cannot state we don´t understand ALS and at the same time state it is always incurable, it is always fatal and if anyone recovered, then for sure it was not ALS. Humans only know devastative consequences, then some clinical and low-level findings typical for ALS including some genetical patterns. This still does not entitle anyone to behave like the medical system and doctors do all around the world.

I have often impression that doctors don´t possess well developed analytical thinking. These people usually are not recruited from math majors and thus they don´t respect core logic or prepositional logic which is taught on high schools (statements, implication, contrary, contradiction etc.). I am judging this based on my personal experience now and I am sure many readers recall their own moments.

Formalized example of medical ignorance/diletantism:

  1. I don´t know what exactly causes ALS.
  2. If someone suffers with all typical ALS symtpoms, passes all tests, gradually gets paralyzed and dies it was ALS.
  3. If someone suffers with all typical ALS symptoms, passes all tests, gradually gets paralyzed and recovers it was not ALS (which we don´t know what it is).

Denying ALS in Nelda case was formally incorrect 🚩. One can deny ALS only when there is a definite test for ALS, which we still don´t have. All those state of art examinations (EMG) which are used today, at some point finally confirm death sentencing diagnosis for all patients, are by no way bullet-proof , still all of them repeatedly confirmed ALS for Nelda Buss. Misdiagnosis is a matter of some early mistake but if someone gets immobile/paralyzed then EMG would repeatedly confirm her ALS every single week/month for which Nelda was getting worse, eventually ended paralyzed from neck down.

The point is that science behaves irrationaly as it has no definite ALS test, it does not know what ALS exactly is and yet it states it is ALS case when all goes worse while it denies ALS when things surprisingly get better (consequence exchanged for cause, 🚩red flag as always!). ALS became synonym for death, evertything else is not ALS. Logically there is no way at all, no possibility left how someone could ever officially recover from ALS even theoretically despite every single diagnostic method confirmed ALS! 🚩 This is an absolute fail and nothing but pseudoscience 🚩… Science simply does not follow any rules consistently 🚩 and applies politics 🚩. This has catastrophic consequences as this manipulation is deeply settled in patient as well as other people minds. We should be aware these political games with approving/denying ALS have impact – it is question of life and death for many.

As I already wrote fundamental logic is extremely important. If there is a theoretical way how to recover from ALS then it obviously is the solution and anything else logically will not work well. Now this first well documented case happens but humans deny it because they do not like the way how it was achieved – again politics 🚩. This also denied that approach altogether including the likely solution included/hidden in that case. Result? Nothing positive can ever happen, it is a show stopper a blocker. If that case is denied, then logically it cannot reproduce, people are not trying to replicate the success, there cannot be case #2, case #3 .. case #N. Anf if some still are, they end like Nelda – not ALS case, period.

Does anyone still wonder why ALS is so controversial deadly diagnosis when even fully documented repeatedly confirmed cases from more neurologists (like Nelda Buss case) are politically denied/questioned? Does anyone wonder that thousands of ALS patients are passively dying? System stole them everything too … No hope left. As I will try to explain, science thought it denied weird controversial esoteric case but in reality it denied legitimate case where esoterics played marginal role, and major part of it was actually in line with science!

It´s time to correct these insane mistakes. Enough of logical exercises I hope I stressed that sufficiently, let´s move on, but my excellent diagram should not be omitted.

Introducing the enemy

Let´s try to be more constructive and reveal the real enemy hiding behind ALS acronyme. We should simplify but not oversimplify.

  • The main mythical problem can be reduced to chronic inflammation.
  • Every single person has experience with inflammation states but chronic inflammation in CNS/PNS leads to ALS (yes PNS too, most likely) and from some reason it is not resolved after some time like other standard lower severity inflammations are.
  • This inflammation and conditions for it are being developed for a long time (years), the person does not feel anything particularly disturbing. The person can even be a professional athlete! NFL player, MLB player, soccer player or trained US Navy soldier. A small fatigue can be overlooked and neglected even by people not having Iron Horse mentality.
  • There are many variables which decide how bad it will get – some are known though.
  • Mostly there are gradual warning signs but in case of serious injury, everything can get very accelerated so it looks like ALS developed in few weeks in an otherwise role model of healthy life (Pete Frates?). Injury accelerated ALS onset in Lou Gehrig case as well as in some football/soccer players.
  • Immune system up&down cycles play critical role
  • Normally inflammation gets controlled after some time – immune system resolves that.
  • In case of chronic inflammation immune system is unable to resolve it as it was gradually compromised and continuously weakened for a long period (these are all those known ALS risk factors, like stress, toxicity, pesticids, mercury intoxications from teeth fillings, air, food/tuna fish, lead, cadmium, aluminium, stressing body physically all the time – running marathons in these critical periods, lifting weights every other day etc).
  • The very first ALS gene, mutated SOD1 was most likely real trace as it makes such people probably more sensitive to accumulating the toxicity in the organism, while normal SOD1 holders don´t get so much of metals accumulated etc. as they excret and neutralize it with the Super Oxid Dismutase enzyme well working (another important is glutathione produced in healthy liver, just in case you would be ironically commenting/mocking liver as a factor mentioned by many writers, so called pseudoscientists like Anthony William and others)
  • Chronicity arises and deadly lock is established. Organism silently ran out of all reserves, metabolism is impaired most likely too.
  • Nature or intensity of such inflammation is very individual and unique which explains the big diversity in the length of life with deadly diagnosis
  • Since there are many pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory elements in our diet whether we are aware of them or not, each ALS patient either supports the inflammation or fights it weakly.
  • Some patients intentionally support organism with simple supplementation, magnesium(anti-inflammatory), B12 or whole B-Complex, antioxidants, breathing exercises/yoga etc. All to their benefit and longer life.
  • Unique genetic profile plays a role as well – some people are less tolerant while some more tolerant – ALS can strike both though.
  • ALS is most likely threshold driven layered problem – once many decisive thresholds are exceeded one by one or in parallel, then a specific state called ALS gets established. If these thresholds are then individually lowered significantly the inflammation can be significantly reduced or even resolved, ALS patient can reach a stable state which is called a plateau, the problem is that before this long neutralizing process finishes the patient is often already paralyzed and nobody bothers with some treatments – only wondering how some ALS patients can live for 15-20+ years usually follow.

