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Is immunity factor in ALS?


I analyzed this in my quite recent post and the bottom line everyone should learn and remember is following. Some scientists who really did great job here kind of reduced the problem to another question.

Is that chronic inflammation caused by exaggerated immune response (autoimmunity) or rather the opposite, i.e. by insufficient immune response?


This is already getting us to 50:50 problem and thus excellent chance to choose the correct answer. Even if we choose wrong, we can immediatelly start exploring the remaining option. In my very early post (ALS 101) I am citing neuroscientists and the book actually informs about limited ability of the organism to call immune cells through choroidal plexus to CNS. What does that mean? I say: (EX=0; IN=1).

Then I cite other works where it seems it is more about insufficient response. But now I can step in with my personal story which has more parts. What have I done? I have massively boosted my immunity – detox, natural immune boosters, top class diet, resting and sleeping. After some time this made me “very sick” – but it was not sickness you would be afraid off. I have called that total mobilization. What happens if your immune system gets massive reinfocements? Logically it regroups and attacks with extreme power on all fronts within the organism as it has the required resources now. When immunity fights it hurts, you feel very sick, but in my case it was healing. Of course it can be a bit dangerous for very weak person can. Today science tries to suppress immunity, sometimes it probably makes sense, but I gave it always GREEN LIGHT 🚥 and even “instructed that” (Seek & Destroy pathogens, Restore balance). In my case this just happened and I have recorded all possible evidences of that (notes, photos). Again no problem with increasing INSUFFICIENT option (EX=0; IN=2). We also have scientific finding which directly supports the INSUFFICIENT VERSION. I cite that in my posts too. What is it about? Scientists tried to brake or suppress ALS with immunosuppresive medication and the results of this study was that patients were getting worse, it accelerated the damage and thus they came with hypothesis that immune system is actually positive factor, it is helping but insufficiently. This all goes to the same direction including my unquestionable personal experience with my body.

It can be quite risky for someone but for me it was nothing but great success which followed weeks and weeks of suffering – pain in nerves so I could hardly walk few hundred meters. I only heared my mother how she lived with these pains for a long time, the ALS was evolving in her slowly and at some point her immunity just lost the war and she quickly started to fade away. My wild hypothesis on this is revolutional and of course, controversial. Anyway I state the immunity fights for that person like Leonidas and his 300 men against Persians. If disease is not treated it gets only worse. The final outcome is deadly spiral leading to death. This is the story of ALS and if you are shocked, then save your effort on critics now, read this website completely.

Perhaps it is the complete opposite of what science was telling to patients for years – it is not about your body started attacking its own nerves. It is about exhausted immunity which is loosing in hidden raging conflict and science mistakenly interpreted the immune system activity. As humans we just need to accept it and embrace this lesson as we took all those prior (like treating diseases with poison like mercury).


Please note this answer is part of FAQ page containing 45+ amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) related questions. It can be also viewed as single post which may look little bit odd. For example search engine like Google or Bing can direct you at such view. If you are missing a context check the parent page and perhaps also other questions.  

Do you know ALS Experimental Theory? Are you aware of ALS 1KD Challenge? Have you read results of my ALS investigation with really controversial conclusion? 

Also the latest lengthy articles on ALS provided information which is not part of the general knowledge due to its inherent controversy, please consider still getting familiar with it and explore those topics on your own:


Fight against ALS disease needs to be lead by employing below generic tactics (details are part of this website too):

  1. Stabilization of PH across all body fluids
  2. Excretion of heavy metals (mercury, lead, cadmium) and toxic metals (aluminium) from body via natural chelatation and detoxification procedures
  3. Supporting immune system using all known means (supplementation, natural immune boosters)
  4. Supporting ALS ill organism with radical diet ("Kernel mode diet") with rich antioxidant and quality nutrition components
  5. Putting special focus on resting, breathing exercises, regulated sun exposure, keeping healthy and positive morale
  6. Support from other people who need to be also positive and believe in real improvements, words like fatality, incurability are forbidden and forgotten words
  7. Avoiding all strenuous activities and focusing on regulating all types of stress as much as possible (physical stress, psychic stress)


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