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Food As Factor

Everyone knows food plays a criticial role in determining our health condition. Common sense as well as scientific evidence go hand in hand here – no conflict at all. Of course when it comes to question what and when we should eat situation gets complicated. In the context of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis people may have feeling food is the very last thing to bother with. They may perceive that it is like trying to stop approaching M1A1 Abrams tank with bare hands. Is that rational after all the findings? Let´s see!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for some miracles. Humans will need to realize the food factor is not 5% or similar but that it is actually at least 8-12 times more. It is not just about controling healthy weight but about the overall influence on our body. In my opinion our body is designed to receive input of certain optimal structure. If the input is not optimal then the internal processes cannot take place optimally as well and problems arise, however after longer period of time. Please check my initial deductions on chronic diseases.

Big catch here is in the miraculous ability of our bodies – it is so capable in dealing with suboptimal inputs so that people actually do not recognize they are failing in providing quality inputs. It takes years if not decades to really harm the body with improper food and humans are not good in analyzing the cause. If they develop some health problem they will be focusing on what changed in last few days, because for instance 10 days ago they felt good. They will also require more or less immediate cure, because they need to do all those things they are used to do every day. The system knows this and tries to provide such immediate cure – it will be some drug which often only suppresses symptom and the patient can continue in improper way of life – often in a way of unintentional selfdestruction.

So what are the inputs? There is no mystery:

  • clean air, oxygen is very important also in immune processes
  • clean water, clean water is just foundation
  • food which can be easily decomposed into fundamental and ideally high-quality building elements
  • additional substances which are part of consumed food and play important role as well
    • vitamins
    • minerals
    • enzymes

I´m no expert on nutrition but I care about myself now much more than ever before. I simply try to avoid all the non-natural, artificial and often harmful ingredients people started adding to food and then I try to have natural products in cleanest and best quality. This simple doctrine is in my opinion very powerful. More over it does not lead to any modern dogmatic diet, it is all about ballanced income of all above mentioned items. I also believe the demand is dynamic and very individual so that the dogmatic diets cannot work well for crowds. Each person is in certain situation and requires its individual food plan – reduction, mass increase, addressing deficiencies etc. I think also genetic predispositions play role here – that´s fair to point out.

As described in my previous post I have made dramatic changes to my diet or food habits. Before that I need not to wory about food at all, I could eat anything, never had weight issues. Perhaps I should rather put on more kilograms. In this post I don´t want to make any dietary suggestions because as I wrote everyone should analyze his situation and come up with very individual plan or changes. However I also recommend to study little bit so that people know how to proceed. There are many consultants and some are indeed knowledgable and can provide valuable advice but lot of them will have just shallow knowledge or will be hidden supplement dealers. I try to create a personal project and be as independent as possible and all I write is for free.

There is just no moment in which sentences like “So now you know. I can offer you blahblah for a great price of XX.99 USD and subscription for blahblah … what do you say?” appear. My only goal is to pass information in the way it will penetrate your mind and make you start thinking in an alternative and still safe way. A new way of thinking which can help people to overcome annoying health issues like allergies (my case) but also call up a true miracle. How the miracle will look like? I don´t know. In the context of ALS I´m sure anything what below image suggests, would be considered an absolute miracle. I cannot promise anything, I´m not saying something like this is going to happen. I´m saying it is incumbent to attempt for it.

People who accepted state of things including unfortunate diagnosis may have problems with it. Sometimes it is extremely hard to get to used to living with some very tough limitations. Human mind is very flexible and very inflexible at the same time. Even under extremely tough circumstances people are able to adapt, find their new life style, daily routines and thus feel safer, calmer. This is fine. It is the fallback strategy if there is no other known way.

