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Mercury – A Real Threat

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This is going to be the shortest post for a reason. There is not much to write about how dangerous mercury is for a human organism. Still it is used in healthcare which will become a real scandal very soon. I personally am surprised it did not happen already earlier.

In terms of assessing toxicity on human health I wrote a post months ago and mercury is mentioned there. The reason why I am dedicating another post only to mercury is simple – it is extremely dangerous and based on my as well as other theories mercury plays significant role in the development of ALS disease. If you know anyone with ALS try to remember whether he or she could be exposed to mercury more than others. For example recuring problems with teeth is a real red flag (amalgams). Also other heavy metals are known risk factors. Getting rid of them can help.

Long story short, please see the below video (University Calgary) which explains what mercury can do to your neural system. Also think why mercury is still used despite protests against it took place already in 1843.

In case you think you could be intoxicated refer internet. As per my experience the natural detoxification (beet root juice) can help but there can be more scientifical methods (chelatation).

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