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The Sound Of Silence

As an independent ALS researcher who is focusing on analyzing information freely available I need to more and more suspect something is not right here. In this post I will summarize the facts and encourage even more to share information I have analytically come to. At the same time this post should close my ALS related work.

This is my older post originally from April 29th 2021. I am publishing it now (18/07/2022) as part of finalization works in my ALS project. Not a bad text in my opinion. 😃 I officially call my work completed.

Mystery was deciphered to a great deal, and only tragedy remains (no interest, no good will). I am hoping someone can find this website useful – having this knowledge enables anyone to act as an ALS preventionist who can help anyone in his wider neighbourhood, who is facing weird symptoms, which lead to ALS. If those symptoms are neglected or treated by unknowledgable medical authorities, then ALS becomes a real threat after 12+ months of wasted time. Once ALS becomes reality people get entrapped, it is extremely hard to get out of such situation – but still possible!

Below in newly added Roadmap section with few convenient links for better orientation on this website.

Last words? Wishing everyone good health and never lose hope and personal interest, as with many other problems of today world (including ALS) it is the only factor making a difference (your personal involvement). Relying on others does not work … (they have different interests where you don´t play primary role).


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I could not help myself, so I summarized demonic ALS again and hopefully better for readers in two additional posts – one with seemingly conspirative title Brutal & Ruthless Truth About ALS (don´t get confused, the meaning of truth is different & non-conspirative at the end) and second ultra informative and in my opinion very eye-opening (still hard to believe for many) ALS Community – Buried Alive.

This is my way of doing ALS Awareness, pointing out obvious facts, linking them logically, highlighting strange or wrong decision & problems and also proposing daring hypotheses.

ALS Community – Buried Alive


I would call myself a rational person who is interested in facts first and only once there are facts which are hard to question, I try to apply my “analytics” and interpret the information. Someone may think I interpret the information wrongly but then I would like to hear why, where am I doing mistake? I clearly recognized there is certain problem with sharing my conclusion on ALS – it just does not make sense to me. However at the same time there is no opponent voice, instead ignorance and strange silence always ocurs. I have conducted few tests to verify this and it is confirmed. Before I get to it I want to summarize the problematic parts of ALS Experimental Theory. The word “problematic” is meant to express the fact such findings are simply not welcome. There is no debate, there is only silent ignorance. Let’s review this and then share other findings.

Lyme disease

This disease plays critical role in ALS Experimental Theory and I have described the possible interactions and relationships. But why Lyme disease? Well many people will naturally suspect Lyme when they register strange issues like neurologic problems, fatigue, pains. People are aware of this disease existence and all these symptoms are valid and unquestionable. In other words the link of such symptoms and the disease is bullet proof. Of course this does not mean any such symptom automatically means Lyme, but vice-versa is also true.

This means you cannot rule out this possibility right away. It needs to be one version out of more when investigating the health problem and then the systematic work can start. So what is the problem with Lyme? The problem is that there is a great amount of information indicating people can be intentionally fooled and the medical authorities or someone else do great job in manipulating the facts and serving inaccurate information to people, mostly to ill people which I always consider an obvious crime act.


Diagnosing Lyme is very strange. It is great I have my personal experience with this. When I had those unpleasant symptoms the doctor was not really helpful – this is why I have real problems with them. I had to propose Lyme on my own but he immediatelly started questioning it – I had no tick which means I just cannot have Lyme. This doctor is not intelligent at all as he thinks or believes tick bugs have monopoly on microorganism like spirochete. Can you believe it? I knew he is telling me silly things but how could I argue with him? Anyway I made him to do all the tests, ELISA and then also Western Blot (after my personal intervention!).

Results stated both tests are negative and the doctor stated again something like: “You see, you cannot have boreliosis”. However did I already write this doctor clearly is not the brightest person I met? Of course these tests are very problematic. Later I bought Harrod´s book on Lyme which was a great source of information. There is no bullet-proof blood test for Lyme. There are for sure other more complex diagnostic methods how to find out if a person has active pathogen like spirochete but nobody will ever offer this to you in medical office. Why? Most likely it is not that easy and standardized by the system.

In order to support above claims I am giving few citations from the expert book​1​ (Please note the 2005 publishing date and compare it with today reality in 2021). I should only add my doctor did not rquire anything like advanced serological examination, he was done with me based on those tests.

“Despite many issues with lab tests on boreliosis (sensitivity, specificity, false positivity, false negativity, potentially crossed reactivity) still many doctors rely on these tests or at least require complementary information from serological examination conducted using the suspected sample of patient blood.”

