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ALS – The Algorithm

In this post I describe the ALSSTAR algorithm. It is an experimental procedure which can help with ALS. Time will tell us more but I am a real optimist.

Today it is a strange day but I need to describe the high level algorithm I defined for fighting ALS syndrome. If that sounds crazy or too ambitious to you, then you should read the whole website as it is not based on nothing but on strong scientific foundations – which however are scattered across many areas and no responsible people (ALS researchers) see the links as I do.

This algorithm has few key properties – but note the algorithm is rather guide, protocol, set of steps to follow. It has nothing to do with computers. The use of the word is only result of my own terminology. It is not the first time I get inspiration from computer science.

  • Despite it is simple and can be grasped easily in terms of what to do, it is extremely complex under the hood – if you would want to know all the tiny details. I do not know all these details either but some I do – luckily for us it is not mandatory to know all of them to proceed.
  • It is an experimental and heuristic algorithm so if you do not know what it means check the linked Wikipedia explanation.
  • It could be executed in a more or less sequential fashion but controlled parallel execution makes more sense – this means below described steps are applied simultaneously so their power is multiplied – still one should be carefull regarding the exact steps in terms of their intensity (see my hybrid approach more below!).
  • It requires some investments but in overall it is very affordable (there is no central entity to pay, it is heavilly decentralized as you need to buy things here or there and wherever you want – where do you buy food? 😉)
  • It is an abstraction of the conclusions of ALS Experimental Theory (ALS XT) I am describing on this website.
  • Nice property of it is it cannot be easily questioned since there is no exact recipe and there is no competetive treatment – it just needs to be tested (I myself have tested this on me).
  • I have sort of insider information that theory resembling these thoughts exists in one ALS research center but obviously it is not considered significant and researchers continue with their so far very successfull preferred theories (drugs, gene scrutinizing & hacking which can be centrally monetized).
  • My approach is different – I share information 100% free in open way and I try to trace the disease to its potential roots. In future posts I will provide clear evidence that medical science and pharmaceutic industry does the opposite – it always gets satisifed with symptom dealing but this is wrong from long term view (ALS mystery is more than 200 years old).

Steps of ALSSTAR Algorithm

Step #1Step NameStep description
1Mental preparationALS disease presents extreme challenge. It is no wonder as the diagnosis still is equivalent of death sentencing verdict. However this needs to be overcome. It is the first step to focus on and below I add more details on how to achieve it.
2Team/Crew FormingPeople with ALS including very fresh patients need big support. In this protocol there will be many things to do and the ALS ill person would not be able to do everything even if still strong and self-suficient. Family and friends should form a support crew but since I am a big optimist I call it also rescue team. Logistics & division of responsibilites should be well coordinated. There are plenty of things to obtain and do and this will be the primary objective for the rescue team.
3PH StabilizationFrom scientific point this is actually the first step as those prior steps fall into preparation category. This is very important.
4DetoxificationAnother key point in the overall effort – getting rid of toxicity. Do not doubt there is nothing to remove from ALS patients because there indeed is.
5Immunity SupportReinforcement of the immune system is another step – please 💥be aware of the traps 💥 highlighted. This can be a permit ticket to leave the “chronic inflammation” jail.
6SupplementationAnother important step as ALS patients need to reach homeostasis in all critical minerals, vitamins, enzymes which further support detoxification, immunity but also repair processes.
7Food DietCritically important. Supply of supportive food and maximal avoidance of improper food is a must.
8Strict RestingAnother underrated and misunderstood thing. ALS ill person is seriously ill. It does not seem on first look but it is a real emergency. People usually try to do everything as usually and sometimes even more – in the expectation of inevitable paralysis

Step 1 – Mental preparation

I highlighted this already in my ALS – Missing Survival Guide document (Rejecting diagnosis). It is important from many reasons. Accepting the diagnosis means accepting the death sentencing statement and this often has its consequences. How does it help? But it is not only about motivation and psychic support. From scientific point the organism reacts on this stress via its endocrine system and adrenal stress hormones impact/inhibit immunity (have you ever googled for what corticoids actually mimic and do?).

