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Modern Battlefield: Science Vs Pseudoscience

Read this post if you want to know how pseudoscience beat the science and that Anthony William Coviello nailed that. ALS syndrome got cracked but still far from the final victory.

First I should very briefly introduce Anthony William. Readers in United States should definitely be aware of him but he is already known globally by many people (millions). He is the author of several books on healthy lifestyle and chronic diseases, he runs his MedicalMedium website and he is also quite active on social media where he has millions of followers. Why he is so successful? I think it is very simple – the information he provides helped many people to resolve their health issues including serious problems like multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia or thyroid related problems (dangerous state). When people get diagnosed with diseases like this they cannot expect any great results, the regular healthcare system is unable to cure them. Why would not people try something else then? In the list of supporters one can even find Hollywood stars like Sylvester Stallone or Robert De Niro. You can find even Novak Djokovic there.

It all seems that Mr. Anthony William really helped many people to restore their health so where is the problem? Why rigorous science does not try to learn something new from him? Something what is perhaps strange but seems it works, at least for some, while products of science like drugs, do not work so well. The problem is the same as with Edgar Cayce which I touched already some time ago. Science is not going to collaborate with someone who does not use its methods. What methods? Simply the core scientific methods where everything is based on statistics at the end. Every drug, medicament or therapy cannot be approved immediately, only once it passes clinical studies and scores well (of course there are exceptions like RILUZOL or RILUTEK which don´t help at all but are approved). This is usually done the way there are basically two sets of people – the ill people set and the healthy people set which is also called the control set. Both these sets of people are then given the tested drug and nobody really knows what he actually received – was it that medicament under evaluation or some placebo pill? Then all these people are studied and obviously the key thing is how well will those ill react on the treatment. This is the simple model in action. However it does not work well in many cases but science does not care – it only respects this obsolete model, nothing else and this is called the science (LOL!). Many people naturally accept this and can become aggressive when someone starts peacefully talking about alternative approaches. Anyway this science is about evidence! And evidence is that the clinicial study finished with a good score. If someone recovers from any disease including those non-trivial (cancer, multiple sclerosis) without the help of medical system, his case is basically not registered, not approved and not recognized. Please recall, only statistical studies matter! Mass testing on big samples of humans. It is similar to how humans treat animals, cattle etc.

It is time to remind what statistics also often means using couple of good quotes. Of course statistics is not evil, it is just a tool as any other. Below quotes are sort of negative only and this is what needs to be reminded people, mainly if misuse (abuse?) of statistics can dramatically impact their precious health.

“Most people use statistics like a drunk man uses a lamppost; more for support than illumination.”

— Andrew Lang

“There are three types of lies – lies, damn lies and statistics.”

— Benjamin Disraeli

The problem with statistics in healthcare obviously is not black and white. But problem arises when science measures wrongly and then gets to 100% score. If you counted votes in elections score of 100% for a single political party would be highly suspicious. If it related to people but simple counting only, then it can be OK. For instance how many people passed through the gate on the airport – 100%? Fine, that happens quite often, no problem! This is absolutely trivial. But then there are counts which involve extremely complex and extremely variable subjects and these are humans and their absolutelly unique capabilities in terms of resisting to & recovering from diseases. Here the human can be represented as an object described with tens or better hundreds of variables. Disease can often be also very complex and can be described in a complex (multi-variable) way too. Now let´s say there is disease which is so complex that today science is unable to describe it meaningfully at all. The amount of uncertainty in such project is quickly reaching very high value. And the result of this extremely complex and uncertain trial is then counted in a primitive “humans passing gate” way ending with 100.0% score. Isn´t this suspicious?

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

— Benjamin Franklin

Of course it is highly suspicious and untrustworthy. But there is a problem – the 100.0% score means death rate or fatality and this is quite easy to measure. How can I protest here? How can I come up with any arguments? Does anyone know? I want to question that 100.0% score but how? There needs to be some bug or mistake but where? Well it is very easy at the end but given the state of things, it indeed is a daring and controversial speculation.

