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Their Fight Is Our Fight

Join the simplest global mobilizing anti-ALS campaign ever.

The reason why every person should get involved is simple. People afflicted with ALS including every future diagnosed ones immediately fell down into a big trap – they are basically sentenced to death. The amount of despair has exceeded any acceptable thresholds – world needs to react. Only massive external help from the rest of the society can create conditions which will enable to quickly re-think the whole problem and attack it differently or in a much better coordinated way. This help will be rewarded with revolutionary scientific knowledge which everyone will benefit from afterwards (progress with many other serious diseases). There are already small children with ALS so the worst thing can become a reality soon. What is that? One thing I observed in life is that strange contradiction in human behavior. Humans have no problems with damaging and polluting everything including themselves – they are just fine with it and always find a reason why it is not that big problem. However once it concerns their children they are immediately changing their attitudes and opinions. Parents, these sinners, would die for their own children. Evolution ensured this somehow as otherwise we would selfdestroy and eradicate ourselves long time ago. But given the situation with ALS some parents could face terrible situation – their own child will ask for euthanasy or they themselves will request it for their child. If you realize what emotions abortions still evoke think about euthanasy for children – is not this just too much? Can we tolerate it? Is really our world like that? It is imperative for people to really prevent that from happening and stop this progress. I really do not mean law related battles but realizing the cause – soon everyone can realize how massive and enormous size problem stands in front of us and that it is not only about ALS and it really is our fight too. It is part of our big global environmental problem. Anyway it is late, it is already happening. Where? In Netherlands …

I have received a comment which disinterprets my words written here so I better add this further explanation. I am not a fighter against euthanasy at all. I am always for freedom of individual, free will and free choice which also means for a freedom to die. However my text above is about something else. The concerns expressed target the situation as a whole – children euthanasia. What other reasons humans need to dramatically increase the efforts leading to explaining and treating class of diseases where ALS is the most brutal one? I want to prevent these cases in the way people will not stand in front of such decision. I apologize but English is not my mother tongue. My message is simple – genetics is not the reason and there is obvious logic and also facts. Also my comment about “crazy Netherlands” can be easily disinterpreted. It is rather unfortunate and explanations here would require more space so I better remove the word “crazy” too. So it happens and in Netherlands. Period 😉

I believe below text can be disinterpreted
It is imperative for people to really prevent that from happening and stop this progress. I really do not mean law related battles but realizing the cause – soon everyone can realize how massive and enormous size problem stands in front of us and that it is not only about ALS and it really is our fight too.

Some today kids are very bright, intelligent and can understand things better than those already corrupted adults. I would not be surprised if some kid delivered following speech or letter in near future …

Message About The State Of The World

You have diagnosed me with fatal and terminal disease. Wherever I look I see compassion but also fear, irrational acceptance of those so far unfortunate facts and lack of big actions aimed at changing and reverting the state. You are just not doing enough to help me and others. I am told I have no chance to live a long life. I am told I will suffer and live only few years. I am being burried alive. In this case I do not see any reason why I should continue on this world. It is you who created this terrible atmosphere, a hopeless world for patients like me. I do not want to live any more. I want to die right now. Where is that poison to drink or button  to push? I am choosing departure from this sick world, I want euthanasy … But before I die I want to pass a message to you. I have spent few hours on internet and went through all the,,,, websites and I clearly see why you are so struggling with finding a cure for me. Your lack of global coordination and obsession with nothing explaining genetics is so funny. I see familial ALS is as per your own findings only 5-10% and the rest is sporadic ALS. You state sporadic ALS is a result of unknown environmental factors. What is this environment? Isn´t it everything surrounding us? Was not life of my parents part of this environment too? And life of parents of my parents? Logically familial ALS is a subset of sporadic ALS and sporadic ALS really is 10-20 times bigger problem. Chicken or egg? I do not know but I know S-ALS gives rise to F-ALS. Your own recent study confirms that but even kid like me does not need such studies, it is so obvious. But you are obsessed with genes which you cannot change even if you succeeded with identifying some – at least not for me when I already grew up so why all the effort? You should target those things which damage those genes but that clearly is not your mission. I do not see you would invest 10 times more resources and effort in finding problems in your toxic environment. You do not want to cure me. You want to do genetic research instead. The thing which is slowly killing me is the environment (including your incompetency & perverted priorities), rare combination of toxins and pathogens in my brain and spinal cord. These toxins and pathogens will be damaging DNA of children like me (or adults) even if you genetically hack it with your latest toy (CRISPR) before we are born. This will continue until you realize the most obvious thing on this world – the root cause is not “genetic diseases”, root cause does not lie in my genes or in my mother or grandmother genes. I wish you good luck with your unethical research but I am leaving. That 95 yrs old man, Mr. Attenborough, has done for me more than did all those gene hunting ALS researchers in last decades. He is a good man. Greet him! Now I need to go, bye.

How can you help?

It is very simple:

  • 📢 Share any ALS related matter of your choice on your social media under hashtag pair:
    • #TheirFightIsOurFight (show compassion but also vision! Without vision no victory ever happened …)
    • #CallForParadigmChange (require re-focus on microbial & environmental aspects, at least 10 times bigger than practically worthless genetic research)
  • 📢 It can be anything – ALS story you know & memories, experience, article, video, your message, thought why there is no help to these people despite the 21st century technology involved – whatever. If you have no idea then share URL of this post (button at the bottom of the page) as I am trying to raise the awareness differently but anything else will work too.
One rule though. In your post or message please do not mention anything about incurability of the disease. There is a reason for that.
Please try to spread hope and positive vision. No more death sentences please! Following and similar expressions should be avoided:

  • incurable
  • terminal
  • always fatal
  • no|zero chance

  • I am critical regarding the way ALS research is done at the moment but I know humans should work together. This is why I tried to contribute with my own theory – if you check what all ALS treatments are available or approved including experimental treatments you will not find anything close to my theory. Still I have extracted the theory from scientific works and papers and created new challenge also known as Missing Survival Guide for ALS patients. I would bet my last money and bitcoins that the results of any case study done on this mobilizing protocol would outperform that riluzole (90 days longer life? Can you believe it? Researchers have no idea what it does exactly, can you believe it?).

If you do above simple steps, there is a big chance you are becoming an active contributor in writing the new amazing chapter in mankind history. Thank you for that.

Forget all the differences and help with creating global & united massive public voice calling for changes – we cannot continue in the same way.

Wake Up! ALS is about toxicity and pathogens which no genetic hack will stop! What are you waiting for?

Please make sure you read the disclaimer page and you understand the motivation of this web.

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