Still it is a clear evidence of our absolutely amazing adapting abilities. It can sound very strange and weird, but even under such terrible cicrumstances which ALS disease brings, people are able to build a comfortable zone. It is just necessary to be able to operate further. In case of ALS I know very well, how it looks like. That´s why I have huge understanding and I feel with these people so much. It was my ill mother who taught me this and enabled me to create a sense for compassion of different magnitude. However now I´m coming with the other way. Someone just needs to test it. That´s it.

And yet it seems so hard for suffering people to accept simple fact there can be way out of it, their personal miracle is hard to accept. Perhaps the fear of failure is behind it – it is tough to start believing, but if someone overcomes this, what next? What if failure and disappointment comes afterwards? It could be viewed as even worse painful feeling than the current already accepted suffering. I see these traps in human minds and that is why I think only true fighter can accept such challenge. Questions like: “Shall I slowly witness myself wasting away or shall I better attempt for a miracle by believing in a way out of this hell, no matter if disappoinment comes or not?” are valid. Some professional athlete or army veteran definitely possess the mental power and if still relatiely strong then all chances multiply significantly. But it can be anyone in any state.

In the same way people break records in sport, people can break records in recoveries from serious and progressed diseases. I have always believed in this. I read true stories about people who really managed to achieve impossible things. One certainly needs a true heart of courage. I wish everyone good choice in this dilema. I need to write another post on how weird and strange the situation around ALS got – all those organizations, people, researchers including great scientists – they are not that interested, they make promise to review this theory and then never get back. Others never reply, they are blind, they ignore incoming signals. If you cannot imagine miracle you cannot experience it. Research has billions in drug development, they don´t want to hear about simple ways. That´s why this war needs to be won using bottom up approach. Ill braver and stronger people for ill less braver and already weaker people.

I´m still in the process of extracting possibly valuable information from my raw data. It will take some time but I´m impatient and I already know a lot and want to share the information. It is almost necessary to read all the previous posts to be able understand the relationships and be able to recognize the potential. There is no need to read all the scientific articles – this is just evidence for those who would tend to reject everything righ away (a safeguard against pseudoscientific labels). In the rest of the post I will try to provide list of immediate changes enriched with the necessary “why it is important” information so that some ill people can start assessing it as soon as possible and they can also start considering it. Please go through this referenced article on supplementation possible effects from scientific point​1​.

I still do recommend going through Anthony William books or web-site or Facebook profile. He has great sense for passing the information to people. When I was in deep troubles I read those for me important sections repeatedly, several times per day. It always calmed me down and helped me to withstand the pressure and physical changes.
Please make sure you read and understood my DISCLAIMER page. Not everyone has the same talent for experimenting like I have.

That is why you should consult your intended steps with medical representative you trust. I would just tend to recommend someone you really know, someone who will show enough empathy and provide optimal advice given your situation. In case of official consulting with some arrogant physician who has no time and interest in your situation you could receive pure refusal on this protocol (“nonsense” like delivery) which won´t help you at all.

It is still better to start lightly, get feedback from your body and adjust the protocol as necessary. Since people safety is my uttermost interest I haven´t put on below list anything which I would not tried myself, so feel free to drop me e-mail if you are in doubts.

Also please note the list is not ordered – always read the description.

