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Here we need to get back to the role of those hard to detect internal infections which should be somewhere deep in our organs for many many years without causing big troubles, until something happens …

In his thyroid book​1​ Anthony William presents a pretty detailed description of multi-stage infection process. Let me shortly present it here and note it really is just a theory and it can have strong and weak parts – I´m going to further explore it. For now I recommend taking it with certain reserve but not ignorance.

It has four stages and initially latent inherited or otherwise obtained infection (famous Epstein-Barr virus) slowly makes progress in our bodies. It kind of masks its presence thanks to all other harmful microorganisms we host during our life, namely streptococcus bacteria so all the ATBs always kill bacterias while virus always remains and can live long and prosper! 🖖

The reason why this virus or infection is hidden and latent is because it knows very well what a threat a working human immune system is. It could happen that the virus population is actually comprised of just few small populations which somehow survived the last battle where viruses were crushed by the immunity. So let´s say they know they need to hide and that is why they settle somewhere very deep in our bodies where immune cells can hardly reach. They cannot reproduce heavilly there but they are on watch and they have some strange and unique ability to scan human immunity strength or condition. In other words this state of infection represents the first stage.

In the second stage the virus applies reconnaissance by fighting strategy. People get sick and most common problem is a mononucleosis which is very tiring disease and people usually get it when they study on universities or face their first real stress at work followed by problematic food in therms of timing (no time for lunch! work does not wait!) as well as the content (fast food, power drinks etc.). Besides mononucleosis it can be other infection – for example middle ear infection.

I read about stress a lot and every opionion camp (conventional medicine, holistic medicine, esotheric literature) say the same thing – if stress goes up, immunity goes down. Simple rule of thumb.

However the medicine can resolve such infections so you recover from mononucleosis (using a diet!) as well as from a middle ear infection, usually with the help of ATBs which kill the co-factor Streptococcus but guess what – ATBs indeed do not work on viruses and moreover it has negative side effects. As per A.W. ATBs end in liver with other toxins and actually weaken this organ, it also negatively affects intestinal system/guts. The result is that virus infection survived again and it will scan your lines of defense again with a clear objective – get to the next stage. Perhaps it is not even stages like one, two, three – it is an infinite loop of battles between immunity and infection. However as we get older, accumulate toxins plus secondary infections and get exposed to higher stress conditions the virus can slowly acquire an advantage. One day it may just succeed whether round three or twenty-five, that is how I´m thinking about it this theory.

Anyway in third stage it is all about problems with thyroid because it is the virus next station. Strange symptoms appear but most of it is ignored by doctors as they have no idea and they just blindly rely on their blood tests. I will share my experience later. The bottom line is you are already sick and it is getting dangerous. Sensitive people know something is not right with them but they can end with hypochondriac label – sad story. Those less sensitive people always find some “logical reason” why they don´t feel well – problem at work, problem with kids, problem with partner, tough and demanding work or sport match – what ever they find, they just link it with their current life situation and they may tend to neglect those alarm wake-up calls. They can have pains in lower back but they will try to adjust chair. As far as I understood this situation can become, thanks to our limited knowledge, nothing but one gigantic trap. It is perhaps this moment where a right intervention can resolve problems and safe the person/patient from extremely tough exam.

Fourth stage is even worse because after conquering the thyroid gland (or thymus as well; the training camp of immunity) the virus feels strong enough to attack your CNS – central nervous systemCNS major components are brain and spinal cord. Does that have any relevance with ALS, with upper and lower moto neurons, moto neurons in front brain section and moto neurons in spinal cord? Well I would say there is a clear match. Fourth stage can be ALS beside many other because the number of options is not small.

Anthony William writes that it is rare to let the infection into fourth stage, in vast majority of cases the virus never manages to get there but yet it happens sometimes – this is also in line with ALS stats. Just small number of cases and out of these small numbers ALS is just another small portion.

An important thing mentioned is role of adrenaline which can further help explaining why men are diagnosed much earlier on average than women and the stats get more similar with higher age like 60+. The stated reason is adrenaline is an accelerator, it affects your immunity and men are the more aggressive testosteron based part of human beings. Does not that sound logical?

Please think about this adrenaline danger. Today it is modern to say “I´m addicted on adrenaline”, people do extreme sports and stress their bodies in already dangerous levels and this may not be fun any more! Adrenaline and the stress associated is believed as an inhibitor of immunity. It is explained with this famous FIGHT OR RUN AWAY situation. In such situation the energetically expensive immune system is inhibited for sake of giving max energy to muscles, senses. After very short time this emergency mode should be disabled and immune system, which takes care of practically every important aspect of our internal processes, needs to be given back a high priority. You can already see the danger of our lives in 21st century – omnipresent stress and thus long periods in emergency mode.
Please do not underestimate this factor as it already is not A.W. theory only, it is rather a general consensus.

