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Brutal and ruthless truth about ALS …

Someone would say that words like “brutal” and “ruthless” should rather be used in connection with this demonic disease. But the truth is ALS breakthrough is already a reality but humans don´t see that, they wanted something else, they hoped for something else, they think ALS is something else. It is human being with its mistakes, flaws and ignorance who is brutal and ruthless …


I have been planning to write another article on ALS for couple of months. However I had to spend a lot of time thinking about one big problem. What style, what format, which words and sentences or overall attitude would be optimal? Obviously I know this has crucial importance when one needs to share shocking, controversial but at the end positive news. Humans are not realizing it as they are driven by emotions more than logical thinking. Very often they even are not able to classify between these two categories. I have great experience with it – anytime I tried to explain ALS to someone (including few patients!) I got immediate response/feedback based on emotions (impossible, bull*hit, just speculation) or primitive logic (if science does not know then you do not know too, period!). Alternatively it is silence and ignorance – no wonder, the scam and spam in this area is common and widespread.

In short, nobody ever tried to comment the obvious facts and the way I am putting logical links among them. I backed my thoughts with real scientifical findings but do you think it interests someone? Do you think there was a single person who said/wrote something like: “Ok, you cited NIH and other respected journals/institutions here and linked that with this and that, but here I see contradiction or problem etc.“? Of course not. Why to bother with facts, right? This is typical for humans and that´s why I don´t feel responsibility anymore.

Still I am making yet another and hopefully last attempt to make people to look at this big medical and health related problem from different angles. That´s why I explicitly and kindly ask the reader of this article for patience and heightened concentration. Especially if the reason why you ended on this website is not a random matter but you actually need some help. Please turn on your intuition as the information which will follow is the basis of long anticipated ALS BREAKTHROUGH, you may just not believe yet and will need more time to process such information.

Soon it will be re-stated by different people with similar conclusions and often higher credibility. If it is going to take another 2 years or 10 years, who knows … This website should be still here for everyone with eyes open, brain turned on and pioneering spirit. Typical mainstream person with narrow sight has no chance to grasp quickly the terrible details behind ALS.

Anyway if this post ends like all those before then I have no problem to admit I have failed again to explain the new promising facts to the public, re-program their minds and save some human lives.

This is not easy and short reading and the reader has to demonstrate heightened interest in understanding ALS mystery. I suggest going through all sections in a sequential manner. However above table of contents enables jumping to individual sections in random access fashion too. Some information is intentionally and repeatedly emphasized.

Happy reading, lots of courage, emotional balance and truth seeking pioneering spirit.

I am sure many people will have problems with trusting the information written here. That is natural after 50+ years of brainwashing, hopefully unintentional, so just to help you and boost your patience I need to tell you the theory has its practical and experimental part.

Yes, there are tens of people who survived ALS. Now we know why, but still many details need to be revealed and fully identified. So be brave!

ALS – The Context

I think everyone today knows what ALS or Lou Gehrig disease is. Terrible incurable disease which steals motoric functions from affected person, ultimately killing it. It is very easy to believe in all those hopeless statements and quite hard to believe it is not entirely true and there are serious flaws regarding this medical mystery. Please read on.

Is that really a disease?

ALS stands for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. These three words basically describe what and where goes wrong but since it comes from 19th century it should not be too hard to believe it is not sufficiently precise description. In fact this medical condition is rather a syndrome. Wikipedia teaches us where the difference lies:

syndrome is a set of medical signs and symptoms which are correlated with each other and often associated with a particular disease or disorder.[1] The word derives from the Greek σύνδρομον, meaning “concurrence”.[2]: 1818  When a syndrome is paired with a definite cause this becomes a disease.[3]

Well, OK, disease or syndrome, who cares, where is the cure, why there is no progress since 19th century? I will get to it but it is good to realize the small difference, as it will help readers to understand the complexity behind. Syndromes are usually much harder to treat/cure than diseases. Because why? Because when it is already a disease it means the definite cause is known and this in turn means the treatment can target the cause with much bigger optimism and hope. With mysterious syndromes it is usually about more or less desperate trial & error approaches. Sounds familiar in the context of ALS? Please compare AIDS and HIV (syndrome, viral causation). It took some time to identify HIV virus and then it took another time to devise effective antivirotics but that´s already progress, there are people normally living with HIV. One example for all is famous former NBA star Earvin “Magic” Johnson. Would not be great if ALS patients could also live long and happy lives? Not only long like Stephen Hawking but long and standard, meaning you can actually walk, run and take care of yourself etc.

Unfortunately ALS remains undescribed from causation point, at least it seems so. Just check any definition on Internet (Wikipedia, etc.). There is no “HIV” Heureka finding yet … Please read on.

Belief in primitive cure in 2022?

We know science has no real description of ALS but pharmaceutical companies are working on drugs all the time. Results? Literally zero results. I am not talking about progression slowing down drugs which are more or less speculative success in this area (not curing, just slowing down a bit!). While Magic Johnson also takes drugs against HIV, i.e. slowing down/regulating medicament, and lives even 30 years after being diagnosed, in ALS case we could roughly talk about few additional miserable months on the downhill road towards complete paralysis and death (sorry!).

Despite modern medicine saved millions of lives throughout the whole 20th century (antibiotics, vaccination, HIV antivrotics etc.) and acquired high trust of people it has nothing real for ALS patient in 2022. How is this possible? I repeatedly raised this question so any reader, ordinary person, can try to give this question few minutes of attention. During the last 100 years humans made such an amazing progress in every area of human knowledge. Regarding ALS we certainly have more data and some additional information but every single day in the last 100 years people have been dying and today people still are being devastated by obtaining death sentencing diagnosis/prognosis and so are devastated their families and close ones. Isn´t that strange failure of science?

New Hope?

Recently a new drug with name AMX0035 was announced. In past I used to monitor various ALS Facebook pages and ALSNewsToday website. I could see those posts, enthusiasm regarding the hope in this new drug. I am very empathic person (common trait with my mother who died on ALS) so I did not want to ruin the hopes of desperate people with sceptical comments but obviously I knew it is going to be just another fail. Everyone knew that! Even creators of the drug knew that. How could not they? The official clinical exams have not shown anything great so why such stir? The ALS community is desperate and is being literally tortured by pharmaceutical industry. They really are playing a nasty game with patients. This is the only good answer I can give.

Still there were some petitions for accelerated FDA process if I remember well. Year or so later, we all can see this drug is no breakthrough, no revolution, no success.

I was often upset regarding the attitude and thinking of the wider ALS community and had mixed feelings. I saw such an amazing concentration of kindness, many indeed honest and helpful people but I also saw total ignorance, lack of any sophistication and creativity followed with toxic 100% dependency on pharmaceutical industry which I myself consider wrong and not solution leading. Where is that diversification? We all know humans are terribly inconsistent, especially when strong emotions are in place.

From the 1960s until 2014, about 50 drugs for ALS were tested in randomized controlled trials (RCTs);[i] of these, riluzole was the only one that showed a slight benefit in improving survival. Drugs tested and not shown to be effective in clinical trials in humans include antiviral drugs, anti-excitotoxic drugs, growth factors, neurotrophic factors, anti-inflammatory drugs, antioxidants, anti-apoptotic drugs, and drugs to improve mitochondria function.[159]

Bad News

I suppose we all want to somehow beat ALS, get it deciphered and prevent those individual disasters from happening again and again. However we all also see the problem differently, somewhere else, we have different opinions and preferences how this so far unsuccessful fight should be lead. Some will stubbornly donate money to drug research while some (already) not. In this section I tried to point out that the drug based direction (1 drug solves ALS!) driven by pharmaceutical companies and supported by millions of typical manipulated mainstream people will never work. Sorry for that. This is a naive and extremely expensive blind path. Truth sometimes hurts, it is time to embrace it and look around. Luckilly there are other directions!

