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The Sleeping Prophet

It is time to make a little step into mysticsm and introduce one extraordinary person who lived in 19th and 20th century, a man called the sleeping prophet. Despite the esotheric background, I have made decision this source is of uttermost importance in terms of inspiration – a critical component of any research when exploring unknown territory, the ALS territory in my case.

As I wrote before I want to keep my research in scientific plane as much as possible, but don´t forget we already have one medical medium and now it is time to introduce a true legend. For those who never heard about Edgar Cayce I will make recommendations in references. From the information I analyzed Edgar Cayce was a true medium – he had unique ability to fall asleep anytime anywhere and during that nap he could give „reading“ to anyone on any matter, even remotely on long distances. What is really remarkable about it is his readings or answers, predictions and advices have been recorded and they were very precise – in other words, it worked! There is a lot of evidence and Edgar Cayce Foundation maintains it.

Despite all information is very interesting I was mainly hoping I can find something useful on health matters and after ordering couple of books​1,2​ I think I have found something. The most useful is probably Sleeping Prophet by Jess Stearn. First I need to set the expectation – here the goal was to really just find out if even legendary medium was at least touching some related topics in his health related advices. It is known even doctors used his advice when they had no idea what to do with patient and since it often worked they had another problem – how it is possible this man without any medical education can help patients more than they can. For patients this was obviously not a problem at all – if someone recovered from terminal state I bet they did not care whether man who helped had medical diploma or not. The first doctor who started using Mr. Cayce as a hidden background advisor was Wesley H. Ketchum. This doctor recognized the strange power of those often weird but at the end correct diagnostic readings Edgar Cayce provided so he wanted to introduce him to other colleagues in the medical community – what do you think happened? I can only repeat my life observed truth – medical communities are often arrogant, egocentric and old-school based with surprisingly low appetite for innovation. So at that time one such „representative doctor“ shared his opionion.

Why to spend years with studying medicine when some medical ignoramus can diagnose and prescribe better while laying on a couch?

— anonymous medical representative
Used by permission–Edgar Cayce Foundation–Virginia Beach, VA;

The doctors saw the great results but denied to deal with Cayce from above mentioned reasons. My comment to this is following. It is clear that not everyone is eligible for healing sick people as it could lead to disaster. It is also clear people without necessary knowledge should not seriously comment unprecedented pandemic situation in the world as of 2020. Yet it happens and this downplaying of the threat to society will result in very unpleasant bill. In lower scale people should be very cautious when listening to non-medical authority. One american COVID19 story​3​ is nothing but big warning. However what about the opposite extreme? Medical attempts consisting of building monopoly on health issues? This of course is wrong either – anytime I smell „monopoly acquiring attempts“ my internal alarm fires, it is a red flag for me. Luckily for us people, we have strong weapons against ignoracy. It is our intelligence combined with compassion and endless curiousity on individual basis. One day someone appears and equipped with this curiousity and pioneering spirit he or she will do things which other refuse from various reasons. As intelligent creatures we need to carefully consider our decisions on case by case basis. It looks to me doctor Ketchum had some of these traits needed and his patients certainly appreciated that despite not being aware Mr. Cayce is working in the background. There were more doctors like that. 

Another key aspect I realized when quickly scanning through the information in books is the form in which the advice was given. As I wrote Edgar Cayce was in some strange mode like some self-hypnose when telling the message and the language he used was not the language one is used to. It is not that similar but still I remembered Mr. Yoda speech style. It is mix of symbolic and very specific instructions which sometimes could result into straightforward step-by-step procedure but sometimes it was little bit harder to decipher it. For example a patient or subject of treatment/diagnosis was called an entity in Cayce jargon. Because of the language there was certain space for misinterpretation or multiway explanation I would say. Anyway some great success stories were recorded and while people asked him on practically any matter, health related queries were quite frequent. What is clearly apparent is Edgar Cayce really did emphasize importance of balanced food and the overall importance of what people eat. This is more than in line with Anthony William detox and diet protocols or natural treatment protocols of other holistic doctors. Modern medicine also advocates for healthy life style, quality food etc. but still there is a big difference.