The problematic and weak points are the improper use of statistics and mainly the very great uncertainty in the disease knowledge which does not entitle anyone serious like authorities to issue hard statements. Science who measures this and is thus responsible for the credibility of such score, admits it has no real understanding of the disease; admits it is very complex to diagnose the disease; admits there is non-trivial risk of misdiagnosis, especially at early stage of worrying symptoms; admits it has no solid knowledge when and where exactly the disease starts; admits it often hesitates to give the diagnosis and waits even for months during which the patient is left untreated or is treated inappropriately (different diagnosis; inaccurate; ineffective treatment). Yet under such circumstances it claims 100.0% people die.

I am officially questioning this number here and stating that it is only the result of improper use of the statistical framework with terrible consequences. Of course people who lost someone to this disease would be shocked but I lost someone too. The important part of this speculation lies within that several months long period where medical system is in troubles. It has no idea what is wrong with that person and here people often leave the system (!!!). It can be that simple – at this point some people just recover and don´t come back, they do not return to that doctor with complaints it got even worse here or there. They just recover somehow because that is what smart and lucky people do. They had possibly very nasty symptoms but they somehow got rid off them and they are never counted by the system. If they would get counted system could never reach highly unlikely 100.0% score describing how many people die. In other words the system inability to understand health problem gave rise to 100.0% fatal diagnosis. This error is not fixed yet and thus the error accumulates with every unfortunate case – it is an infinite loop so far. After 100 years the error is so big and trusted that nobody questions that, nobody wonders. For every new patient who receives the diagnosis in various stage of the health problem it is like being hit with a hammer – “We apologize, we were not sure for couple of months, but now when it all worsened, here you go 🔨, you are going to die!“.

This is my logical speculation or better hypothesis why ALS or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is 100.0% fatal disease. I state that while having all the respect for all those unfortunate stories. The amount of despair reaches unthinkable highs, I am aware of that and this is the reason why I am writing this. But what is killing all these people today is mainly the monumental error accumulated over the last 100 years complemented with zero progress in ability to effectively treat that health condition and also minimal progress in precise diagnostics. All these ALS patients are those unlucky ones, those who did not manage to escape from the loop on their own and thus they got worse – but many could still revert the destiny, many were still mobile, still self-sufficient and willing to work on healing. One of them was my mother. But they did one mistake – they confided in healthcare system, a system who has no understanding of the disease, no real help in terms of recovery, but who is capable to count well these unfortunate cases and threaten all the future patients by killing their natural power to resist and fight. These unlucky patients were rewarded with death sentence and if they did not break up quickly they only fell into hopeless palliative care.

I have my mother case deeply burned in memory and I remembered the major checkpoints of her health state. She was facing the health problems repeatedly but she was able to get better. However she did not know how to look after herself – what changes she had to rapidly do and make them part of her daily routine. In other words she was supposed to change a lot of things but she did not do that and trusted too much in the system. That killed her at the end. Many people will have hard times with accepting or even partially admiting the ALS mystery could be something around these thoughts. However I know. I am that lucky patient who escaped early and never got counted. I know it and I am happy because I knew the diagnosis would kill me – I stopped the doctor visits. They were useless and worthless anyway. Instead I healed myself but who could believe that I had practically all the early and nasty ALS symptoms? I was supposed to get worse – only then the system would recognize what is going on inside of me, something they do not understand but something they for sure know it ends with slow death which will get counted. The system would be happy that it could have given precise diagnosis, but I would be dead.

I am sure this highly untrustworthy story will not get any understanding nor appreciation but it will be available here nonetheless for those who have the gift to see the danger sooner and also for those who have not lost their mental power despite they can be in already very unpleasant situation. There are many people like me but nobody knows about us – we never got the ALS diagnosis. However there are problems even if people get the diagnosis but then don´t die. These cases are again some mistakes the system admits. Sometimes it is just premature diagnosis which turned to be something else (case of misdiagnosed man was described earlier, mistakes happen) but there are for sure cases where no replacement diagnosis came, it all seemed it is ALS, EMG was indicating that. But the patient just somehow recovered and thus case is closed with “Unclear. Definitely not ALS case.” statement. Why? Because ALS patients are supposed to die and the system counts these well – it is 100.0% fatality. Time will show where the true mystery was – in human mistakes.