The main principial direction which science still hasn´t understood, as it is twisted by business interests, is that from ALS ill organism certain things need to be removed first, because it does the damage (toxicity, infections). Removing toxicity like those metals and other waste can free the standard pathways so then other healing factors can start becoming effective. Part of this is stabilization of Ph. Please compare this logical theory with scientifical conventional approach consisting of – let everything as it is and try to hack ALS by feeding the intoxicated and super-infected organism with drugs, occasional infusions and flexing muscles.

Additionally as I have observed recently on Facebook (great increase in ads), the stem cell therapy business somehow mobilized too, but it also falls in the same category of unsophisticated approaches. This can sound weird, because everyone imagines the cutting edge technology and impressive scientific observations behind it but in fact it is a primitive approach from the big picture view. It is another attempt to rebuild house roof during a hurricane. The rate of cell damage is higher than any rate of their reconstruction and if you don´t eliminate the source of the damage (infections, metals, toxicity leading to the spirale of chronic inflammation) then you will never really succeed. All such approaches do are competing with the pathogenic and toxic factors inside of poor bodies of ALS patients. Even more stem cell therapy is quite expensive and still it has no good performance, recovery stats. Very unethical business and in overall extremely unsophisticated approach despite using advanced technology. Think!

Monopoly of death

I am fascinated (negatively) how alternative explanations are systematically suppressed by media and conventional experts when in fact those primary subjects (ALS research) are so desperately unproductive and clueless. This is some medical and medial communism inside democratic capitalist economies/countries. The worst thing on this phenomenon is that the most credible authority is claiming solution one can describe with expressions like [“death, “fatality”, incurability”, “2-5 years life expectation”, “few months longer life when on our medication” 🤑]. This is a monopolized death and huge paradox.

Do you want to listen to unethical hackers who have no results whatsover and who predict your death or you want to listen to software architect who healed himself, found other similar cases (already with ALS diagnosis confirming papers) and predicts recovery if all conditions including some luck (time, time is factor!) are met?

Part I. – What Else Than Mistakes?

It should be clear to everyone that science has to be making some serious mistakes if it is not able to make any progress with ALS for such a long time. In Lou Gehrig times people were quite optimistic, it was the time when new medical disciplines were formed in reaction to great scientifical findings (bacteriology, virology, later immunology), the assumption was it is caused by some so far unknown bacteria or virus which will soon be revealed. Anyway even 80 years later, there is no progress. I need to wonder again, how strange.

After I conducted my own more than 1-year lasting and still kind of active research I had to conclude very simple explanation for this failure. It is not the lack in technology, it is caused by fundamental flaws in the pillars of today medical system. If these won´t change or undergo critical review and reforms then I am afraid I can add another 50 years of failure to the ALS problem right away.

Symptomatic obsession and diletantism

This is a big part of the problem and so widely known that we all should really ask ourselves: “Did someone actually do something about it already? Were some changes accepted?“. Bad news follow again. We still continue in the same way. Symptom is not cause, it is an expression of cause or perhaps consequence is a better term. With non-fatal problems it works like a charm and generates billions of profit. Many (not all) of these pills just suppress the symptom so you feel better, pain is gone/minimized and the organism selfheales silently in the background, or it does not and the symptom appears after some time again, different place, different pain etc. so another pills and drugs are needed.

What is the deduction of it? Medical system often just helps us to feel better, it does not cure. Pills are not cures, despite they are advertised like that. Medical system very often but not always (let´s not be extremists!) acts as a parasite – body selfheales and system grabs money. That´s normal, less pain is what people will always pay for, but the problem is that the cause is often not resolved, it switches to background with lower priority like some computer process and we will need to resolve it later again.

What works with minor problems does not work with critical problems, like ALS. Please check below table I created for you.

Note: In the last column I gave some hints but while some are better targets they are still symptoms and even additional traversal towards cause/root cause is the smartest thing humans should do.

Drug Name (FDA approved)Targeted symptomResultBetter target
Rilutek (1995)Excessive and already neurotoxic glutamate levels in CNS.FailAsk where the excessive glutamate comes from, it is not that hard (infections, industrial food, toxicity, chronic inflammation).
Radicava (2017)Excessive and CNS damaging free radicals (oxidative stress).FailAsk why the natural defense against free-radicals (lack of enzymes, antioxidants) is struggling or even kind of collapsed. Ask what is the source of the free radicals (toxic metals, heavy metals, mercury from teeth fillings, polluted air, fish, pesticids from intensive agriculture, daily cosmetics/chemistry etc.).
AMX0035 (2022-3?)Low energetic levels in neuron cell mitochondria resulting to shortening of axons.FailLook at what toxic and over many years accumulated mercury in brain does to axons (suprise: it gradually corrupts it and shortens it).
Stem cell therapy, cells cultured outside the organism, then injected into spinal cord area to provide nourishment to neurons, regenerate neurons.Depends
Expensive treatment with speculative value.
Results of trials are not great: measurements/benefits not statistically significant. Improvements speculative, which means
some people can still benefit slightly from this treatment but for 300k USD? FDA will have problem with this … Another problem is it does not go to the root cause, I explained this many times.

I am sceptical when considering this as a primary treatment, but I would not deny the potential benefit in convalescence period. As explained in different posts, stem cell therapy can prove beneficial to patients who hit plateau state, who stopped chronic inflammation but are already paralyzed/immobile (aftermath). In such case, where root cause factors were eliminated, rebuilding could bring results.

The approval process will indeed take some time yet, so every ALS patient should do maximum to reach plateau state using Nelda Buss lessons or ALS XT suggestions, or suggestions or any other compatible protocol.
This way they can be still alive and ready and eligible for NurOwn therapy if it gets approved. The chance is much higher, if it will be part of convalescence. It would be excellent hybrid combination of approaches to fight ALS – alternative methods to effect the root cause, hi-tec innovative therapy to speed up convalescence, result? ALS CURE.
. . .Fail
Drug XXYY (2028)… Bla blah … Just another symptomatic target.Fail
Table 2.1 ALS symptomatic diletantism in action (with one exception)

ALS – A different animal

Above described problem of symptomatic approach will never work with ALS. I can explain you briefly why. Humans became victims of their prior success with hacking approaches so they practically forgot to architect and maximally thoroughly reverse-engineer.

Great example is diabetes type-1. Great hack consisting of providing the missing insuline solved the problem to such degree that it is accepted and big money is made on it (🤑💉, as always!). However the root cause of diabetes type-1 is an autoimmune process which first destroyed pancreatic cells responsible for producing the body own insuline. Autoimmunity is considered more or less given, inherited, unlucky condition where fuzzy environmental factors contribute and that´s it. In fact autoimmunity is viral induced problem – it always starts with viruses and toxicity harming immune system. Why to bother with these factors if we have fantastic solution with guaranteed life-time customers who need synthetic insuline? This is low order human logic which human apply in everything.

With ALS this cannot work, there is no symptom to target which would revert or stop the disease and there is no “missing ingredient” to be synthetised to cure ALS. Why? Because ALS is systemic failure of the whole organism, full of toxicity and kind of stealth infections (they are not that stealth!) which slowly devastate the patients. The problem is that the industry realized this very well and in order to monetize at least something it is focused on live prolonging solutions, progression slowing down solutions – again by trying to fight the symptoms. And even worse, the whole world and especially ALS community widely accepted this. Nobody is asking the right questions. Road to hell is paved and free … But wait, isn´t there a shocking and better way? Please read on, we will get to it later.

Genetics – the modern religion

When humans observed DNA molecule it was indeed a big day in our history. The problem is that humans haven´t even understood the basics yet they already started blaming it, they called 95+% of DNA an useless junk which does not code anything. The same thing humans did with immune system – they haven´t understood even the basics, yet they accused immune system suddenly corrupted itself/went wrong and called this phenomenon autoimmunity. Sometimes I really need to ask myself what people are these scientists – do they actually have at least three digit IQ? Probably yes, but their egos must be of colossal size.

Before knowing about DNA people were more on the right path to fight health problems. They were aware of dangerous pathogens and they knew how environment is important, despite at the same time (after WWII) they started with massive industrialization, production of poisons, pesticids, herbicids, just everything to get more crops and better living. I heared a story one old man was telling me how DDT was used, what a shit that was!

