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Compatible theory – Chinese medicine

What eastern medicine says regardless how disrespectfully some members of western medical community talk about it?

I have alrady written the virus and toxicity factors is clearly something what modern medicine shares with the controversial theory I´m trying to validate or refine. One key factor being mentioned very loudly by Anthony William is the role of liver. This organ and its hidden disfunction or lack of proper function needs to be further examined.

By certain coincidence I have also book about Chinese medicine​1​ in my library and it is really interesting how health issues and diseases are perceived in China. It is very interesting how thousand years old and proven knowledge aligns with the controversial theory. I apologize for below description but this was put together in a great rush.

To describe this briefly in simplified terms, human body in chinese medicine is divided into five so called functional circles. Each such circle is represented by a mother organ and child organs so that human organs are described as certain hierarchical structures. Then chinese medicine also works witch energies – the famous qi energy, then yin and yang. Energy runs through the whole human body and if there is no problem in the energetic paths then person is healthy. If there is certain blockade the energy cannot flow fully and the affected place becomes source of problem which then materializes in a form of disease or some visible disorder. This all is very interesting and people already started to study this more and more, meridians, interference with quantum physics, everything is energy etc. It has this esotheric and thus untrustworthy label. Even those esotheric concepts like aura, astral body can be considered to some degree related. It all describes energetic flows in my opinion. Anyway I need to attract western medicine so esotheric needs to be skipped for now 😁

What is important for us is the hierarchical functional structure. If I got it right then chinese medicine states the disease always starts in the base or mother organ and only once this organ is somehow affected or damaged/infected only then the child organs can get  negatively affected.

I need to admit here I went through this very quickly and I was mainly interested if there is any common point with the theory – nerve system or liver focus. Within few minutes I found out that central nervous system (brain, spinal cord) is part of functional circle where liver is the mother organ. Also peripherial nervous system, except vegetative nerves which control function of organs, i.e. it is not controlled by our mind, is part of this circle. This means nerves in our body like in legs, arms enabling us muscle control and movement or motoric functions. This is nice finding, no contradiction with the experimental theory!

Further more I learned following are the symptoms in case of something is wrong with liver:

  • hypertension which lowers with physical activity
  • tinnitus  (beep sounds in ear)
  • problematic sleep, especially falling to sleep
  • pollen alergies
  • pain feelings

Wow – I need to just admit, I had all of it and I will describe it yet in a different post. This is amazing!

What I can conclude here is that based on chinese medicine it seems if you have disease affecting your nerve function you need to have problems in liver and the problem already progressed from mother organ to subordinated/child organs, for example peripherial nerves or even CNS (brain, spinal cord).

In my opinion this all is fully compliant with Epstein-Barr or HHV-6 etc. infection progressing from liver to your nerves and finally to central nervous system (4th stage). It is also fully compatible with the shocking multi-stage infection theory Anthony William described in his books. Now we can repeat that ALS is a disease where CNS seems in big troubles and scientists try to protect neurons in spinal cord using various methods. Unfortunately with no luck so far.

I can already share with readers that I´m convinced I was in 3rd or beginning of 4th stage of this process but then something happened, I realized what is going on and immediately jumped on brake. I will describe more details later.

Chinese medicine appears to be nicely aligned with ALS experimental theory.

Interesting link to Stephen Hawking

Couple months before I read this book about chinese medicine I also went quickly through Stephen Hawking book My Brief History​2​. I wanted to find some details from Stephen´s early life or some comments on his disease but unfortuntely there is very little information I could use. Anyway I remembered this book instantly when I saw following sentence in „Law of balance“ book devoted to chinese medicine.

This whole functional circle (i.e. liver) is responsible for an ability of pursuing certain goal and being interested in things. What belongs to liver circle is fantasy, creativity, a will to make decisions as well as directness and motoric speed.

In our bodies everything what contracts and releases lives from liver energy. Namely gallbladder, urine bladder and muscles.

Above is translated by me so far from optimal. Following sentence from Stephen Hawking book literally popped in my mind within a second, again my translation.

Before I was diagnosed life seemed so boring to me. It seemed to me there is nothing worth striving for.

— Sir Stephen Hawking
I know this is already sort of esotheric and alternative, but I have no problem with it. Not sure how you see that. Chinese medicine has its fan club for sure. Western science does not accept its language though.
It has different language which it respects – cells, proteins, DNA, chromosomes, genes, viruses, X-Rays, CT, MRI, antibodies including autoantibodies! Obtaining mapping to this language seems necessary.


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