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Toxicity & Heavy Metals

If toxicity and heavy metals are considered a factor then let´s find more about them and evaluate their influence on human body. What can we find in scientifical sources if pseudoscientifical source is not trustworth.

This is going to be easy and quick research with Google. Practically immediately I´m finding out heavy metals, mainly in free form are considered very harmful, can cause oxidative stress and damage human DNA!

Please remember – heavy metals can damage DNA!

It is a clear match and we have link with Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases.

As such, heavy metal toxicity can have several consequences in the human body. It can affect the central nervous function leading to mental disorder, damage the blood constituents and may damage the lungs, liver, kidneys and other vital organs promoting several disease conditions. Also, long term accumulation of heavy metals in the body may result in slowing the progression of physical, muscular and neurological degenerative processes that mimic certain diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease​1​.

My far from perfect english has little trouble with the above used wording “slowing progression”. It should rather promote the progression or not? I´m sure it is meant in the negative way.

More so, repeated long-term contact with some heavy metals or their compounds may even damage nucleic acids, cause mutation, mimic hormones thereby disrupting the endocrine and reproductive system and eventually lead to cancer​1​.

Mercury is especially reported as dangerous by Anthony William. What scientists say?

Mercury is an element that can easily combine with other elements to form inorganic and organic mercury. Exposure to elevated levels of metallic, inorganic and organic mercury can damage the kidney, brain and developing fetus [86] while methyl mercury is highly carcinogenic. Organic mercury is lipophilic in nature and thus can easily penetrate cell membranes. Mercury and its compound affects the nervous system and thus increased exposure of mercury can alter brain functions and lead to tremors, shyness, irritability, memory problems and changes in hearing or vision​1​.

I also wanted to go more into history because we know how bad it was in past with arsenic, lead or mercury – for instance I remember documentary about some arctic expedition which ended with a disaster. The whole crew was found dead and at the end it was found out they had all the food in lead cans. This can probably make you mad and together with other in this case relevant factors disaster happened. I googled that for having a reference​2​.

I need to refer another article with all explaining title – Killer Clothing Was All the Rage In the 19th Century​3​. Here we get to know mercury posioning was quite common with bad consequences affecting people behavior and motoric functions. Also we can learn how tragically wrong medicine can be at a given point of time – in past doctors were prescribing mercury as a cure. Insane thing from today´s point, you can read about it on Wikipedia here​4​. What can be today insane thing? I don´t know but for instance inhibiting immune system in some cases can appear to be analogy of calling off firemans from still burning or smolding fire.

This all and much more you can read anywhere. You can read about it in Anthony William books and find out what are all the sources of toxicity you all are exposed to each and every single day. You can also read about it in scientifical articles and works or health related online magazines.  It is not nice reading but please don´t panic, just think about it for a while. Perhaps you start realizing that detox routines can become extremely importantright? Having liver in perfect state to enable it to protect us from harmful metals and chemicals seems more than desirable. If toxins get to your brain which is not that complex, it can affect your mood and mental health heavily. One reason claimed is metals are very good conductors and your neural electric activity can be affected with it resulting in depressions, inability to sleep well or being very shy, having strange up & down feelings, migrens etc.

That´s all for toxicity – we don´t need to dig deeper here. I should also recommend once again Anthony William books or any other good detoxication sources where you can find which herbs or supplements is good to use for getting rid of accumulated heavy metals from your body. It is well recommended and cheap way how to do something good for you and your health, especially if you are exposed to more toxic environment. Please note science already recognized the mercury factor in ALS development, especially in the context of dental care and tooth analysis. I´m adding the articles here​5,6​. It all looks like we as mankind are getting to it, we are very close to a big moment.

Also it is no wonder this risk factor mentioned by modern medicine as well as Anthony William and many others, plays significant role in developing ALS. 

Btw as immediate thought when working on this post I remembered those flame wars whether to vaccinate or not vaccinate children. From some reason I realized some vaccines have certain amount of toxic metal – mercury, alluminium is used and perhaps in very rare occasions it could explain some bad things which happened to small children after being vaccinated. Perhaps such kid got higher levels of toxicity during mother pregnancy and then few toxic shots contributed to very rare damage. As I wrote just immediate thought and speculation. I referred Google and Wikipedia just out of curiousity – what basic information about those adjuvants can I find?

Aluminium salts used in many human vaccines are regarded as safe by Food and Drugs Administration,[25] although there are multiple studies suggesting the role of aluminium, especially injected highly bioavailable antigen-aluminum complexes when used as adjuvant, in Alzheimer’s disease development.[26] Adjuvants may make vaccines too reactogenic, which often leads to fever. This is often an expected outcome upon vaccination and is usually controlled in infants by over-the-counter medication if necessary​7​.

Well, we cannot finish this post yet. Another memory glimpse, operation Desert Storm and associated Gulf War Syndrome​8,9​ popped in my mind. It is already not surprising that those strange issues vets were experiencing are very similar to all the diseases and strange problems Anthony William describes. Whether CFS or fibromyalgia and other. I have added few images for illustration because there is no need to discuss whether heavy metals and various toxic substances are present in war or not. We also know that ALS is a higher threat for US veterans and military personnel. This all is just the beginning but everyone should get strange feeling that initially absurd and controversial theory is pretty precise and explainful so far.


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