However then humans got their newest and most fascinating toy, the DNA. And with typical impatience and arrogancy, they started making another big statements which generations of people accepted – DNA is our destiny.

Obviously as time goes humans again need to correct their prior statements because they are finding out it all is more and more complex (surprisingly!). For many it is already late as they were brainwashed in the first wave and learned that genes are responsible for their troubles more than they themselves. Latest news, epigenomics, and mainly the environmental aspects are not widely known.

In ALS genetics is clearly overstressed factor, despite it explains only 5-10% of cases which makes the whole theory about ALS pretty weak. In fact it is the opposite, the environmental factors explain 90-100% of ALS cases and those “heredity/familial” cases are just a consequence of parents exposed to environmental factors. Since humans do very little to regulate the environmental factors there will be more crippled/weakened and mutated/sensitive people who will have health troubles and who will be passing this weakness through genes and mother bodies (9 month there!) to their children. Scientists will then say: “ALS is more and more genetics caused, we were right!“. But today the ratio is still very much different: 9 cases sporadic and 1 so called familial.

The ultimate question everyone should ask here is – what will science do once hypotheticaly they identify all ALS genes. There should be a celebration, progress was made, we are moving on ALS front, hooray! After waking up with hangover these smart heads will realize, that now they need to figure out what caused the genes to get corrupted up the familial chain. They will get back to those known facts (father worked in metal factory, chemistry, was exposed to toxic conditions etc.) and will recall there were times when non-genetically caused sporadic ALS cases dominated 10:1 and perhaps they should get back to work, now focused on old good environmental factors. But wait – perhaps they will rather start genetical engineering, that can generate more money than spending billions on regulating/cleaning environment! A path towards the age of mutants, genetical freaks and gradual self-destruction.

Generations of computer game players played the Fallout series – fantastic game. But their (grand)?*children can already live this experience ☢🌍☢ … As Albert Einstein said, imagination is the preview of life´s comming attractions, but I would correct Einstein here, our catastrophical imaginations of our failures are not really attractions. We rather imagine leaving devastated Earth (Interstellar and many others) then undergoing some process of awakening followed by fixing our mistakes and staying on regenerated and peaceful Earth. Today discussions are extremistic and nowhere leading alarmistic/ignorant fights where those powerful and rich don´t want contribute and instead want to be even more powerful and richer (so they will be those having the VIP tickets for the limited spots in Earth leaving space ships! LOL). Btw have you seen the movie 2012?

Bottom line – for ALS the genetics presents major detour under high costs, without genetics people might already be somewhere else, it is one big brake of progress. Humans need to learn this yet.

Old-school health problem classification framework

The disease framework evolved over time and is responsible for many problems. It (in)directly supports camouflaging and neglecting the real cause of diseases – we have one element which depending on co-factors creates health problems but scientists create 10+ diagnoses from it and within this chaos they are unable to reliably recognize which disease diagnosis should be given.

One example for all is EBV virus with its tremendously simple mechanism of compromising immune system. As a result it gives rise to autoimmune diseases, whether diabetes type-1, multiple sclerosis, lupus, rheumatoid arthrities or even ALS (but it is more complex). None of these diseases are treated logically correctly by targeting the viral infection. Are you surprised? Or you don´t trust this information? 😉

In ALS problematics this has catastrophical consequences because instead of immediate cure physicans spend several months or even 1+ years guessing which diseases out of 50 they should pick, they hesitate as nobody wants to give deadly ALS diagnosis right away, so the patient is untreated for many months and the health problem escalates.

Old-school treatment efficiency classification methods

The methods used in medical studies are often very problematic. In nutshell it is often absolutely primitive method when ill and healthy sets of people are compared and results are aggregated.
With very complex and multi-factor syndromes like ALS this is very inefficient and again cannot work that well. Science has to abandon this approach and replace it with focus on individuals (the opposite!). You first heal one, then you try to reproduce the success for N others. You should know why it is done in the reverse way (🤑).

We all are unique beings having unique DNA and that´s how we should be treated in 21st century. Focus on individualization and afterward aggregation using different methodologies is necessary. Just imagine that ALS patients most likely have compromised immune system and very specific levels of toxic sources, then mix of several pathogens, very specific microbioms – it is very hard to describe the working relationships so nice numbers can come out enabling to attack the problem with a single drug.

What would help is AI/Machine learning algorithms to data as they can discover the relationships much better. Also the use of placebo is highly unethical. Just imagine you are sick and you want to get cured but you are being given some fake, it is a degradation of human to a lab rat. Maybe it is quite shocking and controversial for you but think about it. Why is not drug tested simply by describing the therapeutical result? Subject healed/improved and can get back to life. Again money is the reason. But there is no conspiracy, it is reality. We all co-created this sytem and tollerate it.

Placebo is friend, what about nocebo?

If placebo exists and is used as part of its evidence based science then also nocebo has to be respected. You cannot just pick the good one, yet that´s exactly what our great science does. If patient gets ALS diagnosis it is equal to taking nocebo drug every single day (expectation of fading away, death). Absolute medical disaster. Hippocrates is rotating in his grave somewhere. Human of 21st century has no problem with such ethics though.

Illusion of incurability

This is especially nasty thing. In ALS it has catastrophic consequences. The incurability of ALS is purely virtual which can sound like I went mad, so let´s explain it. Of course I am not denying people are dying, my mother died on ALS. But term incurability means 100% of patients will never heal/recover and with “fatal ALS” it also means 100% of patients prematurelly die. I am sorry but this is not true.

The magic is that many people recover in the fuzzy period when ALS diagnosis is hanging in the air. Some even recover after they get the diagnosis – it is very hard for neurologists to time the diagnosis preciselly, as I wrote they tend to hesitate, hesitate, wait so their authority is not affected (risk of misdiagnosing).

You should already know this only leads to escalation of the health problem. Those who do nothing, who trust the system and only get worse will finally enter the deadly ground, they will get their diagnosis and “every-day nocebo pill“. However many people with the identical symptoms just stop visiting such unhelpful physicians and somehow and sufficiently early recover on their own and never get counted. I am one of them, I wrote about other case, there are relatively many of us to question number 100.0% (incurability/fatality). Any study which I could prepare conceputally would most likely confirm this insane phenomenon. Obviously medical system does not want any research like that. I am especially proud on my trivial picture (ALS – The pipeline of death). If it looks like demagogy, give it more time, it is so controversial and so true and so simple.

But it is not just ALS which is called incurable. ALS is an extreme case and not ideal for such controversial accusations I am making here. There is indeed lot of emotions and understandable lack of trust. Let´s take a different disease, the multiple sclerosis which is not that deadly but still nasty and it is equally considered incurable.

Every year I hear the same lies in the news “Today is the day of multiple sclerosis, an incurable auto-immune disease with unknown cause blah blah“. This is an obvious lie which millions of people tolerate. There are hundreds and thousands of people who recovered from MS, some wrote books about it and can prove it with a paper. Another big amount of MS patients rapidly improved and live with “stabilized MS” – you would not recognize they are ill. And then there are those unfortunate people on wheel chairs who ultimately die prematurelly.

It is so shameful how medical authorities interpret curing or incurability. Anyone who cures somehow but not using a drug or official therapy approved by system is basically neglected. That´s why we have incurable MS and ALS is principally the same case. Incurability is just a damn illusion but in ALS one needs extra courage to apply the same principles.

Another key thing supporting this shocking explanation is the logical contradiction. As we know ALS is a syndrome, science does not know the cause, science does not know when exactly and how and why it develops and when it starts. Without this critical information nobody can establish trustworthy statistical framework and state 100% of people dies. It is just a logical nonsense and shameful fear and negativity spreading news.

In below table I added few more examples of the ALS logic applied. You can see how such absurdity makes all numbers only worse. Please note ALS develops over years but early stage is ignored.

