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Underhill´s personal notes day 1.

These daily recordings are already described in brief bullet list format. It took me some time to standardize the format of my paper notes so I will inform about them in a free way. As I described that in my posts published before I gradually got to a state when I tried to capture every potentialy useful aspect of this experimental protocol. If you follow these posts you will see that soon. This is going to be pretty informal, sometimes little bit confusing perhaps, but that´s how it was, mainly at the beginning. Please try to focus rather on key things, similarities you may observe if having also some problems of this type, perhaps you will be able to digest something valuable.


  • Based on reading through my books (I collected many books on health topics!) I have concluded that I need to try the natural detoxification and do it as thoroughly as I can. My expectation was it could help me with improving my health.
    • Thyroid book from Anthony William impressed me but only after having it for more than year, first time I ignored that and even did not like it, did not read it actually – now I saw there many patterns describing my problems and even more, I clearly saw my mother health issues described there in quite precise detail. FYI – This is not hidden ad to that book, I am just describing how I got to it (well, it was quite a story, not that important here now, at this point of time I had no idea who A. W. is, I thought he is some holistic doctor or someone similar to Buhner, I was not focused on authors at all, just some foreign names for me, that´s it but the actual contents were interesting for me, both Buhner as well as William were kind of describing similar phenomenon but using very different style, I recognized this intersection/common points between both of them, good sign for me).
  • Motivation to get better and succeed became extremely high.
  • I confirmed that from this day I am making brutal and rapid changes to my diet and promised myself I will follow those perhaps strange but still easy and worth trying steps with iron discipline.
  • My food at this day:
    • Beef broth soup + some bread
    • Raspberries, woodberries.
    • Some walnuts.
  • I added note I don´t feel hungry.
  • I did some light jogging, run.
    • This should not be surprising. People having these problems often don´t look significantly sick. There can be subtle problems which persist for months or even year, people go to work and even do some sport – but that can be dangeorus and it is known ALS hit both professional or casual athletes quite “abrubtly”. That´s why people need to be very perceptive to their body singal and I was exactly like that. Just very recently I read posts in one ALS phorum and man diagnosed with ALS admitted he has been having muscle twitches for 5 years prior getting the diagnosis! This is exactly what I am speculating on here – there is a clear preALS state, and various symptoms should be recognized and actioned. My life experience confirms it is possible and even more, it seems that there are instructions what to do in such situation, despite nobody knows it can always help everyone. As people we are in the middle of this fight and experimentation is key part of it.
  • Drinks:
    • Warm water with lemon
    • Milk thistle tea
    • Combination of fenel, mint, black currant

Comments – Today perspective

  • The first day was pretty chaotic – I had no idea what I will eat if so many things ended on blacklist. I only had something what seemed at least somehow acceptable – I still wanted to follow everything. One of the first things to do was I had to do big shopping which would enable me to become 100% compliant (and also allow eating something! 😁) .
  • This first day chaos which was far from an application of formalized treatment protocol also depicts one extremely important thing: It is important to start somehow and start learning along the way. The experiments which I conducted could be perhaps even dangerous. Many people will just stop and start asking for evidence: I won’t take this or I won’t do this until you give me evidence or warranty it indeed will work. However that´s not how world works. I took the risk and tried out many things and at the end it was success. Was my path optimal? Probably not. It is mainly about setting the bounds of such experiments, managing the risk and trying to follow basic safety precautions.
  • Still I need to be careful as replicating any success may not be as easy and straightforward. Please note my DISCLAIMER page, see even my ask for help as expressed in my PDF. My goal is to inspire people and also provide information on what steps I conducted and what results can be expected.
  • Their own experiments may differ here or there but the general path and message is common – there is something you can do about your health, it all should affect positively your immune system, gut microbiom, liver condition, digesting and mineral absorbing capability. That´s why this means science. Natural detoxification of orgasnism is the fundamental objective. Have you noticed those ads in the TV telling you, you should care about your liver? Or that immune system is to high degree affected by healthy gut environment? This information is all around us in these days, unfortunately the ads always end with some business message – “so please buy this new extra cool supplement or drug! 🤑”. This is problematic but otherwise the underlying research and liver, gut, immunity factors are most likely very correct – please do not underestimate it, don´t buy all-in-one package but instead do things naturally, eat well, drink well, avoid industralized food as much as possible and supplement in the most fundamental way (I will tell you what it means or check above PDF if you want to know right now).
  • IMPORTANT note:
    • Originally I suspected my problems are recurrent Lyme disease (natural guess of many ALS patients!), the symptoms were in line with it.
    • I was heavilly inspired by Steven Harrod Buhner book which I also had in my library – LUCKILY FOR ME!
    • So while I was rapidly introducing changes to my diet, which I definitely considered part of any healing, I wanted to take some medicaments. I was not given ATBs by doctors as they did not see any reason (I need to thank them for this retrospectively, I had negative ELISA/WesternBlot).
    • It seemed that trying to recover from potential Lyme which was my own diagnosis (YES, mine!) was possible only by working slowly on my overall immune system condition – unfortunately no quick treatment existed.
    • Still Buhner mentions couple of natural supplements which should help with supporting immunity, mainly those immune cells which seem deficient in case of developed Lyme disease (NK cells etc.). These were Uncaria Tomentosa/Cat´s claw and couple others.
    • I was able to buy only Uncaria Tomentosa (capsules) and bough also some natural antivirotics (mix from amazonian herbs etc.). Then I had vitamine C, echinacea capsules.
    • I have been dosing these few supplements for already two weeks when on this detox day 1 but Buhner mentioned such protocol needs to be months or even years long so I accepted that. I was happy I am doing something and was looking forward how it goes. I was prepared to incorporate into my protocol anything I find useful and gradually I added lot of things! I will get to it.
    • I have allocated big budget on all future costs – food, fruit, vegetables, supplements.
    • That´s if for Day 1.

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