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Humans are little bit lazy to use their brains constructively, they put many virtual obstacles in front of themselves and judge everything subjectively. This prevents them to see even positive and promising reality. How can I fight this? Endurance is the answer.


Does anyone know how big lie or untruth gets formed? I would say there is no sophistication in it but since I know that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication I should be careful with such statements. In my opinion it all is only about repeating that untruth over and over. Every single time there is some opportunity you do that, repeat the untruth, if you can express your confidence and smile a bit or on the contrary be very serious with a sad face, it is all you need to establish general truth based on obvious untruth. It all is about manipulation which takes two basic forms – intentional and unintentional or also accidental. I am hoping in this case we deal with accidental manipulation.

Good news is the untruth lifecycle is very simple, straightforward and it ends at the moment someone gives counter evidence and reliably questions so far accepted truth. History is full of these examples – one which everyone probably knows is the Earth shape dispute. Is it flat or spherical? It all seems it is spherical. Very recently Captain Kirk still in decent shape (awesome!) could see that on his own eyes as many before him. More and more people will follow as space tourism is getting its first customers.

In the context of ALS disease I can apply the same tactics – repeat over and over those facts which speak against the incurability of the disease. The incurability seems unquestionable but I have already indicated where the bugs most likely are. Humans are not getting it and thus I need to be patient and use old good tools – reiteration, simplification, summaries from all possible angles. My buddy Buddha left me a message about the duel between water and stone – that´s all I need. In this simplified summary I am applying similar format as with Autoimmunity 2.0. Let´s roll.

Official Truth

The first thing to do in questioning some untruth is to remind some core facts, define the more detailed context using simple sentences. I will use again the fact table and three classes as listed below.

  • Hard Facts (HF) – Proven findings which are just accepted, i.e. foundations.
  • Assumed Facts (AF) – Strongly assumed facts, those which are believed strongly as well but are not scientifically proven yet.
  • Hypothesis (HY) – Statements and deductions made by considering previous two categories, the real experimental ground.

ID#Class Description
1HFALS is neurodegenerative disease affecting nervous system leading to gradual muscle control and motoric functions impairement.
2HFAs per the official medical authorities the ALS disease progression is continuous, unstoppable and leads to death due to lost ability to control breathing.
3HFAs per the official medical authorities the life expectancy is very variable in terms of (min;max) range but on average it is stated it mostly is between 2-5 years.
4HFOfficial medical authorities are aware of very long liviving patients (decades) but these cases are rather rare and medical science together with ALS researchers claim it is not known why such extreme deviation from mean/average occurs.
5HFOfficial medical authorities consider and claim ALS as incurable disease which nobody has ever recovered from.
6HFOfficial medical authorities claim there are two main forms of ALS – familial form (5-10% of cases) and then sporadic form (90-95% of cases).

Note: Let´s ignore the Guam form here as it is not that important.
7HFOfficial medical authorities are aware of various relevant findings described as risk factors which are known to be statistically significant in ALS disease development (empirical examination; case studies etc.)

These factors are following:
environmental toxins (pesticids, toxic metals, smoking, inapproved drugs like steroids), repeated infections, heightened physical activity (professional athletism, casual but very regular sport), heightened psychic stress of more or less chronic nature, military service.
8HFIn terms of medication there are only few approved drugs. For example Riluzol/Rilutek which as per official information prolong life by approx. 3 months. None of the drugs work towards the treatment – all are only symptom targeted drugs designed to slow down the progression.
9HFFor familial ALS some genes were identified as problematic – gene mutations (SOD1, C9orf72, …)
10AFRelatively recent study confirmed gene mutations are found even in patients with sporadic ALS who do not have any occurence of ALS in family tree (familial ALS ruled out).
11HFStem cell therapy is being offered to ALS patients in some countries where it is legal but there is no good evidence such treatment works and supports healing. Many patients died despite undergoing these stem cell therapies and ALS incurability status persists.
12HFALS research centres continue in drug research and despite recent “breakthrough” news titles there is nothing real available in terms of working treatment (2021).
13HFOfficial medical authorities denied all theories and hypothesis there is a microbial cause of ALS.
14AFMicrobial cause of ALS is considered irrelevant.
15HYMost of the funds in the research is allocated on genetic studies, revealing additional genes, gene therapies and chemical drugs which are again targeted at symptoms not at potential root cause factors.