Patients should know immunity is key factor in ALS and it is already weak so bad mental state and resignation as well as fear of upcoming events make all worse. The initial shock will be always there but hopefully very soon the call for mobilization of all powers will prevail. Humans have strong self-preservation instinct and they need just tiny but promising chance.

The trick here is to transform despair & hopelessness into courage, strength & positive vision.

Despair & Hopelessness

  • The history works against ALS patients – 100% fatal diagnosis.
  • Research is unproductive so far and very slow.

Courage, Strength & Positive Vision

  • Past is past, focus on presence and on your individual case only (ignore all other which only harm)
  • Fight for your life in smart way (grasp ALSSTAR, Survival Guide, find support in scientific findings and traces cited)
  • Fight for the whole world – any ALS patient who saves himself will save the world too.
  • Be first globally, be first in your country, be first in the town, be first in your family – there are plenty of first spots available 😉

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”

— Bob Marley

(1945 – 1981)

Step 2 – Team/Crew Forming

As I wrote this is about forming personal rescue team. ALS is so brutal disease that there are always people willing to help around – of course family members are the first choice but friends and colleagues or even foreign caregivers are often onboarded. Welcome everyone.

Life with ALS is hard and the affected individual will need to help with following:

  • Basic daily care (obvious)
  • Mental support
  • Supplying with all the food and products – perfect logistic chain is necessary!
  • Cooking the supportive food & teas
  • Preparing & dosing supplements
  • Recording or docummenting the whole effort (needed for scientific retrospectives)

All people need to count with possible failure but at the same time do everything for the success.

Step 3 – Ph Stabilization

This is in my opinion real gap science missed. Based on my experimentation and research this plays critical role in ALS development. My speculation or hypothesis is the heavy metals are very problematic and as I read Jerry Tennant work (of course neglected by science) the metals can be excreted effectively from body only once stable Ph. The simple assumption is Ph value of all body fluids (urine, blood, lymph, CSF) need to correspond to homeostatic level. It affects the fundamental chemical reactions in our bodies. The base of bases. In ALS patients I suspected the balance is broken and this is where the domino effect can start. My assumption is even supported with following scientific finding I have just found.

The present study analyzed various cerebral spinal fluid gas parameters in ALS patients and compared these values to controls, as well as patients with cervical spondylosis, Parkinson syndrome, and spinocerebellar degeneration. Cerebral spinal fluid pH positively correlated with the ALS functional rating scale in total and limb-type ALS patients. In addition, cerebral spinal fluid pH positively correlated with shorter disease duration (less than 22 weeks). These results suggested that cerebral spinal fluid pH provides a biomarker for ALS and could reflect mechanisms of disease progression in ALS patients​1​.

Now the tough part which gets transformed into quite easy resolution. How should we stabilize those Ph values across all the body fluids? How can we measure that? How we can find which direction (alcalic, acid) we should go?

This can be tricky but here is my way how to overcome it. It is much more likely ALS patient Ph is too acid as this creates environment for pathogenic microorganisms​2​ which in turn are highly suspected in ALS, despite you probably never heard anyone in TV claiming that. Every time you hear something for the first time about ALS you should listen carefully. The problem is the microorganisms are quite common so science is not disturbed with their presence in ALS people, really insidious property. So we should anticipate this and attempt for reducing the acidity. But how? This is where my practical experiments and testimony come handy.

I think that all I started to drink helps with reducing acidity (and it can even reach the brain fluid) – now please make sure you are sitting. The main component I think helped me was that famous celery juice! That criticized guy, Anthony William Coviello, is known for propagating celery. He has approx. 2 millions of Facebook followers and just thousands of people who got better when following his advice. Of course there are many critics too. But then there is me – I started to drink celery every single day 150% in line with the recommendation and I even had that lemon water before and sticked to the timing. This can sound like a joke but of course it is not.

So what is known about celery and is not hard to validate by ALS researchers if they would be interested?

