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Second Anniversary

Year passed and it is time for mandatory retrospective. This time I chose Stephen Hawking as an virtual ambassador – he has something to say for sure, but it won´t be about black holes!

I had to remind myself how I was evaluating the first year of my daring ALS project. There were some expectations, surprises and future vision, conclusion. I think I described the reality and also my perspective correctly. In year 2022 I learned couple of new things which (not) surprisingly neatly fit the ALS EXPERIMENTAL THEORY I put together with the help of many other folks (they are just not aware!). The high level frame of ALS is quite robust and is able to absorp every new low-level finding the ALS researchers came up with so far. This could be interesting for readers but here the situation is still not good.

People are not curious enough and the information built on core scientific foundations does not pass through their emotional filters. I tried to describe my controversial view of ALS in multiple ways and defended its controversial property in a logical way.

Do you expect ALS will be, one day, deciphered without any related controversy, do you think there won´t be questions? Why so late? Why so much time and resources were put into nothing improving and purely speculative life prolonging drugs, when the focus should have been on this & that?

It indeed will be historical moment worth celebrating, but it will also be a dark day for science. Once people learn the science was under such influence of unhealthy business interests so that medical ethics & certain logical types of case studies were side lined, they will demand big changes and the crysis of trust will cause many problems.

Please study ALS from all available sources, official as well as alternative – you may be surprised sooner.

“Why do you think every decent scientific work needs to have the conflict of interest disclosure? Because the established standard is existence of conflict of interest (“misleading work/case study”).

Why do you think today fruit & vegetables is marked with BIO label? Because the standard is it is contaminated with pesticids and other “healthy” chemicals causing chronic diseases over time.

Standards describe the level of civilization.”

— John Underhill

My website does not have the amount of visitors I would be happy with, yet some additional spots on the world map have been filled. In 2021/2022 it were 39 countries, today it is 52 countries so progress is being made, despite slowly. Who would like to read about lethal disease everyone is afraid of? As I found out, even those already sick show sign of better to not know what I suffer with (understandable).

Problem Of Trust

I have the experience which is extremely hard to transmit using simple words. I could write many more articles but if people don´t change their attitude, the overall situation will also not change. People still rely on others, but once they find out those who they relied on were not working as they were expected, big wondering will follow. My personal success was possible only because I did not trust those existing ALS theories. How could I trust them? There is no definite description of ALS and the only certain thing which I could learn and adopt was a sure death. Quite rationally, I kindly refused this solution. The absence of any rational explanation is a big warning for everyone – people get sick from only few general reasons. Where is some trustworthy and ideally a bit refined mapping of those generic reasons to ALS? Body started suddenly attack its nerves? Is that all you have after decades of researching using cutting edge technology? Come on … 🕵️‍♂️😉

My mother experience was extremely valuable for me but she was unable to resist. However I need to be fair with the reader and admit that I have never been diagnosed with ALS – I was too smart to let the problem escalate to such state, which is already described with these three letters (ALS). Only early and later worsened symptoms, which however all are known ALS symptoms, is my weak response on why I think I was facing very early ALS state, or better preALS state. It is weak, I know. But at the same time it is absolutely logical as we all should know that people feel certain symptoms for months, then finally visit physician who keeps guessing for another 10-15 months or so. Those pathogenic processes don´t take a break though. After all those months the early stage evolved in brutal ALS, that´s the sad life experience of many, but not for me.

Besides my mother case and hundreds of hours thinking how she could develop such horrific disease combined with natural gift of listening and remembering enabled me to counter attack any strange shit soon enough. The other common signs identified in real ALS patients give me certain extra confidence I am not puzzling you. And by the way – you all should take the risk I am not right, there is nothing to lose, there is nothing better out there. Only paliative care and gradual decline followed by death 😔.

