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🎁Christmas Magic ✨

Not every culture in this world recognizes Christmas tradition but more than billion people do. This should be sufficient for my needs. It´s time to test the power of Christmas day as it is time when people tend to believe in miracles more than during ordinary days filled with typical hustle and pressure modern life unmercifully creates.

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Message To ALS Community

While I did not want to, I simply had to deal with the controversial aspects of ALS. The controversy is there, no doubt, how big, that is the question future will answer. Anyway I feel I should get back to the more positive tone so hopefully this is the last controversy reminding post.

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Absurd World

Some time after writing my Amoral World post I decided I need to write few other related articles and the topic of absurdity needs to be the next one. Then by "certain coincidence" I found out there is something called National Absurdity Day. I wondered if the date would suit my needs and as usually, I was lucky, I had week of time to express my progressive thoughts and publish on this day, on the day of absurdity!

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If Only Christina Applegate knew …

News about the actress Christina Applegate and her MS diagnosis ran through world media. I need to wonder again how incomplete is the medial & mainly medical description of multiple sclerosis which I investigated too on my adventurous ALS deciphering journey. A small miracle could cause this information finds its …

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