— Dennis White (Lyme Disease Surveillance)

Buhner in his book states that if the typical spot (EM; Erythema Migrans) does not appear (my case!) then there is no reliable and standardized way to diagnose boreliosis. It is stated that for more than 2/3 of people there is no spot and they also never registered tick on their body. The book continues in assessing the poor results of tests used (ELISA mainly) and states only much more expensive laboratary examination usually confirms presence of the pathogen despite negative results of all blood based tests.

This is in my opinion logical thing, only people who lack crictical thinking can state some blood test is 100%, more over if expert data say the opposite. Here I would like to point out my life impression regarding doctors. My intention is not to insult anyone but I highly suspect many and many doctors are not really bright persons. I have dealt with them so I know. Then I also know all very bright and intelligent people (math majors etc.) were never interested in studying medicine. Medicine was always domain of humanistic direction oriented people who often had great troubles at school (math, physics) but they had no problem with memorizing big amounts of texts in biology.

They did not have that analytical thinking which one indeed needs. They just learned how to memorize stuff and that was it. On the other hand those bright people ended with studying math, economics, computer science, engineering etc. This is the reason why a doctor can tell you a logical nonsense like the case I mentioned. Not all are like this, but as I said expect there are many, maybe close to 50% like that if not more. I asked some friends on this and they saw that very similarly when remembering people from their high-school times. Now compare the world of engineering with the ability of humans to cure chronic diseases. This is caused by the empirical fact doctors are often not really bright, they just measure your blood pressure and prescribe pills. They are OK with this system, they are easily manipulated, easily corrupted. This is something a true engineer would just hardly accept. Good thing is people are leaving this medical hydra as they already recognized the problem, alternative and complementary medicine explosively grows. This will further deepen … It is a time bomb.

Image designed by freepik

It is no wonder the presence of the spirochetes was confirmed to be found not only in blood but also other “body liquids”. For instance breast milk. This means a child can easily get infected from mother very early in life without ever seeing a tick. Please remember this and if you do not trust Buhner you can bookmark following NIH article​2​ which admits breast milk can be source of the infection. The infection is latent and kept under control by immunity for years.

There is another, for me trustworthy person, who claimed it is hard to diagnose reliably spirochetes using blood tests. It is Lida Holmes Mattman and I included the citation on immunocomplexes in tissues, not in blood before. She also provided evidence of the presence of spirochetes in CSF in both ALS and MS patients. Please stop for a while and think – Have you ever seen a mention of this significant finding in media, mainly in the context of ALS? I have not. This woman, a top class microbiologist, dedicated whole her life to studying the disase (Lyme, MS & ALS) and the pathogens so I tend to believe her findings are more trustworthy (she gives evidence also) than some not really bright doctor, a product of medical system, which is suspected to be highly linked with business interests (“selling ELISA/Western Blot crappy tests”). Surprisingly the work of Mattman is not cited much without big justification. Perhaps it is not convenient for some!

Lyme Warning

I am not someone who wants to deal with some “crazy theories” but in this case it is good to mention the existence of addtional information available. For example Tennant claims following in his book.

Lyme disease is caused by a type of bacteria called a spirochete. Although it was traditionally thought to be due to a tick bite, it is now clear that Lyme disease is spread the same way as colds and flu—airborne. For this reason, almost everyone in the US is a carrier of this organism. If you do a fluorescein antibody test for the Lyme bacteria, you will find that most of us have it​3​.

Then we can also learn spirochete is also intracellular parasite, meaning it is a bacteria which infiltrates our cells and lives inside of them. This would automatically mean one can get infected in many ways, again not just by a damn tick bug!

The Lyme spirochete reproduces itself, sheds its cell membrane, goes inside a cell, and lives there. When the cell duplicates, the spirochete reforms its cell membrane, makes multiple copies, and then again sheds its cell membrane and goes back inside the cell. That is why antibiotics almost never cure it. Antibiotics are effective only during the short time it has a cell membrane. If you put a drop of blood on a coverslip and then onto a microscope slide, you will just see the blood cells. Now let the slide sit there for a few hours so that the cells consume the oxygen, you will usually see what appear to be spirochetes crawling out of the red blood cells! See the image above that I took with a phase contrast microscope in a patient known to have Lyme disease. You will find this pattern in almost all Americans if you bother to look for it​3​.

