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Brutal and ruthless truth about ALS …

Someone would say that words like "brutal" and "ruthless" should rather be used in connection with this demonic disease. But the truth is ALS breakthrough is already a reality but humans don´t see that, they wanted something else, they hoped for something else, they think ALS is something else. It is human being with its mistakes, flaws and ignorance who is brutal and ruthless ...

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The Sound Of Silence

As an independent ALS researcher who is focusing on analyzing information freely available I need to more and more suspect something is not right here. In this post I will summarize the facts and encourage even more to share information I have analytically come to. At the same time this post should close my ALS related work.

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Nelda Buss Story – Deciphering The Miracle

Nelda Buss ALS recovery is a fascinating story which everyone should know about. However there are few problems with it. After reading the book and getting familiar with this case I can try to narrow down the views so that this true miracle can be actually reproduced and can contribute to real ALS revolution - lately, after almost 40 years, but now the time has come! Nelda deserves that, similarly as all others.

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