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ALS Awareness 2021 (LBR)

I am proud I can present another noble project on my website. Please see the latest and in many ways unique ALS AWARENESS promotional video.

Honestly, I do not know what to write here. We try to do our best and contribute to deciphering of the ALS mystery. Despite we are fully aware of the unfortunate state of things, the terrible historical stats and facts, and just extremely little hope any ALS patient can feel when looking back to this history and by perceiving his personal situation, we stubbornly and totally refuse the incurable classification of ALS disease. If we accepted that, there would not be any reason to fight. Any disease can seem incurable only at time T. This means it can and most likely will be curable in future. This is the reason why we do not want to stress the incurability (but media emphasize this any time they cover ALS topic!).

Especially with syndrome like ALS, people should be very cautious and if they read this ALS post series end-to-end they might get different idea on the incurability and lack of hope. If the reader does not want to invest so much time then at least my reasons of failure post could be read, possibly also Curse of Impossible and of course the experimental Survival Guide.

So instead of demoralizing defetism we are trying to get to that brighter future as fast as possible and we have many signs the disease is caused by a combination of microbial factors and then also few other factors (multi-factor syndrome). Today science irrationaly refuses microbial aspects and also shows no progress with its cure identifying attempts. Repeating the incurable and “mission impossible” nature of the problem is in fact restating that unsuccessful past (history!) and killer of the progress, killer of hope and motivation. We do fight, despite our possibilities are very limited. We still have something and we have a clear vision. We will never surrender and our finest hour is perhaps closer than before. But we also need public support. So far we have received no real support in the last few months (links, shares). It is only matter of time. We fight nonetheless.

Mr. Underhill & ALSR.

Perhaps you will not like the video narrative or you will find some mistakes (in such case share your feedback!). Please realize that “any additional awareness” is better than nothing but at the same you can be sure there is no intentional fooling or disinforming done on this site – any well justified objections and concerns should be send to the author so he can assess and if necessary make the required updates.
Also if you landed here and do not know this website, feel free to spend some time with it. It has been written gradually and the ALS post series reflects one weird journey – there can be many other people with similar strange experience. Top of this post has links of the whole post series so you can read it from start to end (this post) or jump into any part right away.

Last thing – do not forget the ALS 1KD CHALLENGE can present certain chance to fight with ALS – how far will anyone get is already hard to predict. It indeed is an experiment – but in theory, it could have all the ingredients a true miracle should have.

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