Another citation already states nothing but conspiration theory related to Lyme disease. Honestly, this is something everyone needs to judge on his/her own. I can only give you a good advice. Never judge such claims emotionally. If your reaction is you get freightened or irritated how can someone even afford to write such thing, then you clearly react emotionally. This has nothing to do with critical thinking and practically always is misleading. So take a deep breath or two and read on.

Lyme disease is a political disease. Doctors don’t lose their license for diagnosing infectious diseases like pneumonia, strep throat, sinusitis, ear infections, etc. They do, however, lose their license for diagnosing Lyme disease. That puzzled me until I read the book Lab 257. It presents strong circumstantial evidence that Lyme disease was created as a weapon by the US government on Plum Island off the coast of Connecticut. If that is true, it would explain why the government would not want doctors to find an efficient way to treat it.​3​

So what do you say now? I can share my immediate thoughts. Spirochete as the pathogen existed way before 1970s which is the period during which strange outbreak of Lyme originated. Since I suspect it from contributing to ALS and I know Lou Gehrig and others had ALS way before 1970s one could think it is easy argument against that crazy theory. However it is not. Any government could make use of those unique capabilities of this pathogen and tune it in its labs. During Cold War I am sure research like that existed. Just recall anthrax case.

This can be a really sad situation for humans as we misuse everything what can be misused – never ever doubt about this! The strange behavior of medical authorities regarding Lyme would even support this crazy theory. Even that silly doctor I faced had diploma from the United States. Now if you are brave enough and can just imagine it can be true – do you think any government like US would admit any accidental leak of “engineered pathogen” from its labs? No way. Never trust your government is another golden rule to follow.

Anyway as I wrote in my earlier post, we can always liberate us and escape from this potential amoral mud. At this point it already is not that important what and how happened and why certain strange things happen even today. We can just accept the worst case and start healing on our own – the establishment or the system won’t help us and with Lyme it is more than clear. I don’t live in US but even in my country the situation is very strange.

Above text follows certain conspiracy pattern and I definitely am not a person spreading conspiracy theories. I am including it here for sake of completeness, what all explanations exist.

FYI – It is interesting there are even books​4–7​ written on this topic, you can buy them on Amazon. It is very concerning – during my analysis I could notice systematic discreditation of Lyme path or all people who were exploring it, and without any credible evidence (who knows Lisa H. Mattman?). Perhaps I understand better now why Anthony William wrote his Lyme book chapter the way he did (fable, coverup). Check references for suggested reading and judge on your own.

I can also confirm that my physician was either a retarded person (with University degree though) or brainwashed as his strange opinions regarding Lyme lacked any logic – as described in previous paragraphs.

Official Lyme link to ALS

So how the official authorities comment Lyme – ALS link? You can find simple and short statement that ALS is not caused by Lyme​8​. Any justification? No, just claim there is no evidence indicating Lyme and ALS are linked. If you read my website thoroughly, you know this is not true. Perhaps it is not evidence but hot trace. However the problem with such statement is different – there is also no evidence about the opposite, i.e. evidence that Lyme IS NOT linked with ALS. This is a typical dirty trick of authorities – they just rely on their position which should entitle them to support its claims without any evidence but requiring counter evidence from others.

As I wrote the evidence is rather there. Another article on the same topic is following one​9​. Those claims made there are not of a scientific quality. One would need to explain the link in a much more formalized way. For example ALS definitely needs to have its “precursor state”. It is a chronic disease and it develops slowly and at certain point it is already diagnosed. Media state the misdiagnosis with ALS is quite frequent (up to 40%), because there is no definite test for ALS – just recall the GBS mention before or the unfortunate case I mentioned here. Anyway we know from Mattman’s work CSF of ALS patients is full of spirochetes.

Another article​10​ tries to refuse the link using better explanation. But red flag warning is worth noting. The article comes from ALFD which stands for American Lyme Disease Foundation. How trustworthy is such organization? It is strange that warnings are coming mainly from independent researchers and publishers while officials try to refuse this theory and try to find a cure for ALS – however strangely enough, without any results so far. Official authorities also never mention microbiological factors which is another red flag.

They always state the same for several decades – genetic reasons, risk factors with unknown relationships etc. Well it is all up to reader which version sounds better but if you are ill with Lyme or ALS you have a different problem than this politics. You obviously want to heal, you want to be cured. With officials you will not achieve that. In case of ALS it is clear. In case of chronic Lyme you can go through up & dowen cycles, ATB protocols which can devastate your gut microbiom and you still are not cured. Solution? Thorough natural therapy and realizing that your body has solution but one really needs to believe in it and activate the “FIGHTING MODE” supplemented with excellent diet and healthy life style without stress. If this sounds too simple, then I warn you – it looks simple only on paper.