DiseaseScope (official diagnostics, stats gathering)Fatality Rate
Begins with Sars-Cov-2 virus infection, then incurbation period follows, some never feel any symptoms, and some get sick. Some get very sick and need to be hospitalized and receive oxygen therapy and breathing support. However there are some who are called critical cases and they either get back to life from emergency bed after several weeks or they die due to acute pneumonia and lung tissue damage or heart failure.1-2% max.
Begins only once serious symptoms are observed like XRay of seriously damaged lungs followed by great difficulties in breathing. All the prior symptoms are fuzzy and can signify some minor infection. People who were not hospitalized and confirmed using XRays simply are not COVID-19 cases. We won´t include them in the stats.40-50%
Cancer is recognized from blood tests or by CT/XRay scans or by observing a tumor and confirming its malignity. People either cure using conventional methods (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation) or their condition progresses, especially when lately diagnosed.33%
Cancer starts only when there is a clear finding of tumor of size bigger than 4 centimetres. Anything smaller can be some benign tumor which should be actioned (surgery) but is not a cancer and will not be included in cancer stats.66%?
any expert guess?)
Begins when there is a clear finding patient shows significant muscle atrophy and EMG examination shows seriously weakened signal going through nervous system (affected part whatever). These official measurements, examinations need to be also complemented by occurence of typical clinical symptoms (weakness, fatigue, involuntary muscle twitches, impaired control of certain already impaired nerves/muscles, speech problems, muscle stiffnes etc.).

The cases included in stats are ONLY those we are able to diagnose very lately with EMG. Any case which shared all symptoms but improved is not included, only those who get worse are counted.
Begins when there is a clear finding patient shows significant muscle atrophy and EMG examination shows seriously weakened signal going through nervous system (affected part whatever). These official measurements, examinations need to be also complemented by occurence of typical clinical symptoms (weakness, fatigue, involuntary muscle twitches, impaired control of certain already impaired nerves/muscles, speech problems, muscle stiffnes etc.).

The cases included in stats are ONLY those we are able to diagnose very lately with EMG. Any case which shared all symptoms but improved is not included, only those who get worse are counted.
Table 2.2 Absurd ALS logic applied on better known diseases (in ALS always absurd)

Underrated power of positive information

The ALS fatality, incurability and thousands of unfortunate heart-breaking real stories are already deeply settled in people minds. Media only repeat bad news over and over, patients die (while some after surprisingly long fight!) which serves as a confirmation of all those hopeless facts. Treatments don´t exist and all drugs fail to prove any great results. This is total absence of hope. When such situation happens, when people have no tangible hope, general lethal truth is established and deadly circle is closed. It is very hard to break in and show the way but it needs to happen. With ALS even one miraculous recovery will not help – it will be immediately questioned, criticized without any credible information though.

Small size of ALS community

This is another contributing factor. ALS community is still too small compared to others. For example cancer community (unofficial term comprising global cancer movement) is way bigger. Cancer community is also full of sad stories and death. However it has also amazing and positive stories. There are people who survived even pancreatic cancer which was not very common. But strangely enough ALS community has nothing to offer here because it is blind and fully dependent on pharmaceutical industry with their life prolonging drugs. Where are the fascinating stories about people who live with ALS diagnosis for decades? Why media do not cover this and investigate it?

This is problem which the ALS community created (organizations, industry, media) – it is that circle of death. People love positive stories but ALS community does not trust it, suppresses it, neglects it and then they are wondering that people are not interested, rather frightened! This results in various ALS Awareness events and campaigns but do you know what is trully fascinating about these events? There are no speakers which would explain people the underyling health problem, the risk factors, the problems of extremely delayed diagnosis followed by complete stopping of all treatments (practically suicide). Instead you can see only compassion, help in terms of the care, tools, computers, wheel chairs but who is fighting the mystery and myth?

ALS community is impotent in this. It only relies on pharma industries as explained earlier and their hope is that the next drug will slow down the progression for few weeks/months more. Total stupidity. I am the man who could speak on those events, who could interview each and every patient appearing there and who would show those repeating patterns and offered shocking explanation. Anyway the crowd would perhaps kill me first, and if not, then I would be muted and replaced with a representative of pharma company marketing another speculative product which barely received FDA approval. The people in ALS community have one great passion – they discuss and exchange links of new and new nowhere leading genetical studies which assures them and brings them satisfaction – their destiny was written, they could not do anything more for their ill relatives and so on.

Self-care as a discipline

This is very sensitive but also very relevant. A common pattern in ALS stories one can identify is that these people tend to be less carying about themselves. Of course not all of them! But many future ALS patients were actually not doing well in this discipline, they ignored early expressions of problems for so long that this extremely creepy and insidious health problem only escalated. Vast majority of ALS cases starts with normal minor issues but one has to action them. ALS patients usually ignore them, they lack intuition which would tell them to introduce changes early and if some friend would tell them – man you should rest more, you should stop smoking, you should focus on healthy diet, it looks like Lyme you should focus on immunity, you are working in toxic environment you should leave it etc., you are training too hard, they tend to not listen.

Later on they rely on modern medicine which is not curing and only suppressing symptoms and then finally their passivity is “rewarded” with terrible diagnosis. The problem scaled up and received three letter name. Life is in ruins.

If I haven´t read about these stories so many times I would never afford to claim such things. Medical system is not helpful here and has only excuses for its poor diagnostic effort. Big lies are repeated over and over that prevention and early diagnostics are impossible and unknown. Only once you have advanced muscle atrophy and slow signal in the nervous system (EMG, already super advanced state stemming from sloppy care) they get enough courage and give ALS diagnosis.

Just yesterday I read about another case. Young man was facing the same problems like me, early weird but minor neurological issues. Before he felt pain in back. Whole year he was not cured and he probably did not introduce any changes. Obviously some regional physician is totally lost and has no idea what is wrong until it all gets much worse. People like me react, they don´t wait and they know what ALS is – my mother showed me what it is in a quite heartbreaking way. This guy did not know ALS exists before he got the diagnosis. The lack of knowledge and lack of actions in this critical period leads to ALS diagnosis.

Another story – woman who also noticed early neurological problems, again wrist and hand area (as the guy). Physicians have no clue so they state some carpal tunnel problem, but this is wrong diagnosis! If no immediate action is taken you get ALS diagnosis like this woman and this is terrible situation disrupting/ending all treatments (system gives up, towel to the ring!) so problem lives on and scales up leading to paralysis. Please take a look at my healed hands below, you will realize I am not joking here. I try to help all these people but they are ignorant in the same way they were before. They never learn, they accept ALS, they die.

When I was reading through Lou Gehrig memoirs I found out he suddenly developed strange blisters on his hands. Nobody took big attention to it and could not explain them. Recently I asked in one ALS forum, if there is any experience with weird suddenly developed blisters. Shortly after one woman confirmed her husband with ALS had such blisters too. These guys are dead, I never got ALS diagnosis and recovered on my own (hell of experience) and now I am full strength, healthy person enjoying life and trying to educate people through my crazy website … Nobody is listening though.

Anyway allergies, balance problems, sudden blisters, bruises etc. I had it all.

Virtual medical category

It is very obvious (and it can be formally proven!) that humans converged into dysfunctional system of disease/health problem classification. Main negative role in building it played that symptomatic diletantism. The severity of symptoms and minor differences in distribution became the main classification key which has destructible consequences which are most apparent on ALS case.

Imagine that ALS falls in neurologic health problems and there are many of them. Some are really minor and nobody is worried, we accept we need to spend two weeks resting and healing but some are already tough (MS, GBS, fibromyalgia, Lyme, neuropathy…) and then some are super tough (ALS, SMA, Alzheimer, Marie-Charcot disease etc.). I gave just several names out of my head but there is lot more. The system´s rule to classify by where and how hardly the nervous system is being impaired is good for bureaucrats and administrative/data science teams. However in order to fight them and heal them one should not use them as they are. Because the problems with often unknown root cause are surprisingly dramatically overlapping and shared among all those disease names. The father of modern neurology (Charcot) left humans good and also bad heritage.