Perhaps there would be some alternative way how to bring more attention to my hypothesis. I could become a weird activist, I could sit at some crowdy place like homeless man, have a piece of paper box with strange ALS related catchwords/slogans and perhaps, I would make it into media. They like crazy dudes! Crazy dude stories sell well. But would anyone take the message seriously? I have doubts. Greta Thunberg showed something like that could work, but I am not a sweet child anymore (yeah, she was sweet, cutely angry and quite right! Still she received quite a lot of hatred …) and I really respect myself – I am paying with my time and my money but I am not going to pay with my dignity.

Anyway purely virtually, I can do almost anything, so you can check below gallery. If it helps my mission in any way, I will put my real face into those pictures – I promise 🤞😄

Was Stephen Wrong?

It is not a big secret that Universe and black holes (space versions LOL) interested Stephen Hawking more than anything else. He became really famous and his theories appear correct now. However I am a pragmatic and more down to earth person. Black holes? Time? History of Universe? Nice! But in my opinion there are more urgent problems on Earth. Perhaps if Stephen applied his mathematical giftedness to studying the microcosmic world he could have shed some light on the disease he was suffering with. As the old wisdom says, as above so below. We choose our life path and so did Sir Stephen Hawking, his extreme ability to resist ALS is legendary though.

The links below go to Youtube videos showing the viruses in action, so don´t worry! Nobody is going to harm you here. We are deciphering ALS disease on this website, a very serious matter where viruses most likely play some role.

I chose Stephen today not just because of his famous resistance but also because of his statement he made about computer viruses. In my opinion Stephen was too sceptical and influenced by some negative example. Not every computer virus was destructive, some were actually rather funny (“You are an idiot“) and some were result of simple computer activism, the intention was to spread some message, like legalizing marijuana (“Your computer is stoned. Legalize Marijuana“). Perhaps I should write some non-harming computer virus … Today we have social media but still it is hard to make someone read a brief message.

In reality computer virus is just a tricky piece of software and there is also lot of good software – it was helping Stephen to talk and today software helps ALS patients significantly, like the eye gaze system. Obviously Stephen was aware of this too. Anyway computer viruses played certain role in my story, a very positive role so that´s why I am defending them a bit.

When I was again in troubles (for the third time in my life; recurrent problem as in my mother case) I refered my newly built health library – I opened some weird book based on its wide focus on chronic diseases and started reading. The author was describing gradual spreading of advanced viral infection in human organism which today medicine is unable to recognize. He described strange insidious multi-stage schema of the infection. Only later I found out he also claims ALS is the example of the most advanced stage when the organism is infected by more viral variants and further weakened by hidden intoxication (toxic metals) – immunity is too weak, virus dominates and causes neurotoxicity. Oh really?

How does that sound to readers today? It is pretty crazy right? Why should anyone believe such wild theory or even deal with it? But I knew medical system has no explanation for ALS so currently undetectable virus (or even collection of viruses in one organism; bad luck!) could be one day announced as ALS cause, similarly as HIV was for AIDS. Why not? Unless ALS is explained nobody can be sure about the cause(s). Composite infection could easily be the possibility – strong and young people quite suddenly got sick, older people with weakened immunity also got sick, someone has terribly fast progression, someone is able to resist for 20+ years or even 50+ years like Sir Hawking. Repeated infections prior ALS are known. It all sounded quite realistically, in theory. But how does it help if nothing is confirmed and there are no anti-viral drugs successfully tested for ALS?

What helped me, was my computer background (despite I am not that great programmer like Hal Finney, bitcoin legend who died on ALS) and experimental thinking – I am not going to trust medical authorities (if they have no solution), I am not going to trust anyone else but I am willing to take logical hypothesis into consideration and conduct experiments. I recalled that in computer world there are viruses with properties which would enable them to evade detection for some time. This meant I had a real world example which simply exists, which is true and thus its possible analogy in biology could also exist and puzzle scientists for decades. The direct and logical consequence was that I could follow the strange author explanation and test it, after all he was claiming that improvements and recovery are possible (not guaranteed!), but it takes time (months), while the official authorities were claiming ALS or even MS or fibromyalgia, are incurable. In my case ALS was the threat number one. Normal person cannot have any dilemma here.