But how can this highly unlikely thing, meaning the ALS breakthrough, happen soon? It again is very simple – people only need to start recovering from early ALS diagnosis. One case here, one case there, after couples of cases it already will not be possible to deny and hide them. Now you think I went totally mad and I am most likely on some drugs when writing such nonsenses, right? Well you better wait for it. Anyway the first thing any person with ALS needs is really the toughest – he or she somehow must start believing in this or similar theory and needs to deny internally the incurability of the disease. This is very complex because today modern human can hardly believe in something what respectful scientific authorities claim impossible (until they say it is possible; until they come up with cure; when?). That is why these first people will be special and rare. There are people who are gifted with that type of thinking enabling them to question even these highly trusted authorities and enter their and only their unique tough journey. In order to succeed these people will also need some more trustworthy information on what is wrong with them, what that damn ALS can actually be about and what needs to be done for fighting the disease or symptoms (weapons needed!). These three things together with their indominant will and determination will help them. Let´s review them again as it is critically important:

  1. Breaking their individual trust in authorities; forgetting all those badly counted historical cases with 100% fatality rate; rejecting 0% chance in their unique and individual case; accepting new non-zero chance to stop disease or even fully recover if very lucky (time is factor)
  2. Understanding what ALS can be about in human organism including what to avoid
  3. Grasping the procedures and weapon arsenal which is needed to fight ALS; totally mobilizing all mental and physical reserves (there is always something left!); initiating, meaning executing, the turnaround by applying everything learned while being extremely patient and disciplined.

I have prepared all this information for those people here and it really is a friendly help with no expected or hidden reward. I have created this website where I gradually described my journey and honest attempt to find relevant details about damn ALS mystery. Some posts are indeed not the best in terms of writing style, formulations, typos etc. but if the reader is tolerant, not that picky but eager to get the point and mainly – find the lost hope or boost the still existing but weakened hope, I am sure he/she will find it, it is there. There are more ways how to start – for instance reading the post series from the begining but I believe my latest effort in the form of FAQ page could be good too. I have put together also PDF document summarizing the main points and what is very very important I also described the best-effort sequence of the steps, i.e. the order in which they should be executed (in the PDF you can notice my hesitation regarding this and request for help which never came). It still requires decent experimentation but it is the way to go. Part of my “super crazy and highly untrustworthy project” is also YouTube video which one can watch, perhaps as the very first thing. If you need to ask anything or send me some nasty aggressive feedback you can do that here. I accept the complete spectrum of emotions.

Now I should finally get to the point and introduce again one trully miraculous matter. We will use statistics or better theory of probability too. The probability that few independent people scattered around Earth will reach highly similar (“identical”) hypothesis describing what ALS can be is close to zero. Much more likely is that all these fools would come up with their unique crazy theory. Perhaps they are not fools but truth seekers. Who are those who label them then? Perhaps truth camouflagers. Let´s continue with Anthony William and then introduce others as well.

Pseudoscientist #1 – Anthony William Coviello

As I indicated I know this author books and I am aware of all the positive feedbacks as well as hard critics. I was mainly dealing with the critics because assigning cheap labels like “pseudoscience” is something we should not accept. What we always should require is scientific justification – otherwise we would need to probably start assigning “pseudoscience” labels to the critics too. I will describe the results more below. The summary of this guy´s work would be following.

  • He explains how can many chronic disease develop
  • He calls for healthy lifestyle including mainly natural diet full of vegetables and fruit
  • He criticizes industry and blames it for producing and spreading toxicity including toxicity in industrial food which more and more unhealthy society got used to (it tastes!)
  • He suggests sort of back to roots transition as the industrial civilization we created is dragging us away from Mother Nature
  • He warns us and tries to contribute to mankind awakening (people should start protecting and caring more about environment which in turn will improve global health)
  • He is known for promoting drinking of celery juice but certainly not just this – any critics he is only a weird celery guy is thus irrelevant.

