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Recently I have announced my own campaign aimed at public in which I tried to explain my thoughts regarding amyotrophic lateral sclerosis syndrome. This is another interview like post in which I further clarify the purpose and motivation.

I have gone through your ALS 1KD CHALLENGE document and I like it – but please could you clarify it and summarize it again?

Sure! It is a little bit more complex world wide challenge than was ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE which people usually know. This is actually good, it will help them now. Do you know this older campaign?

Yes, I remember that. Some of my friends did participate in it and I saw their videos on Facebook at that time – it was quite funny. So you are saying this is similar, right?

This new campaign can be labeled also as ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE 2.0. It shares the importance of informing about ALS and raising awareness of it. But then it adds something and removes something. First what it removes . It is not about providing additional funds, it is not about donations at all. Now what it adds. As you already know, it is much more complex because it includes extra information – new promising findings on the possible root cause of ALS and experimental treatment options which all fall into affordable and immediately accessible categories.

Wow! That would be amazing but is not it too optimistic – I would be very careful with using words like „treatment“ with a disease, or syndrome as you are saying, which is known as fatal and simply incurable for centuries.

That is a good point. It all is just promising but there is a key difference and it is that simple availability of that experimental but slow treatment.

Hmmm. Can you further clarify that? I do not understand.

No problem. Please recall how the situation always looked in past. It is also general procedure in many other cases, related to different serious diseases. If there is any new announcement regarding some drug or therapy it is still very complex and time consuming effort. For example think about this COVID again. Technically the vaccines are known and their existence is announced to public but then there are many other and time consuming activities which need to take place before the vaccine can be actually distributed and applied to people. I am talking about the multiple stages of tests and then scaling up the manufacturing process, distribution and logistics. It means people need to wait and be patient and disciplined. Right?

Yes I agree with this.

This ALS Experimental Theory (ALS XT) is different. Simply everything already exists and is available. People only do not know it can possibly help with incurable ALS. Of course it may not be the most efficient treatment and science is assumed to prepare something more powerful, optimized for certain special cases and so on but the base exists right now. Basically you can go to shop and buy everything right now.

What??? Are you kidding me? Are you saying one can go to shop and buy bunch of things and start recovering from ALS? No, that would be the biggest paradox ever.

Well, if you put it in this way then sure, it sounds crazy. But it is crazy, this whole ALS syndrome is crazy. Please check that medical case and see what was given to the ill person who was thoroughly examined and his ALS diagnosis was thus no mistake or misdiagnosis – or is there anyone who will question that? Also remember my quotes from the document. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Do you remember the author?

No, but yes, it was in the document.

Leonardo Da Vinci.

Yes, famous Leonardo! Also Einstein quotes are there. I need to say I liked them all. Still I feel I need to stay in defensive mode and be cautious if not reserved.

That is very rational behavior. Do not worry about it. You are in a good position, you do not need to make any decisions. But imagine you would be in that situation and you know time runs differently when you have ALS diagnosis.

Thank God I am fine. If I was not I would think differently for sure. I would most likely give it a chance and buy that alpha lipooic acid supplement and all the others as it could probably only help me. So you believe in that recommendation?

Well I wrote it and I am not a liar. I also tested all these supplements personally – it really helped me. When I saw that alpha lipooic acid was given even to that ill man I was so happy. You know, first I heared about it was in Mr. Anthony William Coviello desription of ALS. I trusted him and bought it. If this appears working then this man will get his well deserved credits for sure – he is called a pseudoscientist and not treated with the necessary respect but I recognized the value of his work, despite not all is in my opinion correct. I have analyzed his theories thoroughly. Anyway do not get me wrong. There is no rapid miracle yet. It is all about extremely hard journey. Do not think about getting better from ALS after eating few capsules of lipooic acid or anything else. That would put me in the same category as those researchers trying to invent magic drug. I would never try to claim anything like that.

This is interesting. So why  do you think drug based treatment which science is desperately trying to invent cannot work while your protocol based treatment can help?