Chronic inflammation is the main enemy – put this picture in your mind and the real fight can start. If you want to know more details on that including some scientific studies (citations) check my other posts but not now, please read on.

What may have really happened?

I have been making notes when reading Nelda´s book and there were many positive aspects which are not mentioned laudly enough and which are just overlooked or underestimated or completelly neglected.

Humans usually behave in certain inoptimal way and here it is no difference. The whole case was reduced to the controversy with Dean Kraft (you can check what all people are trying to fight ALS and how ALSUntangled comments that). In reality I think the whole miracle was about something else. I really was amazed when reading through the book as it was not that esoteric at the end. The great thing is that a sceptical medical professional as well as fan of esoteric/alternative energetic healing can still agree with my consolidated view. Everything is related with everything …

Components of Miracle

Indomitable spirit

The first and most important factor. As per the book Nelda never lost hope, she accepted the diagnosis but her thoughts were about fighting it already when leaving the hospital. She did not panic/resignate even when her state continued to worsen.

There are scientists which admit that the death sentencing diagnosis presents a big medical problem but still nobody is fighting it. The fact that Nelda started fighting from day 1 and did not allow her immunity to further drop drastically as a result of big and long stress is extremely important factor. Please read something about adrenaline and cortisol stress hormones, what it does to immunity and how it affects already weakened metabolism and absorption of nutritions – the very last thing you need when chronic inflammation arised in your central nervous system/organism in general. Study! You could be surprised!

This enabled all those other positive factors to join in and start building massive synergic positive effect 🙌. Nobody would be able to help Nelda if she broke up. Even healers like Dean Kraft would be powerless 😉 Many patients, majority of them, do not get over this critical aspect, mainly because of lack of hope, lack of real help and only dark destiny in front of them.

ALS Crew

Getting immediate support is very important. The problem is that family members have to absorb the shock from diagnosis too. It is a very tough situation. People very rarely know what all is in front of them and it is equally hard for them to find some real hope when doctors give up and share their forecasts. Daily routines change frequently, problems arise everywhere including financial area, ill person supervision etc.

Nelda was very lucky as she had top class ALS crew recruited from the family members – her husband Glenn, children Gary, Paula did quit their jobs in NYC, friends and the community started immediately helping. Everyone had some tip or contribution. Here again I recognized that nobody threw the towel in the ring, despite in 1980s the situation was not promising at all. It seemed to me all these folks did their maximum, there is practically no room for improvements. Nelda Buss described the role of her family and friends in great detail. Without these folks Nelda´s fighting spirit would not be enough – this was a major aspect and there were small details which really contributed significantly.

I felt very sorry for these folks when Nelda described how they ended later (sister Madelyn and Beanie, her daughter husband Russ). They indeed deserved something else and better, life follows strange logic.

With ALS it is very sad situation and in my opinion the cure people hoped for (wrong imagination of cure!) is even farther away than in 1980s or back in Lou Gehrig times. If people haven´t made any progress in the revolutionary 80s and then no real progress in the last 35 hi-tec years, where should today families get energy and hope to fight the disease? The big problem is that lot of things are already in category “was tried and did not work; waste of effort/money“, science did not come up with anything and extremely promising cases were denied as we already know.

The amount of despair and resignation is logically bigger. Nobody really believes after all the attempts. Instead the acitvities moved to improving life of ALS patients as much as possible (tools, devices, support, awareness efforts) but very little is done to actually break the disease. This disaster is a consequence of the false statistics and ignorance in medical circles. I am hoping new wave of enthusiasm will come soon. Nelda Buss example has to be rehabilitated. Families and friends aka ALS Crews will get their mission back and it won´t be FALSE HOPE 😉

Underrated Long-Term Protocol & Hard Work

This is the third factor with critical importance and the part which science should have had honestly focused on instead of dealing with Dean Kraft. Without the right mentality of all people involved this factor would never contribute so well but as we already know that all those folks around Nelda really shined in their roles.