Since the gradual weakening of immune system was one of the prerequisite for ALS to develop in the organism, it naturaly meant one has to do everything to help the immune system, attempt to restore back its ultimate power. The faith in my immune system was natural, it is part of myself, isn´t it? Within one day I made a decision to follow the suggestions – very natural and generic in nature, and refined them with other suggestions I proactively explored in other sources, such as natural equivalents of antibiotics (I had whole book just on this). So the plan was simple, do EVERYTHING I CAN for my immune system and hope the reinforced immune system will in turn resolve the strange problems I indeed suffered with but which physicians were unable to detect using existing tests, blood work and they refused giving me regular ATBs. They were still able to indirectly see something is not right in me (blood pressure, thyroid) but they are so used to this they don´t care about it. I got pissed! I put my plan into real extreme … That was my experiment, my hope. Total mobilization! I was thinking about my immune system every day, what can be happening inside of me? This indeed is not suggested but I am writing it here just to show how I was dedicated to this mission.

And it worked (details are described on this website). After several weeks I got so bad! I was scared but I sticked to the plan as this unpleasant outcome could actually still be the happy scenario – it could mean the immune system really got gradually reinforced, something else could improve – there were signs like unusual amount of waste. What could not be detected before could suddenly get detected now and the fight started. That´s what inflammation is about – whenever inflammation occurs, you can be sure immune system is in action and it often hurts (arghhhh!). Now I could visually confirm the signs – swollen thyroid, strange rash which evolved in bruises and strange blisters in those areas of neurological discomfort. From some strange reason 100% identical areas with my mother but she never did this, she was literally eaten alive by ALS. However I fully recovered and then found out the infection analogy can really be real and valid. It can be also wrong but who is going to confirm it?

Later on I realized the book author is a famous pseudoscientist and alleged disinformator Anthony William Coviello. Anyway he probably saved my life, because his crazy theory (it has some flaws but who knows) helped me to do things which I would not normally do. The properties of computer viruses which I recalled and which human programmers devised over time were stealth, multipartite, polymorphic property. Please check the content more below later 😉 I also remembered the counter weapon, the heuristic analysis introduced in antivirus software which increases the success rate in detection of such viruses.

When I read about ALS in scientific journals I got surprised then – the possibility of composite infection & intoxication narrative is definitely there, nobody can rule it out and even worse/better, the empirical data rather support it than deny it as all those ALS risk factors work against immune system (already harmful excessive oxidative stress) and multiple pathogens are reliably detected in ALS patients. The stealth factor can be there as well because people always compare the ALS patients against healthy control sets. However even those healthy people host those pathogens (or part of their DNA) but don´t get sick. What is the difference? What about the strength of immune system? This primitive and utterly silly approach people repeat over and over can in fact mean the same as if it was stealth/invisible phenomenon. People don´t see the danger, if the combination of pathogens is found in both sick and healthy people, it is not that important. How could anyone believe this in post COVID age? The bad ability to interpret data needs to be key problem in ALS. Beware of those EBV, VZV, HHV-xx and HERV viruses as well as complex bacterial strains (spirochetes, rickettsia and other later tuned as bioweapons​1​ in labs during cold war madness, it was not just anthrax!).

Despite wide genetic, environmental and clinical heterogeneity in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a rapidly fatal neurodegenerative disease targeting motoneurons, neuroinflammation is a common finding. It is marked by local glial activation, T cell infiltration and systemic immune system activation. The immune system has a prominent role in the pathogenesis of various chronic diseases, hence some of them, including some types of cancer, are successfully targeted by immunotherapeutic approaches. However, various anti-inflammatory or immunosuppressive therapies in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis have failed. This prompted increased scrutiny over the immune-mediated processes underlying amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Perhaps the biggest conundrum is that amyotrophic lateral sclerosis pathogenesis exhibits features of three otherwise distinct immune dysfunctions—excessive inflammation, autoimmunity and inefficient immune responses. Epidemiological and genome-wide association studies show only minimal overlap between amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and autoimmune diseases, so excessive inflammation is usually thought to be secondary to protein aggregation, mitochondrial damage or other stresses​2​