Factor #0 Food Blacklist

  • As I wrote this is most likely necessary because it is impossible to improve and get better when still supplying body with bad stuff.
  • I personally had problems with eggs but I just accepted that along with all the others. It is interesting that when studying EBV mechanisms I encountered mention of egg factor (hen egg lysozyme and link to the possibly involved C3d complement protein), you can check that here.
  • Another thing I believe is relevant is the animal fat and meat and why it should be heavily limited (pork blacklisted, other limited significantly). In one book I read about theory human body is vulnerable to foreign proteins. It all is dependent on optimal structure of our stomach acid and liver/gallbladder functionality to produce quality bile. Only in that case foreign proteins (e.g. meat) can be successfully decomposed into amino acids which are required and which body uses to build the proper proteins it needs. It should not be surprising for readers that liver and weak acid in stomach is suspected to be one of the root cause which allows ALS to develop – but don´t be worried. The consequence of improper functionality of the digesting system is that complex still not decomposed foreign proteins get to places where it is not expected (amino acids are expected!) and thus body attacks such proteins, hence alergies can be diagnosed for many things, including eggs.
  • I decided to add the quick list of banned food here:
    • Dairy products (all of them!)
    • Pork meat (other heavily limit and only top quality, no ham etc.)
    • Bread (mainly white flour, but better all types for certain period)
    • Soy
    • Corn
    • Eggs
    • Canola oil
    • Animal fats to heavilly limit
    • EVERY industry created food (basically everything you buy in super-market)
  • So what one can eat?
    • Rich vegetable soups (spinach, lentil, broccoli, carrot, cauliflower, sea vegetables, asparagus, beans, potatoes etc. etc.)
    • Potatoes and mainly sweet potatoes as side dish
    • Rice
    • Lentil
    • High quality home made chicken soup/meat (once per day etc.)
    • Etc.

Factor #1 Cellery Juice

  • This is Anthony William signature recommendation, right? 😀 I do recommend his whole book on it 👍
  • I cross-validated this factor and found articles which really question healing or positive effect of cellery juice. However the reasoning made me laugh – the article stated it cannot do any better in terms of detoxification than human liver. I hope the paradox here is obvious! 😎 Liver is most likely in problems already and thus cannot function 100%, but not even 75% (ok, my hypothesis). If cellery can act as a role of temporary backup, then yes, it is needed and should be part of the diet. Science does not question the minerals it contains so there is no harm to include it.
  • Sometimes allergic reactions can occur – in that case lemon water or cucumber juice should be used as a replacement and after some time cellery test can be repeated (it should improve after some time).
  • BIO vegetable is preferred but it may not be possible to meet this requirement. I always cleaned that under water very very thoroughly.
  • Last note on cellery: Juicing cellery can be a test of will, because it is not that easy like with carrots. Cellery can get stuck in your juicer and you need to clean it etc. It is just what it is. I had no problem with this extra work and care.

Factor #2 Magnesium

  • This is extremely important factor. I was aware of it for some time, I have a book dedicated just to magnesium so the importance for endocrinne and nervous system.
  • In case of ALS we can often hear term oxidative stress. This is where magnesium comes to help.
  • Any time I had some twitches or sort of cramps I took it but during my Program X it was inherent part of my daily plan. I had standard magnesium but then I learned it is much better to look for high quality supplements which are labeled with High BIO Availability, Chelated form etc. so the body can get most of it.
  • In the book I had I also learned one cannot overdose with magnesium, a sign of too much of it should be diarrhea, and grey color of stole. I was always cautious and sticked to recommended dosage which is far from overdosing.
  • Simple truth – get some quality magnesium.

Factor #3 Zinc

  • Quality zinc is the same case magnesium.
  • I used the high quality liquid zinc and now I use chelated form in tablets.
  • I encountered zinc deficiency as factor is mentioned in latest autoimmunity journals (the Mosaic book).
  • Zinc is compound in SOD or Super Oxid Dismutase – very important detox enzyme which many people with ALS had certain problems (SOD1 gene mutation).
  • Even in today COVID times zinc is recommended as the general role in immunity is known and not questioned at all. As always be cautious, buy high quality and follow dosing instructions.

