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Genes & Heredity

In this post I will speculate little bit more and present slightly different theory than the one we all know. It also has its big importance in ALS disease. Of course I would like to strictly follow scientifical sources but they have no good theory – speculation is all what´s left but luckilly for us, there is a great room for it.

What people are basically told and threaten by is they were given faulty DNA as a gift from their parents and to some extent we can sometimes feel to be cursed. People are scared by the amount of cancer occurrence in their family tree and often they tend to accept that which is unfortunate. Sometimes you can hear someone saying: “Yes I´m smoking, I won´t live long anyway, I have it in my DNA, my grandpa or grandma died on this and that”. I have heared this, but who knows how seriously these statements were meant. I have never understood that though. Sometimes the fear is very strong and seems very reasonable – it is hard to question that and it is necessary to be cautious. Many people know the case which was then medialized and is referred as Angelina Jolie effect. These cases already made it to textbooks​1​. As you will see I´m investigating little bit different path or theory regarding these unfortunate cases. It is actually about hidden viral infections which can be root cause of cancer and other serious diseases. People usually have no idea how to face such heritage, what options exist if any at all.

This alternative paradigm could open door to completelly different and better solutions. Instead of fear of genes inherited, and making very hard decisions about invasive interventions like double mastectomy, people could make breakthrough progress in identifying root cause of cancer, which may be viral infection. This in turn could lead to alternative solutions consisting of next-gen vaccination types or some immunity supportive treatments which won´t allow cancer to get developed even if some predisposition was inherited.
I need to write I have only respect for those people who made those tough decisions. As of now it seems there are no better, immediate and proven preventive alternatives.

In my opinion people certainly have still very limited knowledge regarding DNA and how it evolves and reacts throughout our lives and this includes also those first 9 months – human being already exists and evolves and is exposed to environment traps. There is lot of research cited mainly in books falling into esotheric and philosophical category but medicine has its premises. This is also a result and evidence of the limited knowledge people have. Science doesn´t know so there is a room for esotherics and honestly there is nothing wrong with good esotheric source. It fills the gap and often gives the necessary hope. I won´t deal with it much here. Anyway I need to mention the alternative theory of Anthony William from obvious reasons explained before.

The alternative theory basically says that people do not primarilly pass bad genes leading to serious diseases as the mainstream theory tries to say. The role of inheritance as described by science is definitely not denied as a whole but key differences are highlighted.

Much more emphasis is put on environment factors and it is not surprising mainly those negative which affect our precious cells and thus also our DNA molecules. As I already wrote this does not start with our first breath but practically immediately after the fetus is formed and starts evolving and growing in mother uterus. To me it sounds quite logical and rational. Just think about it for a while too. Especially for women this can be a bitter pill – accepting the fact that the environment and thus their body could cause damage to the small and innocent form of life is just very hard. I think I remember some emotional reaction of one A.W. reader. Everyone should have understanding for this. It should never be understood the women are guilty per se if something bad happens. There are things which we are completelly unaware and it cannot be interpreted this way. Of course something else is a case where pregnant woman is a drug addict or an alcohol addict person with bad nutrition, bad lifestyle in general. It is obvious there is a lot woman (supported with a great man!) can do to support healthy fetus grow. There are even theories saying that the “child” can sense mother feelings and it can form its behavior or early personality. If the child is not wanted and woman is in a big stress it can affect the child behavior and his moods once born. There is no need to spread fear but we should tend to admit there are factors which can play and most likely somehow play role but we are not aware of them. It is just year 2020/2021.

What A.W. claims in his books is a lot of heritage in terms of parents-child transmission actually does not go through DNA but through alternative means. He explains the role of toxicity and infections people accumulate throughout their lives and then how it is passed in the generation chain. He mentions liver as a key organ which can act as the main exchange place (mother liver –> child liver) for passing unwanted loads. Since we know toxicity just exists and only the levels matter we could think about this theory instead of its immediate refusal. Another thing we know is the existence of very slow and latent infections which develop in our bodies for decades. In my Lyme disease dedicated post which I will publish later I cite research claiming that breast milk was confirmed to contain infectional agents. Why it should be 100% sterile, right? Such theory just does not look like absolute nonsense.

