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Time has come again. After several months of researching I feel I can make a final conclusion regarding ALS Experimental Theory and send a daring message to the world. What do you think about it?

In this post I would just briefly recap my ALS project. I consider my findings interesting and in my wildest dreams possibly having potential to contribute to breakthrough in the knowledge of this mysterious disease. For science it can be just inspiration, shift of thinking paradigm (viruses!) or whatever. If I put together just one big nonsense I can live with it – no problem at all. My intuition is telling me I cannot be totally misleading because I know facts which are undeniable – my family experience, and not just that related to my mother. It is about other members and then about myself.

One thing I haven´t mentioned yet. In my previous post I was dealing mainly with the possible low level interactions but I haven´t written anything about treatment. If this theory, which is slightly modified Anthony William theory, is correct or close to correct, then it would result in bad and good news conclusion regarding treatment options.

Bad News

The bad news is there is no real treatment for Epstein-Barr virus infections. There is some vaccine for Varicella Zoster Virus – not sure how effective. Similarly it is hard to target spirochetes if they switch from regular form to cell wall deficient form.

Good News

Good news is that even if not scientifically treated, people can realize what the real problem might be. Just imagine that EBV causes infectious mononucleosis and people don´t die on this disease. Think about ALS as an advanced combination of infectious mononucleosis possibly complemented with other simiral viral infections (VZV in PNS!) and mainly Lyme disease.

ALS = (mononucleosis + boreliosis)^3
ALS = (curableProblem + curableProblem)^3 => ALS = curable  

So my hypothesis is the main causes are indeed curable individually but the fact that in ALS case we consider their combination effecting in the organism simultaneously makes it much much much harder disease to recover from. This is expressed with that cubic exponent – power of 3 and this is why most people will see the problem as incurable – they know very little about the suspected factors, but they know the unfortunate stats and they trust authorities which state “incurable”. The other very important thing is that a person with ALS is most likely “sick” from few other reasons but he or she does not know about it – medical system does not communicate it and most likely even does know about it either. I mean serious core deficiencies which actually enabled the stealth infections to spread and get out of control. Heightened levels of heavy metals and insufficient levels of some core minerals have clearly bad influence on immune system.

However there is still chance, one just needs to know what to do. Immune system, the most powerful weapon, is waiting on external help – if proper help is provided miracle can in my opinion happen but time is an important factor as always. After long time of chaos a real decamouflaged enemy could be identified. Fight can then start. My insane analogy from Predator can move to next level. I´m hoping this website can equip at least one human in troubles with all the information I have collected so far – what happens then will be a different story, but as always, I believe it can make difference for someone 😎🖖.

Treatment Notes

However fight without weapons is lost in advance. If all was just about mental power there would be some occasional miracle and ALS would not be classified as 100% fatal. So what weapons can change the outcome? This is incredibly tough question and nobody rational will give any warranty. Perhaps this is the reason why even Anthony William is little bit reserved, still he is more optimistic than pesimistic.

I honestly tried to verify what many of those recommendations in terms of nutrition, detox herbs and supplements. I did cross-validation with other sources and I haven´t found any potential source of disappointment. In my case I have also real experience consisting of more than 200 days of strict following it (as of Fall, 2020). The fact hat I pushed everything to eXtreme is somewhat compelling and promising to me. If there are any people who have real experience with these protocols I ask them to share it.

I need to rest now, it was several months of work. But then I would like to write another post where I would systematically describe my X Program in detail. As I wrote earlier I have three notebooks full of notes and I need to go through it and extract possibly valuable information. I don´t know what else I could do to help people in fighting with ALS. In my notes I recorded the fear of ALS due to strange symptoms which I knew from talks with my mother. How is that relevant? I´m not sure. One day I have digged out one old moment from my memory. When my mother was ill I tried to help as possible as I could. I wanted to buy her some quality herbal tea and at the end I bought almost everything the shop offered – I´m sort of maximalist. After some time, like week or so I talked to my mom again and she complained verty lightly among other things – daddy gives me lemon balm tea from all those teas and it is making me sleepy and tired. She requested to not drink it any more. It was just a detail because nobody thought there can be some real healing power in herbal tea, perhaps just some relief. Years later I found out this lemon balm has antiviral properties and it is important item on Anthony William list and not just his list, it is general wisdom. During my X Program I used to drink it a lot together with other and made all those super-combos. I was so sleepy, tired and exhausted. I had pains, stiffed muscles, neck pains, leg pains, head pains. Now I can drink it without any issues, it is very refreshing herbal tea. This image or remembrance is telling me that my ALS ill mother actually reacted on something as unexpectable as curative herbal tea. This is just 1% from the overall arsenal. That´s why I tend to agree with Anthony William these unpleasant feelings are part of the healing process – nobody should expect one can recover easily without some up & down feelings. I know very well how it looked in my case – it took months but I believed I will be fine and now I´m fine.

Above note I wrote here so that people are aware of that. If ALS can be beaten, meaning also significantly slowed down or stopped, in Anthony William way, it really needs realistic expectation. I would set 2-5 years (same as that terrible life expectancy forecast!!!) but of course people will get first feedback (probably painful) earlier. Patience is necessary and blood, sweat & tears experience should be expected. From obvious reasons I don´t give any real medical instructions here – please read the disclaimer. I just know if I had my current knowledge I would help my mother in entirely different way and most importantly I believe, today she would be still on this world, perhaps as the very first officially recognized ALS patient who stopped the disease and entered a long reconvalescence program.