Factor #4 Selenium

  • Selenium is again very important but here be very cautious with dosing and don´t overdose. You would feel it 😉
  • Why selenium? Selenium is needed for producing glutathion, another extremely important body antioxidant. If you don´t know why we need antioxidants look at this post.
  • I have chelated liquid form in a form of drops (Zinc + Selenium combined product)

Factor #5 B-Complex

  • B-complex is very important mainly for nervous system.
  • Anthony William is known for emphasizing it loudly, mainly B12. I read article which again tried to neglect the importance of B12 in curing tough diseases and which assigned Anthony William a standard pseudoscientific and thus untrustworthy label 😁 Please note science definitely agrees, it is so important!
  • B12 is especially needed for nerves as it participates in myelin maintenance. I hope you are aware of so called demyelinating diseases like multiple sclerosis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Factor #6 Uncaria Tomentosa

  • Another important component in this whole arsenal. The other name is Cat´s claw or Vilcacora.
  • I started using it based on Buhner recommendation. It is known that it helps addressing a specific immunodeficiency, lack of NK cells (CD57+) which are known to be low in case of Lyme and herpetic infections. Isn´t it nice?
  • Medical world is aware of it and agrees partially but I read statements claiming the effect of this herb from amazonia is exaggerated. This is the typical medical doctrine. They tend to neglect importance/power of simple natural compound as they assess that in isolation. Why? Because they take it like a competitor to their drugs. But I am not stating this is a silver bullet, the real power is that the natural things can all somehow fit together and form a massive synergic curing effect. If you take 20 drug combo you can probably die or seriously harm yourself but with the right raw natural products it can work – they work together, support organs, support excretion, support immunity all goes in one direction, the healing and recovery direction (but beware: you need to have the right mix and right amounts/dosing; that is true, nobody wants anyone toget poisonated/overdosed with natural products).
  • Uncaria Tomentosa is not miraculous drug but it will do its part! No more, no less.
  • I consumed that in many forms – tabletes, capsules, drops and I even made my own tea/broth couple times.

Factor #7 L-Tyrosin

  • This amino acid I bought on A.W. recommendation and used that as well in very cautious way.
  • My dosage was 1 capsule per day.
  • It again participates in the nervous system overall function (neurotransmitters).

Factor #8 L-Lysin

  • Another supplement I bough without hesitating and used 1000mg per day.
  • Why? It is another essential amino acid with anti-viral effects – which viruses? Surprisingly herpes virus family!

Factor #9 Alpha Lipooic Acid

  • Another supplement which should not be missing.
  • Reason? Antioxidant and compound participating in cellular processes. Please use google or read this information.
  • UPDATEThis is most likely key supplement which anyone with ALS or neurologic problems should test. I am judging this not only based on my own experience but based on other promising testimony – recovery from ALS which people probably will not trust, but this is not my case, I know this is possible. So try it out, it is freely available for a few bucks

Factor #10 Vitamin C

  • Everyone including small children knows the importance of vitamin C.
  • If you want to know more, please read this and again educate yourself more by googling additional resources.
  • Please look for quality supplements, liposomal Vitamine C.

Factor #11 Echinacea

  • Another herb with immunity boost effects. Recommended by Buhner for healing Lyme disease.
  • I used that together with vitamine C and uncaria tomentosa for some time, even before getting to Anthony William books.
I have found out this herb/supplement is FORBIDDEN and MUST NOT be taken if suffering with autoimmune disease like multiple sclerosis or systemic lupus erythematosus.
I interpret this in following way – lots of autoimmune diseases are today treated with immunosuppressives so taking immune boosting supplements would be the total opposite. This can be case also with other supplements with similar effects. I have quite different explanation of the autoimmune process. It may sound weird to you, but you can ask your physician why he is unable to cure your autoimmune like health issues, you can also ask him to explain you the autoimmuity.
Anyway please bear this in mind and as I wrote try to consult your steps with medical representative and then you will need to make your decision because it is your body and your responsibility. I will always try to provide complete information like this.

Factor #12 Spirulina

  • Natural supplement to help body with heavy metals. It should contain high and natural super oxid dismutase, the enzym which ALS patients with SOD1 mutated gene may not produce themselves in the optimal form.
  • I used tabletes and Hawai Spirulina.