For one class of high severity symptoms which are again shared with many other diseases (Lyme, mononucleosis, viral infections in generally – fatigue, fatigue!) humans created deadly category of itself, the ALS category. What they in fact achieved is that they separated and isolated hardest and toughest cases of “shared medical problem” from those medium and light severity cases. This has catastrophic consequences. It is like creating a new category for some cancer cases (size of tumor bigger than XX, metasthasis progress of YY as I illustrated in the absurd table earlier) and claiming that this is going to be a new deadly diagnosis, it is not really cancer from which thousands and thousands can recover, often including suprisingly tough and hopeless states, it is the new fearful 3S (SOME-SHIT-SCLEROSIS) and it is always fatal (100%)!!!

What happens next? People decoupled from hope will end in this category often by mistake because physicians make mistakes a lot every single day. These people not only loose hope in the system but often in themselves and their power to resist. Many of these people break down, a gigantic shock stemming from deadly diagnosis and no way out results very often in resignation, euthanasy, rapid fading away and death within 5-10 months. Medical system burries these people alive and same does the whole society. This really is nothing else than flagrant violation of human rights and virtualizing health problems to substantial degree.

Bloody medical boomerang

But this newly and incredibly wrong, over some time established category, is a big problem for the medical system itself. Who wants such diagnosis? Who wants to give such diagnosis? I can answer that: NOBODY. Suprisingly this has another terrible consequence.

Physicians are trying to delay giving such terrible diagnosis until they can be sure, in other words when it is too late for them to do anything (they give up). Really, the inherent property of ALS like category is that problems are not being addressed, instead people are kept in doubts for months, but their initial health problem does not wait, it grows, it escalates while it can be addressed right away (not with drugs though!).

Finally neurologists observe atrophies, EMG reveals low signal through neural network, patients complain gentle motorics is impaired. Now is the time to liberate the already freightened patient from the chaos and uncertainty – “Dear patient, we are so sorry, it is ALS, now you can go home to die, as we cannot do anything about it, please do not forget to fill these forms for obtaining care and support devices(intentionally exaggerated; obviously the message is communicated as nicely as possible). Absolute disaster!

I have seen patients who were still strong when getting such “hammer blow” into their psychic, they got the diagnosis still early enough but they got lost and accepted the state. Years of new life, years of fighting with gradually loosing motorics, then complete paralysis and death. This cannot happen with cancer – system never leaves you in such a bestial way. But the doctors are also victims, telling such things to patients is impacting them too.

Everyone should ask what did science in order to improve ALS diagnostics and prevention. Nothing! Just the deadly and purely virtual category (ALS) is the show stopper. Who would like to hear earlier he/she has ALS? The problem is that the system has no real cure (even for prior stages of ALS syptoms – can be GBS/Lyme), so why should they honestly work on improving diagnostics? No drug, no money, no great effort in prevention.

But beware! As soon as the industry thinks they have some decent drug, they will dramatically change the attitude. Suddenly they will try to sell that new drug in a preventive way to everyone 🤑. This is happening with Alzheimer disease right now. People won´t be taught to care about environment, food, clean work area and in overall less toxicity which results in brain damage (memory center instead of motoric) . They will be given a new anti-Alzheimer drug from their 40s! This really is damn business at first place …

Pharma industry out of control

You might have some friend or colleague who is weird and who says that medical system whose huge part is pharmaceutical industry does not really want to cure and heal people. Instead it only wants to treat people which is a big difference. Healed person leaves the system, is happy and can gets back to life without limitation. On the other hand treated person never leaves the system, it is being treated with drugs which don´t heal/cure despite they are labeled like that. This treated person often takes these drugs for years or some are even marketed as life-span drugs. The tendency to treat in this way generates billion profits. Then such friend gives many examples of drugs and medication which only provide relief from symptoms, which lowers expression of some health problem without solving its cause (e.g. hypertension drugs). Many those drugs have serious side effects and create secondary health issues (liver load) so again make the treated person to stay with the system. You can end with a whole cascade of drugs, you can have your morning bag of drugs to take. Pharmaceutical industry loves this! Stock prices raise, people buy it, managers get huge bonuses.

While your weird colleague might be saying this to you, you are reacting differently and calling it a conspiracy level thinking. You argue that those drugs are helping people, you provide examples how ATBs healed you from a nasty bacterial infection and you close the discussion with saying this is the state of things, we don´t have anything better. Maybe one day we will heal/cure better and rapidly improve those not that impressive results of many drugs and medication.

In reality you both are right and it is just a matter of communication and amount of emotions you put in the discussion. You can end with conspiratic fool and stupid pharma sheep labels or anything in between.

Initially this approach worked well for economy because treated people could get to work, to their job and contribute to GDPs. However since it is in fact a short-term solution it inherently creates some debt stemming from not fighting the root cause, but very often just the symptoms. After few decades this debt is so high that people get seriously ill and they also are already in their 50s or 60s. Cardiac problems, cancers, autoimmune, neurodegenerative diseases explode and now governments are in big troubles. These sick people require such a monumental amounts of resources that those younger generations are unable to fund it. Who is still the most happy player? Pharmaceutical industry! Government and citizens are in troubles though. This medical debt and shortage of funds is transformed into financial debts. Governments accumulate huge debts and this debt leads to crisis, recession, huge instability. Please take a look at some figures, for example how much costs Alzheimer disease just in United States. It is just one syndrome. In 2022 we have another huge experience, the COVID-19 pandemic. Who again is the winner?Only heavy and super-strict regulation of pharma industry will save humans.

ALS – Death as business

In ALS world this also resonates, pharma industry got decent amount of funds for the ALS fight but they never provided anything good in return, still they are the winners, they don´t deliver anything, no breakthrough, no meaningful drug/cure, nothing. They can come up with a shitty drug which does not cure anything, I repeat, it does not cure anything, but sell it for 160k USD/year. Is that normal? Can you believe it? The new drug having big troubles proving even that “super ambitious” goal of prolonging life with ALS by couple of months will be sold for 160,000$ annualy? Who will pay that price from his own pocket? A retired NFL pro? Maybe. But why should any government or insurance company cover such a nonsense? This became a business with death. Do you know how much costs euthanasy? Desperate dying person has to pay thousands of pounds (small car price) to actually die. Is this 21st century ethics? Collect big money from sick dying person?

Pharma guys can fail and they still win and this is the problem, this industry lacks any working auto-regulative means as we know it from other economical sectors and only grows and grows without providing the ultimate healing service to humans (not treatment service). Huge profits are leaking from medical area and fund something else. I am definitely not a socialist, nor communist but healthcare is unique area, as we software architects/engineers say, this is a “single point of failure” problem. With sick people, civilization will collapse as a whole.

We all are marching towards such disaster with bags full of ineffective drugs and devastated environment full of toxic substances we then ingest and inhale. Our microbioms are protesting but we silence them with another batch of ATBs/corticoids and continue in the march while living in a materialistic obsession and GDP growth mantra. Problems arised we try to solve by genetical hacks (food, human DNA), not by realizing we should start caring about the environment we live in. We simply are the Krypton race.

Illusion of intelligence allocated on ALS

Do you think the brightest human brains are allocated on ALS problem trying to figure out this medical mystery? For example people with Stephen Hawking IQ? Don´t be naive. These people are allocated in different projects so we might soon travel to space but we won´t understand what is ALS. Stephen Hawking is actually a great example. He could have targetted his intelligence on his problem but he preferred black holes instead. That is fine, we all have that free will, free choice. However the problem is that typical mainstream people and especially those from ALS community think the best experts from the world are working on ALS and still haven´t invented the cure so logically nobody else can contribute, nobody without Phd. can comment what is wrong in ALS patients. If science does not know, how could someone else know? This is belief based on unjustified belief, not logic.

As a software architect I was quite surprised by the mistakes these ALS experts do over and over and had always strange conspirative feelings when I communicated with them – they are not open, they don´t share things! It is funny how they are unable to work with data, generalize features and extract them, how they ignore something while overstress something else. I am sure there are budget forces in behind and those people just accept it, they are more servants of pharma industry than true scientists. ALS is known to be not really profitable field among all the others (wait for a gamechanger drug, it will be only preventive and sold to millions and pretty expensive and after 10 years of use we will see incidence is higher, but profit was collected). Another reason why you will find the third and worse division of scientists working there. So again, don´t be naive that human masterminds are working on your ALS problem, as they aren´t.