My hypothesis! 😉
16HFMedical science is aware of psychosomatics and its potential significant weight in health determination as well as in recovering from serious health conditions (e.g. cancer cases).
17HFMedical science is fully aware of how limited and unreliable is its current ALS early diagnostics capability.
18HFMedical science claims there is insufficient understanding of ALS disease and its mechanics yet, which is not enabling to employ targeted and already promising treatment to every single patient.
19HFDuring the last 100 years science was still able to gather many relevant findings by studying ALS (empirical knowledge, special examinations, genetic tests, biopsy, autopsy).
20HFEvery 90 minutes someone just in the United States receives devastating & death sentencing ALS diagnosis.
Table 1 – Official Version of ALS

Above twenty statements basically describe the current state of art regarding ALS disease. I tried to write it in the way it should not be in any big conflict with the mainstream knowledge. If you spot any problem please let me know and I will try to evaluate it and ideally incorporate your objection as I have no real interest in serving misleading information. That table should describe the current reality as it is, in line with many people personal experience. Even I have this real life experience as my mother passed on ALS years ago. This section just needs to describe the reality including the hopeless situation, lack of working treatments, never ending drug research which never helped anyone. Society knows what ALS means and at least shows compassion – everyone feels hearing this diagnosis is the beginning of the end. Something nobody wants to hear because normal and smart people don´t want to know their time on this world is getting to be elapsed.

Alternative Truth

Yes, now is the time for sharing the results of my personal and independent analytical work. It is also time to be little bit naughty and controversial! I should write I am not really an alternative person, I mean some weird person. I am fan of unbiased and true science and this is also the reason why all my findings are supported with at least some scientific work (references included in dedicated posts). Alternatively when I got inspiration (thanks to my No Limit rule) from obviously non-scientific source I always try to find some link in existing scientific work so that there is nothing pseudoscientific in this work at the end. Pretty smart, right? 😊 The summary of the sources used is available here. Of course I am prepared to be hit with some pseudoscience labels anyway but that cannot do any harm to me. However it can do real harm to all existing and future ALS patients so think twice before you start throwing labels. I am not going to tolerate any cheap critics on this whole website – all expressions of hate and unconstructive critics will be removed without any remorse. However I am more than open to people with different opinion which is supported by relevant findings, studies and counterevidence.

I refer to my findings using ALS Experimental Theory name. It was first described in my summary to science but since that time I revealed couple of new things. It keeps all relevant – it rather adds only more details and hopefully improves the credibility. Anyway this is something every reader needs to judge on his own.

The structure is going to be almost the same so let´s only remind the classes of the statements. While previous table contains mostly HF statements here it will be little bit different. There is also one additional class, the OTE class. The table rows can be also referred as the investigation gems.

  • Hard Facts (HF) – Proven findings which are just accepted, i.e. foundations.
  • Assumed Facts (AF) – Strongly assumed facts, those which are believed strongly as well but are not scientifically proven yet.
  • Hypothesis (HY) – Statements and deductions made by considering previous two categories, the real experimental ground.
  • Order to Execute (OTE) – Daring statement which describes what action should be taken to prove something, refine some theory etc. All done with the only goal – resolve ALS disease. Alternatively also a request to public for cooperation.
💎ID#💎Class 💎
1HFALS, Lou Gehrig disease, MND – all these names correctly describe very serious health condition which gradually leads to death of the patient – but first, two critical conditions need to be met. 1) Brutal ALS diagnosis is given to the patient. 2) No treatment or only official treatment like Riluzol is given and real hope is stolen. The simple evidence for this statement is the case of my mother. She met both conditions and now she is gone.
2HFScience revealed that one harming factor detected reliably in ALS patients is the heightened levels of glutamate in CNS. This regular neurotransmitter enables transmission of the signal through human nervous system. Due to the nature of its function (causes excitation & triggers neuron response) the levels need to be within normal range. Abundance of it, as is the case in ALS, causes overexcitation state in the nervous system and this is already harming and damaging for neurons. Neurons can collapse when exposed to such strong signal for a long time.
3HYDespite an obvious link of the excessive glutamate levels to those infamous involuntary muscle twitches, which practically every ALS patient knows, I have not noticed muscle twitches are explained in this way and the global society would be clearly informed about it. In fact these twitches are camouflaged or explained to public in misleading way – i.e. muscle twitches is a direct consequence of dying of the neurons. The consequence changed for cause doctrine in action (my hypothesis is different:”first is the overexcitation then damage and then neuron death”).
4HFThe heightened glutamate levels are being targeted with that FDA approved drug called Riluzol/Rilutek. However again, the global society is not informed about the details. There is even disupute regarding the glutamate inhibitory function of this drug – please read the voice of free world here (Mechanism Of Action).