In fact Nelda started very early with very powerful treatment protocol which nobody else would believe can make some difference. However she really adopted it with excellent discipline. Her sister immediately came with great changes to the diet – Anthony William and many other today authors would be only smiling when reading about it. I was really having great time when reading how all these overlooked details actually contributed in synergic way. The idea of getting juicer and start drinking juices (mainly carot juice – not optimal for heavy metals detox, but indeed better than nothing), B12 injections recommended by Nelda´s boss who visited her etc. She was taking a lot of those basic supplements. When she mentioned zinc which she took to treat sore throat despite suffering with ALS I was smiling again. The whole family was ready to pay for reasonable supplements and this is not described in greatest detail but all these things taken every single day or very regularly (B12 shots twice per week I think) contributed in a very significant way, the intensity and long term frequency is important. Today people will be sceptical as every ALS patient takes some supplement but when two people do the same thing it rarely is the same and there are big traps along the way. For example that diet is very important. Even that electro-therapy could contribute, everyone who knows Edgar Cayce methods is not that surprised, despite it is not really conventional. Why not to try it? More over if you read and link information from these two scientific articles​3,4​. Long story short Nelda attacked her chronic inflammation and gradually resolved that.

This sounds like controversial claim right? However this works in the same way as when it originally develops (inflammation). This means in gradual and creepy way. Since it is not a rapid treatment people may not recognize it actually does something and give up early. It has also certain inertia and lead time – again those thresholds. Nelda started fighting ALS with this heuristic protocol which included drinking carot juice every three hours but she was still getting worse – this phenomenon I described too, the hypothesis is quite logical. One day she even got dizzy and felt like it is time to stop with the juice or other stuff but her husband Glenn insisted on continuing with it – nice job Glenn!

The worse feelings, sleepiness and dizziness is actually good sign – it means the organism got reinforced and could fight harder to resolve the original brain/spinal cord infection while litres of juice (there could be other better/also supportive juices, cucumber, cellery, beet root, lemon water, various berries) helped to remove the accumulated metals (these act in the inflammation as methan or wind component act during fire). If metals are not removed, the chronicity cannot be resolved as the rate of damage with metals present is much much higher than would normally be. Damage in tissue attracts more immune cells, e.g. microglia so that it is sort of infinite loop (as we programmers say) and if you don´t see this you can state autoimmune process as today scientists. I highly recommend reading about these core relationships on my website or anywhere else – I point at references in my posts as obviously I had to read it somehwere first, right. It all makes sense and links all those findings about ALS together.

Nelda simply broke that infinite loop of chronic damaging inflammation but it is hard to notice that if one already gradually got paralyzed during this war/fire fighting period and it is frustrating to witness worsening despite fighting hard – ask your firefighter buddy, he will tell you about it! (firefighters at least have visual contact, ALS patient has nothing, extremely tough situation). This can explain the plateau ALS cases. Some people would just live paralyzed for another 15 years and perhaps succumb to some opportunistic infection. Everyone should understand this – suffering just with MS cuts your life by years, being paralyzed and very weak is much worse for ALS patients. Nelda with the help of her ALS crew and also Dean Kraft started with those painful exercises and gradually regained her motoric functions after months of every day exercises.

If you had 100 ALS patients, then only 10 would beat the inflammation because of some excellent months lasting intensive protocols. But who gets idea to do exercises when being already paralyzed ALS patient who is supposed to only die? And who has such an amazing team around that believes too, that it all is still worth doing every single day, day by day? Maybe two people out of those ten. However it hurts a lot and you need to practise hours each and every day for some time before you move single finger again. Who will do that? Nobody? I only know Nelda was that type of person. Nelda´s success is result of amazing hard work. I hope you start to see where the miracle came from. So what actually did Dean Kraft?

Mystic Healer Factor

Now we got to the core of the problem which lead to case denial as a whole. Let´s first elaborate more on Dean Kraft techniques – what he was actually doing with Nelda and others?

Well, this is a bit fuzzy because if I remember well she mostly commented that with words „he worked on me for hour or two“. In practice he was just laying hands on her in different positions as one can see in Youtube videos or the image below. Nelda described how she felt something immediatelly, she could get rid of phlegm from lungs more easily after the first visit. Dean Kraft could had somehow delivered positive stimuli, we can admit this partially but we need to understand this is really problematic for medical system. I watched the videos and heared how Dean described that, how he is imagining shrinking tumor etc. People who he treated with these techniques describe some sort of vibrations going through them. Well, energetical healing in action, right? Anyway did it play a significant role in healing ALS? My answer is YES and NO at the same time.

Dean Kraft is perhaps the best known of a group that calls themselves ‘energy healers’. These practitioners place their hands either on or just above various body regions, directing their ‘energy’ into patients. Kraft, who has been engaged in this for 39 years, states that this procedure can “unblock and balance the patient’s natural energy fields in order to catalyse their own healing system to start to correct itself, to function properly” (1). He goes on to say “As I try to help someone with a health problem, I visualize the area or areas that are diseased. For example, if a person has liver tumors that medical science has deemed ‘hopeless’, I would then ‘see’ or ‘imagine’ the tumors shrinking – and most of the time, this action actually creates a physical change” (1). [taken from ALSUntangled​5​, but citation is from Dean Kraft web​6​].