Doom sayer community

Another big problem. I have been monitoring couple of ALS communities on internet for a while and the behavioral patterns can be actually very toxic there from the point of new patient. I remember how one such new patient joined one group to get some information and all he got was negation, even camouflaged (regretting, mentioning how quickly husband, wife died and that it was horrible, wishes to enjoy last couple of normal months before paralysis prevails etc.). Where are those ALS reversal stories Dr. Bedlack (Part II) is mentioning? Where are true leaders showing the path? There aren´t any. Hopeless people often are feeding new patients with their experience. People who failed help those new to fail too.

When I appeared there I wanted to change things a bit, but despite I was no Anthony William saying holy spirit told me how to cure ALS I had no chance. Instead I logically presented facts and cited scientific journals, NIH etc., still I faced aggression and humiliation of these doom sayers (scam, don´t read it etc.). I left them to their destiny but I highly recommend anyone with fresh ALS diagnosis: Never join these toxic groups! Never accept their false truth, never get infected with their negativity. My website could tell you much better story and enable you to quickly start doing something against the progression.

Not all groups are like this, but still the danger of falling even deeper in terms of stress, fear and morale is very high. The amount of positive information, the real stories, real things, real traces is outperformed with negativity. It is logical due to the state of things, but for new patient the history is a burden. A mental trick is needed to ignore bad information, filter that out and seek for positive information, news and traces which can be immediatelly tried. Not often people argue in these groups harshly – as if they were missing a common goal. They are blaming each other ideas, or accusing others from giving false hopes etc. As I say, this is sort of mine field …

Anthony William Coviello – Controversion

I am very grateful to this person and author but I cannot understand why he is claiming those things regarding EBV and Lyme. I mean these are most likely super relevant factors but why he is wrapping it in those fairy tales? Did he ever read something about EBV? About viruses in general? Did he study spirochetes which he claims are completelly friendly bacteria irresponsible for anything bad? These are already fake news, not a supportive story about cellery juice.

What this means is that this author effectively discredits himself and he has provided big weapons to the critics who label him as a pseudoscientist making predatory business on seriously sick people. His work is still great, better than hopeless drugs produced by pharma research and industry but he could be more realistic, he could also cite some respected scientific works but he never does that in his books. I tried to fill this gap and I found a lot of links and shared that through my website. I never planned to make business on top of it and that is why I just share the information in a free way. My only motivation was to crack ALS mystery and help those sick people to fight before it is too late for them. Anyway I am failing in this effort in the same way Anthony William is failing. This mission is not accomplished yet.

Recently I bought another book on Autoimmune diseases – it is written by a completelly amateur author with no Phd. but I just love her work. She spent years reading through scientific papers, NIH, exactly as I did and wrote a book about it. I am basically in full alignment with her regarding the opinions etc. Palmer Kippola basically did what Anthony William but she stays realistic and provides citations/sources for every chapter. Fantastic work! She touches ALS too while I focus practically exclusively on ALS.

At the end all these people including Anthony William, Palmer Kippola or Stephen Buhner, Lisa H. Mattman (in memoriam) and many others will be rewarded for their work – everyone contributed and I hope I will contribute too, if not, I at least tried.

Biggest mistake done by medical system ever

But not just medical system. All the flaws I am pointing out here are one huge cumulative mistake of medical science, it comprises practically all standard areas (diagnostics, interpretation of data, ethics, way of conducting research, priorities in research – genetics vs environment, wrong explanation of autoimmune processes). Can you imagine that any highly positioned representative of this huge system would have the balls to admit they have huge system errors everywhere which results in overall failure of explaining many chronic diseases, not just ALS?

Instead they will be hiding and camouflaging their system errors by excuses that everything is unclear, fuzzy, probably caused by unknown combination of environment factors etc. Again, so why do you always stick nose to genetics and spend billions there, while our children organize SAFE AND PROTECT ENVIRONMENT protests all around the world? You should know why all this is happening. Changes are not welcome, it would affect pharma hydra, it would affect other industries which pollute environment, loot oceans etc. This is a generational problem – I am absolutely sure these children which know what is right so early will destroy this paradigm before they get in 40s. Hopefully it won´t be too late …

I really admire these young people with slogans like #ClimateOverProfit, #PeopleOverProfit. Escalation is inevitable … Mother Nature will take care of this escalation. You should know that ALS is part of this huge global movement (toxicity, infections, profit over people paradigm).

Part II. – What really can be ALS?

Constructive contribution

I am very critical, I make controversial claims, I point out mistakes so do I have actually something positive and constructive? Do I have some contribution which can help ALS patients all over the world? Yes I have.

ALS eXperimental Theory (ALS XT)

Luckilly I don´t need to write much already – I did the research before, I have incorporated my experience from ALS battlefield, I have incorporated the empirical data gathered from many ALS stories and it all links into a logical and concise experimental theory. This theory sheds light on ALS mechanics and science could review it, refine it, adjust it, finalize it. It builds on top of scientific works so I am just the “advisor and consolidator” and indeed not a real scientist, but all the rest is core science, no esotherics, no prayings, core hard data. Please read the whole website, probably the best summary is following:

For today ALS patients it also offers immediate treatment options targetted on the individual factors of the in overall multi-factor cause. People need to start with heuristic approaches and gradually fine-tune them into more efficient and stronger treatment programs. ALS diagnosis should be abandoned due to its lethal reputation so that anyone with early symptoms can be safely given non-lethal diagnosis followed by immediate generic and reinforcement treatment protocol (sorry, no room for single pill cures!).

ALS – Directions to follow

There are couple of directions which if re-examined with maximal care will lead to resolving the ALS mystery.

  • System errors and flaws in the medical system – As explained in Part I. Address them.
    • Give the patients that stolen hope back
    • Regulate stress levels and provide max. care in psychic area, resting, sleep, nutrition.
  • Toxicity and detoxification – Try to measure (liver, adrenals, thyroid, brain, endocrine system performance) but still detoxify, just do it as your measurements suck!
  • Microbial pathogenic network – Lyme/Spirochetal infections, herpetic viruses, HERV and other.
  • Microbial supportive network – role of gut microbiom, its role in immune system modulation etc.
  • Total reinforcement of immune system – don´t just watch it, support it and enforce it using all known techniques! That actually works against chronic inflammation, be brave.

Surprisingly all above areas are 100% in line with every seriously meant ALS description known for a long time. I am adding one such example below. Question: Where is genetics? Forget genetics for a while!

Because theories for ALS development represent such a wide spectrum of potential causes, scientists are looking for aspects of lifestyle shared among ALS patients that might shed light on the way illness develops. Excessive exposure to certain metals or chemicals in the workspace, repeated viral infections, smoking and even strenuous physical activity and military service are all increased risk of ALS. Various studies have confirmed an almost doubled risk of ALS among military personnel who had been deployed to various conflict areas across the world, leading the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to declare ALS a disease connected to military service. Researchers have also noted that ALS might be overrepresented among athletes, with Lou Gehrig being the most famous example. (Michal Schwartz, Weizmann Institute of Sciences, Israel).

ALS – New definition

I also coined a new ALS definition published in my survival guide which will gradually replace the unhelpful fuzzy and nothing explaining hopeless definition.

New ALS definition – Learn it, spread it! Did you notice it is already “disease”? 😉

Part III. – Official scientific review

Lack of collaboration

My ALS related work was done with pure and noble interests, to help people, to provide my own testimony, to identify weak parts and mistakes so they can be remediated. I was aware that not everything I am claiming is necessarilly 100% correct. Hence I asked for collaboration, scientific review and critics or denying which would respect the evidence based scientifical framework though. Nothing ever happened. Ignoration and strange silence is the only response. Everyone needs to understand how big this problem is and how equally big needs to be the official unwillingness/reluctancy to open such emotionally explosive and tragical topics and start doing something about it.

However despite this ignorance (I will provide names later), progress is being made even involuntarily. While ALS centres and scientists refused any collaboration they are gradually creating a position to somehow state the same soon but they still won´t have any drug to sell, that´s why they hesitate.