We know that celery is very alkaline and helps neutralize the stomach acids as it helps to balance the bodies’ pH levels. For that reason, celery juice is thought to have powerful anti-inflammatory responses, as well as a calming effect on the tummy. It seems to help the stomach heal from many ailments, too​3​.

Next we have critical article on celery juice and Anthony William. I want to provide the balanced view to my readers – if they won´t get interested, it can have fatal consequences as we are not talking about loosing pound or two but about ALS. Please be patient as the ALS puzzle has to be explained gradually and of course celery juice is only small fraction of it in the Ph stabilization objective we need to meet.

One final reason that celery juice is touted a miracle cure-all is that it’s an alkaline food. The argument is that drinking celery juice can help balance your body’s pH. But again, most vegetables are alkaline—not just celery. Eating other green vegetables, fruits, nuts, and legumes has the same effect​4​.

This is so funny! Hard critics first, but then acknowledgement came – it helps with Ph and other vegetables help too! Hooray, so let´s juice and eat those other as well as this is exactly what I did. There is no conflict whatsoever.

I would like to teach my readers one thing – I really followed these basic and totally underestimated advices on 150-200% or more. This is why I had that lemon water before celery juice every single day and I had 0.5L to 1.0L of that celery. So what do we know about lemons which taste acid. It is another hit and oranges are included too. It certainly is not about getting crazy with celery and juice from citruses. The problem here is only the different expectation. Critics are concerned when they hear someone claiming fruit can cause miracle, because they think wrongly. Fruit like lemon and green vegetables can indeed contribute to a true miracle but one needs to add tens of other things. Obviously thinking I get orange every day and recover from ALS is not rational.

Anyway we wanted to only address sub-problem here and stabilize our Ph and this is what (lemon water, 40 min. gap, celery juice) combination will do for us. After few weeks the Ph levels should improve. Please do not hesitate to get even more scientific assistance – measurements etc. But do not let some sceptical doctor to kill your hope that this is actually necessary.

Bottom line: When you eat and drink well composed natural products your Ph will also naturally converge to the homeostatic value so you do not need to worry about which direction to go. Those long time underrated and laughed at juices (celery, lemon, etc.) will prove their value now and address one fundamental problem for us.

Step 4 – Detoxification

This is good for everyone but in ALS we mainly need to address the heavy metals problem. If we think Ph levels could be stabilized we can proceed with the next step – heavy metals. This again is described in the Survival Guide document and you can google for any advice on how to remove metals using chelation. If you could be part of scientific study so you can examine your urine it would be awesome. It is not surprising that this promising story followed exactly this sequence (stabilization, excretion of mercury in urine after some time only!). In my Food as Factor post one can find some details too and if you turn to Anthony William, then why not. But keep in mind this ALS turnaround adventure is really long step-by-step journey. Count in months!

Please make sure you did not miss the selenium part. The danger of mercury playing a role in ALS is high. Selenium supplementation​5,6​ together with zinc, magnesium, B-complex, SOD rich natural products like chaga, green barley etc. simply need to be part of your arsenal.

Step 5 – Immunity Support

How immune system is active in ALS is described in my earlier post series, but mainly in Immunity In ALS Patients post. You should learn that there can be 50% chance the immune response in ALS patient is actually insufficient and this is the reason why it needs to be boosted. There is even scientific evidence or let´s be more careful, and call it quasi-evidence that it really is the insufficient immune response from those two main options in the 50:50 dilema (details described in the previously linked post). Also my personal experience supports this version. Part of this is use of natural antivirotics and antibacterial products. Again all is in the Survival Guide. Important information is that this should be ideally done after getting rid of those metals – you can estimate it if having no way how to measure it (scientifical supervision would help, but who will get it?). The problem with metals is that they accelerate damage as part of oxidative stress reactions. Please read toxicity related post for more details if not done earlier. Immune reaction leads to producing QUIN & ROS and you certainly want the metals to be already gone as the metals play similar role like wind in case of big open fire. This can end with a deadly loop where immune system falls into trap and chronic inflammation arises or persists.

