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Underhill´s personal notes day 2 till day 6.

Day #2

  • Morning routine and breakfast:
    • Milk thistle tea
    • Little bit later apple, banana, some walnuts.
  • Warm lemon water
  • Main food:
    • Chicken (welfare healthy chicken! LOL), potatoes
    • Salad: tomatos, onion, coriander, extra virgin oil, a bit of dried vegetable spice, sea salt
  • Drinks:
    • Started to drink also vilcacora tea – vilcacora is the other name for Uncaria Tomentosa
    • This tea is rather mixture of other herbs and all good like dandelion, nettle, turmeric root etc.
    • Herbal teas in general helped me a lot! I really recommend them.
  • Lemon water
  • Blueberries, raspberries
  • Home made tea from ginger and raw honey (delicious!)
  • Feelings:
    • I felt slightly better throughout the day but later in the evening it worsen a bit
    • I noted I started to feel my head, shoulder tension and also the area under left ribs (“spleen given today knowledge”).
  • Supplementation:
    • I continued to take vilcacora capsules
    • Magnesium (this I used anytime I had something like cramps or twitches)
    • I had even milk thistle as capsules (well why not, but these capsules I stopped taking later, did not have bad experience with it but the tea made from mixed milk thistle was more natural than capsules)

Day #3

  • Morning:
    • ginger tea fromy esterday
    • freshly made milk thistle tea (strange color, strange taste but was aimed at my liver so I drank it every day in the morning as a first thing!)
    • 1 x capsule of vilcacora/Uncaria Tomentosa/Cat´s claw (all three names mean the same thing)
  • Breakfast:
    • Banana, apple, walnuts
    • I took fruit because of the clean natural source of energy fructose/glucose
    • I took walnuts because they should contain selenium and other good stuff – you can google that.
  • Warm lemon water, again 1 x capsule of vilcacora
  • Feelings:
    • I became worried, I started to feel those strange symptoms more – as described in day zero post.
    • After few days of “amateur cleaning of myself” I noticed my allergies little bit improved (this was a spring time)
  • Main food – from yesterday, chicken, potatoes, salad
  • Raspberries, walnuts
  • Despite I felt not great I did light run afternoon … (not sure if I would suggest this now, it is better to rest probably)

Day #4

  • Morning:
    • From some reason I started to get awaken very very early – like 6 AM. In general I have been very sleepy person since my child times and needed rather clock alarm always. But in these days something was happening … I woke up myself very early. Something new!
    • Milk thistle tea, 1 x vilcacora, apple, banana, walnuts
  • Lunch:
    • Turkey steak, potatoes, salad – again onion, tomatoes, coriander, lemon, extra virgin oil etc.
  • Lemon water
  • BIG CHANGE – I got my juicer which I considered as a real must have tool for any detoxification works 😊
    • I tested it with my friend, we had cucumber juice and celery juice (for the first time ever!, I liked that)
  • Home made ginger tea with raw honey
  • Dinner: salad with some bread
  • Feelings – did not feel well, clear lack of energy, tiredness, strange fatigue

Day #5

  • Morning
    • 0.4L of fresh celery juice, once I got the juicer I started to follow that suggestion consisting of having celery juice as a first thing in the morning (replaced milk thistle basically which I took later in the day), or combination of lemon water first – 30 min. pause – then celery juice. Sounds weird, but I need to say I liked the celery juice, no allergy on it and I just did it. As a lazy person I even did not have problems with juicing celery – can be a bit messy, cleaning the juicer every day etc. As I wrote my motivation to get better was extremely high …
    • banana, apple, walnuts combination, water
  • I cooked lunch for me: rice, turkey, lots of vegetables – onions, garlic, cauliflower, tomatoes etc.
  • Drank only water or water with lemon or vilcacora herbal tea (dandelion, nettle, etc).
  • Continued with doing vilcacora capsules, magnesium, vitamine C, echinacea
  • Had some raspberries
  • Dinner – same as lunch
  • Feelings:
    • Not good, stiffed neck, shoulder tension, fatigue, poor concentration, only simple things were possible to do – basically I was glad I managed to prepare the food and drinks, juice something and thats it.

Day #6

  • Morning
    • Woke up at 5:40 without clock alarm.
    • Celery juice, banana, apple, walnuts (my favourite combo! 😃)
  • Around noon I did light run – I still am not sure if it helped me or rather harmed me. As I wrote earlier I would not stress the body even with light runs when having similar problems as me. At this point I did not know how bad I will get and that I most likely had some hidden and very hard to detect infection in my body. In such case it is better to rest, supply organism with supportive food, minerals etc. and let it combat the virus or bacterium for you. Despite I obviously don´t use hands intensively when running I always felt more the tension in the right hand (thumb-index finger area), that was worrying for me a bit.
  • Lunch – I had turkey and newly red and yellow lentil as a side dish.
  • Lemon water.
  • I did not need to eat lot – I still had that fatigue and also decreased appetite. Instead food I drank clean water, herbal teas, juice here or there.


  • Quick summary is that I was trying to detoxify myself for almost week. If you imagine what all I drank, that I stopped eating all the forbidden food (dairy, milk, cheese, industralized food like ham, salami, avoided even butter, white bread, heavilly limited meat while avoided pork completely, also sweets, chips whatever) you might expect some results already …
  • Since I started earlier with immunity boosters like vilcacora, echinacea, vitamine C I was working on my immune system for three weeks!
  • Lots of fruit full of antioxidants, vegetables, celery juice, cucumber juice, lemon water, nuts having selenium, zinc, ginger tea and liver support tea like milk thistle, dandelion, coriander which is believed a heavy metal detox herb. I think I somehow forgot to note I had blueberries (wooden type!) every single day – quite a big bowl. I had them in freezer and it was inherent part of my diet.
  • In terms of feelings I did not get any better – rather the opposite. Would not that be a reason to conclude this whole project is foolish and rather visit doctor again, and get some pills etc? For someone probably yes, but not for me! 😉 The book also warned me a bit, temporarilly the state can get worse, once immune system gets gradualy reinforced it starts recognizing and attacking infected cells or sites of infection in general and that one can feel in the form of bad symptoms. That sounded logical to me.
  • Mentally I was prepared to suffer a bit … I believed it is part of the healing process. This is in big contrast with today medicine – people run to doctor with every pain and get pain killer, immunity suppressive drug etc. just to address pain or inflammation but they don´t care why body is fighting, why there is pain, what is the cause. Pain as well as allergic reaction is IMO evolutionary alerting mechanism for us – hey something is wrong with you, stop for a while, make some changes, rest a bit, improve your health in terms of diet, focus on stress regulation etc. This is my amateur thinking you can laughed at but it always worked for me. Many people do the opposite, they want to suppress the pain or “alerting mechanism” because it is unpleasant and continue in their unhealthy hectical lives … This is road to hell. Trust me.

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