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Bill “Harley Rider” Riffle

I feel something is happening and more and more good news will come soon. Please read about this story of a man who is still walking after 29 years since receiving ALS diagnosis. His recipe? 100% compatible with ALS XT.

First of all I would like to inform my readers that this is the first post from my new post series which I called Project Prometheus. The official description for such post series is following.

Informative campaign which emphasizes informing about promising, positive or even hard to believe facts regarding ALS syndrome. The objective is to break the general public opinion that ALS is incurable and also that everyone who is claiming it is a mad fool, conspiracy theory fan, untrustworthy or unethically behaving individual. Dismissed.

Did I write earlier, that I am not a normal person? I think I did but I also wrote months ago that I am going to contribute to destroying ALS 100% fatal prognosis. This is trully a top candidate for my demystification efforts. In my recent post I proposed hypothesis how this statistics could get evolved, established and then repeated 100,000 times over and over so it is the general truth. However it does not mean I would go mad and started informing about every crazy thing one can find on ALS mystery, I am building my knowledge gradually and systematically. For instance in my previous post (Grey Zone) I clearly informed there are highly unethical attempts to make money on ALS despair. Highly untrustworthy one line stories, with no further information and then offer of some miraculous product priced at $400.

I have collected evidence for this and it is something everyone should condemn. What would you think? This is something I would never ever consider relevant – it indeed is not in line with my code of conduct. Even if the things or ingredients were actually something which I know it helps, I would still heavilly discourage and heavilly criticize such parasitic behavior because of that price and business built on top of it. People just need to learn they don´t need any “all in one package” like they are used to. All is around and available and they just need to believe and try in their own way, including buying certain products (mostly natural) wherever they want (hopefully from quality and trusted source though). So this is just a small introduction to my new post series in which I will obviously take care to not inform about obvious scams or highly unethical behavior. The first story will pass my ethical criteria & filters. Why? Because it is in line with all I am writing here about – and thus it seems credible and legit for me. I also do not see any clear money making interests but so far only honest effort to inform about the bad things in ALS world. This is always a green light for me 🚦 – once I see someone only tries to inform society without side interests I see a fellow which I have no problem to support.

Since I did not want to copy anything (I could cite though) I will direct the readers to the source. But before I will do that, let me highlight the overlap with ALS XT. Couple days ago I published a post in which I tried to explain what people diagnosed with ALS need to do first, what is the first and toughest challenge – rejecting the official truth about ALS and believe in their unique power and believe in existence of real-world solution, no matter how it is hard or absurd. I also predicted the people who will refuse or revert ALS and clearly succeed in their fight, will be special.

When I saw Bill´s short story (looking forward to the interview) I knew immediately he is that type of person. He has made it, despite he is probably still not fully healed and the disease is causing him some troubles, yet he is resisting for such a long time. He has faith and he also does real things (vitamin supplementation – all relevant, even as per fuzzy scientific findings!). I hope he could learn something new from the information I share on my website and perhaps he could find some ideas how to tune his own treatment protocol and get even better.

I am just asking how it is possible I have not found information like that before as now I am finding it. But not because of search engines.

If you would visit ALS related Facebook sites (ALSA, IamALS, ALSOne) you could notice something strange there. Of course there are all those unfortunate stories with supportive comments, blessings etc. But it is also sort of rendezvous place for various subjects which try to get attention and which try to offer alternative information on ALS disease.

Some are really untrustworthy on the first look – I have seen many of them. Common property is badly written and also badly typed (obvious typos) english text informing about healing from ALS and giving some contact mail address or URL. I tracked one such source and it is highly unethical if not total scam but I cannot say all such comments are scam per se. These comments are usually completelly ignored which is not really optimal. There should be some dialog or even action of site admin.

However then there are also other comments which already look better – there is no miraculous product being sold, there is no weird mail address but there is link to regular website with standard content which can be studied. I would put my website in this category too as I also commented these Facebook sites (only few times) with an obvious desire to help those people. And this is also how I found website because some person probably tried to do the same and informed others about possibly promising experience. Perhaps the fact that such comment did not look like obvious spam or scam there were some comments this time. The person was asked to not be cruel, was accused from unethical acting and even obvious scam dissemination. It just is not easy.

Bottom line

Please assume that one day some subject which is not the greatest medical authority finds something relevant and promising regarding ALS. This can indeed happen. Just imagine it if you have hard times to admit such scenario. Are you there?
And now think what would you do. How would you try to share the information? How would you make it as trustworthy as possible? How would you face negative reactions? Would you comment FB ALS pages under anonymous account? It still makes sense as you just want to share information, you might have valid personal safety & security concerns. If others are so ignorative that they even do not read page or two if given standard web link, then whose problem it is? That ill person which does not seek for help or that healthy one who is trying to help? 😉

Well do you want to know why? Because of the Google search algorithm and its dominance among search engines. The way Google search algorithm works is just unfortunate for this type of information – it really respects only the links (PageRank). Well, the engineers there are constantly tuning it but I believe the heart of the algorithm is still the same. Now if you imagine how insanely is the world overwhelmed with bad news about ALS – all the journals, ALS web sites like ALSA, ALSNewsToday and many other and how they all are cross-linked you know these “riders of doom” (perhaps unintentional; lacking knowledge) will always end first in the search results. Who cares about positive news? Who cares about alternative truth? Anything alternative is conspiracy, right? I often tried to give very positive search phrase but it is just not working well, even if I checked many pages of the search results. It just sucks. But I also noticed there is really something happening and lots of the great news are actually very fresh news! One of the very first things we need to do is to support us mutually and exchange links to websites so that GoogleBot can realize it is actually more relevant information. This is why I am giving link to Bill Riffle​1​ and the project. If I would realize there is anything wrong or suspicious with this source I would make the necessary steps and revoke all support. Please let me know anyone if you think this is the case.

Now last important message to readers. Please do not just like the post, we need links, we need shares! If you trust us at least partially, then give us share on social media with whatever comment – the URL is important, not the comment but please be supportive. Otherwise this information will barely hit the mainstream thanks to the Google mechanics. Please take your time, think about it, read the FAQ and then act – you can save lives because people get ALS diagnosis every 90 minutes and if they receive the alternative information in their worst moment of their lives, they can resist, they can control more the progression like Bill probably does, they can even fully recover. It all is matter of time, the success is highly dependent on it.


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    Bill Riffle Still Walking after 29 Years with ALS. Accessed September 2021.

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