Anyone who chooses this healing path should expect problems – it will really require the best out of the given individual. Believing in this path is the first problem. Realizing the system won´t help you and it is your own fight no matter what is another problem to resolve. You also need to posses the mental power so that you don´t give up early – weak people always give up early, whether they are trying to loose weight or achieve something else non-trivial requiring overall change in their life attitude complemented with long term discipline and determination.

These all are just personal characteristics which will be definitely tested. But then there are the usual modern life challenges. How to ensure one really has good access to excellent food? It will most likely need to spend little more funds on food and perhaps start cooking, giving it extra time and care, educating yourself. What about life stress? Can anyone simple cut all stress once deciding it is a good thing to do? Of course not.

People have jobs, partners, families with small kids or older parents and this all are sources of stress. Regulating stress usually requires big changes on the personal level. It makes people to think differently, react differently, change priorities. There should be a top priority standing above all the others – looking after yourself so you become healthy and strong. Only once this is achieved you can start helping others. Valuing yourself is extremely important, it is not about being selfish. There is a big difference between these two related traits. If all these challenges are overcame people usually realize one thing at the end. Initially they wanted to resolve their health issue, even very serious one.

However at the end they transformed their life and their thinking about it … and as a side effect they obtained health. This is why it definitely is not easy path. I would still encourage everyone to attempt for it.

Epstein-Barr virus and others

With this virus I have also shown there is something strange. It is another extremely common pathogen which practically everyone meets during the life. Despite its confirmed behavior – infecting mainly B cells but also many others and making the infiltrated human cells “immortal”, this virus and other herpetic viruses cannot be targeted with a vaccine – from some reason vaccines do not exist. I do not know the reasons but I will check that yet.

My suspection is that just this omnipresent EBV virus is possible root cause of many autoimmune diseases. One needs to study a bit immune system and how it works but it looks like autoimmune disease is a natural consequence of serious EBV infection out of control of the immunity. Perhaps even cancer is caused by it. Immortality of cancer cells is a known thing. But what do we need to avoid EBV infections, whether in liver or thyroid? It seems that strong NK cells can be a good prevention against these immune system diseases. When I was reading about origins of autoimmune diseases I remember humans at that time were leading philosophical debates due to lack of advanced technology.

Some people were considering the link between person identity and its immunity. So when autoimmune behavior was observed these people quite naturallly suspected the person has problems with its identity which manifests like autoimmune illness. Something like if you do not value yourself, you sabotage yourself mentally, you lack selfconfidence significantly etc. This is very interesting. Science then replaced these theories but they are still alive today when people reveal the influence of our emotions on health. It is no wonder people with cancer are usually not happy, there is something wrong in their lives but it is hard to see that because it is often a secret of that person.

Anyway inspired with these thoughts, I could speculate and propose that NK cells who are part of innate immunity and thus can be thought as a direct part of us (“identity”) can be the factor in autoimmune disease development. It should be NK or natural killer cell who possesses the capabilities to save us from spreading EBV infections. So believe in yourself, resolve your emotional problems (try to get higher overview, get more relaxed and have more fun!) and see the difference if any.

My wild speculation has its counterpart in scientific finding here​11​. Earlier I wrote about supplements (herbs) which are believed to support NK cell populations, so it is not just about weird “all is in your head” mantra – I never liked that but today after the detour I made in my life I have to more and more admit it is actually true. Anyway it is very abstract and generic so if you don´t see that now, it is fine. You can get to that understanding later. Realizing there is a problem in the structure of your immune cell populations which need some natural support, resting, quality sleep and food should be acceptable for most people.

The problem is science knows about EBV for more than 50 years. Science also knows EBV is high suspect in MS disease but it does not target it in MS treatments and therapies. Instead it only states over and over there is probably some way how EBV contributes to MS but we do not know how exactly. Can you believe it? I am telling them right away – target the EBV you fools!

The absence of intensive effort to treat EBV somewhat copies the suspected absence of successful treatments for Lyme. Unfortunately ALS in simplified way and as per my research is an unpleasant combination of these two (more viruses can be present, VZV mainly but let’s keep it simple and put shingles aside). EBV causes glandular fever or infectious mononucleosis, thyroid inflammation and most likely other problems.

