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Medical Medium Vs Modern Science

In this post I will compare both approaches little bit more. The context still remains same – chronic diseases, often very serious. In my opinion we all would benefit if some bridge between these two camps could be established. There is some theory and science has technology to examine and validate it.

Medical Medium vs Medical science (image from God of War)

You can stop for a while and think about what awesome things and progress people achieved in last 20-30 years, for instance all the computer, mobile and IT technology in general. It is uncomparable with those 8-bit devices from 1980s. However in medicine the situation is little bit different – when Lou Gehrig was retiring I am convinced the people on Yankees stadium would believe that 80 years later we will be able to treat ALS or cancer which, by the way, killed the other baseball legend – Babe Ruth. However despite some decent technological progress we are still more or less in the same position. People still do not understand what and how and why exactly is happening when someone gets ill with cancer and with ALS it is even worse. This is a big disappointment.

Before I continue I would really describe this duel between often old-school approach and little bit weird hard to believe and also simple but controversy theory which requires time to be approved or denied but which definitely needs to be thoroughly examined as soon as possible (yesterday was late). If someone asks why old-school medicine then it is necessary to remind those many decades old weak foundations in autoimmunity, genetics which still hold today without great modifications – instead we rather see effort to graft latest and often already 21st century findings on 1900-1950 theories. People try to continue in the existing rails rather than switching to some new and that can, in theory, be one reason why progress in medical science is so slow – instead of TGV we go by local slow train.

In the previous post we could conclude that there is indeed an overlap or intersection in both theories. The problem is that modern medicine does not have any solid theory – it just throws some vague hypothesis and mentions risk factors plus states human body got mad or disfunctional which does not sound really trustworthy to me. Please think about it a while in the same way I did – healthy person born as a happy child is told few decades later it is somehow crippled because its immune system went wild or it has bad genes but there is no real evidence of it. Just think about it and how mother nature is outperforming anything humans do and then ask yourself. Does the autoimmunity theory in its current form still make sense? Is finding that gene ABC does not look same as in other people helpful information? It can be helpful if it is treated as symptom in long chains of symptoms and hunt for root cause continues but that is not happening. People just stopped and bad gene or confused immunity is currently their final answer and they are spending fortunes on fighting those symptoms, not much is left for root cause research. Of course in the background there is some ongoing and very slow research but towards clients we can talk about final answers. This is real problem as we are humans and we need answer which still leaves space for taking some actions. We cannot receive showstopper information in health issues. The medical system needs to provide solutions and if there are no good solutions it is better to stay reserved and simply state: “We are sorry but we don´t know – science is not that far yet to explain what is wrong. Please try our default or general healing programe created for these scenariois. It is focused on lowering any possible hidden infection loads, revitalizing the body in terms of main health factors like food and nutrition, intestinal and excretion systems, detoxification, lower stress exposure. Your insurance covers that partially but your active participation is necessary.” It sounds like science fiction right? I have also never heard about that. If there is no drug then there is no real help, but usually there is some drug which doesn´t really help and additional drug research is in progress – all the machinery targeted at symptoms! It is no surprise that people are loosing trust in conventional medicine. It just does not work for them and new generations are different – similarly as I did they saw how their grandparents, uncles and aunts or even parents were treated by this disfunctional system and they want something better. People rather enter on thin ice by trying all the alternative approaches than getting same terrible service as their older relatives. Why should they follow the blind path, wrong path leading to pain and no real relief? We can also register the lack of trust during COVID19 pandemy – people are already sceptical, they see those pharmaceutic giants with their quickly delivered vaccines and they are worried, sceptical, they see the huge financial aspects and interests there and it is actually undeniable. Some people started buying stocks but lot of them are reacting already differently. When trust is lost it is hard to gain it again. This system is just going wrong and we all know it. Good news is that some alternatives are actually good and really help.

The above mentioned fictional default healing programe prescribed when no good specific treatment can be given could actually be similar to what A.W. presents. He can be actually filling this gap. So how it is different?

In terms of risk factors both approaches are in agreement – viruses, infections, toxicity including mainly heavy metals and omnipresent stress. However the actions are different – pills and drugs vs natural “back to roots” protocol followed with radical change in probably wrong lifestyle.

Anthony William theory is very simple – autoimmunity is big mistake. It is such a mistake that it will – one day – become one of the biggest oversight in human history.