The thing is modern medicine limits this lifestyle doctrine to preventive and perhaps complement recovery areas while in terms of chronic disease curing, it mostly insists on and prefers pharmaceutic solutions and often only symptoms suppressing protocols. In other words modern medicine does not emphasize the importance of food enough as primary healing method. Again my own personal experience is doctor won´t tell you that hypertension can be cured completelly by strict following of specific diet and life-style changes. Instead they will literally sell you a drug which you need to take and then you can hear some general phrase, nothing but mandatory phrase, that lifestyle change should be considered as well. It is no wonder people don´t believe in the healing power of food – they hear it with little emphasize too often to pay big attention to it. It is also long run treatment which needs to be counted in months as smallest units and people don´t have time and patience, so drugs dominate. I´m not an extremist and don´t refuse medicaments per se though. In my case I was even told the hypertension will probably get worse and thus I will most likely need to take the drugs “forever”. Well this does not make any sense at all and that is why I refused such treatment and instead healed “permamently” on my own. How is it possible people are overwhelmed with drugs and pills? The answer is simple and it is public secret. The whole world of medicine is under behemoth influence of business. It is a sad story but true story. All the pharmaceutic giants, exhange traded with primary revenue generating objectives is the answer. It cannot be easily changed as it really is like collossal octopus which just influence practically everything. I don´t blame doctors who grew up in this, for decades thoroughly evolving system, but it is getting time … for a rapid change.

Before we continue with Edgar Cayce I would like to add another true story on the twisted medicine world of business. During my research I often have TV turned on and listen to news. One day there was something about promising new cure for Alzheimer disease – disease which in US requires hundreds of billion USD annually. The scientist in TV was roughly explaining the cause of the disease and I reacted positively. However after few minutes disappointment filled my room. It appeared the new revolutionary cure CAN HELP but it is designed as a preventive drug which people will need to take for the rest of their lives. Can you imagine better money making business than this? First you scare little bit people with Alzheimer, you get some initial and reckless diagnosis „Alzheimer can be coming“ in your fifties and then – here is a nice life-time lasting preventive drug package.  This is how our world looks like. I should also add this scientist actually founded some business and thus while he certainly wants to help people the business part is there as well and not small. Don´t get me wrong, I´m certainly not a communist but the problem is the business aspect is twisting the service provided – service to heal people is twisted to service to cure people and make money. This world started to be formed after second world war and what really is interesting is that some old-school theories like autoimmunity were formed around 1950s as well. Also the genetic hype has its roots in this period of time.

Still I´m an optimist – our world will probably undergo dramatic changes and we all deserve it, because it is us who indirectly support all these not really positive processes. We buy stuff, we ruin our bodies and then buy drugs and pills and then invest directly or through mutual funds into these giants who in turn need to grab the money from society again, circle closes. Don´t get sad or upset, just think about it more, that is my message.

In the rest of the post I will describe what was told on lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer and finally sclerosis multiplex which I intuitively consider ALS „less brutal sister“ for some time. Actually what I found out later is it really was Jean-Martin Charcot who actually first described MS as well as ALS during 19th century.

Charcot’s primary focus was neurology. He named and was the first to describe multiple sclerosis. Summarizing previous reports and adding his own clinical and pathological observations, Charcot called the disease sclérose en plaques. The three signs of multiple sclerosis now known as Charcot’s triad 1 are nystagmus, intention tremor, and telegraphic speech, though these are not unique to MS. Charcot also observed cognition changes, describing his patients as having a “marked enfeeblement of the memory” and “conceptions that formed slowly”​4​.

One of Charcot’s greatest legacies as a clinician is his contribution to the development of systematic neurological examination, correlating a set of clinical signs with specific lesions. This was made possible by his pioneering long-term studies of patients, coupled with microscopic and anatomic analysis derived from eventual autopsies. This led to the first clear delineation of various neurological diseases and classic description of them. For example, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis​4​.

Please also note all these diseases are classified as autoimmune diseases today – I expect readers proceed through my posts one by one in the order given, if not please do it.


As a primary cause of lupus Edgar Cayce marked intestinal problem – weakening of intestinal wall which results in toxins getting into lymphatic system and spreading to whole body and irritating skin. There are cases described and the natural treatments consisted of special herbal teas or ointments.

If toxins spread through your body and skin is important detox organ do you think your immune system went mad or your immune system actually tries to neutralize and excret toxins and causes necessary protective inflammation?

