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Some time after writing my Amoral World post I decided I need to write few other related articles and the topic of absurdity needs to be the next one. Then by “certain coincidence” I found out there is something called National Absurdity Day. I wondered if the date would suit my needs and as usually, I was lucky, I had week of time to express my progressive thoughts and publish on this day, on the day of absurdity!


I guess nobody is going to protest when I write that our world is full of absurdity. Many of us use “absurd” word often as we face the situations life puts us at but absurdity finds its place everywhere. Whether highest politics affecting hundreds of millions of lives or the most advanced scientific research centres. The question is the same for centuries – when will the human society realize the harmful instances of absurdity, when will they recognize it and what will they do about it?

My website is aimed at breaking one such global problem. On the example of ALS syndrome, a very serious but terribly neglected problem, I am illustrating the danger of absurdity. Humans are not acting as they should, breaking fundamental laws and the result is the overall hopeless situation – ALS, deadly diagnosis, death penalty, unknown cause, no cure.

Isn´t today Russian-Ukrainian war absurd? Isn´t Putin´s claim he had no other choice than attack absurd? Isn´t Lavrov´s claim Russians did not attack Ukraine absurd?
Isn´t crowd of aggressive Americans attacking The Capitol in Washington an absurd situation? Why absurdities are happening in our world often resulting in evil, killing and thousands dead?

🙄Absurdity #1 – Absurd Diagnosis

On this website I repeat this claim with iron will, because it is so obvious to me, but not so obvious for others. How is this possible? Am I a different version of human? Am I silly person? Or am I a person with a special gift of recognizing details which synergically contribute to the overall failure of humans to better understand the most brutal disease on this world? Answer this on your own, but before you do that, invest at least several minutes into consideration why official authorities and majority are failing.

Anyway the existence of death sentencing diagnosis is indeed absurd. I elaborated on this in more detail in my previous posts so I can simply write – this is the very beginning of the overall failure. Sentencing frightened and ill person to death is an absolute violation of all medical codexes (“First do no harm“). Once humans violate this core principle the domino effect is triggered. It requires quite a philosophical contemplation, so don´t be upset if you are unable to see the sense in it now.

🙄Absurdity #2 – Absurd Absence Of Prevention

If you are a gifted brighter person and you tend to agree that sentencing patient to death does not make things any better, rather the opposite, you can already understand the lack of prevention in ALS. What is even worse is the for decades equally bad level of diagnostics. If you will monitor ALS groups where patients, their family members and caregivers exchange experience, you will learn the problem of deadly diagnosis. It takes approximately 12 months to obtain it, after slowly eliminating other not so deadly options. However 12 months should be taken as a statistical measure (mean, average) – some people get it sooner but I read about one woman who got the diagnosis after incredible 4 years since the early symptoms, I think she passed year after, very unfortunate story. Why is this happening?

Isn´t this having something common with absurd death sentencing diagnosis which nobody wants to give to innocent people, to people which physicians are obliged to help? The wheel of absurdity is already in motion and it generates consequences which humans neglect and don´t understand. Death should have never been made part of medical prescription.

In case of ALS, people believe in sure death, they think such belief is correct and well justified by the statistics and empirical knowledge. However there is a catch – the statistics is terribly influenced by the lack of understanding (ALS cause is unknown, definition of early stages non-existent, humans hesitate and remain passive for 12+ months) and thus highly inaccurate. Humans manipulate themselves with poorly collected/interpreted data – they know they have problems with data, they know they don´t understand the problem, but still they make such fatal statements which they could afford to make ONLY in case the prior is not true, in other words in case they had excellent knowledge what is going on and that nothing can be done already.

I would not be surprised if you considered my statements absurd!
Anyway belief in death yields death.

🙄Absurdity #3 – Absurd Ignorance Of Facts

It is true that a lot of data was gathered about ALS. It could be still better but mainly the interpretation of data is incredibly wrong. The most valuable data are those simplest and most obvious, most understandable to everyone. It is not about misfolded proteins, strangely activated microglia cells, mutated genes, elevated glutamate levels or energetic deficits in mitochondria. The most precious data are typical clinical data about the patients covering their whole life, exposures, anamnesis, life style, life events. The commonalities and patterns among ALS patients are simply mindblowing and they should help to narrow down the problem significantly. However it is not happening and pharma industry (not)surprisingly employs its typical Profit Over People strategy which (not)surprisingly does not deliver good results. Hunting biomarkers which would be typically monetized in the form of expensive drugs does not work for 50+ years but who cares, human greedy nature did not give up on this objective yet.