Honestly I do not see anything wrong on above points, or do you see some evil? Then there is one special message this guy is giving us. He told us what ALS is. In his book he described ALS very briefly, like one page but still the information is somewhat valuable because regarding ALS every contribution should be welcome. Honestly I don´t know where and how this man is getting inspiration and knowledge. He claims it is some Spirit but who knows. I care only about results so have no problem here, instead I had to examine his theory. Since he is not really citing scientific articles and journals, he had to receive that pseudoscientist title (Pst., LOL). The man has millions of followers and lots of fans (some haters for sure too) but it seems nobody takes his ALS statement seriously.

“The root cause of ALS is viral infection in brain, most often HHV-6 and other one or two viruses (e.g. herpes zoster or Epstein-Barr virus) in other parts of body. ALS symptoms are caused by neurotoxins which appear only when body is seriously intoxicated with high amount of heavy metals – mainly aluminium, copper and mercury.”

— Anthony William Pst.

Pseudoscientist #2 – Mr. Underhill From Shire

Yes, that´s me. As I wrote earlier I wanted to help building a bridge between science and pseudoscience because I clearly saw how each needs the other to make another human progress for good of all. Anyway I have already got a pseudoscience label too. No matter how hard you are trying to avoid it you will always get it. If you do not come from research center with fully equipped labs of million dollar cost, you are just pseudoscience spreading fool – that is clear and fully understandable, right? But since I am not the dumbest person I expected this. Actually I learned this by studying Mr. William work and decided that I need to try to fill the gap and start looking in core scientific sources – if I find any relevancy there, then the bridge construction works can start! This is exactly what I have done and here are few additional notes.

  • I have studied and fully referred approx. 144 sources in total (it all is part of my posts so you can take the time and validate this information)
  • In below table I show the more detailed breakdown of the sources – it is important to realize that mainly the research works are basically sort of graphs as they refer often tens of other research works and then after some time they get referred too in some future work. What this means? It means I connected to this network, collective human knowledge, and while I directly referred 66 works then indirectly my work is based on thousands of works! This is trully amazing.
  • I have been also utilizing my computer science related knowledge and everyone should know how strong formal foundations computer science has.
Category Description Number Of Sources
(144 total)
Internet Articles
  • Various online related articles like various magazines or official websites.
  • Not academic papers. But often are reaction on some scientific work.
Wikipedia Articles
  • Standalone category due to Wikipedia rules on content creating.
  • All Wiki pages thus further contain numerous other references and sources, very often of scientific nature.
    Page examples:

  • ALS
  • Oxidative stress
  • Reactive oxygen species
  • Danger Model
  • HHV-6
  • Various related books (textbooks, research compilation books, science popularizing books, memoirs)
  • Mattman LH. Cell Wall Deficient Forms: Stealth Pathogens. 3rd ed. CRC Press; 2000.
  • William A. Medical Medium Thyroid Healing: The Truth behind Hashimoto’s, Graves’, Insomnia, Hypothyroidism, Thyroid Nodules & Epstein-Barr . Hay House Inc.; 2017.
  • Kimura H. Human Herpesviruses (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology Book) . (Kawaguchi Y, Mori Y, eds.). Springer; 2018.
  • Sompayrac LM. How the Immune System Works. 6th ed. Wiley-Blackwell; 2019.
  • Kratz RF. Molecular & Cell Biology For Dummies. 2nd ed. John Wiley & Sons Inc.; 2020.
  • Eig J. Luckiest Man: The Life and Death of Lou Gehrig. Simon & Schuster; 2006.
  • Scientific articles – written mostly in academic style, referring other works etc.
    Journals and websites examples:

  • National Institute Of Health (NIH)
  • Science Direct
  • Research Gate
  • Intech Open
  • Neurohacker

In this amount of information of all kinds and origins but heavilly including research works I found obvious and unquestionable links to that simple ALS definition Mr. William gave us. I summarized that on this website and gave it a name: ALS Experimental Theory. Months ago I also published my extended definition of ALS and I still like it despite I got to a lot of additional interesting material later. See that below.