Please also do not skip the section of adverse effects and stop for a while. We have an approved drug which does not work at all towards recovery, it has serious adverse effects but it can prolong the suffering of ALS patient by 60-90 days. How do you feel about that? If you need small break, I understand but then come back please. My break starts at item #20.
5HFThese heightened glutamate levels are clearly a low-level symptom of ALS.
6HYMuscle twitches are logically high-level and already visible and to the patient clearly manifested symptoms.
7AFMedical science is targeting a symptom instead of tracing the possible origins of abnormal glutamate levels in the organism. Expensive symptom only targeted treatment doctrine in action.
8HFRepeated infections during life are known risk factor in ALS but official medical science insists there is no significant microbial background playing a role. Official statements take following form. There is no scientific evidence that ALS would be caused by virus, bacteria etc. However there is a catch! So let me deliver another counter statement. There is no scientific evidence proving elimination of microbial factors from list of suspects in ALS. Nobody in the world can serve such evidence – only once ALS gets easily cured with non-microbial or non-immune system stimulating medication, we could start talking about such evidence. Are we there? No.

Please check this list of obvious argumentation fouls and compare it with some scientific claims (ALS context). Why science uses fouls and fallacy in its argumentation which needs to be based on evidence and in line with core formal logic? Why science often breaks its own rules which it demands from others? There is something wrong …
9HFDuring the whole 20th century there were attempts to find causative microbial agent for ALS. Official medical science claims all these efforts failed to find it.
10HFIn fact one Nobel Prize nominated scientist dedicated all her scientific life to the research of microbial aspects in diseases like ALS or multiple sclerosis (MS). This indeed amazing and brave woman was able to find very promising information – presence of spirochetal infection was a reliable finding in people with ALS or MS. Her work is never cited or mentioned in the way she deserves. The name of this scientist was Lida Holmes Mattman.
11HFIn order to deny microbial factors in MS, ALS medical science uses tests based on presence of antibodies in the blood samples taken from the patients.
12AFIn her work, Mattman informs that such tests are already irrelevant because science already knows the suspected immunocomplexes to be traced are not in blood but mainly bound in tissues.
As an independent analyst I claim the microbial path needs to become the central path where efforts to find ALS cure need to be focused. However spirochetal infection is not automatically marked as the only suspected microbial agent. There are most likely more of them which makes things more complex
(please read on).
14AFIn his work on Lyme disease Stephen Harrod Buhner states spirochetal bacteria has certain unique abilities how to escape immune system.
15HFIn her work called Stealth Pathogens – CWD Forms, Mattman is describing a bacterial phenomenon called bacterial pleomorphism, in short ability of certain bacteria types to switch forms. The important aspect is that the new form called L-form is cell wall deficient form, meaning such transformed microb becomes immune to antibiotics because ATBs target cell walls. The L-forms are also much smaller so they pass also filters used for viruses. One such bacteria having such unique capability is spirochete, Borrelia etc.
16HFBorrelia and similar strains are known to target CNS and cause brain infection causing sometimes very serious infection. Healing Lyme disease is often very problematic and ATB protocols do not work reliably.
17AFIn his work Buhner also informs about spirochetal preferrence of colagen tissues (skin, joints etc.).
18HFMany people naturally suspect ALS can be hard form of Lyme. The reasons for that are the non-trivial overlap in the symptoms (fatigue, pain, stiffed muscles, muscle cramps, muscle twitches, “heavier” legs, arms, hands) and the obvious fact that Lyme as well as ALS are CNS affecting diseases.
19HFMedical science still responds to the public on (#18) in the There is no evidence fashion.
20AFBuhner informs in his work that presence of spirochetal infection in CNS mobilizes immune system and stimulates it to produce quinolic acid (QUIN). This QUIN acid in higher concentrations has also damaging potential for everything around – including neural tissue composed of neurons. This is the reason why such immune system intervention needs to be short enough so any collateral damage is minimized and after eradicating pathogenic elements repair processes can take place and restore health in the impacted area.