I have elaborated more on this in my previous posts (ALS Community – Buried Alive, Amoral World) and mainly the obvious links among the low level ALS symptoms and the equally obvious and simple connections to those known risk factors (infections, heavy metals, pesticids, liver function deficicency, chronic stress, physical exert, radiation, smoking etc.) should be honestly examined. All these findings are based on many studies conducted by various research teams and published in respected journals but do you think it is enough to make a difference when not backed by billion public opinion forming machine?

The way humans are trying to fight ALS is simply absurd as they are constantly incorporating non-transparent side interests. The business, politics and industry protecting interests dominate over the humanity aspects. ALS patients are not the only minority whose human rights are not treated well (and are fooled). Who is going to change the world because of 2 people out of 100,000?

🙄Absurdity #4 – Absurd Violation Of Fundamental Logic

Whenever humans start violating their own fundamental codex or even formalized logic we should have no doubts nasty consequences will be the result. Again this is not a theoretical note. In case of ALS both the medical ethics/codex as well as mathematical logic is being violated. I wrote about this again in my previous posts so there is no need to repeat it here. Hippocrates oath, prepositional logic and crappy statistics counting only dead people – this all you can find in ALS under the hood.

Richard Bedlack, quite respected professor from Duke University, is openely talking about ALS reversals and recovery cases – despite very rare, but ALS is being described as 100% fatal, incurable. Numerous cases are known where people live with ALS for more than 20 years and they are still walking, they are not bedridden but mass media never cover these stories – it is not welcome, death is welcome. Why? Because of false hope doctrine.

This is especially absurd super-weird thing but indeed a direct consequence of problems and absurdities I already described in previous paragraphs (absurdity yields absurdity). The poorly collected data and human rights violating diagnosis strike here. Humans believe it is unethical to inform about these promising and highly encouraging cases because they are not well understood yet and those new ALS patients could feel bad when they are told it seems there are strange cases of recovery and many cases of long living patients. Instead of learning from these cases, motivating and supporting new patients, people took different approach. They calculate average life expectancy (2-5 years) based on poor data and tell new patients they are going to die soon, and there is nothing to do about it. Of course this is highly demoralizing and supports resignation. In medical world resignation causes harm which violates First Do No Harm fundamental principle.

In engineering this would not work, if engineers would state it is 100% sure while knowing it is most likely not 100% and even worse the number is calculated based on incomplete data set resulting in higher inaccuracy it would cause disaster. Building would collapse, bridge would fall, aircraft would crash or its software would give wrong information resulting in crash. In medical world and ALS problematics we face rather the opposite – people are told they will die and so they die but then error happens and someone survives without any obvious justification, what now? Error is error, forget it! Life is error, death is correct.

Logical consequence of this false/absurd ethics is a monumental disaster. People ignore those “promising errors” and close themselves in a circle where no approaches work, no solutions exist. ALS disease cannot be broken. Despair continues …

This really requires some time to absorp, think about it! It is hard to believe that those who you are relying on are fatally failing in protecting you and your children from brutal disease …

🙄Absurdity #5 – Absurd Genetical Game

Genes are mentioned everywhere with unhealthy importance. It again harms the public and society as it creates false impression genes are static structures and disease is a result of bad luck with no solution during the life of patient who is eaten alive by unknown deadly phenomenon. If people were more interested how it is with ALS genes they could be shocked. The absurdity here lies in the confusion of cause with consequence. Our precious DNA is endangered by the surrounding environment in the same way we or anything else on this planet. That´s why DNA is stored in decentralized multi-copy fashion. Trillions of cells carry a copy of DNA and the ability to repair local damage is astonishing, humans are far from understanding it. How can I make such claims? We simply do not know how DNA works as a whole (more than 95% of the molecule is poorly understood) but we know what really happened, how people recovered from terminal diseases after getting abandoned by failing medical system. It is rare because only rare and special people are so strong that they can resist harmful deadly prognoses of medical experts.

Also the existence of sporadic ALS tells us this is not inherently genetic diseases. Predispositions are most likely inherited or little bit amplified among ALS patients but even genetically normal/average person can get ALS, a simple proof by dispute.