Factor #13 Green Barley

  • Again detoxification of heavy metals, similar to spirulina. I used everything! 😁

Factor #14 Ginger

  • A well known immunity helping ingredient.
  • I often made my own teas together with coriander, lemon balm, parsley.
  • It helped me mainly when I was under pressure of unpleasant detox symptoms.

Factor #15 Lemon Balm

  • In my case very important ingredient.
  • Please buy quality tea or even just the product so you can make broth of your own configuration.
  • It is claimed to have anti-viral effects. You can notice unplesant side effects are often mentioned – if you think you are healthy person, try lemon balm and you will see 😁 In my opinion it is powerful so that those side effects are actually result of the healing (sounds weird, I know) – I withstood all those pains and now I have none of them, strange right? Its healing effects are known for centuries. Please use it lightly and you will see. In the same way it is said one can feel bad after eating raw onion. So what I did? I juiced couple onions and attempted to drink it 😂 What a nasty stuff, I got bad but I still tried again day or two after and it was getting better and better. It is explained with bacteria in stomach which sulfur and other things contained in onion destroys and the mess makes you feel bad temporarilly. Once it is cleaned up and excreted you might notice you feel actually better. Lot of people have Helicobacter Pylori etc. I´m not saying you need to drink onion, but I did it (instead I would recommend eat strong raw garlic, which I did as well and it is little bit painfull too, no pain, no gain 😀).
  • More info here.

Factor #16 Coriander

  • Again detox effects which is exactly what ALS patient needs.
  • I started using coriander heavily – fresh one as well as dried spice.
  • More info here.

Factor #17 Maple Syrup

  • My favourite sweetener. Natural high quality glucose for liver, often consumed with warm water, a great source of energy. I still use it and cannot say anything bad about it.
  • After several months I feel like my liver is full of glycogen. I can eat less than ever before. I think it really is caused by having full stock of high-quality glucose in my regenerated liver. Of course it is not caused just by putting maple syrupe (Grade A in my case) to water. I think I have eaten a whole truck of fruit of all kinds in past several months. I have never eaten so much before. These positive effects I will describe later in more detail.

Factor #18 Woodberries

  • Super strong anti-oxidants. My daily fruit together with others (raspberry, blackberry).
  • Super food! No need to add links, everyone knows, or not?
  • I had some BIO frozen woodberries just by coincidence but because of the heavy demand I had to buy it in special stores (frozen).

Factor #19 Recommended Fruits & Vegetables

  • This is ultimate recommendation – fruits and vegetables!
  • I incorporated it very heavily into my new diet. I never had any diet before, still within one day I made extreme changes. I always liked fruit as well vegetables before but was lazy to buy and prepare it. However this changed. Situation required that! 😎
  • Once you find out you cannot eat many usual things (blacklisted) it can become a problem – so what allowed food left? It took me some time to find alternatives as well. However in the meantime I was so solid that I better did not eat anything which was already forbidden. I was hungry but thinking what else can I eat? At this time it was fruit which helped me, because you still need to eat something, right? First few days I ate practically just fruit before I got stable and established a new food plan for me. I´m not mentioning it here for other to do the same, they can read about the alternatives here or anywhere else. But you can notice how determined I was – now I don´t really understand it. I just wanted to get rid of allergies …
  • I juiced not only cellery:
    • Carrot
    • Beet root (recommended, if you have mercury inside, it will help)
    • Cucumber
    • Radish
    • Water melon
    • Orange
    • Onion (do not try this, unless you are crazy like me, with beet or carrot it is better)
  • Vegetables I used to eat lot newly:
    • Tomatos
    • Potatoes
    • Sweet potatoes
    • Onion – all types
    • Garlic
    • Chilli peppers, standard sweet peppers
    • Carrot
    • Parsley
    • Beet
    • Cucumber
    • Beans and lentil (proteins, but forget 🚫Heinz and others!🚫 Cooks yours! Anything pre-cooked in can or with some sauce has glutamate, MSG, artifical flavour and conservants, thickeners etc.)
    • Cauliflower
    • Broccoli
    • Asparagus
    • Pea
    • ?
  • Fruits:
    • Apples
    • Pears
    • Bananas
    • Woodberry
    • Raspberry
    • Blackberry
    • Pineapple
    • Water melon
    • Dates
    • Figs
    • ?