The morale of this story is following. Never underestimate pseudoscientists as they can deliver inspiration if not real pieces of the overall solution, search for inspiration everywhere, for instance in computer world as it evolves way too faster than other fields like immunology with old-school autoimmune models where none of them is actually proven! (did you read my autoimmunity 2.0?). Always remember that your immune system is your ultimate antivirus software but you can gradually damage it by living in unclean environment (smoking, radiation exposure, toxic metals, pesticids, industrial/processed food harming healthy gut microbiom, long term psychic and physicial stress – all known ALS risk factors).

Do not rely on those ALS researchers, they are very biased, lost in DNA euphoria, affected by financial interests, terribly unproductive – be pioneer and rational experimenter like me and Nelda Buss, the toughest ALS warrior as I use to say, because she was living ALS, she got paralyzed, she had papers with her ALS diagnosis from hospitals, Dr. Bedlack from Duke University tends to believe she had real ALS, but was that sufficient to catch attention of those arrogant scientists? Nope. At the end she is in the same position as me, a man who never was so bad, never got paralyzed and never was diagnosed with ALS (because he was too smart and lucky as his mother involuntarily equipped him with everything needed prior dying!). The sad truth is that humans try to beat ALS using old-school methods (primitive studies, primitive symptom targetting drugs, neglecting individuals in favor of mass cohorts) – while I see an obvious and common pattern in those protocols certain people succeeded with, they all applied some biological form of heuristic analysis soon enough. There needs to be some lucky individual at first place, but this is not of any interest for mass drug producers. As a result ALS has no official success at all and all strange but quite promising cases were buried together with hope of all other patients, including those future ones (Nelda recovered in 1987!).

P.S. I think there is some analogy of “heuristic analysis” in our immune systems too. It could be those NK cells or natural killer cells discovered in 1970s. As they can kill or let cell live based on yet unknown routine (infected or not? virus inside or not?). Perhaps my NK cells unleashed a special immune operation once the cell population increased 🤔 I was intentionally taking natural supplements like Cat´s claw and Echinacea with vitamine C among many other cheap things, which should help with NK cells​3​.

For NK cells to defend the body against viruses and other pathogens, they require mechanisms that enable the determination of whether a cell is infected or not. The exact mechanisms remain the subject of current investigation, but recognition of an “altered self” state is thought to be involved.[source: Wikipedia]

Besides microbial factors there are other contributing factors and we will need to yet learn what has the highest weight – I myself am convinced this weight is highly individual and explains the vast diversity among ALS progressions in people, anyway the way how mercury disintegrates neuron axons is terribly consistent with those findings ALS researchers have made, further supported by this case as not everyone undergoes such detailed tests. Many countries announced amalgam phase out but nobody wants to mention the possible role in ALS, but again, look at the old video – the biggest neurons in human body (motor neurons) can collapse also simply because of this ultra-toxic metal people carry in their teeth almost for all their life, drink hot coffee, tea etc. Is that safe? The before mentioned phase out is the answer.

Society should request detailed tests and studies of this. As a precaution I suggest detoxification of mercury, chelation, cautious use of selenium supplements, generic detox protocols. My theory and suggestions shared with many others counts with theoretical involvement of undetected/stealth microbial infections (inherent immunodeficiency) as well as intoxication by mercury and other harming substances. This complex nature of the protocol can form massive synergic effect, which riluzole or AMX0035 can only dream about. Still people rather choose the drugs.

Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and multiple sclerosis are characterized by a chronic and selective process of neuronal cell death. Although the causes of neurodegenerative diseases remain still unknown, it is now a well-established idea that more factors, such as genetic, endogenous, and environmental, are involved. Among environmental causes, the accumulation of mercury, a heavy metal considered a toxic agent, was largely studied as a probable factor involved in neurodegenerative disease course. Mercury exists in three main forms: elemental mercury, inorganic mercury, and organic mercury (methylmercury and ethylmercury). Sources of elemental mercury can be natural (volcanic emission) or anthropogenic (coal-fired electric utilities, waste combustion, hazardous-waste incinerators, and gold extraction). Moreover, mercury is still used as an antiseptic, as a medical preservative, and as a fungicide. Dental amalgam can emit mercury vapor. Mercury vapor, being highly volatile and lipid soluble, can cross the blood-brain barrier and the lipid cell membranes and can be accumulated into the cells in its inorganic forms. Also, methylmercury can pass through blood-brain and placental barriers, causing serious damage in the central nervous system. This review describes the toxic effects of mercury in cell cultures, in animal models, and in patients with neurodegenerative diseases. In vitro experiments showed that mercury exposure was principally involved in oxidative stress and apoptotic processes. Moreover, motor and cognitive impairment and neural loss have been confirmed in various studies performed in animal models. Finally, observational studies on patients with neurodegenerative diseases showed discordant data about a possible mercury involvement​4​. (again the poor work with seemingly contradictory data can be the culprit, never trust anyone including me, but consider, verify, experiment and action instead).

Computer Hope?

The below descriptions and their possible biological analogy (modified by me) were taken from web with amazing name – computer hope​5​. Isn´t that some sort of navigation sign for me, a fighter against false hope doctrine and death sentencing diagnoses? I googled that quickly today.

Stealth virus

A stealth virus hides from antivirus software after infection, either by making the computer appear as though it has not lost any memory or that the file size hasn't changed.

A stealth virus hides from immune system after infection, either by making the cell appear as though it has not been invaded or that the the cell function hasn't changed.

Multipartite virus

A multipartite virus, multipart virus, or hybrid virus is one that infects both the master boot record and executable files on a hard drive in staggered stages. As they can infect more than one part of the system at once, they are the most devastating of all computer virus types. These hybrid viruses are often hard to remove and, unless completely eradicated, can reinfect the host system again.

A multipartite virus, multipart virus, or hybrid virus is one that infects both the central nervous system and peripheral nerves in staggered stages. As they can infect more than one part of the organism at once, they are the most devastating of all virus types. These hybrid viruses are often hard to remove as they reside in memory B-cells and, unless completely eradicated, can reinfect the host organism again, at any time later when the host defense is significantly lower as a result of aging, intoxication, oxidative stress, presence of other chronic infections.

Polymorphic virus

A polymorphic virus creates an polymorphic infection in a computer. It is designed to create copies of itself, changing the arrangement and byte values of its contents each time, with the purpose of evading detection by virus detection software. It may also encrypt its contents in such a way that antivirus software cannot positively identify and remove it.

Because one polymorphic virus could have hundreds or thousands of variants it makes it more difficult to detect every variant of the virus. Developers that design the detection programs have to write extra lines of code to make the programs better at detecting the virus infections. Even the best antivirus programs can have trouble with detecting and cleaning polymorphic infections or not giving false positives. However, antivirus programs with heuristic detection do have a better time at detecting these types of viruses.

A polymorphic virus creates an polymorphic infection in an organism. It is designed to create copies of itself, changing the arrangement and expression of some genes in its genome each time, with the purpose of evading detection by immune system. It may also adjust its surface proteins in such a way that immune system cannot positively identify and remove it.

Because one polymorphic virus could have hundreds or thousands of variants it makes it more difficult to detect every variant of the virus. Researchers that design the detection kits have to create extra variants of gene sequences to make the tests better at detecting the virus infections. Even the best components of the immune system  can have trouble with detecting and cleaning polymorphic infections or not giving false positives. However, immune system cells with heuristic detection do have a better time at detecting these types of viruses.

Anyway, happy new year, breakthrough is close …


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