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ALS – Curse Of The Impossible

There are many redflags signalizing the reality is not reflected as it should and mankind became victim of its own psychological war. This can sound as a very daredevil thought but let’s share some facts and elaborate more on this kind of forgotten topic.

First of all I need to write this really is serious and sensitive thing. I myself have life experience directly from the ALS battlefield and thus I have a right to share my opinion despite it may sound little bit controverse at first.

Everyone knows this disease has just demonic reputation. My first reaction when I realized my mother was assigned the diagnosis reflected it – I broke in tears, despite she was still mobile and could take care of herself. It was just brutal. However I have never accepted the fact there is nothing to do, there is nothing to attempt for to refuse the destiny. I had no knowledge, no signs, no facts which would entitle me to have this feeling rather than opinion. Perhaps it was just love and my stubborness what was behind it. Anyway everything was happening so quickly, first shock, my own health problems, switch to maintenance and supportive mode, work – not much time left for anything else. The deadly reputation was very noticeable though – everytime media announced some case here or there I checked what people say. There was everything but not optimism. Instead something I would call premature funeral atmosphere. It is understandable after the known history but still I always felt something different. I had nothing to say, feeling is just feeling. It took years to let this feeling to transform into certain experimental knowledge I´m sharing with the world through this website. Now another big problem arised – how to penetrate the public space with this new revolutional information. It will take time – please notice I´m measuring it. If you would like to help me, please share the link to this website with just a request to review this experimental theory 😎

If you asked whether I did something to get it reviewed then I can answer: Yes, I did. However this is where the additional complexity comes – people don´t bother, people don´t want to even look at it, people automatically refuse to waste time with some crazy theory. It is just clear any breakthrough needs to come from hi-tec lab, a magical pill which protects motor neurons! It is little bit sad but I counted with this! That´t why I have many plans and will work on executing them. I can say I managed to get in contact with a real researcher and scientist, I got promise from this person. However since that moment I provided this information there is nothing but silence. I don´t know what the reasons are. All I can do is to ask the public for support.

It really looks like people already got used to fact people with ALS cannot get better or even stop the disease and recover to some undefined extent. People have build a mysterious wall around mysterious disease, with every unfortunate case another brick was added. Over decades this wall is alrady pretty thick and big and it is hard to just come up and say:

Hey, perhaps there is a way, it can be nasty Epstein-Barr et al. infection further followed with Borrelia bacterial infection, heightened heavy metals levels and certain unlucky deficiencies in the body at time T. It is necessary to break up gradually these factors, to eliminate them slowly one by one, detox heavy metals, to use natural antibiotics against bacteria including their cell wall deficient forms, to use natural anti-viral supplements and mainly supply body with minerals, high quality food, encourage mental power, provide extra care and let´s watch for changes, week by week, month by month, year by year. Let´s do this!

… and think people will start believing and acting. Instead ignoration is the result. The disease most likely has been evolving for many years before it manifested with fearful symptoms. There were redflags along the way, allergies, strange unrest, tiredness, shingles, some initial neurological discomfort, just anything, but without knowledge and experience it just proceeded. In the same way the wall of disbelief has been slowly build, layer by layer. The disease is known for almost 200 years. Last 100 years people are already trying to fight with it but the lack of success created even strange fog arround the wall. Neverending attempts with stem cells, genetical hacks, 21st century cutting edge technology in action and still no progress at all, how is this possible? I can answer this right away. People just made big mistake at the very beginning, they accepted wrong interpretation of so called autoimmune process and because of that they don´t see simple facts – they are in the grip of bad decision made in past. Epstein-Barr virus is mentioned every time someone speaks about multiple scleoris but what you will hear? “We know this virus plays some important role but we still don´t know what the role is about.” In my opinion it is very simple, the virus can hijack many types of cells and can integrate somehow into their DNA. Why do you think C9orf72 gene is looking so strange in ALS patients? It looks to me like genetic mutations called “insertions” happened there. Virus is known mutagen. Heavy metals are known as factor and it is mutagen as well. Other herpetic viruses like VZV target nerve tissues – does that surprise anyone in the context of ALS and MS disease?

The problems I identified are basically on all levels. People know EBV, VZV, HHV-6 or HHV-7 as well as Borrelia spirochetes are present in humans – this is no surprise. But people think if two people have these infections (or better they are known to have antibodies against these antigens) and one has MS or ALS and other is healthy it is not a factor. What a mistake! They just cannot see the relationships which I see so clearly. Well what can I say, I just need to hope this will get some serious attention and this wall will break up sooner than later. I personally removed the brick which was there for my mother, now tiny hole is there and I will be punching it until it breaks 👊😃👊. I plan to destroy it! If more people start believing in this, it will just happen. However it requires some single and undeniable case which needs to come from any part of this world. Please help me with this insane, foolish but revolutional project. If nothing else, we will still raise awareness which is that, in my opinion too humble goal of all the organizations. I have set more ambitious goal!

Fall of Berlin wall in 1989, today we have 2021. Time of breaking walls has come again! 🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨

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