Rheumatoid arthritis

In case of this disease Cayce message was it is a reaction of body and mind on repeated bad treatment and abuse. He recommended general osteopathy, massages with peanut, olive, ricin oils, detox techniques. Sometimes he also encouraged patients to improve their mental and spiritual life attitude. This sounds too high-level as it mentions emotional root cause which people may immediately refuse as pseudoscience. However I´m raising warning finger as even science is aware of emotions as factor and what it can do to immune system. There is a research in progress to find the possible mechanics and fill the gap in knowledge how hormones, immune cells, organs, pathogens contribute to disease development.


Cayce methods recommended for cancer treatments were quite weird but it is said it often worked. The word „often“ is quite important because it does not mean „always“. This can be in line with individual nature of every person – its mental power, health state and motivation and other factors including those unknown. However with hard terminal state patients which medicine classified as incurable and just terminal, he was able to cause miracle. One example also cited is a case of woman in middle age where regular doctor was worried to approve surgery due to life threating risk and Mr. Cayce got opportunity to try his best. His remote reading was following (my translation, so not original nor the best).

What we are finding here is sarcoma, insidious state which bites into lymphatic and blood stream. The state stems mainly from excessive meat consumption which brings infectional force and in context of breast glands irritation and breakup of cell forces cause beginning of hardening in these glands.Stimulate those centers in the cerebrospinal system which are active in removing pollutants from lymph using excretory system​2​ … <then further recommendations including therapy some wet-cell therapy>

The records say major improvement was apparent after six weeks and after six months the woman was almost cured – on her question how much of cancer remains in her she obtained response.

Great improvement occurred in generic body physical forces. Infection forces were removed. However tendencies still exist. In fight against them organism will need more vibration forces which would help with excreting root cause of the disorder​2​.

Another quesion on possible return of cancer was answered as well.

It entirely depends on rate of irritation or in how good condition the excretion is before state renewal occurs​2​.

The case is closed with statement cancer hasn´t returned for four years and the patient moved to sunny California. Well why not? 🙂 Today I heared people go the opposite direction but that is several decades later.

So what can we try to spot in this case? Is there any link with our theory? As per the experimental theory cancer is in 95% caused by viral infections and overall bad condition of the immunity. The importance of lymphatic system is known and common with Anthony William protocols – it is actually the first A program which is aimed at cleaning the lymphatic filters/system from toxins and various sediments resulting from sub-optimal food ingestion for many years. It makes great sense to me. The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that help to get rid of toxins, waste and other unwanted material. The primary function of the lymphatic system is to transport lymph, a fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells, throughout the body​5​. Unfortunately for us we don´t know in what condition our „detox pipes“ are – at least I had no idea and doctors did not bother. The fluid can be examined but is that sufficient? Ok no need for guessing now.

Multiple Sclerosis

The last disease is of heighest interest to me. As one possible cause Cayce marked gold deficiency in human body followed also with weakened assimilation system. The problem with insufficient gold amount was supposed to cause hormonal disbalance and this in turn results in problems which are typical for this disease. Gold in human body was quite new information for me – as many other so I just did some searching. According the technical treatise, The Elements Third Edition, written by John Emsley and published by the Clarendon Press, Oxford in 1998, the average person’s body weighing 70 kilograms would contain a total mass of 0.2 milligrams of gold. The volume of this gold in purified form would be 10 nanoliters. If this refined gold were formed into a solid cube of purified gold, the measurement of each side of the cube would be 0.22 millimeters​6​. I´m not sure how relevant this information is – please do not eat your marriage rings because of this speculative information. I´m adding more articles in references section on this. More interesting is the assimilation issues and metal amounts disbalance – I think it can be thought as deficit of some metal as well as excess of others (what about excess of heavy metals?). Doctors were not wise from these instructions – Cayce again prescribed to supplment gold not by injecting it or oral use but through a battery and electrical impulses (wet-cell battery).

In other repeated cases Cayce talked about the hormonal issues in glands and when asked which specific glands it is related to, he answered: „Those in liver and gallbladder“. Liver as a factor is our pillar so I can be glad it is mentioned here as well – Cayce marked liver as root problem but he did not provide name of the problematic or missing hormone. The book mentions theory this missing substance should serve as a source of nerve cells which need it for division, damage repair etc. Cayce also mentioned lack of life force which enables creation and accumulation of poisons  (toxins) in certain nerve cells while also neighbouring cells are also polluted with the poison. He described the cells as circular which after intoxication are extruded to width as well as length. Science interpreted this as known breakup of nerves, degradation of myelin sheaths. Unfortunately no specific case with detailed progress of treatment is given so we cannot make big judgements here and mystery remains.