There is another inheritance like factor – new life inherits infections and toxic metals and other from its outer environment, i.e. mother body. This can be shocking mainly for women but it can be also reason to start caring about our health even more. For me it is not surprising that I know people which were unable to find will to give up smoking but suddenly they found it when child factor appeared. It is very strong motivation booster.

Now you can start thinking about all the massive toxicity people produced in 19th and early 20th century, you can think about the use of mercury and arsenic as medicaments. Grandpa of your grandpa was perhaps in the Great War (1914-1918) or worked hard in some factory during the economical crisis where human safety was an unknown thing. At those times it was about surviving, about having job and bringing food home, having a shelter. Anthony William is mentioning DDT as one of the biggest issues of those times. Again heavy metals, chemicals, gasoline, oil, world twice at war, heavy industralization, fertilizers everywhere – simple facts. People were still learning the impacts at that time – but something smells here even today. The heritage of those times can and most likely does live inside all of us in various amounts. Or can we prove the opposite? At least this is part of this theory. Even worse, we are adding more and more as we live in big cities, eat industrial food, breath polluted air, use all the chemicals, deodorants, colors and dyes and terribly smelling nail polish – anytime my girlfriend used that I got angry despite I did not have information I have today. Perhaps intuition? 😊

We, people all over the globe are threaten by stats like growing allergies, strangely increasing cancer cases and literally explosive occurrence of all those chronic diseases. I saw doctors in TV stating the trends in last 50 years are just strange and they have no idea how to explain it. Of course they mention risk factors all over and over – eat well, do sport activities, avoid stress in super stressful times, but they have practically no idea on the mechanics! This alternative theory of secondary inheritance sounds rational but it is up to everyone to make own judgement.

Such theory certainly is not reason to panic – the goal is actually to fight against threatening. This is rather warning which is positive signal and alternative information spread effort. The purpose is to make you think about it, not blindly accept it or reject it immediately. The good thing is human body is just one big miracle and this sentence should be considered a hallmark of this website. Everyone on this planet should try to act in line with his/her body which does not like toxicity and the world will suddenly become a better place. The impact is everywhere.
Please don´t get carried away by the irational conflict between alarmists and ignorants, start with little things which will make you and your micro-environment healthier.

Going back to ALS, then in terms of genetics we already know mutations on certain genes were observed, the SOD1 gene and C9orf72 mainly.

From some strange reason both above genes deal with nautral body protection from oxidative stress and free radicals, in other words, from toxicity in our body.

I would like to know if people having these mutations were taken their DNA at the time of giving the diagnosis only (already corrupted DNA state) or there is a clear evidence they were already born with it. Familial ALS is just 5-10% of cases and thus completelly unreliable theory. I already wrote I´m an absolute amateur having no real knowledge of genetics and related science but what I know is that if you are exposed to toxic environment for longer time and you might have very individual and possibly higher level of toxicity in your body since you were born, you can get in serious troubles. The tolerance level is indeed individual as well. If you add improper food consumed for years consisting mainly from diary products, white floor, frequent meat – especially pork but other as well, tuna fish where mercury is known to be present and just its kind of safe amount norms allow everyone to enjoy his can of tuna, then some alcohol and pre-created food full of conservants and other chemicals, you can get into even more serious trouble – but you don´t know about it, it is a time bomb. You were born into such world, it is not your fault. When there is no solid knowledge there cannot be a good prevention.