Factor #20 Recommended Herbal Teas

  • I used to prepare many herbal teas. I actually used to drink only lemon water, some fruit/vegetable juice or herbal tea – nothing else in terms of drinking regime.
  • Some teas were special mix I bought but I also bought many herbs and prepared tea by following recommended instructions.
  • Besides already mentioned Uncaria Tomentosa, Lemon Balm is was mainly following:
    • Fennel
    • Thyme
    • Milk thistle
    • Hibiscus
    • Marigold
    • Elderberry
    • Nettle
    • Dandelion
    • Raspberry (leaf)
    • Woodberry
    • Cranberries
    • Hip
    • Sea buckthorn
    • Turmeric root
    • etc.
  • Most of above herbs you can find in special mixtures in specialized shops (including online e-shops)
    • Immunity boost tea
    • Detox tea
    • Liver cleaning tea
    • Blood cleaning tea
    • etc.
  • Of course one cannot drink everything in single day. It requires certain rational mixing-up style. I used to drink tea to help liver (milk thistle, hibiscus) in the morning and afternoon I made 1.5L of let´s say lemon balm with coriander and thyme which I drank for the whole afternoon. In the evening I may drink just homemade ginger tea.
  • Always follow instructions included and be rational.

Factor #21 Dulse Sea Vegetable

  • For me quite pricy stuff. Sea vegetable from Atlantic ocean. I still bought it.
  • It is recommended to help with heavy metal detoxification.
  • I tried to especially follow the rule to eat combination of multiple such supplements within 24 hours. This was (woodberries + spirulina + dulse), but I added even others.
  • Dulse I added as last minute ingredient to my rich vegetable soups during serving (perhaps not the best taste for someone, but it was not important for me).

Factor #22 Chaga

  • This item I found somewhere at the end of the list of all those possible supplements recommended by Anthony William. I still bought it.
  • Later I found out this mushroom growing in Siberia and north parts of Scandinavia should have the highest amounts of super oxid dismutase from all known natural products. I gave it much higher priority since that moment and used to prepare tea by following the instructions. It takes more time as it has overnight phase and shorter boiling part next day. I prepared 3L of it and drink it 2-4 times per day (2-4 cups).
  • Later I also bought prepared supplement – a powder which can be used immediately with water. Still from some reason I believed in more “magical” power when I buy the mushroom and prepare everything myself 😎 The supplement was also much more expensive (as usually!).

Factor #23 Turmeric root

  • Very important ingredient for nervous system. I bought it quite soon and just mixed the powder/spice with water and drank it. However I used that also in cooking – vegetables, soups etc.
  • Later on I started to see ads on Facebook and articles claiming turmeric is the promising next gen super food etc.
  • One can find many articles in online magazines but here I better give you scienctifical article.

Factor #24 Ashvaganda

  • Another strange item. I still bought it because I was convinced my adrenals are in bad shape (based on symptoms I read about).
  • It again is another adaptogen and health magazines are aware of it.

Factor #25 Licorice

  • Many people don´t like the taste and smell. However for me this was not an option. I was in experimental mode and perhaps I would ate even “dog shit” if I found out it contains what I might need.
  • It has healing and anti-viral effects. However every article you will find mentions warning for people with high blood pressure – 🛑 it is not recommended for these people 🛑 as it can temporarilly increase blood pressure. If you are in this group, please use other things and you should be able to lower your blood pressure, then if already good, you can try this.
  • I prepared the broth couple times, it is very sweet. It did not harm me in any way, but as I wrote above be cautious, always follow instructions.
  • For getting more information on antimicrobial effects check this article​2​.