Anyway then comes some cocky mother*ucker from sunny Florida with Phd title and after perhaps 1-2 minutes spent on this website he is clear and states: “PSEUDOSCIENCE!“. What can I do? I am proudly accepting it and I am going to use the “Pst” title from now on officially. I also have standard academic title but I love my new Pst title more and more! Why? Because I am joining amazing team, the PSEUDOSCIENCE TEAM. Just read on and see who all is part of the squad already.

“Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a very complex syndrome. It is higher order disease. I´m not sure if modern medicine knows some disease/super-disease which has several such components where each compoment plays very specific role and the disease gets developed only when each of those components are active or successful and do its part. The disease is actually a cumulative effect of all the components. If some component is not present/active the outcome can be different disease, disease of lower order, most likely not that fatal as ALS. The first class of these components are viral infections – not just one causative virus type like this famous coronavirus SARS-Cov2 but more of them and they should all belong to herpetic virus family, each member is in different part of the body. Then we have another component class and this is bacterial infections – here spirochetes do their part of the job – damage collagen and synovial tissues and force immunity to produce toxins with a very unpleasant cascade effect on neural networks. Third major component is heightened toxicity in the body, mainly in a form of heavy metals. This hidden toxicity does huge job because it can exhaust immune system, make important organs like liver, spleen less efficient and vulnerable. It can also accelerate the damage due to role of metals in oxidative processes. Then there is another source of toxicity and this is internal source – it is our body. Psychic or physical stress, especially long term, affects hormonal activity which puts additional demand on weakened organs – again liver mainly but also other glands (adrenals, thyroid). The last piece is the undernutrition and weak assimilation in terms of core vitamins, minerals, enzymes and bad availability of clean fuel required for curative processes. You can just imagine how it can look on microscopic or even nanoscopic level – there is a raging conflict of a huge scale but it is not manifested significantly to us – herpetic viruses can work silently for most of the time. There is lack of life-giving minerals so the body´s army – immune system – cannot be well equipped to initiate turnaround operation and then regularly supplied during the whole fight campaign – that´s why it only retreats and retreats. It can be very insidious and creepy progression which due to limited human knowledge and improper communication is considered mainly a genetic disorder. This is perhaps the biggest flaw if not crime of current science. Despite sporadic form, ALS really has reputation of genetic disorder in the eyes of public, this steals energy from everyone affected as it creates false impression the diagnosis is final station – nothing except miraculous genetic hack or chemical intervention can help. Patients passively wait on miraculous drug or other treatment. This often has devastative effect on patients spirit and thus physical body. You can imagine how weakend army fights if the supreme commander more or less gave up, is passive, confused or demoralized. Importance of immune system as a factor is kept in behind. Viral factors are highly suspected but nobody talks about it openly and sufficiently loudly. However heredity, SOD1 and C9orf72 genes are mentioned everywhere despite the very little understanding of them – it is just confirmed difference from healthy person without further links to the root cause. AIDS and HIV link everyone knows. Time has come to establish link ALS and HHV-xx, possibly others. Humans think they understand the key to their destiny – that´s why they are obsessed with DNA for 70 years. Despite they know ridiculous 2-3% of it they already started with genetic experiments. In all this hype humans forgot the true factors in health determination are themselves and environment whose part is then something they call viruses, bacteria with their infinite amount of variations and mutual relationships, some beneficial to us but many pathogenic which can form synergic deadly effect. Humans should think about DNA more as a mirror where these factors reflect. It is not meant for playing & hacking. Perhaps year 2020 reminded this to them and will refresh their foolish minds.”

— Mr. Underhill Pst., 31.12. 2020

Pseudoscientist #3 – Dr. med. Joachim Mutter

This man from Germany has published very promising case report describing man with ALS or MND diagnosis who fully recovered and thus broke the 100.0% fatality of ALS. But what happened? Of course he is not counted! It was not ALS or MND what was threatening the man and mainly it all is what? PSEUDOSCIENCE.