Step 6 – Supplementation

Lack of minerals like zinc, magnesium, selenium which can affect core detox functions (super oxid dismutase, glutathion) and impaired metal removal natural ability is suspected – I wrote about it before. Did you know that the first most known genetic mutation observed in familial ALS is related to SOD1 gene? This gene is responsible for generating the super oxid dismutase enzyme needed for well working detoxification. What a coincidence, right? I am just reminding it so that you know we are completing ALS puzzle here, piece by piece . That enzyme is part of the supplements so it will help. That food related post also has innocent mention about certain positive effect of supplementation among ALS patients – but this is not enough, the sequence of steps and building synergic effects is important. Otherwise it is like getting only that orange on daily basis and nothing more.

Step 7 – Food Diet

I have put together basic suggestions under Kernel Mode Diet label. Please do not worry, there is no product or business aspect. It is just a name which should remind everyone the importance of natural clean food. Today people do not realize they eat pro-inflammatory food every single day and in case of ALS and chronic inflammation this is a problem. But if you just understood that you stabilized Ph, removed metals, supported immunity while dramatically decreased/eliminated consumption of pro-inflammatory food, you could already see the snow ball effect. But damn positive effect, synergic cumulative effect where many components were adjusted and now effect in one single direction, in the right direction, in the direction to break the chronic inflammation loop and stop ALS.

Step 8 – Strict Resting

This is important from one main reason. Person with ALS has chronic inflammation in CNS, but possibly also PNS. This requires long quality sleep, resting and total discipline regarding all the previous steps. This also explains why so many people who do demanding sport including professional athletes received ALS diagnosis. They had hidden inflammation but since it is hidden and not apparent like flu or COVID they continue in stressing the weak organism and we already know that stress hormone like (nor)adrenaline etc. actually suppresses imunity. The person gradually works against its own immunity without really knowing it – then thresholds are exceeded and fatigue and symptoms finally appear. Please read about Lou Gehrig who represents an etalone of this unfortunate acting. I always remember my beloved ALS ill mother who wanted to train the muscles, who did fast walks till she could. She thought when muscles get weaker she need to try to train them – what a mistake. It is not like that. Problem is not in muscles but in nervous system and inflammation there, once nerve is disconnected from the muscle the muscle dies due to not receiving signal. Any strenuous exercises actually worsen things. Keep it in mind, stay relaxed, stick to stretching and fight in the smart way.


First of all, let me remind you my disclaimer page. Make sure you understand it and you are fully aware of the simple fact – all you do but also you do not do is fully your responsibility. In order to summarize the procedure in just a different way I am including below table which describes how I would leverage the information I am providing here, if I had that years ago when my mother received ALS diagnosis. In other words how I would attempt to cure her.

Notes to the table

  • Phase length is ETA but the patient condition would be monitored very closely and adjusted as necessary
  • The patient needs to eat during all the phases but only core Kernel Mode compatible food would be given
  • Supplementation is art – this is the real experimental ground, mainly in terms of timing, i.e. what to take when in what amounts
  • Vegetables and fruit (BIO, ideally, carefully washed) are source of basic supplementation in all phases but then at certain time it needs to be strongly supported
  • I would never give any extreme dose of any supplement which could result in overdosing (especially with selenium I would be careful)
  • When in phase#1 it means to do only phase#1 steps
  • When in phase#2 it means to do only phase#1 + phase#2 steps
  • When in phase #3 it means to do phase#1 + phase#2 + phase#3 steps

What To Expect

This can be very important and it is already my personal experience. My mistake was I executed everything concurrently in a quite extreme way. I suffered a lot but I was strong, did not have ALS diagnosis and was not weaken like typical ALS patient can be. The desire and need to do something quickly can be really counterproductive and presents a real challenge for ALS patients. Medical science and healthcare system will not help but truth is that undergoing all these phases under supervision would be the best. By the way does anyone know why Hippocratic Oath is so close to the “hypocracy” word?