This is actually great question. Thanks! I need to say I wish any drug success but the reality is different and I think  I know why. First you need to know something about ALS. It really is a syndrome and a very complex one. I already tried to explain all those highly suspected factors and their individual role which together form a synergic deadly effect. It is like some type of lock. Once all the components appear within single organism the lock is activated and the person gets into a very unpleasant situation. However it does not mean the next day he or she will end on a wheel chair. It works slowly and since people are unable to diagnose ALS early they are keeping the person unaware of the situation and even encourage to not do anything positive. This period is just so criticial and unfortunate due to current state of things. Problems can start in a light way and the person feels something is not right but what can he or she do? I believe many people unintentionally break the lock in this phase and recover (I think I did it twice) but some people who continue in the same direction will reach already much more serious phase and guess what, now the medical authorities wake up and start working on better diagnostics and they can announce deadly ALS diagnosis. How would you feel about that?

Well I better not think about. I would be devastated. But continue please. Where is the link with the drug failure?

Yes. So the problem is that in this phase all the factors made it into advanced phase. Infection reached CNS and spread more in PNS. Intoxication is higher. Immunity weaker. Now do you think humans are so capable in 21st century they can design a drug which can effect against all these forces at once? I do not think so. The drug humans design is usually a very specific one which targets some suspected behavior. This just cannot work and it also does not work. If you open Wikipedia you can read there people tried luck with already 50 drugs. No success. And now how is this different from the protocol based therapy? It is incomparable. The protocol applies so called treatment arsenal which is composed of tens of healing factors – it is like having those 50 drugs but natural and highly optimized for human body. Once it is applied it is like a massive counteroffensive happening on all fronts, using all types of units. Each such unit is weak alone but all together are efficient weapon so that it can be compared with the multi-factor enemy slowly spreading within the organism. This is why there is a chance it will neutralize the factors gradually and stop the disease.

Wow – that is why you called that „anti-ALS hammer“ right?  

Yes. It may sound weird though, I know. The idea is to emphasize the power of this tool set.

I still have troubles understanding how it can look like when all those components as you are saying start effecting.

Perhaps following imagination can help you. Imagine humans invented a new next gen drug, an absolute masterpiece. Once you swallow it then after 30 minutes it takes care of following. First it turns off the stress reaction which is result of living with the diagnosis and it harms your organism.  This drug rapidly encourages your spirit and makes you optimistic. You start thinking it is time to fight and recover no matter what. This is the first success. However at the same time it causes your immune cells populations, I mean counts and types are immediatelly scaled up appropriately so that cells of the required type are created and they have the right set of receptors according to all those pathogens. For example those weak populations of NK cells (CD57+) will suddenly get created, thousands and thousands fresh natural killer cells are marching into battle against pathogens. Just for your information NK cell is part of innate immunity and they are the real killers. They have extra intelligence allowing them to detect even smart viruses in cells which T killer cells may have problem to identify. NK cell is your master killer which can check more things and then decide – KILL or LET BE. This is in my opinion absolutely necessary because the suspected EBV virus in astrocytes and other cells is a big problem and EBV is known to make the cell immune against cell death. It is no wonder populations of NK cells are weak in people with immunity problems and science is mentioning genetics as factor for that. As I said imagine the amazing drug is able to address this quickly. But we have not finished. The drug is just miraculous as it also targets your thyroid and liver so that endocrine functions are quickly restored to optimum. Liver starts to produce high quality complement proteins exactly as needed to form deadly MACs to help with eradicating bacterial pathogens of many kinds. Liver also starts excreting accumulated toxicity, body is getting rid of all the old waste sedimented in lymphatic system. Your urine is full of metals despite the day before it looked it is in norm. The drug just released something so metals can finally go out. Would you like such drug?

I think such drug would be definitely helpful. If your description of the internal problems is correct then such drug would be that magic drug we need to cure ALS. Or not?