Problematic aspect of Dean Kraft

Let´s start with the little bit negative part first but please stay calm if you are a Dean Kraft fan! 😉. Modern science would tend to accept perhaps even weird therapy or magic skills of some individual if it lead to consistent results. If someone claims he knows how to cure ALS, he should be able to replicate and prove that for many patients. Most likely not all, because medical science would tolerate cases when it is too late, state is too advanced etc. but very early ALS states when patients are still mobile should be quite consistently cured or cured with at least high rate of success (~ 60+%). Dean Kraft did not have this consistency, I am not sure but perhaps Nelda was his only known successful ALS case, why would be those other not known? I took the effort to trace little bit his website and there is also another letter from person named Julia C. Howard who nicely lobbed for Dean Kraft (she was some local political representative) and claimed her husband Abe, ALS patient benefited from the visit although it is not clear how this case ended (someone could deliver the information). It could be actualyl another legitimate case, despite it probably is not that well documented (if happy end though).

Reader of Nelda´s book will know that Dean Kraft was unable to help even early ALS patients whom Nelda recommended Dean. This is quite a problem. People from project ALSUntangled also tried to honestly (let´s believe in that) explore Dean Kraft stats with ALS patients. Unfortunately they were never given any stats and the excuse was simply tragical and absolutely ridiculouswe have all patient cards in the West Coast office (LA) and thus we cannot provide it​5​. For analyst like me, this is always huge red flag 🚩 but it fits the overall picture of what Dean Kraft most likely was.

From what I read and what I saw – those American TV Shows with Dean Kraft, his behavior and explanations – I would judge him rather as a sort of mental coach, very friendly and kind to patients so he obtained trust of some. At the same time he shows in my opinion already little bit unhealthy level in terms of striving to be famous. For healer this is quite negative mental aspect showing certain unmatured character. He lacked any consistency, was not willing to share his stats but was making big statements and attributed those recoveries to his extraordinary skills​7​. I can admit he trully believed in his skills but who knows …  It seems to me Dean Kraft really wanted to be famous, he wanted to be in TV shows, he wanted a movie about himself (A Touch Of Hope, 1999) and he seems to pay special care in building his medial picture. I think this is also the reason why he refused to cooperate with ALSUntangled, despite he himself claimed he is all for science and cooperation. Contradiction is always something to consider and can reveal the primary goals/objectives.

Honestly, any such experiment as that with cancer cells could be done in unquestionable formal way where no medical professional could question it – but strangely enough, it was never done in that way. We could also set up a trial/assessment where we could make sure his energetic skills are tested on random people without knowing what is going on (to eliminate the suggestivity factor) etc. One doctor/researcher claiming experiment with dead cancer cells is just not enough, even if it is repeated five times with the same person or some other which was not chosen by independent scientific institution like NIH.

Given the medial picture Dean Kraft was fostering since 1970s and the number of claimed miraculous recoveries I would also expect more comments on YouTube (videos) and Amazon (under his books). The comments are turned off or there are just few of them. Is that all after all those miracles? Well, I understand gratitude is not something humans are best at. There are indeed positive voices in Amazon reviews which I would not deny (more on that in next section). In one critical view a man assess Dean Kraft as a narcist who is mainly showing-off. Other commenter pointed at Dean´s statements he made about Brooklyn area while he (author, local Brooklyn citizen) knows there is nothing what Dean is describing (exact places). In other example given Dean was describing how he went with friend to Atlantic City in 1973 or so and Dean refused to use his skills to win some jackpot. The problem is that Atlantic City was opened in 1978/1979. This would be more or less in line with my prior thoughts and impression.

In terms of financial aspects I registered also critics pointing out the price of Dean Kraft  sessions ($800/hour; has to be 90s price or so, as Nelda had better price in 80s). Nelda Buss was OK with the price, according to her own statements, she paid $25,000.00 for all her sessions which lasted approximately 22 months or so (1985-1987; bi-weekly frequency sometimes skipped). I would not criticize anyone for charging money for his skills, but those skills have to be proven and accurately defined. In this case such criteria was not fulfilled. The obvious fact Dean was able to help some but was powerless in case of many others is a clear sign he was overrating his own skills. People stricken with ALS have no good choice even today, so it is understandable they would not hesitate to try luck with healer of any kind given the cost is roughly $1000 per month – why not to try it? Nelda did that and succeeded, others did that too, even based on her personal recommendation but did not succeed. What happened to Bonnie mentioned in the book? How ended Abe Howard? Why those quite a few ALS stricken people did not feel anything special during their sessions and after few visits gave up?

One thing to note is that Dean Kraft was even unable to help Nelda´s husband Glenn with his shoulder problem. We can ask or wonder how it is possible to heal the most brutal disease in the world while having no luck with such a trivial problem like shoulder pain? I have big understanding for any success, miracle and happy end story but I try to always follow logic so naturally we should suspect there is certain additional factor heavilly influencing the success, explaining the lack of consistent results. Dean Kraft simply did not have any miraculous skills. He still had something which has the power to summon a true miracle under rare circumstances…

Positive aspect of Dean Kraft

In the previous section I was quite critical at Dean Kraft as it was the purpose, it was intentional critics and real critics. He still passed with certain honor. However now the title of the section changed and I should explain the very positive aspect of Dean Kraft.

The reader should already know how controversial and unethical is the medical system towards patients suffering with fatal/terminal diseases. This is not only case of ALS but also hopeless cancer cases and possibly other life threatening diseases. I already mentioned the false hope doctrine. In short this is highly controversial approach which in fact stimulates people to be passive and hopeless. When modern medical authority states „death is comming for you, get ready for it“, many tend to listen and accept it which results in the unfortunate end.