The real absurdity in terms of genetics lies in the inherent lack of explainability of ALS through genes. It is already a reality as SOD1 discovered in 1993 did not make any difference for ALS patients even in 2022. Same story with all other ALS genes. Under huge expenses we may identify tens of genes out of 20,000 which look like they can contribute to ALS development. What then?

We will indeed need to ask ourselves question what caused those gene mutations and since we know those major environmental mutagens which are harming us every single day with unpredictable strength and consequences, we will need to start finally dealing with environmental aspects. Something we know for decades, something what is super-clear and super-obvious from simple ALS clinical data which are collected for many years. Attempts to decipher ALS via genetics is aburd and it is an expressed unwillingness of humans to accept responsibility for environment and start introducing necessary changes.

Did you know how dangerous mercury is for nervous system? Are you aware how you may be getting micro-doses of this toxic metal in your food for years? (ocean, fish, air).
Are you aware mercury surprisingly causes identical damage to neuron axons which ALS researchers noticed? Are you aware your teeth with amalgam dental fillings can harm you in the long run?
Are you aware of harmful effects of other heavy metals which cause genetic mutations? Why aren´t ALS patients systematically monitored from metal intoxication? What about pesticides and radiation exposure?

🙄Absurdity #6 – Absurd Censorship & Mocking Of Alternative Opinions

Since I deal with ALS investigation for some time I would need to be blind to not notice the strange censorship. Some groups pay special attention to keep the status quo state and to suppress any alternative voices. It is true some alternative voices are inappropriate, too esotheric and nothing explaining/improving. However that does not entitle anyone to suppress the debate or moderate it in such a way that free discussion and information exchange is made impossible. From some strange reasons people pay special interest to suppress alternative opinions instead of fighting the root cause. There is lot of non-transparent politics in ALS and this is really absurd given the official proclamations, ALS awareness campaigns.

Simple truth is that whenever there is politics, there are some artificial obstacles and barriers which make progress much harder. I touched even those extremely explosive controversial and to some extent conspiracy promoting findings. I have no interest to become conspirative or conspiracy theory spreading source but obvious mistakes humans indeed made on highest places cannot be easily ruled out. What do I mean here mainly? If you saw the video above you probably know the decision to use mercury in dental care was not ideal. Without any links to these harmful effects world is announcing amalgam phase-out by pointing out mainly economical aspects.

The other area is even more explosive. Stealth infections most likely play role in ALS development and american bioweapon research worked on agents with exactly these stealth properties. The facts tell us those bacteria long suspected to play role in ALS were later intensively tuned in labs and strange outbreak in Connecticut does not seem to be a coincidence, given the existence of few miles away located research center on Plum island focused on those tick hosted microbs. The idea was to incapacitate enemy soldiers so they cannot fight and at the same time prevent easy identification of the causative agent. There is evidence of open air tests, using the bioweapon on Cuba on sugarcane workers (1960s).

This does sound too bad right? This is a conspiracy for sure, right? Why would certain people foster censorship, why there are many classified materials which public cannot access? I never trust humans who are hiding something but assuring others that the hidden materials are indeed unrelated to the investigated matter. Trust but verify is my rule.

Do you know that the famous scientist known for discovery of spirochete bacteria causing wide spectrum of symptoms (including CNS infection) was a bioweapon researcher who played with ticks for decades?
His name was William Burgdorfer and you can read about his story in decent detail – this is not a conspiracy, simple facts which need to be taken into consideration.

🙄Absurdity #7 – Absurd Marketing & Self-Praising

I explored the websites of few research organizations focused on ALS cure/therapy research. One is ALS TDI (Therapy Development Institute) founded in 1999. Within 23 years they were unable to deliver anything what would end ALS and even worse they were unable to deliver anything partially working (e.g. stopping ALS if not curing it, or prolonging life significantly).


Another organization is Target ALS founded in 2013. Their official statements seem more reasonable as they call for collaboration. However within 9 years this organization was unable to deliver anything solid either. Anyway they call themselves champions of collaboration who have revolutionary approaches, revolutionary model etc.

As champions for the power of collaboration, we created our unique Innovation Ecosystem. Over the last seven years, our approach has dramatically accelerated research results leading to the development of over a dozen therapeutic approaches for ALS.

Another organization is ALS One founded in 2016. The goals were correct, noble and simply commendable. Idea of bringing best people together and make a real breakthrough is definitely not absurd. What is absurd are again those bloated statements these unproductive people make even 6 years later.

