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ALS 1KD Challenge – The Missing Survival Guide

Time has come again. Have you ever heard about ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE? Yes? So you probably know it is over. I have decided to fill this gap and put together a successor initiative. I need to spread and share my experimental knowledge as much as possible. If someone can help then this is the time.

How it happened? I was thinking about everything I have done so far and realized I have really done a decent job regarding fighting disease called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. It will be one year soon since I have decided I will strike at this mystery – and I had good reasons and perhaps something very rare and unique. I did not know how far I will get but I was prepared to give it maximum. I have learned a lot and to my great surprise I kind of reached state which I was not sure to become a reality. My criticial thinking and mind gave me blessing and approval on my overall conclusion. In other words I can operate with real terminology, scientifical data and theories and within all this I can see a logical way how such disease can develop, work and … perhaps … how it can be disassembled to benefit of the patient. At this stage of understanding current medical science can already re-target its machinery and things could start moving. Of course this is extremely ambitious but I remember what I wrote in my first posts – the ambition was there right from the beginning. How could it be otherwise?

I have written a lot about ALS but then I realized it is most likely already little bit hard for others to understand the experimental theory and recognize the circumstances under which it was put together. That´s why I have decided to create special compact document which will summarize it again and help with making some waves in the ALS world, in ALS organizations and communities, but mainly in the whole world itself. Without some public support it won´t succeed. This is is something I´m little bit worried but I´m releasing my “child” nonetheless and let´s see how it goes … There are always alternative plans. Now I remember what I wrote to one ALS scientist which I was in touch and which was supposed to be my first contact enabling acceleration of all the efforts. If you want to torment your sight little bit look below.

I wanted to engage and motivate this person. Anyway I realized my very first assumption I got way before starting this campaign was correct – flagrant human mistakes are everywhere. The attitude of these people is far from optimal. They don´t perceive what you say but they perceive who you are. In other words they show certain disrespect. But OK, no hard feelings. So what can we do? Only strong voice of the public and curiosity can make a difference, otherwise these ALS researchers will continue in their unsuccessful efforts for another 100 years. This is indeed a strong statement but a true statement! Of course my plan A failed but since that moment I executed at least B, C, D plans and it is imperative for me to continue and resist – my determination is indomitable. If I run out of letters I can switch to UTF-8 charset … Now I will focus more on this problem – increasing visibility.

This reminds me when I was in the early process of building the website I realized it would be good to have its Facebook counterpart as social media are important if you want to get support. I created FB page, so it is ready – it did not have any content yet. Short time after this I found out my innocent empty page received ban and is locked – no statement, no justification. Thank you very much Mark! I will bypass you then. It really is not easy to be a little pioneer in this world but when in the history it was easy, right? Now I´m putting high hopes in my last work.

So what is this document about?

  • As I wrote I wanted some compact material using which I could share and explain my story.
  • It was supposed to be short as possible but I ended with 40 slides, don´t worry, slides are not A4 pages of text.
  • Another requirement was it needs to have some “mobilizing power” – it needs to support anyone already in troubles, it needs to protect those who may get in troubles yet and it needs to speak to public and try to convince it this ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE 2.0 also deserves some attention.
  • I don´t know how well I was able to meet my own requirements but I´m satisfied with the current state. It is versioned document though so I can modify or update it as needed.
  • All the information should be in the document. I have also packed it with some crazy stuff, why? Crazy stuff works in this world today, or not? Who cares what is relevant, true, supported with facts? Yes that far we got … But in my case the “craziness” is only the transport medium for already serious and fact based information. I want to be fully transparent on this.
  • One thing which really boosted my belief was when I somehow found that case report about one man with ALS diagnosis who has recovered – my several months long purely amateur research and experimental knowledge were in great alignment with it. This is the weak spot of the disease and it needs to be exploited. I´m adding the link to free document (bottom of this post) as well so people can read it or download it from its original publisher along with ALS 1KD Challenge material.
  • Within the document I sometimes use a certain jargon from computer science and IT world so not everyone may understand everything 100% – this is odd, right? Don´t worry it does not have significant impact on understanding. But the idea is following. If you are really interested in everything then share the document with your IT buddy and he/she can help you. It is also my “thank you” to the world of IT. If something can salvate today mankind it is IT. Of course it can also destroy us, if we create something like Skynet but it is not about this. The power of IT lies in something else. Once humans started to architect and code this activity enabled them to start exploring and understanding world differently. Once one becomes the creator in IT way different horizons open. Don´t forget DNA is some form of source code too but it needs to be used in proper way.
  • It is quite weird to just announce a new ALS related campaign from my position but yes, that is exactly what I´m doing and let´s hope it will help someone. I can be wrong with some parts, that is clear, I´m human too. However every single ALS case I analyzed in even very shallow way is just a match so why not to send message out.
  • I hope there will be at least one person who will be able to recognize the value in the content I have created and will help with sharing it. Then there can be more people who will not recognize the value and will tend to leave this post/website abruptly and never return. For these I prepared few options below to consider and perhaps even these people can give the share 😉

Sharing Instructions

  1. If it is OK for you, then easiest way is using the sharing button (Facebook, Twitter) at the bottom of the post.
  2. If you need to share the post on your own, you can get the URL into clipboard using one “Copy” button click below and then paste it as you need (ctrl+v or mobile equivalent).
  3. If you don´t know what text to add to your post or tweet then I prepared some ready-to-use options for you, again you can simply COPY the text using the convenient button.
  4. Sharing directly the PDF documents is fine and welcome as well.
  5. If you decided to not share this, don´t worry about that.

In case of questions feel free to contact me.

Sharing Options – ready to use or to inspire …

After some time this is one of the craziest thing I´ve found on Internet. Some crazy fool thinks he knows more about that nasty incurable ALS disease than all the scientists. His work is so crazy I better share it just for any case ... 
I remember ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE and I know what ALS is. However I did not know all those guys have passed away 😔. I´ve found this crazy replacement 1KD CHALLENGE. It is really crazy stuff but this time it is not about donations and videos, only sharing and raising awareness. Shared.
There are people who still don´t know what ALS is. Some already know but don´t remember those three words of the disease name. This crazy guy wrote more than 80,000 words about ALS within few months and he proposed how the disease can work and can be slowed down/stopped. Insane, can you believe it? Sharing.
I´m a true american patriot and I know ALS is just terrible. If all I need to do to help protecting all our people (regardless color of course), including our NFL + other athletes and men in service, is sharing this weird initiative, then it is easy choice for me. Shared.   

Documents To Download

Published: 4.4.2021

Healing of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: A Case Report
(click above link to go to the article)

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