I recommend everyone going through the list of triggers which basically define risk factors and life events leading to situation in which the virus leverages your decreased immunity strength further weakened by all the toxicity, bad food and strikes with all power. Important aspect is that the virus is considered unpredictable, some times it is very slow some times it is very aggressive and proceeds very quickly – it can go through two stages in few days on rare circumstances as per Anthony William. If it can proceed further it will indeed proceed further, it is a virus.

There is actually one trigger which I would add on Anthony William list, it is not explicitly mentioned there. The hormonal changes are on the list including after birth hormonal changes. However I would explicitly add the birth itself as a standalone trigger because it is so common and despite I´m man I think it is source of big stress. Woman needs to deal with the physical pain and stress as well as with psychic aspects of the stress – if baby will be OK, there can be complications etc. As a result a birth can start or activate the latent infection in the same way as awful injury.

Scientifical relevancy

Above is the controverse theory – we don´t need to accept it. However we should look at comparable information within scientific circles. That´s what I try to do always.

In this post I already confirmed science is very well aware of Epstein-Barr virus. It is highly suspected to play role in the development of multiple sclerosis. The exact virus role is not known but it is assumed. It is known multiple sclerosis incidence is higher in women than men. Have you ever heard about woman whose health state rapidly worsened after giving a birth? I have heared about such cases and the diagnosis was multiple sclerosis. That is the reason why I pointed out this in the trigger list related note above. Another piece of information we can consider as supporting is the scientifical finding that people with MS really went through unusual stress periods and it appears as statistically significant factor.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic inflammatory disease of the CNS. Its prevalence accounts for over 2.5   million affected individuals and estimated to be over 100 per 100,000 in North America and across most of Europe [29]. MS is most commonly diagnosed between the third and fourth decade, with a ratio of about 2: 1 women to men. Although usually not life-shortening, the chronicity and progression of the disease heavily impacts on patients’ quality of life, interfering with life and career plans of an individual [30]​2​.

Although the etiology of MS is still uncertain, the current model for disease pathogenesis proposes the interplay between genetic and environmental factors. Viral infections, such as Epstein– Barr virus exposure, are a hypothesized trigger for the development of MS by means of molecular mimicry and infection of B cells which may mediate chronic inflammation in MS [31]​2​.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is characterized by inflammation and demyelination of the central nervous system [26] and affects over 2.3   million people worldwide [27]. Past studies have shown that stress may play a role in the inflammatory and autoimmune processes [28]. When MS patients were compared with hospital controls, it was found that MS patients had more adverse life events in the 2   years prior to the onset of disease [29– 32]. Using MRI technology, psychological stress was correlated with the appearance of new brain lesions [33]. High levels of anxiety were strongly related to severity and number of stressful life events and were found to increase the likelihood of exacerbations [34]. Similarly, after rocket attacks on civilian centers in northern Israel during the 2006 war between Hezbollah and Israel, 18 relapses were observed in the 156 patients, compared with only 1– 6 relapses in similar time periods in the previous 12   months [35]. Ackerman et   al. also found that exacerbations more likely followed stressful life events [36]​2​.

ALS Questionnaire

Since I heard or read about some ALS stories I will present only few of them in a question/answer form now.

Q1: Have you ever read or heard about an athlete (who are known for stressing their bodies on daily basis) and who suffered bad injury, like knee or ankle, broken leg etc. and who was shortly after, perhaps during injury recovery period, diagnosed with ALS?

Q2: Have you ever read or heard about a body builder (who are known to eat enormous food amounts, who eat all those whey proteins, meat and meat and meat, eggs and diary foods, who intentionally stress their body just to make that muscle grow more, and last who take some drug like synthetic peptide here or there) and who was diagnosed with ALS later?

Q3: Have you ever read or heard about someone who clearly worked in toxic environment and also experienced high stress situation and was diagnosed with ALS?

Q4: Have you ever read or heard about someone looking after very close ALS diagnosed person and who himself/herself was strangely diagnosed with ALS as well later?

Q5: Have you heard or read about someone who had ALS and suspicious heavy-metals levels were detected in his body?

It is really sad but I can answer YES to all questions. These facts just exist and while not a real sensation yet it is sign this theory can be on a right track. We need to proceed and dig further and deeper.


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