Cayce treatment arsenal

Here I´m listing methods Edgar Cayce recommended in treatments.

Please be aware this list has informative purpose here. I strongly remind my DISCLAIMER page here.
  • Diet
    • Cayce emphasized importance of balanced food. Sometimes his words were „too much meat with infectional forces“ sometimes he recommended more meat of specific type (rabbit, lamb, goat) and practically always banned fat pork. He also warned before too much of white floor and often recommended root vegetables. Sometimes he prohibited sacharids and sugar including potatoes. This is in line with the very individual nature of every person – please compare this with today dogmatic diets.
  • Teas
    • Herbal tea or broth was often part of his instructions.
  • Therapeutic wraps
    • Wraps and various oils were often recommended.
  • Massage
    • Again together with oils (olive oil, peanut oil for muscle atrophies, ricin oil)
  • Electro therapy
    • Not sure if I´m using correct expression here – this includes those wet-cell electro stimulations, word „vibrations of some element like gold“ was used rather than „supplementing body with gold“ etc.
  • Steam therapy
    • Steam bath.
  • Exercises
    • Set of simple and perhaps little bit weird exercises were recommended.
    • The idea was to stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic system function – very important aspect, excretion of toxins.
    • Often energetic blockades near specific vertebra (e.g. cervical) was given and massage or stretching technique was part of instructions given.
    • Cayce was a true pioneer – you may want to check energetic medicine.
  • Meditation and breathing techniques
    • Great importance and influence on physical state (blood oxygenation).
  • Psychic/mental condition
    • Cayce also emphasized the importance of this aspect, he warned before negative emotions and lack of life force (I would interpret it like a lack of will to deal with life challenges).  He warned against eating in excitement or upset state as well 🙂
    • The mission is to force the body to switch to counteroffensive – I especially like this, we need scientific explanation and evidence, no doubt, but we also need inspiration and encouragement, having mental power to strike back, that needs to always be part of the mix. I´m sure oncology specialists agree here.


There are multiple reasons why I decided to write and include this post on my web site. First I would like to spread this fascinating story as I was not aware of it either. I also wanted to highlight Edgar Cayce statement on incurable diseases (see quote below) which has in my opionion motivation boost potential and which is 100% in line with my vision. It really does not help to repeat ALS is incurable and the poor person had no chance. What is actually interesting, no weird genetic and thus „bad luck“ messages were given whatsover as well as any message like „Body of entity is permamently corrupted, it turned against itself and is killing healthy cells“ – again no such terrible conclusions are known as far as I could find. Please note that DNA changes and the whole genetic framework is the long term toy of current medicine for explaining diseases – I repeat my heretical questions: „What if this is a wrong path? What if it only explains mutations occurred and symptoms appeared? What if changes can be somehow reverted/corrected – hidden native function not requiring genetical engineering? Of course this is highly speculative, perhaps even wrong but in this theory I  chose this path and it is very different path, an alternative theory where different players play key role – toxins in our lives, overall disbalance and viral/pathogen infections. Please note DNA scientific excitement has its origins in 1950s – again the time which I personally call a moment when business driven medicine took over.  

My thoughts go back to Lou Gehrig – he lived in Edgar Cayce era, was he aware of him? I read about his fight and effort to beat the disease, he was certainly in state he would try any unusual treatment procedure if given. Cayce repeatedly emphasized that incurable states do not exist if we get to the primary cause. Curing symptoms was meaningless for him.

Despite I´m little bit critical I believe today medical science tries to reveal primary cause of diseases and in the meantime they cure symptoms as plan B. We can only hope scientists are not following blind paths for too long before they get back and start exploring another possible path – I´m little bit afraid this can be happening today with too much focus on genetics and science is drilling even more here, controversial genetic engineering with philosophical dilemas etc. What about viruses and toxic substances causing mutations in DNA, could not this be more likely primary cause? What about research in energetic medicine? These are valid questions and the money factor can really cause problem as it will shift science to the direction which may not be the best for people health all over the world.

— Mr Underhill

“We are finding all states existing in physical bodies are being created with what we can meet with. In truth no incurable states exist as every disease is result of breaking some law. Healing comes when is in harmony with other laws which together yield in a need of healing. No curing is finished without expendituring certain psychic force. During treatment of any type, counterforce let it be surgery or medical or spontaneous, is not more or less active then active force spent in psychic area.”

— Edgar Cayce


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