The system is not total evil, but instead the doctors believe it is actually fair approach to tell truth to patients so they know what is going to happen. But their version of truth is very subjective and definitely not guaranteed. We all know what mistakes happen because of this „honest prognosis“. In past this was not so widespread because people were more religious and believed only God can make such judgements. Also people like me, who follow logic rather than religion, are very well aware that medical knowledge is far from perfect and from history we know what terrible mistakes and misunderstandings already happened and how badly doctors judged and interpreted the reality. Just from this simple reason we should be extremely cautious and never, I repeat never, give any death sentencing prognosis.

It is really strange how human opinion evolved in the area of justice and death penalty. Here the human rights are guarded, here people say we cannot be sure, new evidence questioning the murderer can be found etc. Some of us remember those headlines from news announcing a man leaving jail after decades of wrong imprisonment. Why medical science is different? Why they feel they need to judge? We all are part of this.

The human organism and power of individual ultimately stand above any medical knowledge and imperfect opinions in given time. Medicine always knows only part of the reality and with the progress this known part increases but is still very limited. The role of medicine is to help, if it knows what to do then its mission is to provide the help, give treatment, save life. On the other hand, if medicine is unsure and does not know, it should clearly and honestly state this position and DO NOT FURTHER INTERVENE, instead let things to flow, perhaps some blessing would be nice, some default generic therapy would be nice to ensure afflicted organism is stronger in the battle with unknown disease etc. This is in line with FIRST DO NO HARM principle of medical ethical codex. With ALS this is clearly violated as death penalties are given. In our world, this is actually abuse of strong position. It kills hope in people and as I wrote, hope is emotion and we all know how important it is to possess hope and retain it even under extremely tough conditions.

Nelda Buss had hope and she tried many things. I would tend to say she made the most out of every meaningful tip she obtained and she obtained quite a few tips. Even better she had highly developed morale and discipline and every such tip/treatment she tried to apply very thoroughly. Anyway even such mentally strong personality like Nelda clearly saw it is not really working well and she is deteriorating, the disease was progressing no matter what she did. Same experience had and have hundreds and thousands of ALS patients.

After several months she was already immobile and paralyzed neck down, fully dependent on care of her loving family and friends. At the end of 1985 she was in really critical situation as she kind of ran out of the options how to attempt to slow down or revert the disease. Many patients give up much much earlier, I know what I am writing about (mother) and it practically always accelerates the departure from this world. I cannot remember any case of demoralized, broken ALS stricken person who would be surviving for a long(er) time. If Nelda gave up at this moment there is a very high chance she would not make it.

But since she was so proactive and decided to try anything possible, she managed to reach out Dean Kraft who she saw or read about somewhere coincidentally (coincidence does not exist in reality) . She still believed in improvement and Dean Kraft believed he can help. From those descriptions it is apparent to me, that they created certain nice relationship.

In my opinion Deans´s confidence and kindness has generated a strong PLACEBO effect. Important thing is that Nelda was not following all those tips in sequential manner: „this does not work, quit it, try this, quit it“ instead she rather was extending her protocol and followed those things again and again, mixing it and adding new techniques, each was in her arsenal for some significant time. Let´s not forget the diet, electro therapy, meditation/breathing/praying, carot juice, bunch of supplements like B-12 shots, zinc and other not explicitly mentioned. I know that eventually she stopped drinking that juice as it already looked like she is getting allergic but it did its part in those months of use. This all had great and positive stealth effect despite she was getting rather worse. She continued with some of these things and further discussed that and fine tunned that while already in Dean Kraft´s care.

We should know she visited Dean Kraft once in two weeks in NYC. ALS can be very aggressive but sometimes is also quite slow. Anyway having 1-2 hour session/therapy once in 14 days would not do anything against it – if it was the only thing done. If it was that simple, Dean Kraft would heal tens of ALS patients and become absolute superstar. From some reason he cured just one strangely courageous person who completed many seemingly ineffective homeworks before.  My simple conclusion is that Dean Kraft ensured that Nelda´s mentality remained healthy and he had been literally keeping her in fighting mode and good optimistic mood so she could continue and capitalize her previous „stealth mode achievements“.  The bi-weekly frequency and related rituals was just fine for that purpose.

The placebo can be controversial thing for some people. In this case even medical system and science can step in and explain everyone that PLACEBO effect is real, sometimes very strong and science even utilizes that – it is inherent part of testing effectivity of new treatments/drugs. I criticized this use but let´s ignore this for now. However now logic steps in again. If PLACEBO effect can be strong and science needs to eliminate this potential factor during the tests of official and later FDA approved treatments then NOCEBO effect has to exist too and it indeed exists.

ALS diagnosis is extreme NOCEBO generating anti-treatment and thus very harmful. Doctors could leave patients with kind neutral message but they leave them by providing strong „hey, you are dying!“ NOCEBO effect. One day humans will be very surprised after finding out how strong and destructive this was in ALS mystery. The acceptable logical explanation I have is that Dean Kraft protected Nelda from this danger, neutralized NOCEBO which itself is beneficial but he also added positive PLACEBO which boosted her self-healing ability – yes, we all have it, try it sometimes without doctor in case of regular disease or infection, organism and immune system is the best healer but it needs to be well calibrated and have constant supply of necessary nutritions and cannot be under stress as this leads to hormonal cascade which interrupts those healing/rebuilding processes.

