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ALS Mystery As Important As Sex?

Pretty weird title. However during my preparation and data gathering activities I made one observation. The image indicates it is funding related.

I am in the process of writing another “trace post” in my ALS related series called ALS Stealth Infection. Usually this requires me going through some sources which I analyze and then interpret. This is how I got to this strange topic which is mixing a terrible neurodegenerative disease with sex – where is the point?

The point is one NIH/CDC report showing funds distribution across practically all health issues, diseases and related projects. It says it covers 299 categories or disease areas and the expenses are shown for several last years. I wanted something like that to prove my general impression funds are not distributed well – I had to have some real figures in order to make critical judgements. The report is still somewhat imperfect for me as its format allows overlapping categories – it would be better to have it in tree like structure where it is apparent that neurodegenerative diseases category has sub-categories like ALS or Alzheimer disease and the figures sum and match well.

That observation I made among others is that in United States funds go in more or less equal amount on two categories:

  • ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)
  • Adolescent Sex Behavior

For a person like me this was initially absurd. However I quickly started thinking in the way such simple comparison may not be right as research in ALS could benefit from many other categories, let´s name some from the report:

  • Neurosciences
  • Brain Disorders
  • Rare Diseases
  • Stem Cell Research
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • . . .
  • Microbiom! Yeeeeeeeeah! Good to see that on the report too! Decent fund amounts. Fuel To the Fire 👍

Above is most likely valid to some extent but what is meant by that ALS category then? Who knows, anyway these projects receive comparable funding as projects focused on how young people behave in sex … Hmmm no, it is still absurd for me. Let´s add some graphs.

In my opinion ALS is a damn mystery. This disease needs to be well analyzed and the amount of details is already so big that even person like me can base his analytical research purely on findings of others (scientists, independent writers etc). But wait, in my case the word “purely” is wrong. I have real life experience with ALS and I saw the disease very closely and this is helping me in that analytical effort.

On the other hand what mystery is sexual behavior of adolescents? Honestly I do not know. In my opinion they just do it. I am not sure but people from different parts of the world (like me) need to see America (USA) is going little bit crazy again – but these judgements I am certainly not making based on this CDC report. I watch news.

People in USA have real power to change things – do you remember Vietnam war I mentioned in my chronic inflammation post? It was their war, but still, you cannot expect this in China. By the way in the NIH/CDC report I noticed there is also Agent Orange & Dioxins category – this is one thing I had in mind when I was writing about american crimes against humanity and nature in context of Vietnam war in the same post (yes I am crazy, I can mix many unrelated topics! 😃). It still has around 10M budget as per the report. So going back to today Americans … What is wrong with them? We can see big problems there like:

  • #MeeToo scandals – sexual abuse of women in work etc.
  • Black Lives Matter (BLM) – initially relevant anti-racism campaign but lead more and more in an inappropriate way. Violence, riots, tendency to overreact, crossing the peaceful lines, acting in rasistic fashion too – white or non-black can be victims of racism – what a paradox! (It is like Mahatma Gandhi with AK-47 in his hands talking about how peaceful protests only make sense)
  • Immigration problem – only legal and regulated immigration should be considered. How could someone just think about illegal immigration? The word illegal has some meaning …
  • Unstable politics – problematic elections under terrible social conditions – lack of trust & mutual respect, aggression.

As a conservative democratic person I would be a great mix of democrats and republicans and most likely decide based on the personalities and current state of things. This flexibility is very rational as it is about balancing and keeping system in homeostatic state – yes same principle as with our health. However radicalism and insisting on traditions regrdless current situation directly support unhealthy deviations and promote instability. In USA a third political force is perhaps missing – it could help when two major forces are unable to respect each other and loose the sense for responsibility.

Anyway watching TV where United States look more like some banana republic is just strange. That crazy attack on Capitol – people dying from obscure reasons. I saw the video where the woman was shot and killed, perhaps when she was dying she realized something like “WTF I have done? Why I went to Washington from sunny San Diego and did this? Was it right? No. Why did not I peacefuly protest instead?.” OMG. Now I read about police men who commit suicide based on those terrible events and the consequences. OMG. But dead were also during those BLM protests. Young adolescent kid which should be somewhere with his girlfriend (subject of adolescent sex behavior study?) is running on the streets on midnight with M4 rifle and shoots people as a result of appearing in stressful moment – of course, because he is a kid not a member of SEAL Team Six, he is unable to control his emotions (fear!) and unfortunately so are unable others – the adults! Well it is a real crisis but we humans need stable America. They should focus on something else than all these problems and differences – something which will make the trick and INDIRECTLY bring them closer again. Any idea? Of course I know. Please focus more on ALS because:

  • ALS hits democrats as well as republicans
  • ALS hits black as well as white (and others)
  • ALS hits statistically more those who all Americans are very proud of – those in US Army, US Marines.
  • ALS hits statistically more those who do their most popular sport – NFL athletes or MLB players.
  • ALS is a real problem where genetics is a marginal thing but people do not know it.

The old wisdom says – if you forget the differences and contentions for a while and do a right thing together, succeed there, then you will not return to the same world of differences and contentions.

I am sure it will take Americans some time to realize things and get their emotions under control so in the meantime I will work on ALS in my own way because this still rare disease is the key to igniting real positive changes in global society. I know what all is possibly included in this problem (bacterial resistance, toxicity, EBV, healthy food and nutrition, stress regulation etc). Once humans succeed here the implications will flood many other areas, including those remaining 298 health categories of the CDC funds distribution report. ALS is the weak spot to be hit. Please do not doubt about this for a single second! Ok I give you 10 seconds, not more …

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