I want to end with Edgar Cayce – who knows, what this man referred when he spoke about circular cells in the context of multiple sclerosis diagnosis. Perhaps he meant something I touched on this website as well – what about those L-forms also known as spheroplasts? Or spherical shape of herpetic viruses? In my opinion his statement on incurable diseases is big truth.

My final verdict follows.

“Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a very complex syndrome. It is higher order disease. I´m not sure if modern medicine knows some disease/super-disease which has several such components where each compoment plays very specific role and the disease gets developed only when each of those components are active or successful and do its part. The disease is actually a cumulative effect of all the components. If some component is not present/active the outcome can be different disease, disease of lower order, most likely not that fatal as ALS. The first class of these components are viral infections – not just one causative virus type like this famous coronavirus SARS-Cov2 but more of them and they should all belong to herpetic virus family, each member is in different part of the body. Then we have another component class and this is bacterial infections – here spirochetes do their part of the job – damage collagen and synovial tissues and force immunity to produce toxins with a very unpleasant cascade effect on neural networks. Third major component is heightened toxicity in the body, mainly in a form of heavy metals. This hidden toxicity does huge job because it can exhaust immune system, make important organs like liver, spleen less efficient and vulnerable. It can also accelerate the damage due to role of metals in oxidative processes. Then there is another source of toxicity and this is internal source – it is our body. Psychic or physical stress, especially long term, affects hormonal activity which puts additional demand on weakened organs – again liver mainly but also other glands (adrenals, thyroid). The last piece is the undernutrition and weak assimilation in terms of core vitamins, minerals, enzymes and bad availability of clean fuel required for curative processes. You can just imagine how it can look on microscopic or even nanoscopic level – there is a raging conflict of a huge scale but it is not manifested significantly to us – herpetic viruses can work silently for most of the time. There is lack of life-giving minerals so the body´s army – immune system – cannot be well equipped to initiate turnaround operation and then regularly supplied during the whole fight campaign – that´s why it only retreats and retreats. It can be very insidious and creepy progression which due to limited human knowledge and improper communication is considered mainly a genetic disorder. This is perhaps the biggest flaw if not crime of current science. Despite sporadic form, ALS really has reputation of genetic disorder in the eyes of public, this steals energy from everyone affected as it creates false impression the diagnosis is final station – nothing except miraculous genetic hack or chemical intervention can help. Patients passively wait on miraculous drug or other treatment. This often has devastative effect on patients spirit and thus physical body. You can imagine how weakend army fights if the supreme commander more or less gave up, is passive, confused or demoralized. Importance of immune system as a factor is kept in behind. Viral factors are highly suspected but nobody talks about it openly and sufficiently loudly. However heredity, SOD1 and C9orf72 genes are mentioned everywhere despite the very little understanding of them – it is just confirmed difference from healthy person without further links to the root cause. AIDS and HIV link everyone knows. Time has come to establish link ALS and HHV-xx, possibly others. Humans think they understand the key to their destiny – that´s why they are obsessed with DNA for 70 years. Despite they know ridiculous 2-3% of it they already started with genetic experiments. In all this hype humans forgot the true factors in health determination are themselves and environment whose part is then something they call viruses, bacteria with their infinite amount of variations and mutual relationships, some beneficial to us but many pathogenic which can form synergic deadly effect. Humans should think about DNA more as a mirror where these factors reflect. It is not meant for playing & hacking. Perhaps year 2020 reminded this to them and will refresh their foolish minds.”

— Mr. Underhill, 31.12.2020

StatementNumber of WordsForecastExpected Human Average Reaction (EHAR)
I´m so sorry but you have been diagnosed with ALS. Unfortunately this is incurable disease with 2-5 years life expectancy since receiving the diagnosis. Please note there is active research in progress though (for last 100+ years). 3799% NEGATIVE
I´m fucked
Howdy! You have been diagnosed with ALS, extremely complex disease. Don´t look in the historical numbers and chances. Keep your mentality as healthy as you can and look mainly forward. Please go through my website which will point you to additional sources. Please try to read it and compare your case – mainly in terms of exposure to risk factors, try to remember on anything significant and relevant in your life. You will need a crew which will assist you, family members, friends and iron discipline. This is going to be long hell of a fight where you can only gain. Please note there is no warranty but there is a mission ahead of you.
115 + ~ 4800099%

Challenge accepted

“Viruses circumambulate our world with the speed of a passenger jet, paying no heed to national boundaries, or circumscribing notions of nationality, ethnicity, race or religion. They pay no heed to sex or age, or social class, or indeed any human hubris of fame, celebrity, wealth or power. They are devoid of any sense of justice or morality, so that our social or religiously derived morals prompting concepts of goodness, badness, justice, sin, simply do not apply. Now add to this situation the fact that these threatening entities are, for the most part, utterly invisible, even under the most powerful magnification of the light microscope, making them all the more enigmatic – and perhaps also the more scary.”

— Frank Ryan (Virusphere)

I´m going to measure time needed for beating ALS. I tried to contribute. Now it is on others.

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