First it actually provides different answers. Some people will find this immediately disturbing and untrustworthy but that is their decision. Some people may even find the conventional medicine answer better because it is supported with practical information from research. The alternative explanation without big detail on how antibodies are created and how they bind to cells can be found suspicious. A.W. says human body never attacks itself, human body knows what it does. This sounds nice, but how does it help right? Should we pray and hope terrible diseases will go away? Certainly not, but honest pray has its importance. In reality A.W. says that human body, or more specifically its immune system attacks infected parts of the body – tissue, badly mutated cells, cells occupied with viruses, toxic substances etc. OK, sounds nice especially when we already know our body protects us in default mode. Why would such rock solid and evolution battle tested mechanism go wrong suddenly? That is our real life experience but still we cannot be sure – we need evidence, that is understandable. A.W. won´t give you such evidence but still you can actually heal from serious problems. I´m clear evidence of that and I cannot be alone.

There is a problem though – how it is possible that the medicine with its technology like MRI is unable to see the infections? A.W. has bad news for us – people don´t have technology to visually locate those hidden infections deeply in tissues and organs and it will take perhaps decades to address this problem.

What can we do? Are we done? Not entirely! We don´t need to see that. We can act or pretend like if the infection really is there, we can try to trust the immune system more for a while and explore other options. Still fundamental question arises: Is ALS actually kind of “invisible infection”? The simplified answer based on this theory is YES but I tried to dig through scientific articles and in rest of the posts I will add more details to this so far simple answer. The invisible property may not imply there is something new people are unable to see under microscope – we can see things of nanometer sizes, right? The problem can rather be we see obvious things (building blocks) but don´t see the relationships and relationships most likely matter here. ALS can be thought of as the top of pyramid having various layers or floors. I will be building this theory layer by layer, floor by floor in following posts.

Let´s recap what viruses and bacterias are we talking about here as per A.W. books:

A medical medium with uncommon medical knowledge is mentioning viruses and bacteria as main components of many chronic diseases including cancer, multiple sclerosis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis known as Lou Gehrig disease. Second factor is toxicity and weakened organs and internal sub-systems responsible for keeping our body clean & free of toxicity of all kinds.

This does not really look like some esotheric freak show! This needs to be scientifically examined, more over when we are in the virus age and COVID-19 virus world pandemy!

The other very important part of the theory is these viruses including those currently unknown are told to be toxic and able to produce toxic substances – they even should act like some micro-factories which ingest toxicity found in human body and output even more toxic results. This sounds scarry. As an absolute amateur I need to admit I was surpised that based on A.W. words current medicine has no technology to introspect organs like liver to see they are seriously damaged and infected. The liver tests in use or blood tests in use (presence of antibodies, hormonal image) are not reliable and even worse, medicine does not understand how thyroid cooperates with adrenal glands resulting in quite OK test while the body certainly is not OK and bad mistakes happen. Immune complexes can be bound in tissues rather in blood and thus blood test does not detect them. Another issue is that if something is detected it is neglected because it is not considered game changer factor due to common occurrence across people including “healthy” ones.

What miraculus solution A.W. presents then? In my opinion it really is miracle but it is so simple and so tough journey that people won´t trust it. It is also not stated it will work for everyone out of the box but hope is always there. It is actually a special diet combined with detox procedures.

If anyone started laughing right now I will stop him immediately – this is not some fancy detox from TV add. Please don´t forget this all is about deadly ALS and also other serious diseases. The reason behind the diet and detox procedures including quality supplements is very simple – try to clean and reinforce your system to such level that it will actually wake up the more or less struggling excretory and immune systems which is the ultimate machinery you need to fight with any infection (whether people have it in files yet or not). This way you really can resolve problem which medical science hasn´t understood yet. Isn´t it logical deduction? I went through many books and the nutrition/food factor is increasingly getting higher and higher focus everywhere. There is a noticeable shift. It is not about recovering from cold but it is getting mentioned in context of serious diseases like cancer and similar. It is also perfectly in line with my previous logical deductions on chronic diseases. I try to proceed in a systematic fashion! 😎

Any oncologist will confirm that it is actually immune system what heals cancer and viral infections, people only try to help, provide support or cut out tumor or shoot it with laser etc. but ALWAYS it is your own immunity which needs to do the hardest job in order to finally heal sick body – and in turn also sick soul, because people are still not really aware of the bidirectional relationship here.

So what? I think this still won´t be enough to convince people or scientists this could be the way but don´t worry I will try to connect things together more. But first we need to take a stop and explore role of three big factors mentioned. There is still lot of information to share!

I realize I´m quite critical at modern medical science. I have good reasons to be cricitical but still I know I need to control myslef. At the end we need to meet somewhere and improve state of things.
Everyone should feel there is something wrong with today medicine world. Please take my critics with reserve.
Another thing is the critics is aimed mainly at the business aspects of medicine. There are many researchers and scientists who work hard and who do great job – work of some of them will be mentioned on this website! We cannot end with medical medium no matter how precise it seems to me in general. Later I will point out certain issues of this theory though. There are statements which would probably immediately discourage more educated persons but I will try to address this 😉
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