ALS = (mono|GBS + lyme)^3

Above equation in my opinion describes what ALS can be in reality. The heavy metal factor should be incorporated as well but let’s remember it just makes everything worse – perhaps it suppresses or blocks certain immunity cells or weakens important endocrine functions. Anyway above equation should be read in the following way and this is already the critical message to readers.

ALS = (curable + curable)^3 =>
ALS = curable

Only the cubic exponent “power of 3” makes everything so incredibly hard but if one believes in this simple math he or she can make it with the assistance of ALS 1KD CHALLENGE, especially if obtained the terrible disagnosis sooner (than my mother did!) and started working on it hard ASAP. The problem is that once someone already starts quickly loosing motoric functions and power he or she cannot do much – but still there are family members and friends to help! Slow disease progression can be replaced with slow healing progression. Just recall how creepy it was and that similarly recognizing the healing is progressing needs time – it will be slow but it will go in the right direction already. It is like with going by car – first you need to break and stop the car, then you can put reverse and going back usually in much slower way.

Mercury Intoxication

About mercury I already wrote before and very recently I dedicated a short post on that. Anthony William mentions it as well. But did you hear anyone from ALS community mentioning it? No? Me too.

In general, Anthony William Coviello really helped me. However if you read his books you will realize even he somehow denies Lyme disease and the role of spirochetes. He blames EBV and other viruses only.
Honestly I tend to not agree with him on this. Of course he is not any scientist but I still respect him. Anyway he can be really wrong here – science has some solid evidence about that bacteria. Also realize spirochetes are known to cause syphilis which has its neural system heavilly damaging phase.

Please watch this video if you do not believe mercury is a big problem but still it was and sometimes still is part of dental amalgams. Would you think governments would admit their mistake?

If you think you may have some mercury within organism try detox using quality natural products as described in ALS 1KD CHALLENGE PDF document. For instance get quality beetroot and juice it.

How ALS Community Responds

Last section I need to dedicate to ALS community. Who do I count in? In my understanding the community includes:

  • ALS patients
  • ALS patients supporters (part of public, volunteers)
  • ALS support organizations (; ALS Association and many others less known)
  • ALS research labs, departments and organizations
  • National Healthcare Systems (Neurologists etc.)
  • Scientific community (all scientists who touch the topics relevant to ALS, for example analysis of heavy metals influence on human organism but also infections/immunology/microbiology)

Now I can write little bit sad truth. I have conducted few tests in which I focused on getting in touch with above mentioned community. I would like to live in the world where people collaborate and where people have good intuition when it is time to help or listen, when to pioneer, for example when there is a mysterious problem of incurable disease like ALS for which no good recipe is known. Anyway this is not the world we live in.

  • I have tried to reach out to scientists and discuss the scientific findings and how I interpret them.
  • I have tried to reach out to ALS care organizations.
  • I have tried to reach out to ALS research companies or organizations.
  • I have tried to reach out to ALS patients.
  • I have tried to reach out to Universities.
  • I have tried to reach out to public to raise their interest and get some support (“pressure, public voice”).

And guess what? What do you think happened?

  • ONE RESPONSE “we will keep an eye on it” FOLLOWED BY SILENCE
One scientist specializing on Alzheimer, ALS or Parkinson communicated with me but once I asked real questions and provided my thoughts (refering other works!) I have never received any response. Silence. Just nothing. No single line. It is like if someone talks to you friendly over a mobil phone and then hangs abrubtly without any reason and forever. Well women can do this but …

Is not it sad? Literally tens if not hundreds of people were reached out with these results. Is this how humans tackle the problem everyone fears of? Is this a real effort to beat demonic ALS? I have all the evidence of above. E-mails, screenshots etc.

Honestly I think this all is an excellent evidence on why ALS persists as an incurable demonic disease which causes so much pain and despair to many people. It all seems like I am the only person on planet Earth who really wants to get this resolved. I am simply alone in this but I can live with it. I have no problem with it. I have prevailed in my own fight and now I don’t need to fear of ALS till end of my life. I will know what to do anytime ALS like issues hit me or anyone I know. But will others know these options too? This website is my gift for all others around the globe, whether they believe or not.

It is stated that only in the United States every 90 minutes there is some person who hears ALS diagnosis. I know what it means. I have worked hard for several months and created this guide for these people. The sooner they find it the better chances they have to prevail and shock the world.

“Regardless the lack of a true interest apparent on all levels, regardless the strange and conspiration promoting facts I believe one can escape from ALS hell by leveraging the information published on this website. And that matters.”

— Mr Underhill


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