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Activism today does not have the best reputation from many reasons but my activism is of a different kind. Why are people so sceptical? Why they don´t want to see the possible ways?

My informative campaign based on scientific works, personal experience and overall empirical knowledge aimed at improving public perceiving of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is not successful yet – it is understandable because the wall of disbelief is of an enormous size. Poor humans are under a ruthless pressure of the official propaganda which they accept without great scrutiny and concerns. Why they don´t doubt more about the official way of ALS research? If there is no success yet it is logical people do mistakes but how could we believe it is our science who is doing the mistakes? Today science is like religion but people are not informed well about all scientific findings. Why should people bother? The vast majority is not impacted with this ALS syndrome and those who are have bad luck – that´s life. In one recent internet discussion I saw one comment which really gave me additional power to act (and become even more determined activist! 😉). The context was some newly diagnosed ALS ill person and do you know what that comment raising my concerns was about?

ALS is incurable. It is sad but unfortunately he has to die.

That wording was really weird to me but it depicts the situation very well. If people think this way and some even write and share such things, like someone HAS TO or MUST die, then how can anything change? I would like to officially respond to these voices.

It is sad but unfortunately the people who are spreading such statements are like riders of doom disseminating despair and hopelessness.

For me it is disappointing that humans have not found yet the elementary motivation for changing their attitude in this matter and instead of encouragement they spread doom. Where is some natural desire to support someone in big troubles? Where is compassion? Well, it is there too. But it is hopeless. I am quite sensitive to this so I perceive how harming are all these comments – despite they indeed are not meant badly. However the mindset of these people is just wrong. Some time ago I watched TV, I was switching the channels and stopped for a while on the channel  where the Alice In Wonderland movie was just starting. Before I could leave the channel I heared below sentence and it came quite soon after I read that unfortunate comment. I liked that! 😊

“The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible.”

— Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass (movie)

Well, in WordPress I just wanted to use this green background quote template. So I put that into the post and almost started to erase the default text, but then I said: “Hey wait … I see impossible word, what is that?”.
This should not be actually erased at all. Let´s use it too! 😎

“So many things are possible, just as long as you don’t know they are impossible.”

— Norton Juster

(WordPress default 😉)

I am also impatient person but with this project I am learning to be patient. But why others are not helping a bit? Why others do not believe in the same things? Why others do not ask questions? Why others even do not show any constructive interest?

Most likely they lack the experience I have, of course, but still all these people who I already targeted could do more. I expected a lot of these problems but what is nothing but surprising even for me is how mainly those who have nothing to loose (only their life) are so sceptical and ignorative. Of course I am not upset with them. I am only wondering how deep the problem in the area of human psychic is in reality. As usually I was bigger optimist, it all seems humans just need more time.

The ALS cure is still not the reality (in the sense we are used to the term “cure”) and the information shared on this website does not say anything about having ALS cure for everyone. However I strongly believe ALS XT and ALSSTAR is the way to go. Recently I have found this website and I thought I and the people behind that web have common mission – I tried to contact them (no luck so far). I also wrote a post about the man who lives with ALS diagnosis for 29 years already and he is still mobile/walking. It was very positive story for me, very compatible with my theories. It seemed to me they censored my comment so I removed that post from my website. Now I see it is there so I could perhaps re-publish it. Please check the website – so far it seems legit and it could help even more than my website due to those people stories. I am sure they could support the ALS theory described here.

Please note I am in the process of reviewing and analyzing the information presented on website. My goal is to check if it is compatible with my own findings and mainly if it is trustworthy. Anyway their mission as described here is fully compatible with mine.

In future I may add more links but I can also withdraw all “link support” if there is anything suspicious with it. Such approach is in line with my overall strategy – trust but verify.

I understand if the readers do not see what I and others see, our theory will probably never get published in Lancet,  but please, at least don´t be a doomsayer, don´t be rider of doom.

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