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Food As Factor

Everyone knows food plays a criticial role in determining our health condition. Common sense as well as scientific evidence go hand in hand here - no conflict at all. Of course when it comes to question what and when we should eat situation gets complicated. In the context of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis people may have feeling food is the very last thing to bother with. They may perceive that it is like trying to stop approaching M1A1 Abrams tank with bare hands. Is that rational after all the findings? Let´s see!

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All Roads Go To …

Sometimes to Rome but in our case to liver. This organ is loudly mentioned as a big health factor by Anthony William but not that loudly by others. During my analysis I took special care to understanding how pillars of this experimental theory are perceived in other opinion camps including modern medicine. Liver as one such pillar deserved a dedicated post!

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The Sleeping Prophet

It is time to make a little step into mysticsm and introduce one extraordinary person who lived in 19th and 20th century, a man called the sleeping prophet. Despite the esotheric background, I have made decision this source is of uttermost importance in terms of inspiration - a critical component of any research when exploring unknown territory, the ALS territory in my case.

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