I think so. The only problem is there is no such drug and humans are unable to create it. Anyway the treatment protocol does all those functions I have just mentioned. This is why it is outperforming any specific drug targeted against one or two things. Humans cannot create well collaborating drugs. Just read the instructions for some known drug – there will be long list of side effects and warning regarding possible conflicts when on some other medication. Mother nature is much better in this and its products are optimized to work together very well.  There is just one thing – the protocol is not rapid and if you are intelligent you understand it just needs time. Also for people it is hard to believe in it. There are so many traps along the path. It is like going through a mine field. This is the reason why people think that article from 2017 is disinformation but it is not. My research confirms that. Fully.

I know. I understood it. This is why you called that campaign 1KD CHALLENGE. Thousand days of fighting and only then one can look back and see how it all works if at all. Can you confirm?

Exactly. I tried to really emphasize this within the document. Everyone should expect problems when choosing this path. However I think I know what the problems are about and can assist and further support everyone. Time of heros is coming!

I am sure there will be many people who will join this. There is no alternative other than doing nothing. Please tell me something about the diet? It may sound weird to people. Is that so important?

Great question! Yes it is absolutely critical. This is another paradox in this whole thing. What is supposed to be enormously complex gets relatively simple and what is so trivial and obvious like food importance may seem too complex to understand or believe in its value. This all can explain why mystery is still mystery right?

Well yes. Such changes are so unusual for people that nobody was probably thinking like that. The diet is supportive so it does not incur any additional load on the weak organism and let it work against all those problems, right?

That is right. You got it man! Nice. That is why it is called Kernel Mode diet. I am on it for a year already and it is my new life style. Also note it is a dynamic diet so as I wrote there, once you feel good you can opt-out from some restrictions and eat some „old delicious“ stuff which had to be initially banned. Even infectious mononucleosis (EBV caused disease!) is treated using diet and people know this or should know it. But wait, this is not all. If we are really lucky we may help ill people even more. This protocol should help with stopping the disease but how to help someone to move or walk again? During my analytical work I criticized stem cell therapy attempts and applications of it but then I found Ted Harada case. I changed my opinion and now I consider stem cell therapy application problematic only from timing perspective. Perhaps the stem cell therapy can help but first the organism needs to be cured from those deadly effects, pathogens, toxicity etc. Only once done the stem cell therapy could work better. Once war is over rebuilding phase makes more sense then rebuilding during raging conflict. This could bring together both two worlds – I think somewhere before I wrote about my work as an attempt of “creating bridge” between modern science and alternative medicine. This could be it.

That is so cool! I like this idea. Regarding the diet I will try it as well and just see what difference it makes. Perhaps I will not start so abruptly but it definitely inspired me. Control question – what did you eat today?

This is great idea! It is definitely recommended to everyone and the strictness should correspond to the individual situation of the person. Case by case. So good luck, perhaps you will notice your blood pressure normalized, or your hypothyroidism or other thyroid anomaly will improve.  Or you will loose 3-5 kg and you will realize you have some decent muscles! Anyway today I had some porridge (mixture of more type of cereals) with blueberries,freshly  mixed linseed and as a sweetener I used top class BIO labeled Grade A maple leaf syrup which I just love. The natural glucose is so important but it just should not be consumed with some dirty stuff and fats. I had also lemon water before as the first thing in the morning. Later on I could afford top bread (sourdough) with butter, tomatoes. Then also half liter of pressed BIO oranges. It is enough. Once I recovered I do not need to eat so much. Oh wait, I also had a banana. I already do not take notes but before I recorded every drink and every banana or nut eaten for hundreds of days.

Huh. This is nice, I would need to loose more than 3-5 kilos but I will try my own lightweight regime.

Sure, try to experiment and tune your own diet, ideally within the boundaries of kernel diet. Good thing is that it leads to gradual decrease of meat consumption which is ongoing trend but there is a lot of people who may feel offended by strict vegans or vegetarians. This is unfortunate because it really is about free will and free choice but people on certain diet, regardless the type, should serve always only as an example. I am sure this peaceful way of sharing experience among people will lead to lower meat consumption naturally and this will have positive effects on global health, mainly in regions where meat is consumed very frequently and in low quality.

