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Program X – Update

Due to recent events I have decided to write an update to my earlier described Program X, a healing program heavily inspired by Anthony William protocols and aimed at general and I would say total reinforcement of my organism.

For readers which haven´t read my earlier posts I´m adding a reference to my original post, however to really understand the full context many other posts are important as well. Every post of this series contains all the links for easy navigation (top of every post).

It is already some time since I made drastical changes to my life. I suffered with strange symptoms including some initial and very light neurological discomfort or fluctuating blood pressure (early like phase of hypertension) and most likely initial signs of hypothyroidism. I also suffered more and more with spring pollen allergies and most importantly I had life experience with ALS – my mother got this diagnosis after having health issues for a long time. Such experience from ALS battlefield, as I used to say, was a real life lesson for me. I always tried to care about myself more than others and that is probably the reason why I took that lesson so seriously. It was huge red flag for me 🟥. However I was far from panic states. It was just real warning for me and I realized how the path to huge troubles and real suffering looks like, a slow and creepy way often even with assistance of medicine. Before I started with the protocol I shot for me funny video and introduced extreme changes to my diet. It was surprising for me that it did not take long for me to realize my old known health issues are back but it had nothing to do with usual stomach/food caused issues. I was never sure why they appeared but now I knew that – that massive supply of light and quality “food” made my body to initiate cleaning and healing campaign on all levels. I really suffered but I knew it is necessary. I´m convinced my immunity was gradually and naturally (no drugs with side effects!) boosted to such level that all those long living, prospering and resisting, more or less latent infection sites received heavy attack. It was awesome experience and it took some time before I got stable while still following most of the procedures – this means I cannot be easily accused I somehow caused this to myself while being normal healthy person. Of course I caused this to myself but I was far from healthy. I still continue with this but already in little bit lighter style. I learned a lot along the way, mainly about my body but also about food and supplements.

One great thing I did was that I took notes right from the beginning. I have three notebooks full of notes and I´m processing this data. During fall 2020 I was already good but sometimes I still felt certain short tiredness. December was fine, then I launched this website and started new year in great shape. I started with some light regular home exercises. However in the middle of January something happened again.

I started to feel the discomfort on my right hand again – very light feeling. Then something happened with my left knee – strange feeling, but one day some inflammation occurred, nothing visual but I could not use the leg normally, it was not result of my exercises. It looked to me like some very old infection site was decamouflaged there after 260+ days of my healing protocol. In past I felt problems with this knee – mainly during sport activities, again nothing really serious, no operation or serious injury in past, but certain pain which made me to make pauses in sport activities from time to time. In past I was little bit worried it could be some first sign of arthritis but it never persisted or got worse so I always forgot on it. Soon after this new January 2021 knee issue I registered also already known issues – strange feeling or pain in head, tiredness, sleepiness over day. These are general symptoms of infection, immunity is fighting with something. As usually there was no fever.

I again focused more on intensifying the treatment protocol – magnesium, vitamine C, lysin, natural antibiotics, zinc, selenium, B-complex, honey, garlic and of course variety of herbal teas and resting! 😀 Besides these supplements I have quality food, lots of fruits and vegetables, only little of meat – that´s normal in my case but I should remind it, because “normal people” eat quite differently, I see all those things they buy in supermarkets 🙄. After several days my knee completelly healed but the rest of symptoms remained. Surprising for me was that it got worse almost immeditaly after taking certain “ingredients of my healing arsenal”, so naturally two options arised.

  1. I´m “crazy fool” and I´m doing something wrong and the body does not like it anymore.
  2. I´m “genius” and after several months some very deep infections were encountered and being eliminated, the stuff taken intensified the healing which brought also some discomfort and unpleasant feelings.

I would tend to choose option #2 right away but when you experiment you need to try to confirm your hypothesis, as one can be very biased when assessing himself. I repeated the same mini-protocol for several consecutive days and guess what, the unpleasant reactions gradually weakened and today I´m fine! 😀 Now I´m just wondering what happens next …

I wrote this update to inform people that it really is ultra-marathon. One needs to change the way of life to get rid of health issues and also make it sustainable in long term. After all it were all those unhealthy daily routines which bring chronic diseases together with our predispositions, inherited or obtained infections. Any serious physician would have to agree with me on this. Part of our way of life is also our own decisions. People often make decisions such that they tend to neglect the signals body is sending to them. This natural relationship between our physical body and mind is not well developed globally. Unfortunately the medical world is having its guilt here too and the guilt is not small at all. Physicians often are sending people home from their offices with “you are fine!” words or they help people in such way those red flags and alarms are actually suppressed by some drug or other intervention – an absolutely terrible thing! It is like turning off alarm before going to sleep when you know you need to get up early. So please, keep your alarms on.

My message to everyone is following.

“Perceive your body signals and try to interpret them with the help of the world. There is tremendous amount of experience available. It is not easy, but your intuition will guide you. Don´t blindly trust and rely on only medicine. Realize the small steps which lead you to the problem and try to reverse it by executing the opposite steps. Never underestimate the power of these small steps as the power lies in their regular application. Determination is the key. As Buddha once said. When water meets stone it does not prevail with power but with endurance. Believe in yourself and seek for help. Help often comes from unexpected directions in unexpected forms so there is a real danger of not recognizing it.”

— Mr. Underhill

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