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Major Rewrite – Version 2.0

This is a short informative post for all visitors of this heretical website.

Dear visitor, I am not sure what reasons made you to land on this website, perhaps it was mistake, a coincidence but perhaps it was also desperate need for information. I have critically reviewed my work on this website and I found it to be a good entry source but far from the state which could make bigger impact.

Of course I agree it is not a professional work with the by default implied credibility of renown ALS researcher or representative (like Dr. Richard Bedlack/ALSUntangled or still the ideas, links and suggestions made here have their value. I simply know it, because it is not only my personal experience, experience of others, but it also is written in all those research papers I cited and included in the reference sections of my posts (facts and data are misinterpreted in ALS leading to wrong directions, wrong studies, wrong research projects, useless wasting of resources without patient benefit). I understand the format and style should be better though, also the argumentation, basically everything. The best thing one can do is to ignore these imperfections for now and only focus on extracting the pure information – what can be ALS, what one can try to do as soon as possible, what one should avoid. The key thing is that this is not an attempt to manipulate people and their opinion, instead it all is about inspiration. Still it is extremely hard to explain the whole background behind ALS to normal person … in a credible way, yet that is my current objective.

I decided to re-write the information/website content in a much better way and format. I have learned a lot of new things and acquired different perspectives which I want to incorporate into more informative and more credible inspiring format. Some sections or posts published here could be already edited in the light of latest information but I am leaving it as it is – I mean certain highly speculative notes. Most of the content is valuable and the primary message remains unaffected and still can help other people to act and to retain the hope. Without extra effort one cannot expect great things though. I see how people only want miraculous cure, an immediate recipe and are not prepared to study (who clicks those articles? who reads them? I see everything in website log ;-), are not prepared to work hard, make sacrificies without any prior warranty given. It is a tough journey, I know, that is why I am hoping that sharing the experience of those who already walked a lot of extra miles makes sense and increases encouragement. In reality, this type of experience is suppressed by official sources as it is considered entirely inconclusive, misleading, wrong or even fake news. Such generalization is always wrong, regardless the topic.

I need quite a lot of time to deliver the version 2.0 of this content (ALS XT). Anyway it will be delivered and it will be published here for free so anyone can compare it with the unhelpful official ALS doctrine (and the drugs sold, mistakes done, irrationality). In the meantime use this web as your entry point for your own research and experimentation, be critical, review the thoughts and refine it ideally but never lose hope, be active and do all the small things which you may find described in many places already, imagine the success. Do all what seems rational, what is possible in order to have a chance to achieve the impossible.

Hopefully by the end of the year I will be done, time is running. I keep punching the wall … 😉

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