We should not view Dean Kraft as only someone who repeated „it will be good, you are doing great“ nice and supportive messages. He probably had certain charism and good intuition despite he lacked medical knowledge/expertise. What exactly lead him to state „ALS is gone, you are only facing the aftermath from now on“ will remain unanswered but it is not really a mystery – a plateau case can be simply observed and as I believe, then transformed into reversal/remission case. Anyway Dean was right, as we know. His encouragement regarding those physical exercises, stretching and regular attemps to control muscles again, despite of painful, very tedious and debilitating nature, brought Nelda to the next level in her overall recovery journey.

I remembered what Dean had told me months before this happened: they would say I had been misdiagnosed. I decided to call Dean and tell him what had happened. His reaction was that, sure, those doctors who had seen me would say that I had Lou Gehrig’s Disease and those who hadn’t seen me would say I didn’t have it. He continued that if I were to be tested at this point, the results would not be the same as they were when I was first tested in January of 1985. Besides, it wouldn’t prove too much, no matter what the results were​1​.

With regard to ALS, patients are mostly mentally set to be defensive only. They defend their motoric functions, they try to slow down progression, they fight, no doubt but when they reach the overall paralysis who still has thoughts for a real counter-offensive? I don´t mean the belief and praying in medical revolution and providing finally working drug (AMX0035 definitely is not the case), I mean counter-offensive with own participation.

Who will say something like „Well, I am paralyzed, I face all those problems stemming from it, but looks like otherwise I am kind of stable, it is time to requst help with exercises as I believe it is possible to eventually re-gain partial/full mobility back no matter what doctors have told“. Thousands of cases and 100 years of history and brutal voice of medical authorities is standing against such thinking. What a burden! Perhaps the Titan Atlas would succeed but human? Let´s not forget such human first need to reach plateau state which is not easy at all. However my theory is that every long surviving patient is more or less plateau case, perhaps his chronic inflammation is not entirely beaten but is sort of controlled and could be resolved if the patient knew about this option. Instead the usual focus is common infections, overall weakness, bedsores etc. and thinking how to not get even worse.

As I observed people logically tend to focus on survival and they abandon these revolutionary and seemingly foolish ideas. I think Dean infected Nelda with this rebellion mindset and for her it was natural to give it maximum again. Ultimately, she prevailed because in those prior stages she probably reached the plateau/stabilized status, she had beaten the chronic inflammation but during this warfare her motoric nerves „had burned“. Probably not entirely all of them but vast majority which still make you really immobile – to move finger or limb, one needs higher influx of nerve signal than was the reality (OK, speculation). As Dr. Bedlack is hypothetizing the nervous system great adaptability and re-connecting mechanism enabled Nelda to gradually improve and the miracle finally happened. Nervous system is amazing network. Humans also benefit from such design for some time – like the predecessor of internet.

The ARPANET incorporated distributed computation, and frequent re-computation, of routing tables. This increased the survivability of the network in the face of significant interruption. Automatic routing was technically challenging at the time. The ARPANET was designed to survive subordinate-network losses, since the principal reason was that the switching nodes and network links were unreliable, even without any nuclear attacks.[50][51] [Wikipedia]

If anyone tries to still think rationally he can simply conclude that Dean Kraft supplemented the role of optimal medical system. He really acted ethically because he was helping a human being to survive despite many other did not make it, he did not have clear idea how exactly and he was humble enough to realize the living organism is an excellent during evolution battle-tested architecture which can always surprise humans who just very recently found out some of its basic functionalities, but are far from understanding advanced recovery mechanisms, DNA full function etc.

Dean Kraft stood firmly against modern plague called false hope and that´s why his name will not be forgotten. He will be remembered as a man who helped humans to understand and beat terrible disease just by providing first level support to one extraordinary lucky person who was already on the right path and needed mainly to keep her endangered enthusiasm.  The TOUCH OF HOPE was all she needed at the critical moments of Dec 1985.

Dean Kraft was a normal person, but he guided Nelda over the deep, stormy, implicitly hopeless ALS waters into safe harbour. There is no wonder she is so grateful 💖

The Miracle – Bottom Line

Part III

Lessons learned

I believe in 21st century we will introduce necessary changes. Instead of death penalties patients will be ALWAYS getting only support, support and again support, encouragement, motivation, inspiration and if nothing else then at least generic therapy which eliminates generic factors like hidden intoxication, weakened organ function due to lack of quality nutrients, impaired gut microbiom, longterm stress, improper lifestyle in general and factor of living in unclean toxic environment.

Conclusion – Choice For You

I have shared my view how things could have happened and obviously I consider my view the most relevant from many reasons. However at the end it is fair to still summarize the main options including those which exist since 1987 and which never lead to any significant progress with ALS. Feel free to choose your version.

