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No Limit Rule

When trying to understand some very complex and tough problems on which generations of people spent thousands of hours and still did not get to even satisfying answers I decided I need to introduce some rules first. At the end I realized one rule can be sufficient – a „No Limit“ rule. What does it mean?

In short it means I cannot afford to refuse or ignore any information source regardless its reputation or general perception. In my opinion science is often narrow sighted because it respects only science, i.e. itself. For scientist it is easy to get drowned in its purely scientific world. They can tend to reject, refuse and ignore everything what is not scientific or scientifically proven. However since science reflects only mankind progress at given point of time it can happen science can close itself in a circle and as a result it may not make any significant progress for a long time and I think that is what we may be facing right now in the area of chronic diseases.

Science is in my opinion also often little bit arrogant and creates artificial barriers and obstacles for itself. This is happening when generations of scientists have spent too much energy on defending/proposing their legacy/innovative theories. This world is sometimes full of bloated egos where science is put in the background and typical human character disorders prevail – defending own theories, desire for becoming famous and rich, rejecting possibly valid points of opponents due to personal dislike. This all looks little bit too sceptical right? However take a look at history and remind yourself what Albert Einstein had to face with or Stephen Hawking and certainly many others. As a result science can be blind for certain period of time. That is how I see that and I try to be realistic not pessimistic but I know humans very well. I think there could have been crossroads where people chose one promising path and invested too much resources so that they have problems leaving the path despite the potential can be already gone, fully extracted and not leading to great success, to the solution wanted. This lock-in is typical for humans and it is question of character because side interests are coming into play more than necessary.

This means I won´t ignore any source of inspiration or information, it can be religion, esotheric theories, cosmic laws, conspiration theory, just whatever but then of course, it needs to somehow connect with science. At the end it is ONLY science who can confirm new findings and make them legitimate. Before that we can throw wild theories full of esotheric concepts which do not have scientifical equivalents and we could be in similar position as with religions.  We can only believe and honestly, it is still better than nothing. Belief has its power. Let´s see where I can get with this weird approach. I´m prepared to fail … My odds are similar like winning super jackpot in lottery (so non-zero!).

I wrote this post back in December 2020 (11th Dec). It looked to me little bit weird so I decided I won´t publish it together with my ALS related post series. I was afraid people would find it disturbing.
Not sure why, but now I see that differently – it is time to publish it and let´s see. For me it is very natural to think in “No Limit” way but I know very well I need to land back on Earth and look for mapping of the ideas to the reality using current, sometimes perhaps little bit expanded knowledge. This is why ALS Experimental Theory is not pseudoscientific but based on scientific findings I found relevant.
Everyone is encouraged to make his/her own judgement – however made by considering the clear facts I mention. Thinking in alternative ways is often the best way to succeed.
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