By utilizing our unprecedented network of world-leading researchers and resources, ALS ONE is uncovering breakthroughs that will help fuel a cure for ALS.

Every ALS patient knows the sad truth – there is nothing good and these bloated claims are another evidence of absurd human acting. Compare it especially with the ignorance and false hope doctrine – isn´t that an obvious and unquestionable hypocrisy? Where is some modesty? For these researchers and neurologists it is absurd to comment openely those promising real cases but then they market their total failure using absurd catchphrases, as if they were not aware thousands of people are dying every year and they are unable to do anything about it, they are failing every single year and they will be failing in 2023, 2024 and 2025 too (I have no doubt given their approaches). Part of this absurdity are also the prices of those drugs these people produce – absurd prices for not working drugs which are called treatments (again absurdity).

🙄Absurdity #8 – Absurd Belief In Cure

As I wrote before especially strong absurdity will yield many other absurdities. Bad things are natural consequence. Another one is the absurd belief in the simple cure. As we know from previous section, the researchers don´t believe anything else than their drug discovery engines. It is an absurd thing when you know how complex and systemic is the nature of ALS. This simply cannot be cured by some drug and it is no coincidence all drug attempts have failed (plenty of them!). It is like if someone would be making claims he is working on a drug which will cure all types of cancer. You simply take your pill in the morning and that´s it – cancer or ALS is gone. What an absurdity!

A smarter person can already see what is going on here. Despite the official noble goals it is not about finding a cure. It is about making profits on new allegedly little bit more life prolonging drugs. Please compare AMX0035 with Riluzole. The time period between introducing these two drugs is 27 years. Now what is the difference between the drugs? Both are poor speculative life prolonging drugs, Riluzole with its incredible 2-3 months and now the new animal AMX0035 arrived with its alleged 6 months.

Senda Ajroud-Driss, MD, Associate Professor of Neurology and Director of the Lois Insolia ALS Clinic at the Les Turner ALS Center at Northwestern Medicine, and site investigator for the clinical trial, is also hopeful: “The results of the AMX0035 Phase 2 trial and the open-label extension are very encouraging. For people living with ALS, extending life by 6 months is amazing.”

People blindly trust in these unethical games and I noticed how emotionally some members of ALS community react when people like us criticize the system. They were taught to believe in absurd solutions and they were taught to assess everything else as a scam. I could ask what the ALS community expects in another 20 years? With this system and unethical unchanged paradigm I would not be an optimist.

So why people behave in absurd way? Why people refuse detoxification, natural antioxidants and immunity boosters based protocols executed immediately when early symptoms appear? Why people accept Radicava, an ancient (1989 or so) non-ALS alleged free radical scavenger drug, when the organism native free radical scavengers (SOD, A-C-E vitamins, Se/Zn minerals, glutathione, lipoic acid, N-Acetyl-l-cysteine etc.) do the same thing much better and thousand times cheaper?

ALS is extremely tough enemy but simple things applied 360+ days sooner (12 months, on average) outperform Riluteks and Radicavas. People don´t like to hear this though. The level of debate is again absurd, too much of emotions fueled by drug producers (pushing in front of FDA, petitions) and too little of rationality. Please check ALS Experimental Theory before resigning on any treatment in case you or someone else you know obtains ALS diagnosis or is in the threat of obtaining it.

Brutal and ruthless truth about ALS …

⚔The Clash Of Absurdities

I am very well aware my view will be found absurd by many, perhaps vast majority, 99%. This puts us into an interesting situation. I am pointing out certain absurdities while practically everyone else will be wondering and finding my thoughts absurd and weird. Who is going to judge this? (time & history).

Also we should ask important questions:

  • How successful are humans in the fight against ALS?
  • Does it seem to everyone all is great? That people in overall process systematically and by following all their principles thoroughly?
  • Do people well collaborate?
  • Isn´t there too much of emotions and fighting What ALS is NOT rather then working for patients and verifying/exploring every possibility in NO LIMIT fashion?
  • Are we absolutely sure there is no room for mistakes which could contribute no substantial progress had been made in the last 30 years?

One day, the better absurdity will prevail and since logic, hope, humanity and human rights are rather on my side I have no doubt which one it will be 🖖😎.

The ALS battles rage among people … Being unable to recognize the thin non-linear separation line people fight against people arguing what ALS IS NOT, instead of eagerly pioneering WHAT IT MAY BE.

Modern Battlefield: Science Vs Pseudoscience

Predatory Publishing Paradox

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