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ALS XT – Czech Supportive Trace

This is going to be a very short post – hooray! I am tired already. Anyway one reader sent me very interesting information which again confirms ALS XT relevancy.


On my website where I documented my gradual research work on possible cause of ALS I have repeatedly mentioned the toxic/heavy metals factor. If you are not aware of that and you are actually in need to understand ALS then it is an absolute must for you, to read either my below posts or search internet for any other resources. Focus mainly on mercury, please.

The toxicity and metals are in general very hot trace leading to deciphering ALS. It is not any secret as exposure to metals among soldiers or workers in factories is a known risk factor for a long time. For example the current external ALS research as listed on CDC​1​ website shows one active study to further explore such environmental exposure.

8. Novel extracellular vesicle and molecular biomarkers of environmental exposure and disease progression in ALS
The research study from the Columbia University Health Sciences will validate new non-invasive methods to identify the toxic exposures to which ALS patient brains could be exposed, and to elucidate which mechanisms link toxic exposures and disease progression. The study will be the first to evaluate whether central nervous system derived extracellular vesicles can be potentially used as novel biomarkers of environmental exposures and disease progression in ALS. The research investigators will test biospecimens from persons with ALS for metals and non-persistent pesticides, while matching exposure- and patient-specific transcriptomic signatures to ALS signaling pathways.

To end this introduction I could state that if anyone with ALS or in need to help with ALS haven´t done anything in regard to heavy metals (diagnostics followed by immediate detoxification, chelation, natural long term approaches), then success is very hard to achieve. Even worse, the usual tests are not good as blood based tests can reveal only ongoing intoxication which is mostly not a case for ALS patients (metals deeply accumulated in brain, tissues). The case I was mentioning here, where mercury finally started to appear in urine of the patient after a long time (few months) should be understood. This is simply a first thing to do.

Stanislav Gross

As I wrote above I was informed by one reader about quite strange case. Stanislav Gross was a highly ranked politician​2​ in Czech Republic (former Czechoslovakia).

  • Member of Czech socialistic democratic party
  • Minister of interior (2000-2004)
  • First deputy of primer minister (2002-2004)
  • Prime minister of the Czech Republic (2004-2005)

During his political career he faced couple of scandals/controversy, all related to some form of corruption. Then after leaving politics he got surprisingly rich (very rich) – anyway this is not that important for me. The most important piece of information follows.

ALS Diagnosis

In 2014 when already out of politics, Mr. Gross has been diagnosed with ALS. As per the available information it was typical ALS case with limb (hand/arm) onset. Progression of the disease was quite fast in his case, he passed in spring 2015.


However due to his controversial past, mainly in those times when being czech PM and IM he himself thought he was intentionally intoxicated/poisoned​3–5​. He has made lot of various tests and the results told him he has high levels of toxic heavy metals in his organism (hair tests, but then also blood work).

What did the tests reveal?
Stanislav Gross contracted the incurable disease ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), which he succumbed to last April. However, two party colleagues – Lubomír Zaorálek and Richard Dolejš – visited him at home about two months before that. “Stanislav opened up about his health,” Dolejš says, “and in this context, we received information that heavy metals were found in his body when his hair was analyzed. So it is possible to say that it is suspected that there may have been the fault of a third party.”​3​

Elevated arsenic values
According to the German laboratory that carried out the tests, Gross’ body had elevated levels of arsenic, methylmercury and cadmium. “I was shocked by the information about heavy metals, because I spoke with him about a year before the last meeting, and there he told me that he was just getting his hair analyzed, but I didn’t know the result,” says Dolejš.​3​

Case Closure

Czech police and intelligence closed the case of possible poisoning. Family/wife did not allow autopsy and the ALS expert (again controversial person) focusing on stem cell therapy did not bother at all about highly elevated metal levels. This ALS expert only concluded it was too late for stem cell therapy.

My rational hypothesis given key aspects (oxidative stress, ROS, immune system intervention) is that more metals accumulated during life, the faster progression of ALS. Here the patient was probably having really high levels as it was detected in those tests and the progression was also fast. Metals are simply highly accelerating element of damage made to the nervous system (motor neurons, surrounding tissue). Simple answer on mythical question why there are such differences/diversity in the length of life with ALS diagnosis. My post describing Nelda Buss case has additional details.

Huge Warning

There is no suprise in this case. Mr. Gross was most likely not poisoned, it was probably his bad conscience which was telling him that his ALS was a result of some attack, revenge from his political life. The reason why he got those high levels of metals was probably some genetic predisposition (all ALS cases including sporadic) but mainly exposure to metals. Somehow he accumulated high levels so the disease development was quite highly probable (as explained in other posts). Please realize this is no game, and finally start thinking about these fundamental relationships which also tell everyone what to do in order to fight ALS.

What do people need more? I myself have done metals aimed d-tox and succeeded, resolved very strange unpleasant states, neurologic problems indicating I could run to problem called ALS in near future, like my mother did, and unfortunately died on ALS.

If you would like to read those referenced materials which I used, please open them with Google Chrome browser and on righ-click translate from Czech language into your target language, probably English. It works pretty well.


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