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Conslusion & Ultimate Vision

It is time to remind humans how it is possible to lead the “war operations” differently in the ALS conflict and expect better outcome. It would be very surprising if researchers made a real breakthrough within year or two. They are not aware of all those human created barriers which prevent the success or there is much worse possibility – some are aware and they do not care, business is more important. But the success is possible nonetheless.

On this website I have made special effort to investigate the possible cause of ALS but I think I cannot do more without getting any help or support. People need to demonstrate more of interest and then the situation will start improving. Interest is a general ingredient and key part to every success. This is also the reason why ALS communities try to attract the masses with their AWARENESS promotional activities – I also contributed and the result is this video. But my video and approach is different. Spreading awareness without giving explanations and hope is absolutelly useless, yet this is exactly what ALS community does. It repeated “incurable” so much that it became the brake of progress and only source of big fear. Nobody believes in those drugs. Following can be a typical and kind of understandable reaction of mainstream person (except the last sentence, that is already my sentence 😉).

Why should people bother when everyone talks about incurable phenomenon which you just need to pray you will avoid in life? This is purely negative, please do not bother me with this, do not threaten me with this awful stuff – if I get it, what I can do? Nothing. So why should I bother? You have nothing in hand, no prevention, no cure and your attempts do not work at all, deacade after decade and no result whatsoever. Yet you are still trying the same hacking and trial & error based tricks without going into proper depth and wide.

My way of awareness is just of a different kind. At the beginning I basically started with perhaps weird and short ALS definition from Anthony William (see here) but even before that I knew this guy knows something about it. I was reading his book when I realized this is my mother story – everything was there but no ALS label, that I found later in other book. But was this impression correct? Well, I had to start searching for information to see whether there can be some link. And I found them, practically all of them. Rigorous scientific works, known findings, it looks like it all goes in the same direction despite often indirectly. So why such critics? I tried to document it here for others who may need it and whom I wanted to save the effort or at least provide them with a good starting point.

The fight with ALS is extremely hard – in the previous post I was writing about the scope and lately given diagnosis which complicates heavily any recovery attempts. But the diagnosis is such a burden it is better to not get it at all. In this case it is almost better to not visit the doctor … Who knows how I would end if I went to doctor during my worst time – the legs hurted me and in my ears I only heared my mother complaints how her legs hurt and she needs to sit and rest. Perhaps some quick EMG examination would reveal already weak signals in my nerves and I could fall into that trap of despair, because obviously the family history like direct ALS case would be known. But not going to doctor in case of health issues is also risky. Anyway I took the risk and now, 16 months later I am in a great shape. My case is not something useful from evidence point. There are most likely many people like that, but then there are people who never recognize the danger and problems, get only worse as they reach not only the acute form of the disease/syndrome but they also get that nasty diagnosis. Majority of people internaly breaks down – no matter how they look brave, it is their defensive mask. I always thought I would break down too so I better tried to avoid it – could not risk, instead I took that different risk. Then there are other people who manage to not break down, they are capable to neutralize the harming effects of the diagnosis. However they also accept the state and try to live their NEW LIFE WITH ALS as best as they can. I wrote about it before but I need to repeat it. These people seem like they underwent some personal transformation – a positive one. They value things much more, they think about things they considered obvious earlier, they realized their development areas. This is logical consequence of being imprisoned in your own but hardly mobile or immobile body – you can only think so you think. In esotheric books many authors would start describing life lessons, reincarnation, karma stuff etc. but I always wanted to go in the different direction so that these people can be actually saved – the science needs to explain the disease and come up with effective treatment and better prevention, diagnostics.

But today even science is far from being able to provide this. Science would need to be innovated in terms of approaches and methodology. Science would need to be liberated from financial interests – in those articles I cited here scientists declare officially no conflict of interest. It is nice and it is clear evidence what major problems we are facing here – science is often rigged. Nobody rational can blindly trust any such declarations. If someone believes ALS researchers will come up with truly working treatment in 5 years then I would call him a great optimist with great sense to naivity. But I myself am a great optimist. However I am not that naive. We need to bypass this disfunctional element called ALS research – not science itself but ALS research. I distinguish these two categories for a reason. One can always check their official websites and materials and compare it with scientific findings – surprisingly they do not inform about many aspects and they overhighlight the least important and worst factor most – genes, something you cannot do anything about. This close to criminal doctrine co-created the unfortunate atmosphere in the public. Result of fact manipulation. Also my attempts to communicate with these organizations always crashed – they do their business, they do not want to collaborate, they do not respond. Take a deep breath and try to remember what all scandals in the last 60 years were revealed and what all was intentionally manipulated, affected by corruption and rigged? I would be concerned even with ALS research as there are signals (strong but neglected link to the environmental factors!) not all is right. Have you read my post about detoxification based untrusted healing? Have you read about mercury? Pathogens in such organism are last drop. These factors need to be eliminated from the organism, removed and cleaned out. What science does is the opposite it is adding drugs into such polluted micro-environment – that cannot work and as I wrote even stem cell therapy cannot work due to that unstopped ongoing damage – it is like if you were repairing roof on your house during hurricane. Why do you think I use below picture?