I have the same opinion on this, who is interested in low cost sausages today? It is better to occasionally have great meat quality from a farm applying animal welfare than having every other day a sausage with 60% meat from devastated and stressed animal living shortly in undignified conditions. What the word „kernel“ means actually?

In my work I somehow intuitively utilized my computer science or information technology background. In operating systems like your Windows or Mac OS there are basically two modes of operation used behind the scenes. One is user mode and the other is kernel mode. Kernel means something like „core“ and that is why I tried to express the idiom of eating or ingesting only the core and by nature already pre-optimized food and nutrients without those far from optimal addons supplied by humans and their food industry. Compare it with the performance of brand new computer or notebook (fresh and tuned OS) and then after years of usage and installing all the user apps and updates (Windows problem mainly), your computer can and often performs poorly. Since human is a product of nature, then if not always then at least when in troubles,  it should be fed only with by nature created and optimized „fuel“. Anyway it is just an idiom and something catchy for marketing purpose I would say.

Thanks, it is a catchy name. It also sounds a bit authoritatively, at least I have such impression. I need to eat only core nutrients my body was designed for – that sounds cool!

If you think so, it is a great feedback. Thanks. Anyway be careful with those authorities. You said you liked those qutoes from the document so I assume you remember them. I am sure this user friendly diet will work for many people. Future will tell us. There is a decent consensus on that. I am not trying to state I invented it. Instead I adopted and optimized that for myself and then I want to share my experience with it, all for free.

I do not know why but I have a good feeling about all of this, despite I really stay defensive and reserved.  That idea about reversing all, complex to trivial, trivial to complex, this is how super hard problems are solved at the end. But in your last post you wrote something about conspiracy and you were pretty strict. Please clarify this, I hope you don´t want to claim ALS cause is known but the public is intentionally kept in despair and „there is no cure“ state.

Yes, I should better clarify it. I am not saying ALS situation definitely implies a real conspiracy. I think humans are on the edge of conspiration and now it is about the next move. If the reaction will be massive and supportive so that all people start to work in „kernel“ mode without side interests, we will beat ALS soon. Whether using this theory or some other. What is important is the intensity of the effort. If we allocate everything on that problem like mankind did with COVID then ALS has no chance. This pandemy really showed what people are capable of despite problems ocur along the way, as always. I just love that kid quote on unity, hope you liked that as well. The fact it was a small kid quote gives it great symbolics. People should recognize that. So, as I said watch the next move. It will show us if the lack of success was just a consequence of unintentional and for humans typical mistakes. Mistakes can happen but if people honestly and quickly address them, then conspiracy has no room where to grow. So lets see. I am an optimist as always. You should also know that some ALS research departments already know about ALS XT. I am creating a pressure. Suppose you will not hear anything about it for a year. How would you interpret that? Would not that be suspicious?

Well I would expect some prompt response or at least some official statement to be given pretty soon. I want to be optimist but why would you even consider the conspiracy option?

