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Underhill´s personal notes day 7 till day 10.

Day #7

  • My health state rapidly worsened, I was not able to make any notes – I had to write them later.
    • After 18h all the symptoms heavilly worsened
    • Mainly the neck pain and stiffness but also legs, needle & pins feelings, all very strong and unpleasant.
    • I reacted with intensifying all treatment activities, mainly dosing magnesium (up to 3000 mg/day), vitamine C, vilcacora capsules, detox with cellery, cucumber, carrot juices – sounds funny, but thats exactly what I did. I used everything I had in my arsenal so far.
    • I could not eat normal food/meal so fruit juices and banana/apple and big bowl of blueberries was all I was able to eat.
    • I drank lemon water too – I thought those bad feelings including pain in legs and back part of my neck are result of some neurotoxic substances which were released in my body (bacterial infection, herxheimer reactions).

Day #8

  • I noticed enlarged thyroid – first it was by touch, it was definitely few centimeters thicker and when checking myself in front of mirror I safely concluded: it really is bigger. I took a photo of myself.
  • I ate also raw garlic – not a pleasant feelings, I thought my ears will burn
  • I tried some reflection massage of my feet – I had the map of both feet and the places where I felt intensive pain were marked like liver, adrenals on the map.
  • In overall very bad state.

Day #9

  • Pain at the back of neck reached maximum – I made a note on that and compared that to a state when somebody puts a screwdriver in your back neck.
  • I continued with all possible things – celery, lemon water, vilcacora/cat´s claw, cucumber juice, herbal teas, magnesium.
  • (Of course I avoided all blacklisted food – I had no problem with it for the entire few hundred days long protocol).

Day #10

  • Bad symptoms still active but certain small relief is registered.
  • Thyroid seems like it got stabilized and is smaller, not swolen like couple days before.
  • Strange note: I suddenly started to laugh and could not stop, not sure why, I could not control it, like some weird euphoria.
    Note on strange note 😀: Just recently I read another ALS story where the man described uncontrolled laughter as a really unpleasant ALS symptom. He was describing that as a really embarassing thing. I had that only shortly during my extreme treatment (head pain/pressure etc.), you can check google search like this – it is real! Another trace my story is no bullshit, I lived really strange experience. People should take this and other pieces of information I am providing very seriously.
  • After couple of days on fruit and juices I got hungry – I got a beef with rice which was really helpful, I did not eat much of meat but after few days I took some – always some fine meet, not by food industry processed meat (ham, sausages etc.)
  • Arms and legs in pain but did 5 pullups just to make sure I am not loosing strength (muscle strength)
  • Radish juice – I tried everything, within single day I had not just celery juice in the morning but then later cucumber, carrot, radish etc.
  • Of course I continued with big bowl of blueberries (every single day)
  • I prepared tea or broth from herbs – thyme, coriander, parsley, mint) – another thing which I started to have.
  • Feelings slightly better (in terms of pain) but significant fatigue still registered


  • These four days were just very unpleasant – I could not believe my state can change so rapidly just by changing my diet and introducing few basic food supplement and immunity boosters.
  • I thought that both William and Buhner can be right – one was writing about medically known herxheimer reactions phenomenon and the other about some mysterious EBV virus.
  • All my symptoms supported both theories.
  • Today I know that fatigue is inherent and known symptom for mononucleosis – quite basic disease. However this disease is caused by EBV virus which targets liver and thyroid. My amateur examination really supported this hypothesis but it was even worse – that neck pain, stiffed muscles, needle and pins feelings etc. that looked like there was something else – it could have been spirochetal infection in my CNS which was newly targeted by immunity. Obviously I don´t know but I know doctors took samples of my blood repeatedly and were unable to spot anything.
  • Still this was just a beginning – at this moment I realized I am sick and I made a good decision, I started fighting those problems and this process took another several months.

I did not find time for follow up posts yet, but planned to continue to write a summary till day #250+. Hopefully I will do that soon.
Update: Based on the lack of interest I kind of suspended this series, instead I focused on further analytical work. I would continue only if someone requested that explicitly.

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