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Trace #3 – Inflammation Presence

In my opinion this is a very strong trace but the way inflammation is interpreted makes things complex - science has a quite good low-level understanding of it but it lacks a fundamental trust in human organism which shifts it more into hacking attempts instead of giving helping hand to the struggling immune system or influencing it in line with its overall architecture (modulating via healthy microbiom).

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Trace #7 – Fuzzy Disease Scope

This aspect of ALS disease is very important and it could actually indicate also other primary trigger than infection. Anyway we know ALS patients definitely are not pathogens free - it is rather the opposite. The insidious character of the hard to recognize silent progression presents a big trap which is kind of "supported" even by the medical system.

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Conslusion & Ultimate Vision

It is time to remind humans how it is possible to lead the "war operations" differently in the ALS conflict and expect better outcome. It would be very surprising if researchers made a real breakthrough within year or two. They are not aware of all those human created barriers which prevent the success or there is much worse possibility - some are aware and they do not care, business is more important. But the success is possible nonetheless.

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