Dude in colorful jacket

Recently, after some time of being idle, I have decided to check what´s new on the ALS front. I found suprisingly helpful and very promising summary on ALS state of things from a respected medical professional. It is already more than one year old summary but that means nothing in ALS unfortunate history where things don´t change rapidly. It really is a great review of ALS situation but also confirmation my critics is extremely well targeted. In this section I am providing additional comments to it. Don´t forget to watch the video.

Let´s welcome Dr. Richard Bedlack, MD, PhD, MS Professor of Neurology, Director of the Duke ALS Clinic from Duke University.

Section 1 – Drug based therapy summary

  • This is basically confirmation of ineffectiveness of all those drugs and also description of symptomatic diletantism which is here described in a sophisticated way as targeting downstream pathways.
  • Interesting is the mention of Clenbuterol – as I use to say, another attempt to rebuild roof of the house during hurricane/tornado. But let´s not just criticize, if science takes my analysis well and resolves the cause, it can still help with aftermath reconstruction similarly as stem cell therapy could possibly be helpful (Ted Harada case) – I still believe the organism is the best naturalfactory, if it gets all nutrients it can re-connect nerves and rebuild muscles without need of doping.
  • Another nice thing is that cocktail therapy which is being planned. I often criticized that unintelligent approach, i.e. trying to solve ALS with one drug. So what these smart guys will be trying newly is flooding the organism with mix/cocktail of chemical drugs, again without any clue regarding the root cause, and they will be hoping for a miracle.
  • My message for Dr. Bedlack:
    • This won´t work. Look somewhere else.
    • It has also never worked which is 100% in line with my ALS XT.

Section 2 – Neurapheresis mystery

  • This is actually great finding these ALS researchers finally got to, but they don´t understand it yet.
  • What they do is they apply technique from different area to filter ALS patient CSF (cerebro-spinal fluid, i.e. the fluid from central nervous system) and this filtered fluid they apply to mice.
  • If they inject ALS patient unfiltered fluid to a mouse it gets soon sick with impaired motoric behavior.
  • If they first filter the very same “pathogenic” ALS patient CSF sample and then inject into mouse CNS the mouse does not seem sick and shows same motoric behavior as healthy control mouse.
  • This fully supports my ALS XT (Lyme factor/component in ALS), thank you Dr. Bedlack!

“We are pretty excited about this, that´s the only reason I am presenting it today, it is very preliminary, we need to replicate this few times, and we still haven´t figured out what exactly we are filtering out, those results, those experiments are under way right now.”

Dr. Richard Bedlack
  • My message for Dr. Bedlack:
    • I need to really step in and ask Dr. Bedlack a question: Are you aware of Mrs. Mattman work? Nobel prize candidate in bacteriology and virology? have you read Stealth pathogens – CWD Forms? Have you ever heard the term bacterial pleomorphism?
    • The fact that Dr. Bedlack has not mentioned anything which would make me to believe he knows this area I need to remind him. What can be going on here?
    • If I got it correctly then the machine (Minnetronix device) which is used to filter the fluid removes or filters away blood. This means that the blood is the pathogenic element which makes mice sick. Hmmm what does this remind me …
    • Surprisingly the ALS researchers never speak about Lyme, they neglect, ignore and deny any mention or link of ALS with Lyme. I mean it is just weird and irrational acting. There is no scientific evidence it is safe to ignore spirochetal infection because the symptoms are practically identical, I repeat identical. Did someone tell ALS researchers to forget Lyme/spirochetes exist?
    • Spirochete is intracellular parasite with extremely advanced capabilities enabling survival of immune system attack, especially when immune system is weak.
    • One author I cited too specifically described how spirochetes infect red blood cells, while another scientist (Mattman) proved heightened occurence of spirochetes in ALS patients.
    • These pathogens hiding inside of cells can also emit some even smaller particles of already virus size which can become “seeds” of new infection, this enables survival of ATB protocols which is a known thing in Lyme (bacterial pleomorphism).
    • Another surprise which I immediatelly recalled is the same phenomenon and similar experiment with body fluid and mice was done with multiple sclerosis patients, same results! Mice got sick which indicates ALS and MS are actually to certain degree contagious diseases when we speak about human to mouse transmission. Why this is not observed with humans? Contagious ALS or MS? That would be a disaster, right? The answer is both these diseases and ALS in particular are multi-factorial, you need another set of factors/conditions to be met for the symptoms and then also disease to occur. If immunity immediatelly wipes out that bacteria as with COVID virus you never realized you had that infection.
    • Hopefully Dr. Bedlack will take a look at this! As far as I have traced the links this advanced bacterial stealth infection can stimulate immunity and can be responsible for the cascade effects including high glutamate levels, ROS, neuron death.
    • Lyme! Lyme! Lyme! Lyme path is the hot path no matter what ALS researchers state for decades! This mistake will cause earthquake in medical world soon …
    • My own bad experience with Lyme treating is described on this website too but if it turns out there is some additional intracellular parasite (virus) living in red blood cells, then who cares? My immune system wiped out everything at the end because it can produce immune cells against any antigen combination, it is just perfect design
    • It seems like one paint on Dr. Bedlack wall (see the first photo) is a tick or no?

Note: Suprisingly enough, the Lyme disease known for 100% sharing of early symptoms with ALS also shares the description of the hardest form, when untreated. ALS patients are untreated and are known for chronic inflammation in brain and spinal area. Isn´t that matching with my crazy critics from Part I. ?

Someone can argue that Lyme is being treated and patients don´t die often so Lyme cannot be ALS. However there is still room for this theory. If you check official Lyme stats, you will found out that roughly 40% of Lyme patients don´t react well on ATB treatment and thus they don´t fully recover. From these 40% all those rare ALS cases can be easily recruited. It is still simplified view but ALS simply can be the next stage of Lyme (the hard one). There is good semi-evidence for that. However I am stating that Lyme is not the full picture, just one third. I state that there are more factors and mainly that there is simultaneous herpetic infection starting in PNS (hand etc.).

“Untreated cases can progress to serious, even fatal health conditions, from arthritis and nerve pain to cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) or Lyme neuroborreliosis (inflammation of the brain and spine).”

— on untreated Lyme

Section 3 – Genetic evergreen

  • Nothing really new here, SOD1 or C9orf72 etc.
  • Still there are whole crowds of people who believe ALS is genetic disease (result of manipulation in the last 30 years, genetic hype and brainwashing)
    • Lou Gehrig knew he has some bug inside, not faulty gene!
    • Genes can only explain certain lower resistance, not development of ALS.
  • My theory is explaining familial vs sporadic forms.
  • In nuthsell: Environment is everything!
  • If you know you are SOD1 deficient focus on SOD high diet and help your system like I did!
    • This enzyme is available around us, why isn´t Dr. Bedlack mentioning it? Did someone pay him to stress only those other factors, but mercury in brain et al. is not worth mentioning?
  • My message for Dr. Bedlack:
    • Forget genetics, it does not lead to cure. Once you have cure you can look at genes for as long as you can … It does not work vice-versa, do you understand dude?!

Section 4 – Finally those infections! Hooray!

  • This is great news, honestly, no irony!
  • As Dr. Bedlack says, a new paradigm is being established (“Not just downstream pathways, but causes“.)
  • HERV virus I have in my ALS XT and it is a big shame ALS researchers have ignored this path together with Lyme bacterial factor for such a long time (see genetic detour, part of my ALS XT)
  • However it is not just HERV – it also is about herpetic viruses, mainly EBV, VZV, HHV-6 etc.
  • GBS is very similar to ALS but not as lethal – the cause is herpetic viruses targeting PNS and many other as co-factors.
  • My message to Dr. Bedlack:
    • ALS is most likely (GBS+Lyme+…), in other words a very advanced simultaneous infection in PNS (GBS) and also in CNS (Lyme). System is unable to treat well all these diseases, especially in some weak patients. It is the body which heales! The combination of all is already small disaster. There is still a way out though!
    • Why aren´t you mentioning GBS, Lyme, MS at all? This all is related!