Also I don´t understand the internals – if DNA is part of most of the cells (e.g. excluding matured red blood cells) and there is 37.2 trillion of cells in human body then how people know for sure that some damage is complete or consistent? They certainly have not checked all the cells nor statisticallly significant amount of cells. It is perhaps silly question. So why people think DNA is identical in all cells? Because that is how we all are created – egg and sperm, you know this story. The first cell gets half of the genetic information from each parent and then the division starts and the DNA gets copied so needs to be identical in all the cells which are created during those 9 months. Then we are born and during our lives cells further divide again over and over and DNA is passed from parent cell to new cell as some relay pin. This seems like a naive expectation – perfect world is not the world we live in. It is like copying file from one computer to other computers over network/Internet for decades and expecting all are identical copies. On any computer some problem can arise which can corrupt the file – you can imagine what all can happen, right? Robust TCP protocol can prevent many “easy discrepancies” but once file uploaded? These thoughts were inspired by reading about immunity.

The riddle of how B cells could produce the 100 million different antibodies required to protect us was solved in 1977 by Susumu Tonegawa, who received the Nobel Prize for his discovery. When Tonegawa started working on this problem, the dogma was that the DNA in every cell in the body was the same. This made perfect sense, because after an egg is fertilized, the DNA in the egg is copied. These copies are then passed down to the daughter cells, where they are copied again, and passed down to their daughters – and so on. Therefore, barring errors in copying, each of our cells should end up with the same DNA as the original, fertilized egg. Tonegawa, however, hypothesized that although this is probably true in general, there might be exceptions. His idea was that all of our B cells might start out with the same DNA, but that as these cells mature, the DNA that makes up the antibody genes might change – and these changes might be enough to generate the 100 million different antibodies we need​2​.

As of now my hypothesis is that your body may be gradually loosing its natural functionality to protect you from all the toxicity and free radicals, more over if you obtained some weakness in this matter as part of genetic predisposition and you also are getting more and more of it in your life. It is no wonder science knows about work in bad environements (metal workers) are in much greater danger based on disease stats collected.

The thing is that if toxins reach your cell nucleus it can damage your DNA and gene mutations can occur. Howevet this concerns only those cells which were affected, not all cells. Body has its repair routines for damaged DNA but what if you already lack all the needed products, enzyme precursors etc.? You probably know where I´m going now – in my wild theory those mutations on above two genes can get developed as a result of exposure to all those toxic conditions mentioned.

I don´t know how the second gene where even science does not know what the function of the protein produced is but the SOD1 gene is responsible for creating enzym called super oxid dismutase. Just by reading internet I can see it is one of the most important body weapons when dealing with free radicals and inflammation. Do not forget ALS is about inflammation in nerve system.

Note we are trying to find out if hypothesis that ALS is caused by brain infection and followed by gene mutations which kind of disarm the body so that it is not able to eliminate the chronic inflammation. Let´s not forget Anthony William alias Medical Medium also mentions hidden as of now undetectable viruses which produce strong toxins. These are supposed to poison gradually the body and if it also harms our native detox abilities the deadly circle can be established – whether coincidently or intentionally. It can be bad a coincidence when several rare factors join together. There is a virus and there are toxins of specific kind and perhaps something else, so this deadly circle gets formed after years, in your 30s or 50s despite you were in great shape just few years before that.

I know how speculative I already became but I´m basically just examining Anthony William theory. Also what would anyone expect with 200+ year old mystery known as ALS? In my opinion it is possible following statement can be valid to some extent.

Gene mutations can be just another symptom of the disease caused by microb produced toxins and bad state of the native body detoxication capabilities. Alternatively heavy metals can cause mutations or make everything worse.

This would mean scientists just need to climb higher to find the root cause and only then they can see the whole picture of this terrible disease so that effective treatment methods can be identified. However what the reality looks like? Scientists stopped under the peak and started elaborating how to fix the genes. They came with CRISPR and feed people with all this hype around it. Still they haven´t helped any ALS patient whatsover. Now suppose what would happen if people somehow fixed the genes but they did not do anything about the root cause which caused the genes got damaged. Well, we don´t need to poses Einstein bright mind to state the genes whether the same or other would most likely get damaged again. And that is how current science proceeds for decades – it focuses on symptoms, after huge investments it solves the syptom problem with some more or less dirty hack and what happens? The problem just pops out somewhere else. As a software engineer I really see many and many analogies here. I was raised as an atheist, but it all looks like God, if exists, is a brilliant software architect and developer. Humans are bad testers. Only once software bug is traced to its root cause a fix can work reliably without breaking functionality in other parts of the system.

