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Is there any hope regarding ALS?

Official authorities will always respond “YES” but the question why most people ask this question is little bit different.

Patient: Is there any hope I can be cured? 

For science this is already question which pushes it to the corner and forces it to respond:

Medical science: We are sorry but given the state of things it is not likely we will have cure soon enough for you.



The way science approaches this problem is just unfortunate and practically everything including the standard methodology, ignorance of traces, overfocused genetics works against all current patients as well as near future patients. The science is incredibly slow and slow learning. There are people who deal with this problem for decades and they think they are the masters of it and do not need to listen. Unfortunately for patients, these people never came with anything working. Just this simple fact is satisfying condition for introducing changes because only changes can bring new atmosphere, new views, new ideas, new theories and mainly new enthusiasm. I am not saying ALS researches should be sacked but those responsible people in charge should be watched closely and re-assessed immediatelly. In bad performing football team you cannot fire the player squad – you can get rid off some problematic player, not all. However you can sack the manager or coach and that is what should be at least considered. No results? Good bye! 

Anyway on a more positive note, I believe there is really something everyone affected can start doing. That is why I am creating this. Please go through the last question block (but ideally do not skip the middle block and read it too) and before you get there try to discard any prejudices – start there with a calm and positive mind, because THE HOPE EXISTS, I KNOW IT … and even when answering above modified question (but time is factor!).

Below song could help you to tune your optimism.


Please note this answer is part of FAQ page containing 45+ amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) related questions. It can be also viewed as single post which may look little bit odd. For example search engine like Google or Bing can direct you at such view. If you are missing a context check the parent page and perhaps also other questions.  

Do you know ALS Experimental Theory? Are you aware of ALS 1KD Challenge? Have you read results of my ALS investigation with really controversial conclusion? 

Also the latest lengthy articles on ALS provided information which is not part of the general knowledge due to its inherent controversy, please consider still getting familiar with it and explore those topics on your own:


Fight against ALS disease needs to be lead by employing below generic tactics (details are part of this website too):

  1. Stabilization of PH across all body fluids
  2. Excretion of heavy metals (mercury, lead, cadmium) and toxic metals (aluminium) from body via natural chelatation and detoxification procedures
  3. Supporting immune system using all known means (supplementation, natural immune boosters)
  4. Supporting ALS ill organism with radical diet ("Kernel mode diet") with rich antioxidant and quality nutrition components
  5. Putting special focus on resting, breathing exercises, regulated sun exposure, keeping healthy and positive morale
  6. Support from other people who need to be also positive and believe in real improvements, words like fatality, incurability are forbidden and forgotten words
  7. Avoiding all strenuous activities and focusing on regulating all types of stress as much as possible (physical stress, psychic stress)


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