  • Patient can start feeling worse or even much worse
  • Mainly during the immunity support phase patient can feel very unpleasant symptoms which science calls Jarisch–Herxheimer reaction – I felt that a lot!
  • Intensive excretion can be experienced, including surprising amount of waste
  • Watch for bruises and blisters – if they appear you can be on healing path, I posted my photodocumentation here
  • All above is not nice but it is actually positive sign that changes occurred and the gradually reinforced organism is mobilizing and initiated turnaround operations. This is why resting and continuous care only makes sense. It is also the biggest general lesson for medical world which is doing everything to kill pain or suppress symptom regardless the health problem. I have embraced the pain because it is the organism way to call for attention. I have suffered and I have recovered. I believed in my body, not that much in medical authorities (in this case!). It is a great paradox but with ALS it is much easier to not listen to authorities than with, let´s say trivial disease. Authorities have only slow death for ALS patients so I hope true fighters and warriors will rise and prove this can be the way. These strong persons need to find the path for their less courageous fellows.
Phase #Phase NamePhase DetailsPhase LengthScience Support
1Ph stabilization (all body fluids, mainly CSF)

First and very important phase. No other activities would be run in parallel. This needs to restore the fundamental layer so ALL chemical processes within organism can run as we need and as the organism evolved. (when Edgar Cayce talked about “breaking of law” he could easily refer breaking the Ph level – such a fundamental thing! 😉). Drink regime is important.

I would probably start giving:
magnesium, B-complex, alpha-lipooic acid, selenium/zinc
2-4 weeksYes (part of this article, see references)
2DetoxificationStarts after phase#1 is finished. Main objective is to attempt to remove heavy metals – mainly from CNS. With improved Ph balance it should be achievable. One can try with any method but I have experience with natural products as written in the Survival Guide. Drink regime is very important – excretion.

I would extend supplementation:
magnesium, B-complex, alpha-lipooic acid, liquid zinc, liquid selenium, liquid copper, SOD rich and glutathion rich stuff
2-4 weeksYes (other posts here and their scientific references)
3Immunity Boost
Starts after phase#2. At this point I should already have improved the core environment (Ph) and excretion of metals which keep the chronic inflammation active should enabled and to great deal also completed. This means immunity can be carefully stimulated and boosted so pathogenic forces are finally eradicated.

I would extend supplementation:
magnesium, B-complex, alpha-lipooic acid, liquid zinc, liquid selenium, liquid copper, SOD rich and glutathion rich stuff, all products from the list as included in the PDF.

Note: My mother did not take any drugs, no antidepressants etc. so I would not need to make decisions here and assess any risks.
N/AYes (other posts and their scientific references)
4All previous three phases in parallel.After the sequential start (= best effort to not cause unwanted and potentially harmful shock to the organism), I would continue with all phases simultaneously and I would evaluate the results – did anything improve or worsen? Log of all these findings would be taken.N/A

1000 days?
Yes (obviously, if composed from 1, 2 and 3)

What ALSSTAR actually means?

It means amyotrophic lateral sclerosis stabilizing and recovery algorithm. ALS disease can be imagined as a layered problem. Problem in base layers are propagated into higher layers and after some time it is extremely hard to spot what can be wrong if we are looking at layer where motor neuron is dying. ALS Experimental Theory describes the possible architecture of ALS disease and points out the core problems in most important layers. Not all problems in all layers are known but this is not a show stopper. We still can proceed and only need to pay for this lack of perfect knowledge with certain price – our path is promising but is most likely not optimal. This is where mission of affected people starts. They need to experiment and find their own unique way because someone is more impacted with infections and less by toxicity and vice-versa. This means that certain part of the protocols will have different weight among patients but the generic framework is described.

This information I am providing here is backed by serious scientific research. I have not written all those articles I refer and cite on this website but I linked their findings in a for me logical way – nobody in ALS world ever claimed something like that because the understanding of ALS is minimal. I anticipate heavy critics but I am confident – time will show. It is impossible to find links among real findings done by scientists, published in scientific journals and be completely off. This is the way to move forward in the war against ALS. The theory is both complex as well as very simple at the end. It has no competitive and comparable counterpart – it is something Vs nothing duel. People should recall that before they reject this, perhaps using some legendary phrase.


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