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Trace #2 – Microbial Behavior Patterns

Another trace is about the generalized behavior of infections including those latent and slowly developing.

I am not sure if term like this exists but since I am under influence of my engineering background I chose this phrase. What it means? ALS is a mystery but what is known and apparent for decades is source of additional traces and suspicion that microscopic or even nanoscopic world is more than active.

Lets consider the beginning of the disease first. We know sometimes the bad symtpoms followed with the diagnosis come after longer nontrivial health issues including infections (“repeated infections risk factor”). People in rather late age can receive such diagnosis (e.g. my mother). The important note is even these older people seem quite fine genetically – they were active, often did some sport on competitive or even professional level. They were not marked for decades as some genetically impaired individuals. On the other hand we have people in the best age, still young and in great physical shape who receive the diagnosis in their late 20s or 30s but sometimes even earlier. There are 8-year old kids with ALS – 😔. People may think there is no consistency and it can hit anyone in any age and it even seems more people are diagnosed and in earlier age than any time before. What else besides infection can cause this? Such observations can be also explained with infection just perfectly as infections rarely ocur and progress consistently due to the unique nature of humans and individual strength of the organism and its immunity. If you think humans are degenerating genetically wait for next trace.

Another characteristic to examine is the length of life with the diagnosis. What do we know? There is a great variability. There are people who are able to live with ALS for 10, 15 or more years but majority live for few years only. Again, what else than infection can explain such great variability? We know what is the main factor in fighting infections – it is our immune system. The overall condition of immune system across individuals will definitely show similar variability and then we know what other factors affect immune system – are they known to be present in ALS cases? Of course they are! (they are covered as dedicated traces).

Also those ALS reversals can be explained by infection – in the raging war on nanoscopic scale immunity was able to win few battles and improve the health status but it was not a final victory. Anyway such person had to change something for sure – science has hard times analyzing this rare phenonemon. One case I read about here and the patient was experimenting with therapy consisting of anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Are you surprised? I am not surprised at all! This is a great and encouraging information in line with my own results!

If you want to know what viruses are capable of I really recommend Virusphere​4​ book from Frank Ryan. Once you read it and attempt for generalizing the facts a bit you will have no problem with suspecting ALS is a result of complex and perhaps hard to prove, but still infection. There are known viruses which can target motor neurons, there is just every possible trace leading us this direction. This book also describes what can be the result of uncured and long infection – tissue scarring! It is described on liver scarring (hepatitis) but it is a generic pattern and in case of ALS it is the neural tissue. The strange scarring and hardening in the spinal cord area was the very first scientific finding done by Mr. Charcot and the word “sclerosis” in the ALS name expresses this knowledge. Similarly Charcot was the first who described also Multiple sclerosis, a disease where science is sure EBV virus plays some significant role (my theory on this role is described here). But it seems we are still in the situation in which the “murderer” is highly suspected but nobody was able to detect him and convict him by providing clear direct evidence. When direct evidence is not available it is time for targeted experiments – unfortunately science is dealing more with something else.

Please ask yourself what else than infection – no matter how complex or advanced, multi-factor and so on – can turn healthy and active person to bedridden ALS patient. Please do think about it for a while.

Humans have only one more competitive theory – there is something wrong with genetics of afflicted individuals, an unfortunate combination of genes and then there is an unfortunate combination of environmental factors which play role of triggers, deadly genes are activated and work of self-destruction is started. In my work the overall picture comprises all these pieces including genetics but the actual role of it is different and less important.

I am writing here about this theory repeatedly which can be already annoying to some extent but please consider alternative explanation. I am doing it intentionally because I believe it is highly relevant. This is why I sliced my new unpublished and quite long post into post series called “ALS Stealth Infection”. One day also others will need to admit those microbial factors play crucial role. I see it already today but evidence for it is hard to provide. Evidence oftens comes later, just note very recently announced findings on black holes which Stephen Hawking was talking about 30 years ago (“black holes do not shrink”).
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