Well, everyone needs to see there is something wrong with ALS and other diseases in general. Just think about what I wrote in all the previous posts. Do you think all those people in medical research are so uncapable? I mean the use of uninteligent symptom targeted methods. I have quite hard time believing in such conclusion. System is rigged option is never entirely unthinkable for me but it can be also just incredible series of bad decisions. Also consider another fact. That metal intoxication – can you give me any rational reason why educated experts from medical environment would put toxic metal like mercury into humans, including children? I am speaking about the use of mercury in dental care. Who came with it? I have made a quick research on that and use of mercury in dental medicine was highly criticized already in 1843! Can you believe it? From some reason it is still in the use today. Why? I repeat it is a poison. Can you imagine the system like governments would just tell to people something like „Yes we knew about it but we have been posioning you and your children for 100 years. Sorry for that.“. This would never happen.  And why I am mentioning this so loudly? Because mercury is suspected as a key component in ALS development. Please read about that medically confirmed recovery case. That man was intoxicated by mercury from his teeth and it had to be all restored first to stop the intoxication. Also why this case is not public? Why no single ALS organization or research department mentions this case? It is a huge inspiration and that man recovered, still it was never communicated transparently. Why? Because nobody believed in it. There is no evidence it is a nonsense. People just ignored that. After four years the public is still fed with the incurable status of ALS. I do not understand it. I can only ask questions and there are responsible people who need to provide the answers. This is why I call for public support but without any result so far. I want to hear explanations. What about you? Then there are already existing conspiration theories around Lyme disease, are you aware of it? Spirochetes causing Lyme are another key component in ALS development. I realized that almost instantly once I obtained the knowledge. Why there is some conspiration around Lyme disease? I could tell my story again how I was told I cannot have Lyme if I did not have tick. Such a nonsense! I knew it is silly thinking but again, I had to obtain knowledge first. Now I am tempted to visit that neurologist and tell him truth into his face. I want answers on that and I want them now.

Well, these are valid thoughts. I am in doubt but that means I want clarification and answers too. I agree with you. This is a good reason why to share and spread this information. What reactions do you register?

Well I have always little bit higher expectations but I need to be a realist. These thoughts are very marginal and people do not accept it or support it. But I am already not alone as these thoughts attracted some other people. We agreed that our first real objective is to somehow make the science to verify or validate the experimental theory using standard scientific approach. We will probably need more people to form a stronger public voice but yes, this is our mission – science should get aware of it and explain or even deny the theory, but by providing valid arguments. And that can be quite tricky as the theory is not some esotheric concept but it is built on top of scientific measurements and confirmed findings. This should be the fundamental message to sceptical people who think ONLY drug from hi-tec lab can make a difference. The reality speaks for something else, or have you noticed any success with those 50 drug attempts in the last 60 years? We say a change of the paradigm is necessary and we all believe it will be the first step to make the first real breakthrough. If someone does not believe in it it most likely means he/she does not want to believe.

But what would you do if this all was wrong and did not work at all?

Well, first I think the known facts really speak for itself. Partially the theory can be inaccurate but as a whole? Practically impossible. It is just scary but the chronic inflammation is there and that means immune system is involved. When immune system is involved you can be damn sure there are some pathogenic agents involved too. It is impossible to conclude ALS is purely genetic disorder because of the sporadic form which is a known fact. But OK. Lets consider even the worst case, that this theory is completelly wrong. What would happen? What would be the damage? There is nothing like that. If any theory is thoroughly denied and rejected it is always positive because it means this path has been explored and people can focus on other theories and not loose time with this again. This is a progress. As I wrote before only the „raise awareness“ motto would remain and this is a noble idea. If someone argued with a false hope spreading arguments I would immediately freeze him down. What else than false hope were all those drug announcements or stem cell therapy phases which did not work well? Anyone who would try to discredit me would have a hard time when debating with me. I forgot to add this. People fighting for their lives, could in this worst case, get disappointed if it did not help them at all – they would eat better during their ill time and they would resist longer. They would fill their time with more optimistic atmosphere which inherently creates a room for wider collaboration & friendly involvement of other people in the local micro-community. Once people know there is something to do or try out, they just do it. Once people know their neighbour is ill and they can give a helping hand, whether to make a difference in slowing the disease, take care of the shopping, or just let the caring person to rest a bit or arrange some business requiring leaving the ill person for few hours, they will also do it. This all just promotes the humanity and brings people together with an ultimate goal to do all what is currently possible and I really believe in the power of treatment arsenal. Please recall that small boy quote (“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved“). Isn’t that all an acceptable disappointment?

Well, I see you are prepared but this is going to be interesting anyway. Thank you. Fingers crossed. I am sharing it and I would pray to God for this if I was able to.

Thank you, you will be probably the first brave person who shared it. People are damn unbelievers who do not bother to verify things. And do not worry, everyone can pray, do not doubt about it. You will see that once in a situation which really requires it.

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