Uf uf uf … Are you still following? Let´s make a break as we are far from the finish. Do not give up, fight for ALS patients by reading this to the end. Thanks in advance!
21HYIf we know ALS progression kind of follows gradual neural damage leading to overall paralysis (and ending with death) then logically we can assume the immune response is not temporary but rather ongoing. Somehow it is not finished, it continues and causes damage.
22HYAlso based on the rich empirical data we know ALS disease has tremendous variability in the length of the period during which the ongoing and damaging immune system activity takes place. The range is from several months to few tens of years with such extreme value as 55 years (Sir Stephen Hawking). The only logical consequence of such phenomenon is that the immune system plays a key role in ALS. Well, not key role, but absolutely critical.
23HFIn order to support above hypothesis (#22) we can provide confirmed finding which concluded that astrocyte cells (“glial cells but also part of immunity”) kill neurons. Science mentions autoimmune nature of the observed pathogenic process.
24AFIn order to support above hypothesis (#22) we can provide results of another study which attempted to slow down the disease progression by inhibiting immune system. What followed was the opposite, the disease progression accelerated in the patients. Scientists had to conclude overall character of the role of immune system is protective, not damaging.

Hooray! Scientists finally started to believe in evolution! Human immune system is not the bad guy!
25HYLogically such finding (described on #21-24) can be explained in a following way. Immune system fights and in overall is protective but it is also source of certain collateral damage – as always! This is in line with the general knowledge that when immunity gets activated it often hurts and it hurts because some damage is done. It could be famous 80/20 pareto principle matter, but exact numbers are not important. Protective from 80% but damaging from 20%. Still there is a problem because we know patients get only worse and worse and the immune system never stops. There must be some additional layer of the whole problem which causes such behavior.
26AFThe immunity targeted study concludes there is no doubt immune system kicks into high gear in ALS. This and similar studies not only prove the critical role of immune system but give also other indirect traces there is something wrong in the organism. These studies talk about clear signs of systemic immune response in the whole organism. Another important finding of these studies is hypoxia in ALS patients.
27AFGoing back to the glutamate question. We know we have heightened glutamate levels and we know we have ongoing and long term immune response which causes also heightened levels of QUIN. What is the next logical step? We should try to find link between these two. Surprisingly the link seems existing, science notices QUIN levels can affect glutamate levels in the same direction. Glutamate mystery can be explained as its circle has been just closed now.
28AFIn case of ALS resolving one symptom like glutamate levels is not enough. Anyway another more or less fact is that similar damaging impact on nervous system has excessive abundance of calcium on one side followed by lack of magnesium on the second side. The broken equilibrium in these two minerals/elements can cause neural overexcitation, muscle cramps or occasional twitches too. Please ask some expert why athletes supplement magnesium after heavy performance. Such a fundamental thing! Suprisingly or not surprisingly there are living ALS patients which use magnesium on daily basis and it seems it works against the progression better than Riluzol with all the adverse effects.
29HFAnother hard fact is ALS very often starts in one hand or leg. Patients register first problems with one specific limb or its sub-part. It usually is the first area where muscle atrophy becomes apparent. For instance my mother had significantly atrophed the small muscle between thumb and index fingers. Well, to be more specific, the muscle was practically gone and she even did not have ALS diagnosis!
30HFThere is one specific virus or in fact family of viruses which practically ever human meets with during life. This fact is one reason why these viruses are being neglected to great degree and the threat they present is underestimated. These are herpetic viruses like famous EBV or VZV but also several others, less known, and some most likely still not observed (mutations, variants, who would not know this in the COVID age).
31HFEBV usually infects liver and thyroid which affects the endocrine stability of the organism, which can have unpredictable or hardly predictable cascade effects on health of the individual. I described the role of EBV from autoimmunity point here so we are done here.
32HFVZV is the primary target of our investigative efforts now. This common virus infects nervous system and what is even more important, its favourite site is the PNS (peripheral nervous system). In other words arms, hands, legs etc.
33HYMy empirical knowledge is telling me my mother suffered with stealth VZV infection in her PNS. Symptoms support this hypothesis (pain, burning like feeling, needles & pins feelings, gradual isolated clumsiness).