People with ALS live for years and initially they still can live relatively well (I saw people making dream trips!) before it gets worse and worse. This time was and still is a big sign for me. My thinking has always been that body may just need some extenral help, just something which we don´t know yet. I believe, once people decipher this riddle, they will be able to do something much better than today attempts.

It is not an coincidence that some of the foods or better natural supplements recommended by Anthony William are considered so called adaptogens with high content of natural super oxid dismutase. Please check his book​3​​​ for obtaining the list of fruits – as you will see in my report later, fruit is great but as per my experience other supplements are needed. I will share my own personal experience and don´t worry – I won´t offer any deal. Despite this crazy site, trustworthiness is utterly important and I don´t sell anything, I don´t recommend any brands. I just share and spread information for free, no subscriptions, no premium content. You will see that.

For your own good do not consider genetic curse as something carved into stone which can be fixed only with planned gene/DNA treatment methods. People have way too much to learn yet, that is clear.​4​ Also a relatively new branch of science called epigenetics​5​ can make a difference in people DNA understanding – once people find out something they usually open just another door to even bigger room. Nucleotide bases ACTG and gene-2-protein mapping is nice but it is probably just the very base of all the magic. It is just a small part of the DNA molecule, what about the rest? People don´t know yet. I have couple of books which look at DNA in a very new way and it requires some time for these thoughts to penetrate mainstream minds. I did not want to describe some wilder theories here because we would get too progressive or esotheric which might be disturbing for many readers.

For me it is hard to believe my mother was cursed genetically – she was sporty person and I saw how environment affected her and perhaps affected also her genetis, but she could have avoided this in my opinion. A post on that will explain it later. Now just imagine all the soldiers in top shape or professional athletes – they might not become victims of their genetics as well, but more victims of all those risk factors science knows about. My research and intution is telling me very strongly this puzzle has this different solution. Genetics plays some role, it is our starting configuration record but then it goes through damage and repair cycles as everything in our life.

There were many scientifical experiments done with DNA and some really are surprising and you won´t read about it in daily news. Please do not let old theories to harm your spirit. Genetic factors explained in old way and autoimmunity are two things which most likely are to be redefined significantly throughout 21st century. Be pioneer already now, study​6,7​ but also look for alternatives!

I´m not trying to say we should deny genetics and predispositions as a whole. Science revealed genes, science finished human genome project which all is about 2-3% of DNA molecule. There are even mocking comments on this, because similar genome size have insects and it really is not such a revolution. It is a step forward though, no doubt. In more or less same times scientists established nothing explaining autoimmunity theory they also observed DNA molecule and very soon they called the part which they did not understand a junk. What would you say on such silly attitude?

All I´m saying is when it comes to “incurable diseases” do not believe so much in 2-3% protein coding part of DNA which science knows, despite not completelly.
Please believe in the miracle hidden in those remaining and unknown 97%, in other words, believe in that “junk”!

“Only 2% of the genetic code contains DNA that codes for protein production. Until relatively recently, the remaining 98% was deemed a kind of genetic hinderland, known as “junk” DNA. Nevertheless, the cell machinery faithfully replicates this DNA each time cell divides, just as it does the coding regions. But, why such attention to detail if it is supposedly all junk? Because of course, it is not!

Contained within these non-coding regions are regulatory elements, microsatellite markers and polymorphic variants, microRNA and transposons, with functional roles in controlling the expression of the genes found in the other 2%. The junk DNA continues to offer up its secrets, revealing fascinating insights into, for example, evolutionary processes and selective advantage. The story will continue to unfold and promises to be spell-binding. ”

— Dr. Melita Irving (2019)


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