Factor #26 Resveratrol

  • Substance received from herb Reynoutria Japonica (“Japanese knotweed”, “Chinese knotweed” etc.)
  • Similarly as Cat’s claw it has broad immunity support effects, exactly what struggling immunity of ALS patients need (ALS is chronic inflammation due to chronic infection(s))
  • anti-viral, anti-bacterial including anti-spirochetal, immunity stimulative, CNS protective and quite a few other effects.
  • The herb contains many substances and resveratrol is one such substance extracted from it
  • I was not able to find a product which would be “a complete herb extract mix” and used resveratrol but I suggest exploring it further and test some recommended and quality extracts.
  • Once I was able to find it in some e-shop I tried that too, but I was already feeling much better at at that time. Still recommended from day 1 due to my heavy suspected Lyme factor in ALS.
  • Please see Buhner book I recommend here.
Above list and this whole post I´m writing in express mode. Please forgive all mistakes and possibly strange english. I will be correcting the text, extending the list, adding more of quality references and citations etc.
I just wanted to publish ASAP.

Now I´m thinking how does it sound? Perhaps little bit crazy but there is definitely some strange truth, right? We can get back to my insane analogy with M1A1 Abrams tank. It can be on the horizon, you can see it already using binoculars/telescope. It will take some time before it gets to you, but you know that if you don´t do anything it will just crush you. However perhapas something changed, you have just found an RPG-7 rocket launcher and 26 rocket shells. This is sufficient firepower to destroy whole tank platoon, not just one tank. In my case the tank was in pretty far distance (allergies, Lyme like issues, starting very light neurological problems) and I got the armament hopefully soon enough, but most importantly, I recognized the opportunity in front of me, I explored it, I executed the identified steps.

This is something people will mainly struggly with. They won´t see the potential, they will require scientific evidence, a scientific study comprising 1000 people with at least 90% success rate, then they will start thinking it is time to give it a chance. I wish all to think differently. There can be people which have the tank already very close if not practically in front of them – it is not shooting, it just slowly moves towards them and if they don´t do anything, it will crush them. In my opinion it is never late to counterattack, I always remember Edgar Cayce ultimate statement on incurable diseases. What an insane analogy, right? After Predator not that surprising though 🙂

Another way to look at food and natural supplements as well as some critical vitamines, amino acids etc. is from the gambling point of view, or better sport betting perspective. Let´s say you want to make a bet. Perhaps european footbal like Premier League or in US leagues like NBA, NFL, NHL, MBL or MLS. You can be a cautious casual bettor. Your plan is to play it safe – to bet just small amount and more or less sure wins and thus very low course, let´s say 1.15 on average. However you put 26 such matches on your ticket and bet 20 USD. What is the possible amount to win? It is almost 680 USD. Now suppose it is actually not 25 matches but 50 of them (all the specific herbs, fruits, vegetables). One could already win almost 22 thousands USD with 20 bucks. 1000 times more. Factor of 1000. I believe the same compound power is hidden in proper and optimally selected food. Of course it requires months to recover from unhealthy state. In my case I thought I already fully recovered but last few days I´m experiencing already known issues but in different parts of my body – even something like if child age injuries re-activated somehow and then healed, am I going against the time or what? 🙄 This is little bit mysterious, I´m aware of that. 😉

Please be cautious and read the last paragraph thoroughly.