34HFIt is known this VZV is common but also very insidious in nature. Mostly it causes shingles which is annoying but not life threatening condition. It also causes chickenpox in children. But sometimes it does not manifest its presence using visible skin disorders like rash or blisters – still it is camping deeply in the nervous tissue and people only feel those unpleasant feelings (pain, burns etc.).
35AFWhen viral infection is detected in some tissue it is time for immune system to step in. But another VZV property which is also shared with other herpetic viruses is it is slow virus, it can be latent and thus causing no real problems even for years or decades. This can change any time though and the virus can activate and it starts reproducing, mostly destroying hijacked cells or it is destroyed by patrolling immune system. Since these interactions occur within a tissue there again is damage. People usually know what liver cirhosis means, that it is gradual and already advanced damage of liver tissue, a consequence of scaring of the organ. The same problem arises in other tissue types like nervous tissue which is part of PNS which is the battlefield for immunity and VZV.
36HYMy hypothesis is the original neurologic problems in ALS patients is not (or not always) consequence of motor neuron damage in the brain or CNS but rather a damage on the opposite end. Motor neurons are part of CNS like brain and spinal cord but then they lead to the tips of our fingers. I am stating that early muscle atrophy is the consequence of excessive scaring and practically disconnecting some arbitrary muscle, mostly some smaller first, followed with bigger. This is supported by visual evidence everyone in our family has with our mother. This hypothesis does not conflict with anything written before as ALS is considered very complex disease where simultaneous problems occur and immune system has to split forces. In other words we speak about coincidental CNS and PNS infection occuring at the same period of time. Supportive finding is also the known strange symptom in the wrist/forearm area – some patients were first treated with carpal tunnel syndrome but later on they got ALS diagnosis. Please take a look at my wrist photos after months of treatment. Those strange feelings disappeared in my case – I have never had any blisters before but my rapidly enforced immunity could have attacked the deeply sitting VZV – judge this by yourself.
37HFSupportive evidence presents one hard fact. The word “sclerosis” in ALS name actually means scaring. It is an very old finding which Jean-Martin Charcot described in 19th century when conducting autopsy of ALS patients. He described the finding as strange hardening in the spinal cord area where logically the density of “neural cables” (“backbone network” analogy) is the highest and in dead patient the progression from hand to entire body would seem logical.
This is really demanding. Time for another break. Stay tuned though!
I have proposed some explanations in the last section (#29-37) and thus I am requesting a project aimed at VZV and its potential very harmful partial role in ALS development.
I also request everyone who has some non-standard experience with VZV to stand out and either publish his/her experience somewhere or alternatively it can be sent to me and I will review and publish it on my website.
40HFRegarding microbial aspects it is complex as we live already in the era of human microbiom. Progressive science is learning more and more what neglected pioneers like Mrs. Mattman knew for a long time. Typical human body is full of microbs of all kinds and its total amount by far outnumbers the number of cells in our body (tens of trilions of cells).
41AFLet´s move on and introduce another family of viruses. Human enteroviruses (HERV). These live in intestine. Surprisingly some representants of this class are known for their ability to target motor neurons.
42AFWhat, did you write motor neurons? How is it possible? Most likely as a result of sharing the cell receptors across various tissues. It is a known fact that cell receptors indeed are not unique but they are shared. For my purpose I have coined a term receptor collision because while evolution certainly had good reasons for introducing it, in my ALS investigation it could be negative matter if some gut virus shared a key with something as critical as is our precious nervous system enabling us to move.
43AFThere is certain strange controversion stated regarding the link between HERV viruses and ALS mystery. However it is not the first time, do you recall the Lyme disease? Anyway there were some studies conducted and surprisingly they detected significant presence of HERV genome in ALS patients. I want to be more specific so I need to write it was 60-88% incidence in brain or spinal cord in ALS patients. Three studies have been done and used RT-PCR method. The score for healthy/control set was 0-14% speaking for kind of breakthrough finding ALS community is desperately looking for. Also CSF (“brain fluid”) was examined and in ALS patients the amounts detected were doubled compared to healthy control set. However then follow up studies were done which have not confirmed previous promising findings. This is the controversial point. First viral genom was clearly detected, then it was not and mainly due to some altered methodology. The final outcome? There is nothing interesting here, blind path. Genes are important!