A potential role of EVs in ALS has been proposed for decades due to their ability to target motor neurons and the development of the ALS-like post-poliomyelitis-syndrome (Ravits, 2005). Multiple clinical studies have been conducted to detect EVs in ALS patient tissues; however, the available data are controversial and inconclusive. Using RT-PCR, three studies reported a 60%–88% incidence of EV genome detection in spinal cord/brain of ALS patients, compared to 0%–14% in controls (Woodall et al., 1994; Berger et al., 2000; Giraud et al., 2001). Additionally, RT-PCR analysis of cerebrospinal fluid showed EV detection in 14.5% of 242 ALS patients and 7.6% of 354 controls (Vandenberghe et al., 2010). However, three additional studies failed to detect EV RNA in spinal cord/brain of either ALS patients or controls (Swanson et al., 1995; Walker et al., 2001; Nix et al., 2004). The discrepancies between these studies are likely due to methodological differences, such as the use of fresh vs. archived (or frozen vs. fixed) tissues, and differences in PCR primers/amplification methods, which can all affect the integrity of viral RNA and the sensitivity/specificity of viral genome detection. Moreover, the stage of the disease when samples are collected may also be critical for viral detection, as viruses may be detectable or active only in certain phases of the disease or in only a subset of patients​2​.

It was once published that amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) was probably a form of Lyme disease, but the possibility was discarded upon discovery that many cases lack circulating antibody to the spirochete . Now it is known that severe cases of spirochetal disease often do not have antibody free in plasma; it is bound in the tissues in immune complexes. The 18 cases of Lou Gehrig’s disease which we have cultured, all have a spirochete in their blood, which reacts with Borrelia burgdorferi antibody. Only a more complete biochemical analyses of major components will determine how closely the ALS spirochete may be related to the pathogene of Lyme disease and of MS​19​. [Mattman]

Section 5 – Finally the microbiom factor, 3x hooray!

“Maybe these studies are asking the wrong question. Maybe the gut microbiom does not determine who gets ALS, maybe it determines how people do with the disease once they get it.
In the last few years I have learned that really are people whose medical records, I have in my hand, who really appeared they have had ALS progressed to where they were disabled from it and then recovered most or all of their lost motor function, as of today I know about 52 of these from all over the world.”
[Dr. Bedlack]

  • How does above statement of ALS medical professional correspond with 100% incurable fatal medial picture? No further comments!
  • That question asked is an excellent question.
    • You can be asking now, why many people including myself improved/fully recovered after conducting rapid detoxification and switched to super natural light diet (kernel mode diet; my terminology! LOL). Did not we rebooted our microbioms in gut somehow? What do you think? Anyway this is the mocked detoxification, cellery juice, blueberries, enzyme rich natural sources etc., supplements supporting mitochondrial energetic levels, natural antivirotics, antibiotics, antimycotics, breathing exercises/oxygenation as ALS people show hypoxia etc., also ban of meat and industrial food during the treatment period (several months).
  • My message to Dr. Bedlack:
    • Dude, you are right, what else shoud I state here … I lived that experience.

Section 6 – ALS reversals, denial of incurability …

“There are even people with ALS who seem to recover, from the disease, which I will talk more about in a minute, now this is frustraing for researchers, because it creates lot of noise, in our clincial trials. That I personally think this is an important clue, if we could understand why some people seem to be more resistant, to this disease, why some people seem able to recover from it, we might be able to make everyone more resistent, that certainly has been thecase with other diseases.” [Dr. Bedlack]

  • How does above statement of ALS medical professional correspond with 100% incurable fatal medial picture? No further comments!
  • That complaint on statistical noise is just a confirmation of my thesis made in part I.
  • My message to Dr. Bedlack:
    • Please contact some top class data science engineers who know how to build models right (generalize features) and provide them ALS patient data from CDC or your data.
    • I would like to see those datasets too!

Auto-review summary

Nobody wanted to do a review of my work so I have done it myself by comparing my theory from 1st January 2021 with the official ALS update made by Dr. Bedlack who claims he is searching for ALS reversal cases but who never responded to my e-mails …

The overlap is significant and the fact that I fully recovered while shared all nasty symptoms and few strange waves with my mother gives my theory extra legitimity and credibility. The last such wave killed my mother as it was called ALS at the end and she really got paralyzed and died in typical ALS way. I have resisted all waves, never got that far despite I was very seriously ill. ALS is probably one big mistake everyone should understand because the system itself will never admit it and will be striving for simple biomarkers when it is facing complex systemic multi-factor syndrome with dynamic weights in each factor per patient. Dumb statistics from 19th century is not really the tool for beating ALS and mainly there is most likely no simple drug-ready recipe which would suit all, at least not today.

However mobilizing treatment aimed at immune system support and complete and super-thorough organism reinforcement following heuristic methods can lead to full recovery.

Part IV. Conclusion

Replacement of false prophets and doom sayers with a true leadership

Sometimes the true leaders are the least expected ones with no official authority (no Phd.) but they provide better information and better solutions which they demonstrate in action and prove its promising effectivity (ALS Experimental Theory).

Brutal & Ruthless Truth About ALS

Now let´s find out what I really meant with my eye-catching clickbait post title … So far I was writing about some unquestionable facts, I was linking them and putting them in new contexts while incorporating speculations and making hypothesis which need to be proven and cannot be claimed as truth. This is why my theory is called experimental theory (ALS XT). It is highly relevant, that is clear to everyone, especially after watching Dr. Bedlack´s summary on ALS and comparing it with ALS XT. So what is that truth?

The truth is very simple. The statements are following.

  • Who got ALS diagnosis and is not aware of this theory and explanation including real promising cases and suggestions does not have the complete information as of 2022.
  • Who died on ALS after year 2022 without having access to this information and considering its value died with incomplete knowledge already available regarding his/her ALS problem.

Your heroic opportunity (to share, comment, review)

Now is your time. If you read the whole story and theory behind ALS you are already a small hero. The knowledge is already in your brain regardless you consider it relevant, regardless you believe it can be correct. If you or your relative, friend etc. got ALS diagnosis you know where you can find immediate support and optimism leading to total recovery – with fresh diagnosis one has big chance to succeed. Nobody is giving guarantee because it is highly dependent on that unique subject (sick person) – is he mentally strong? Is he willing to fight? Did he break up? Will he get sufficient support from his neighbourhood? The synergic power of all those recommended things one has to do is outperforming any conventional drug. All is described in free PDF (and in other posts on this website). Time is factor though!

You should also ask question why there is a respected ALS researcher known among the community for a long time (~ 10 years) who is openely saying he has clear evidence some ALS patients surprisingly recover. How is this possible? How is it possible that media all around the world repeat ALS is always fatal, over and over, there is nobody who survived/recovered, while Dr. Bedlack has clear evidence 52 people survived and I am saying there are many more, but they don´t have medical confirmation (again COVID-19 analogy, No test? No paper? I am sorry, you are not counted. Beware, system is consistent on this. If there is no paper with the right rubber stamp it simply did not happen.) Please ask Deepak Chopra as I liked his simple statement regarding this. Anyway everyone with a 3-digit IQ should understand that without those first few there won´t be masses of recovered patients.

ALS will become soon one of the most tragical story in the history of mankind. Anyway now we need to act and spread the new paradigm. Just by sharing this work with supportive comment (or even critical, whatever) you can save lives …

However take your time, this is hard decision in the world full of fake news. Listen the below song and watch the weird doggo in fancy pinky jacket above, how he is showing others what true leadership is about, while other doomsayers, clueless medical authorities and passive individuals spread despair and negation. Thank you, very much and wishing you a good decision!

My ALS F.A.Q. page and all those 50+ articles on ALS published on this website can help you too. Some post can be seem little bit crazy but don´t get fooled, I gradually got to impressive results … Time will confirm. Now let´s add some heavy sci-fi/fantasy motivation artwork! ALS patients need it! Music makes people braver …

Beat ALS, help with destryoing the myth of incurability, fatality and help with spreading of amazing stories, motivation and experimental knowledge what ALS is most likely about. Every new ALS patient has to be aware of this and there is a new ALS patient every 90 minutes in the United States only.

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