The Vision

Forget ALS research. My analysis of the disease reveals the weak spots (chronic inflammation, toxicity) and these need to be targeted with maximal effort – all untrustworthy elements need to by bypassed and removed. This includes also organizations like ALS Association and similar. Default optics is – I do not trust you, prove your trustworthiness first. People should create simple decentralized network through which they can share experience and start fighting on their own. How they should fight?

It looks like I went totally mad but all is already prepared and ready. We have promising findings, scientific information and even testimonies which are ONLY not trusted. What is missing? An experiment.

However the experiment needs to be properly scaled. The success is not guaranteed. Let´s suppose that in the United States it is stated approx. 30,000 people live with ALS and every 90 minute a new diagnosis is given. Terrible stuff. But those fresh official ALS patients are the soldiers who have the highest chance to succeed. They are most likely still mobile and strong but received that nasty fatal outlook. What choice does such person have? If these persons started to fight in line with all the findings written and referenced here I would say they have a good chance. That 1KD challenge really is about 1000 days. If it is applied by five people or families who give up after 3 sloppy weeks it will not give the required result due to that highly experimental and individual nature of the protocol and mainly highly individual health state and traits which will be of uttermost importance – mental power, ability to resist, motivation, optimism, determination, team work. But if it is executed by thousands I am sure positive news will come – it most likely happened before but not in such late stage which people generally perceive and consider incurable (everyone remembers Sir Hawking). This experiment is for everyone – if not mobile already, then your closest ones will step in. System tracks and respects only those unsuccessfull which creates the demonic circle of death.

Did this person get better? Hmm OK, the diagnosis was wrong it was not ALS. Did this person die? Well that is ALS, it is always fatal.

The victory is defined by single officially approved recovery from ALS – this will create a new etalon for the ALS community. Incurability will fall. Everyone afflicted should attempt for it due to the accessibility, affordability and non-invasivity. ALS is a complex syndrome but it can be reduced to problem of solving chronic inflammation. Inflammation is something every single person on this planet knows, went through and recovered from. It is natural to recover from inflammation, it is our native function. People only need to believe that their struggling organism will be reinforced enough by providing all those required supplies to such degree it will break the chronicity lock and stop the disease. Yes I think this is possible. Why would anyone refuse such opportunity?

If you do not believe the ultimate problem in ALS is chronic inflammation then read scientific works publicly available – you can start with my posts where I reference such works. It most likely occurs in CNS as well PNS (nerve-muscle disconnection problem due to infection and tissue scarring). Then once you possibly change your view please move to the next phase and buy or read books describing chronic inflammation and how to fight it. You will realize that 1KD challenge is a compressed form of these recommendations. Total mobilization. You can add anything you think it will help too. It is an open protocol for open people.

If people created the network as stated above they could motivate themselves mutually in an instant online fashion and create new social relationships. Only this aspect itself would be positive as the community would be much more real and stronger than anything currently existing. I am not sure if Facebook is the right choice but it could be one of the first easy options – there are some private ALS FB groups but why private? The community needs awareness, it needs public attention, public support and audience.

What if it did not work at all for nobody? I cannot imagine that due to all those findings and stories. Anyway if it happened – just in theory – the amount of information of scientific value (taking log of actions is recommended in 1KD challenge) and positive emotional energy would affect humans and put them into new and better situation. That unified and monumental rise of regular people who attempted for impossible despite the world and odds were standing against them would become inspirative record in mankind history. The optimistic outcome is more likely to come though, trust me. It would be something like the biggest distributed & decentralized clinical research study performed and administered by the community so all those side interests are eliminated. Success will come. We are almost there … (I just need couple of volunteers).

Information published on this website regarding ALS, Lou Gehrig disease or MND should help people who are seeking for help.
More could be done but my activism will be suspended now – I have also other things to do, can you believe it? 😉 Anyway who would give link to this website is highly appreciated as he or she can potentially save someone life. What is more?

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