Again very bad signal there is something wrong in the world of medicine (and business?).
As an engineer I need to express my concerns here regarding #43. This is not how science should be done. I request another studies to be done using the identical methodology as the one which found HERV presence. Please join me!

That´s all for now but remember this controversy as we should remember following persons:

Swanson et al., 1995; Walker et al., 2001; Nix et al., 2004
This is so lame or weird. I mean #43. Time for another break. Breath deeply! It is not the last controversy.
45HYAll so far mentioned findings from microbial category rather speak for the option there is a real potential for some dangerous microbial combination which has synergic negative effect on immune system as the ultimate factor in resolving problems within the organism. Let´s keep it as an hypothesis.
46HFWe already know that immunity is believed to be mobilized (#26) but it seems it is struggling in resolving the problem. We also suspect it can be caused by the simple fact it has to fight on multiple fronts in different parts of the body, not just CNS but also PNS and then obviously all the mandatory duties which it fulfills even in case of healthy status. We should know the amount of resources is always limited. But how science describes the main problem in ALS? Surprisingly it is chronic inflammation in CNS and its presence is a hard fact.
47HYChronicity is quite well described and ALS is indeed considered a chronic disease. It means ongoing continuous state, not terminated and this is dangerous from two main reasons. First it consumes limited resources and the consumption rate can be higher then the supply rate. Second the collateral damage is also continuous.
48HYChronic nature of the CNS inflammation (but possibly also PNS!) can be consequence of another factor which is also registered as high risk factor in ALS development. It is toxic metals, or toxic heavy metals accumulated silently to dangerous levels within the organism.
49HFHypothesis #48 can be supported by obvious hard fact. Toxic metals are indeed dangerous due to their chemical properties. Science is fully aware of this. Very dangerous metals are: mercury, lead, cadmium, but also aluminium, …
50HYIt is not any new fact that metals accumulate within human organism and the health is highly determined by the working native detoxification routines. These are highly dependent on specific enzymes and antioxidants.
51HFHypothesis #50 can be supported by two obvious facts. 1) The first genetic mutation detected in ALS patients is related to SOD1 gene. SOD is an acronyme for enzyme called super oxid dismutase. It is very important in the detox ability of the organism and the enzyme/protein is produced by corresponding SOD1 gene. 2) In context of ALS a term oxidative stress is highly related. These oxidative processes are damaging and that is why antioxidants (contained in fruit!) are so important in down regulating the damage. However metals act as a serious accelerators of the damage.
52HFOne toxic metal is especially dangerous and it is mercury. WHO clearly informs about it on its website.
53AFScience is aware mercury gets accumulated mainly in fatty tissues.
54HFSurprisingly human brain is from 60% such a fatty tissue.
55HYHow can toxic metal like mercury get into our bodies and tissues? Besides intoxicated food (tuna fish!), polluted air it is also mercury which is part of dental amalgams and mercury is also part of vaccines.
56AFWHO informs that 80% of mercury in humans originates in those amalgams. It is in people teeth!
57HYHow can mercury get accumulated in those fatty tissues like brain? One hypothesis mentions something as fundamental as is the Ph value in all body fluids, not only urine! In case of non-homeostatic values (too acid) the metal is not excreted out of the organism but instead only moved from place to place. This ongoing process can result in gradual accumulation of mercury in brain.
58HFScientific team from Calgary University demonstrated the effect of mercury on nervous system decades ago – it causes neuron degeneration and more specifically it causes shortening of the neuronal axons.
59HFScience also knows mercury and other heavy metals damage mitochondria which are “the energetic power plants” in our cells including neurons.
60HFSurprisingly ALS researchers from Edinburgh noticed recently there is something wrong with axons of the motor neurons (they get shorter!) and also these researchers noticed some energetic deffects in cell mitochondria.
61HYWe already know brain of ALS patients can be hit with hard to detect infection. We already know immune system started fighting. We already know immune system needs to most likely fight in other parts of the body. Logically we know this requires splitting resources and forces. We already know immune system can be weakened due to the length of the problem. Logically it can result in exhausting of resources and overall inability to resolve the problems, the chronic inflammation in ALS patients. We also know that activated immune system causes collateral damage to surrounding tissues at the site of problem. We know QUIN is being produced there too and that it is neurotoxic and it possibly also influences glutamate levels.
62HYIf we imagine the situation in the impacted brain area as some soup full of chemicals where QUIN is also present it does not look good for neurons. If there are ROS present (and they most likely are) it all goes worse significantly as the collateral damage created by our own immune cells can get increased by 80%. However that is not the end of bad news. If there are metals like mercury or others the toxicity of the soup dramatically increases and the collateral damage, initially roughly estimated to 20% can scale up so rapidly, that collateral damage is not collateral any more. It becomes majority damage – chain reaction out of control, devastative effects are natural consequence. Weak immune system is root cause as it is unable to finish the intervention and it fell in its own trap due to unexpected metals in such place like brain.