What is surprising is that the treatment based on chelatation and confirmed mercury intoxication is matching my findings and despite I am pseudoscientist I am backed by rigorous scientific works describing devastative effects of mercury on neurons. The source of mercury in this man were his teeth. On my website I cited our allmighty WHO organization which claims mercury is very dangerous and 80% of mercury in humans comes from dental amalgams. Isn´t this all very suspicious? Of course it is not, this is pseudoscience! Anyway if you want to know more about it read my related post (you can get the case report PDF there too) and I will include the summary of this nicely documented case here, as it can be thought of type of fuzzy ALS definition.

Background: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a devastating disease leading to death within 3-5 years in most cases. New approaches to treating this disease are needed. Here, we report a successful therapy. Case Report: In a 49-year-old male patient suffering from muscle weakness and fasciculations, progressive muscular atrophy, a variant of ALS, was diagnosed after extensive examinations ruling out other diseases. Due to supposed mercury exposure from residual amalgam, the patient’s teeth were restored. Then, the patient received sodium 2,3-dimercaptopropanesulfate (DMPS; overall 86 × 250 mg in 3 years) in combination with α-lipoic acid and followed by selenium. In addition, he took vitamins and micronutrients and kept a vegetarian diet. The excretion of metals was monitored in the urine. The success of the therapy was followed by scoring muscle weakness and fasciculations and finally by electromyography (EMG) of the affected muscles. First improvements occurred after the dental restorations. Two months after starting therapy with DMPS, the mercury level in the urine was increased (248.4 µg/g creatinine). After 1.5 years, EMG confirmed the absence of typical signs of ALS. In the course of 3 years, the patient recovered completelyConclusions: The therapy described here is a promising approach to treating some kinds of motor neuron disease and merits further evaluation in rigorous trials.”

Pseudoscientist #4 – Edgar Cayce

Yes, we have some promising information, we have links to science, we have even real promising story – it is just perhaps untrusted or too rare or shocking to bother with it. But we are still missing something – some symbolics which would help our efforts. This is why I am introducing here the legend of all pseudoscientific legends, Mr. Edgar Cayce. He is going to boost our enthusiasm with his statement on incurable diseases. I would say we already know what laws are broken in ALS patients. We only need public support and finish this.

“We are finding all states existing in physical bodies are being created with what we can meet with. In truth no incurable states exist as every disease is result of breaking some law. Healing comes when is in harmony with other laws which together yield in a need of healing. No curing is finished without expendituring certain psychic force. During treatment of any type, counterforce let it be surgery or medical or spontaneous, is not more or less active then active force spent in psychic area.”

— Edgar Cayce Pst.


We, humans, are very close to resolving ALS mystery. It is still going to be long and hard journey but we already can leave the hopeless trial & error approaches and instead employ unified and systematic approach leading to the final victory.

If you did not recognize what the featured image of this post depicts I will tell you now. It is (or can be) illustration of the Stalingrad battle, one of the most famous battle in human history, if not the most famous and biggest in terms of overall importance.

In fact it is a remarkable story and example of the greatest turnaround of all times. And do you know what was at the very beginning of this phenomenal success? It was simple piece of information which had priceless value. German agent working for Soviets provided information that Japan is not going to attack on far east. Only this piece of information enabled the turnaround and was at the beginning of massive counteroffensive. Siberian divisons were immediatelly relocated to the Stalingrad battlefield and thanks to excellent strategy the evil forces have been crushed. Since this victory the initiative on east front was taken over by Soviets. It still took years till they reached Berlin and conquered Reichstag. It is story of indomitablehum an will, common effort and united power (Soviets were many nations and were also supported by United States).

Now we can replicate this success in our ALS war. We are at the moment in which we already have the positive information too (and partially, it came from German person too). ALS is terrible disease, very complex but it is not incurable, at least when actioned very early. Turnaround can start now. All needed is to help the pseudoscience team with persuading the science team to retarget their technology and 21st century machinery. Thanks!

Last question: Do you know where sharing buttons are? 😉

I know ALS TDI has been informed and informally confirmed relevancy of ALS XT with some of their theories but since this “short unofficial response” they cut all communication. Why? MONEY (most likely).

Please make sure you read the disclaimer page and you understand the motivation of this web.

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