Version A – The Medical System Version

  • Nelda Buss was misdiagnosed, and never had ALS.
  • She might have had chronic inflammatory neuropathy instead or something else.
  • ALS remains incurable, always fatal and interpreting Nelda Buss case as ALS recovery is disservice to other patients as it gives people false hope.
  • No clear evidence about above claims can be given, other than Nelda Buss recovered and did not die.
  • We don´t care about fundamental violations of logic.
  • Note: Isn´t it strange how all is about chronic inflammation, whether ALS or chronic inflammatory neuropathy? Even MS is chronic inflammation but caused by EBV + suspected by again spirochetal infection. Add metal layer and you can get ALS … (OK, wild speculation, no evidence)

Version B – The Esoteric Miracle Version

  • Nelda Buss was a real ALS case.
  • She tried everyhting, nothing worked, but then she got to Dean Kraft.
  • Dean Kraft had extraordinary skills, he was energetic healer who could kill the most aggressive cancer cells with the power of his mind.
  • Nelda Buss visited Dean Kraft on at most bi-weekly basis but that was enough for Dean Kraft to neutralize those devastative processes in her organism and enabled her to recover from ALS diagnosis.
  • As Dean Kraft pointed out it was not just ALS but Nelda suffered with the most aggressive form of ALS, the bulbar ALS which is known to progress faster than the ALS with limb onset.
  • The fact that Nelda was able to retain her voice for the whole period prior getting to Dean Kraft and did not have extra problems with swallowing (no feeding tube etc.) and thus quite reliably indicating it was not bulbar form of ALS is not a problem.
  • Dean Kraft caused the miracle but then refused to provide any documentation about how many other ALS patients came to him for a treatment so that his success rate could be evaluated and further verified. Again no real problem.
  • Note: It can be enlightening to know how legendary Edgar Cayce was combining conventional procedures with those little bit esoteric like psychic force and faith. Synergy is the key concept in my opinion.

Version C – The ALS XT Version

  • ALS eXperimental Theory combining scientific findings but respecting psychic effects and following fundamental logic
  • Nelda Buss had ALS with very high probability (practically Lim 1)
  • It is true that misdiagnosis can happen in early stages but after some time and further progression it is practically impossible to misdiagnose ALS. If it was still possible it would be great precedent causing all today methods used for ALS diagnostic (EMG) are highly unreliable and thousands of people are misdiagnosed and sentenced to death with unpredictable consequences on their otherwise high severity health issue, whether GBS or its chronic variant, the chronic inflammatory neuropathy/polyneuropathy, or anything else (please realize that ALS diagnosis is followed by stopping all treatments, pretty bad if you have curable but life threatening problem).
  • From available information the patterns in Nelda Buss case do not follow typical progression of those alternative diagnoses and follow more a typical ALS limb onset progression (gradual weakness, initial problems with postcard writing).
  • Nelda Buss had been demonstrating admirable „immunity“ against demoralizing effects of unethical and fundamental human rights violating ALS diagnosis. She started fighting the problem from day 1. She tried many things including those which science would label as obscure. However all these things which seemingly are assumed to have no effect actually did have effect, not really rapid one and thus hard to notice. This synergic cumulative and most likely slowly healing effect is in line with all ALS findings, whether known for decades or those newer. These are namely following:
    • General reinforcement of organism so it has enough energy to fight with chronic inflammation in CNS (ongoing supply)
    • Removal of heavy metals which are accumulated over life, but often dangerous amounts are acquired during child age when blood-brain barrier is not fully developed. This is long term project counted in months and no 24hr test can reliably detect amount of metals deeply hidden in tissues (check this case​8​ and also this one). Work with metals is known risk factor, for instance note Lou Gehrig´s father was a sheet metal worker and his mother worked in laundry where small Lou was helping – read this and this, namely following sentences:

      About 95% of methyl mercury, which is the type found in fish and other seafood, is absorbed by the digestive tract. The most common source of human exposure to methyl mercury is eating contaminated seafood. Fish that come from contaminated waters and large predator fish that have eaten smaller fish may have significantly increased levels of methyl mercury. It is important to know the source of the fish that you consume and to limit the quantity of large predator fish eaten.

      Once mercury is absorbed, the body may deposit it in a variety of body organs, including the kidneys and brain. The body will slowly rid itself of mercury through the urine and stool, but if an excessive amount accumulates, it can permanently damage the kidneys, nervous system, and brain.

      Pregnant women with elevated levels of mercury can pass it on to their unborn baby, affecting development of the baby’s brain, kidneys, and nerves especially. Mercury can also be passed from mother to baby through breast milk during nursing.