In my article I set an analogy of firefighting some more or less standard fire, but then massive wind blow comes and situation gets absolutely critical. Getting in control again requires TOTAL MOBILIZATION OF ALL RESERVES and MASSIVE NEVER ENDING SUPPLY CHAIN OF HIGH QUALITY RESOURCES.
63HYThe description of what to do is described by ALS XT, ALSSTAR algorithm and should be part of ALS 1KD CHALLENGE. I know it can work and despite it is only hypothesis, I myself can support it by real life experience. Similar experience is described by German case where man is reported to recover from ALS diagnosis and the case report contains quite detailed information regarding examination (EMG), measurements of excretion of mercury after some period (Ph stabilization?), supportive medication, supportive food diet full of antioxidants, focused on anti-inflammatory ingredients while removing pro-inflammatory ingredients. Where is the problem? This case is not trusted and reported as fake.
64HYWe are on the end of my simplified ALS investigation report but aren´t you missing something? Where are all the genetic studies, corrupted DNA and genes indicating ALS patients are cursed and lost? My dear reader, my investigation says these factors are not that important. Genetic predispositions play role in ALS as in anything else humans are undergoing in their lives. In context of ALS it most likely means only how strong every individual is in facing those environmental factors and triggers. Someone gets ill quickly after shorter exposure (Familial ALS), someone can resist longer but of course the intensity of all the factors plays ultimate role. Besides that human cells and the DNA stored in cell nucleus can be damaged and partially mutated by certain known factors called mutagens. For instance viruses, toxic metals and some others …
65HYTime for the most important hypothesis came. Based on all the findings and relevant people stories I am stating following. It is not impossible to cure ALS, instead it is impossible that everyone would die on it. It is impossible to claim 100.0% fatality or incurability of ALS. Obviously the number is still very high, because ALS complexity remains – I am not underestimating its severity, I am not downgrading the disease. I am officially questioning number 100.0%. If we prove there are cases like the man mentioned before (#63) it already is not 100.0, even if it would be Lim 100.0 (from left). But isn´t there even something more promising speaking for such controversial hypothesis, than some untrusted and laughed at case? There actually is. The weak spot to exploit is the extremely unreliable early diagnostics – many people recover despite ALS diagnosis was hanging above them like the sword of damocles. These people are not counted by the system, because they are not considered ALS cases. However science is far from perfect diagnostics and far from understanding ALS. What are the consequences? Please take a few deep breaths. The conseqences are lately given diagnosis, death sentencing prognosis followed with interrupting/stoping all treatments and thus leaving the patient, from this point already ALS patient, unarmed and without hope – how much hope you would have if you were told you have 100.0% fatal disease which nobody in the last 100 or 200 years recovered from? This is rhetorical question. However there is also a clear medical and absolutely unquestionable consequence. Fatal outlook given to the patient results in further weakening of already weak immunity. The stress reaction is indeed very individual but those ALS patients who died after several months reacted strongly – it killed them quickly. The monumental error explained also here is wrongly set disease scope and highly unethical “hope killer” prognosis given. Together with unique mental capabilities allowing resisting the fatal prognosis, it is mainly variable strength of immune system, variable levels of toxic metals in the organism, variable and mostly unintentional slowing down of the progression using healthy diet and supplementation (antioxidants, B-complex, magnesium, etc.) which define the length of life with ALS diagnosis.
Please help me with spreading this alternative version of ALS assembled on top of scientific findings, personal and empirical experience and also with real promising and supportive stories which are not trusted but should be thoroughly examined and verified.
Table 2 – Alternative Version of ALS