Last few important sentences. As I wrote in my previous post, in cases like mine this experimental theory consisting of quite radical change in diet and introducing critically important supplements, one has to count with long fight and temporary state worsening and something I called roller coaster experience. Science is aware of the similar phenomen – Jarisch-Herxheimer reactions. ❗It can be even very dangerous if someone is very weak and perhaps made too many and drastical changes❗. This could have very bad and unpredictable consequences. I understand why Anthony William recommends taking it very lightly, first A program for 30 days, than B program for another 30 days and last C program. I was still in a good shape and hopefully nothing bad happened to me despite I made those rather extreme changes (judging after 8 months). Anyway in my case 90 days would not be long enough. It is not surprising Mr. William states some people will need years to recover fully. It is most likely true. I´m on this journey and this web site is my testimony. Please take it easy, experiment lightly, ideally under supervision of some friend from medical world. The whole world is about some balance, not about abrupt extreme changes and shock therapies, our bodies don´t like it. Much better is slow start, gradual increase in effort but super steady discipline and endurance, determination. After all it is the same as with loosing weight or starting with fitness. Untrained person can harm herself/himself if starting too heavily from day 1. A key to success is gradual training, regularity and determination. Keep it always in mind.

Also note breathing fresh air and getting sunlight (some regulated UV exposure) is beneficial. I´m no expert on meditation but those deep breath exercises work – I had my simple technique, just how many deep breaths I can do while resting LOL 😃 (100+). Try it. The reason is the more oxygenated blood is the more anti-viral and anti-bacterial environment is maintained. In this case oxygen is our big friend.

Update: After publishing this post, I mean months later, I actually found a nice link to ALS. Scientists found out ALS patients suffer with hypoxia which is a sign there can be stealth bacterial infection and big consumption of oxygene leading to its shortage – the natural consequence would be chronic inflammation. Everyone knows this again is a sure finding in ALS so everything fits together. Never ever underestimate these small things, don´t mock deep breathing mentioned in ALS context or exygenizing through mask.

Don´t be afraid but be cautious and create your own individual plan – we all are individual creatues. If everyone listens to his body, it will tell him/her what to do.

Team work

I´m adding this note as this was not highlighted above despite it is a logical deduction. If someone is ill and already weak there is no way how to actually implement the protocol without the help of others. Luckilly we have loving families and also great friends who are already helping on daily basis. If it is similar to what I saw in our family, then this care is aimed at all the usual activities typical for limited or even already bedridden person. This team is critically important. In our case I think it was just me who was secretly and stubbornly searching for information and hoping for miracle, this is fine. There is still so much to do, the work to be done in terms of patient care is very demanding.

Now it looks additional duties would be needed and that is correct. However it is already acceptable and the new “what if it helps” feeling can even help with the work morale as a whole. It is just about serving different more healthy food and drinks and add those high-quality supplements (zinc, magnesium, B-complex, selenium, L-lysin, vitamine C, turmeric, vilcacora, chaga, spirulina, lemon water/cellery herb teas etc.). I personally would recommend dividing responsibility (despite it can change, rotate). Logistics is very important – having the fruits and vegetables in the house is the first task, then preparing it and serving, cleaning juicer and ensuring it is ready for next day etc.). Then cooking! A rich and healthy soup needs to be cooked using simple and raw quality ingredients under full control and supervision, not bought in supermarket full with conservants! It really can be a big project. All healthy people work hard but happily and with determination for their ill family member or friend.

A true example of humanity. I always hoped I will be able to do more, something with a healing potential, not just the maintenace care. It looks to me this is it despite it looks like foolish dream – please read the whole web site, realize how science cures EBV infection/mononucleosis (diet!), realize that Lyme is treated with ATBs but this doesn´t work and there are natural antibiotics like garlic and herbs. It just requires certain braveness to start believing, to become curious. It is not stem cell therapy which will put you in real dilema due to results known and costs required. I can always help remotely with advice as well. God bless all who don´t give up and fight back 😊

Everyone needs to eat and drink – why not to make couple changes and add some quality supplements if ill?

In next post I will deal more with the strange “mission impossible” curse created around ALS during decades of unsuccess.

I make an exception and allow comments here as I will be probably updating and fixing the post as written above.


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  1. I have added more details on what food is on blacklist and what is the natural replacement. Then I added paragraph “Team Work”!

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