      Children of those who work with lead may also become exposed when lead contamination is brought home on the work clothes of their parents.
  • Removal of co-factor infections which often precede development ALS. These infections can act as a trigger and initial stimulus for immune system to respond in brain/spinal cord tissue. However immune response can get entrapped. If there are „bearings“ of accumulated metals like mercury, lead etc. the ROS which immune system starts producing are extremely amplified.
    • Main co-factor infections suspected are spirochetal and Lyme disease causing bacteria who are known to attack CNS and to further stimulate immunity to cause damage. Similarly as with metals there is no definite test for spirochetal infection presence (blood test is often worthless), what can help is thorough examination of CSF.
    • Another pathogens suspected are HERV viruses which normally live in intestine and share the same cell receptor with motoric nerve which could make these nerves target for immunity. Together with herpetic viruses like EBV, VZV, CMV or any other the immune system can get specifically exhausted and autoimmune like processes can arise.
    • EBV was even detected in astrocytes who are responsible for managing extracellular glutamate. This neurotransmitter is probably co-responsible for infamous muscle twitches and its levels can be probably affected also by QUIN produced by immune response (inflammation).
    • Radical healthy diet and focus on raw food, juices, vegetables etc. can dramatically improve gut microbiom which is one of the newest and hottest path in ALS deciphering. It can help to modulate positively immune system.
    • Nelda´s genetic profile is uknown, either there could be some predisposition or not, sporadic ALS is always option.
  • As a result the chronicity loop was probably broken and despite the immobility it was still soon enough so through a long convalescence period motoric functions could have been recovered.
  • Dean Kraft was unable to cure arbitrary people, he had no idea what causes ALS and thus modern medicine could not learn anything new from him in this regard. He could “treat” only special people.
  • However Dean Kraft supplied that supportive role each medical system should have but which our system in case of ALS is missing. Dean Kraft´s touch of hope was legitimate and enabled a miracle to happen. This is something medicine could learn …
  • ALS still remains life threatening high severity disease with no simple and rapid cure. Science remains strangely unproductive and even 35 years after this case people stricken with ALS have not obtained fair information on their health issue, politics is negatively impacting this long lasting medical problem.
  • However there can be a path which Nelda Buss and other pathfinders explored. They are considered outliers, nobody is really interested in their success.
Please note this story is not absolutely unique despite it is a very rare reversal case, partially questioned by certain experts. There are other people who experimentally came to very similar results, major improvements and reversals. Below you can find information about Eric Edney. All these cases share common factors and it is getting very interesting, mainly because this website main author experience shares that too and the other untrusted case described on this website is another case with major interesection to all these cases. Is that all coincidence? Folks in ALSR are already on it, trying to understand the story better and will publish their summary.

Challenge To Accept?

My offer and request for wider cooperation to finish ALS is still valid. Some may already have strange feeling that these simple protocols executed with military discipline can acutally help, 1000 days is 1000 days but Nelda needed much less to get on the optimistic path, on her curve the inflection point appeared in less than 500 days …

Update – Test with

I have attempted to respond to one man in the discussion below Dr. Bedlack article. Let´s see if providing some hope and linking this post will pass the comment review/approve/deny process. If it does not show up there, everyone should understand why such censorship rules. If it does, then OK and thanks to ALS.ORG. We all are on the same boat.

Late update and quite not surprising: The comment was never approved by ALSA admins/censors. It all seems only Richard Bedlack is eligible to comment reversals! Don´t worry this is already minor issue. Things are in motion anyway.

Appendix – Notes taken during reading

Table of my notes as made during reading the book​1​

Note IDNote Text
1Symptoms onset: Fall 1984, Thanksgiving (November)
2Start of the symptoms – classic case for progressive limb muscular atrophy , hands, fatigue etc.
3Nelda´s sister quick aid – the radical change to diet, no red meet, lots of fruit and vegetables, no white flour.
4Nelda´s boss tip – B12 shots, only twice a week and not a whole B-Complex but at least something …
5Family mobilization – amazing!
6Wider community warm reactions, great support.
7Hoping for getting into TRH therapy trial …
8Diet continues – no sugar, no white flour, no red meat etc.
9Still the progression rather continued …
10Carrot juice coincidence – idea of cleaning the system, yeah baby!
11Buying a juicer – 25 pounds of carrot per week, juice every 3 hrs! Well done!
12MS doctor – vitamins batch, supplements for 250$ (note: MS = multiple sclerosis)
13Daily exercises
14Electro therapy – 1.5 hrs a day
15Zinc to cure sore throat – good catch for ALS!
16Activity regarding official authorities, FDA, politicians, no luck with TRH therapy
17German doctor – treatment through diet, some ALS patients in remission – yeeeees!
18First healer tips (Olga Worral, unfortunately passed/dead already)
19Church healer experience – prayings, meditation every morning for 15 min. (hmm OK, why not, no big deal), Nelda tried to do just everything! Several months of these mental exercises.
20Rainbow sign! Just a nice thing …
21AIDS vs ALS funding problem.
22Proactivity, writing to TV shows, then short interviews.
23Dean Kraft contact, believing in miracle no matter what.
24December 6th, 1985 first attendance at Dean Kraft NYC address.
25January 17th, 1986, Nelda thought she is paralyzed but Dean requested her to move feet … to her surprise she could do that, just centimetres. Big wondering when going back home. Beginning of progress, EUREKA MOMENT.
26Other ALS patients suggested by Nelda to visit Dean, no success, early give ups. All these patients were still mobile, early diagnosis, did not believe in Dean Kraft.
27April 11th, 1986, obtaining assurance ALS is gone and she is only fighting aftermath (paralysis, immobility)
28Still a very tough journey, family helped again, that harness in living room, all the invented exercises etc. Who does that? A true way of warrior …
29Neurologists, doctors react on miracle … Denial, definitely not ALS. Was probably „chronic inflammatory neuropathy“ (Mayo clinic expert). My question: So what exactly differentiates  ALS from CIN? If I haven´t analyzed how weak and vague/fuzzy are all these diagnoses I would not bother to comment … Medical rule of thumb: Did she die? It was ALS. Did she survive? It was not ALS, probably CIN or whatever blah blah …
30Those commens on sexual aspects during the whole journey, very open testimony indeed 🙂


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