Please let me know if any record (#id) is incorrect and your findings say something else. We can lead discussion on every item and keep the discussion structured, specific, on-topic.


By considering all the findings it is clear there are factors which can work against the disease progression and also factors which accelerate it. It all is related to immune system strength and its ability to address problems like chronic inflammation. Another obvious fact is the early diagnostics is highly problematic. Then yet another fact is that there is a set of fuzzy diagnoses which is characterized by significant symptom overlap with ALS. Of course nobody wants to give such diagnosis earlier due to that demonic reputation and fatal outlook. And this is the ultimate problem – there should not be any such demonic diagnosis, there should not be any point at which patient crosses some demarcation point or line and from that moment suddenly faces psychic terror rising purely from secondary aspects (historical stats, unsuccess, mistakes). The progress of chronic diseases is continuous, it is like in math and continuous functions. In medical care there cannot be point from which all treatment is stopped and patient is left only with fatal outlook. However in reality this all exists and it is the moment in which the patient receives ALS diagnosis. This mistake is amplified by a simple fact – medical science does not understand well even all those prior stages – sometimes it can by Lyme, sometimes fibromyalgia, CFS, sometimes nothing specific (my case).

Below picture shows how the mistaken ALS fatality and demonic nature of the disease could have evolved. It surely is controversial but I have couple of further notes on that.

  • I myself am living example of the second group (amber exit arrow). I experienced this 3-times in my life and now I know what to do as in those two prior cases I recovered more or less unintentionally. My first experience ended in line with the first lucky early exit assumption, but after some time I got worse again and reached the amber zone twice too.
  • Despite I visited physician I never got any real diagnosis – I was always told it is nothing, blood examination did not show anything etc. One day I never came again, it was worthless, I left the system without any diagnosis and fought on my own for months (and succeeded! 💖).
  • Then my mother was approx. two times in the same situation – she had these chronic problems too, but was older and weaker and never fully healed. She only got temporarilly better. However when the problems appeared again she already got to the red group, obtained ALS diagnosis, broke up and died soon.
  • The case which I wrote about, I mean the untrusted case of ALS healing, would fall into the last lucky stage (escaping from black group). Honestly I cannot prove it is a real case, I would need to go to Germany and start searching for that man by asking those doctors who published the case report. It is untrusted but for me kind of real too due to the treatment approach.
  • There are also people who are not professionally treated at all but they still live with ALS diagnosis for more than 20 years.
  • All promising above mentioned cases (excluding my mother; unfortunately) including those mine (which I can prove) share one thing – all these people followed or follow some unique treatment protocol which can be said it is a subset of ALS XT protocol. This is something people should be interested in and something which also ALS research and science should not overlook.
  • Final conslusion of this investigation is following: ALS demonic and incurable property presents devastative effect on patient psychic and morale and thus is harming in the same way as those, officially unknown factors. ALS incurability should be revoked only from this simple reason and the status of the disease should be HIGH SEVERITY like some tough cancer types but definitely not 100% fatal. The lack of understanding and problems in setting the proper disease scope can be behind those false and highly demoralizing stats.
  • End of report.

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