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Finally my mother, the beginning of everything.

I will try to describe this very briefly as it is still kind of sensitive for me but all the significant information will be included.

One difficulty when it comes to ALS is the broad diversity in the known cases – sex, age, early symptoms, speed of progression. Perhaps you already see the theory Anthony William as a medical medium described actually covers this diversity – there are individual levels of toxicity, individual disease ocurrence in family tree (note infections passed vs genes inherited controversy), individual food habits and life style and there should be also many type of infections, from very aggressive to slower viruses. I read few dozens stories of ill people and some describe the moment as „sudden“. At one moment they got injured (big stress, weakened body self defense) and then problems started – during injury recovery period something became suspiciously wrong  and after some time they received deadly diagnosis. Sometimes it is different and it starts with speech problems directly and the progress is rapid while sometimes it starts with certain discomfort or clumsiness with hand/arm and progresses relatively slowely, Stephen Hawking would be the most known case. This experimental theory covers all these cases because it says the viral infection can in very rare cases pass through the stages within days while usually it takes months if not years, it can also spread in the body using different paths. However the problem is the possible infection is not a topic for medicine (they play with genes!) and it is very problematic to prove it. All we have at this point is there is an indirect evidence of infection in the body – inflammation or even better, a chronic inflammation. Otherwise I don´t have much information about health issues ALS diagnosed people had in past, years before they were diagnosed. Please note my early statement regarding chronic diseases in general – it is problem never created overnight, it is something which gradually develops without big attention. It can result in usual infection issue here or there (visible or noticable moments) and then again progress silently in insidious way. For medical science it is key thing to improve gathering all information from early patient life to the moment of diagnosis. I tried to do this very roughly for Lou Gehrig and you can see what can be relevant and play role when few tens of factors occur together.

My mother case falls into the slow progress category and that is actually the main reason why I´m writing this. However the true nature of the problem stayed unknown for a long time. Without remembering all those things I would not recognize the strangely correct gradually developing pattern Anthony William described. Perhaps this is a rare ALS case – it would be great if people could assess this and share their knowledge. However once doctors were finally sure and gave all the problems ALS label my mother health started to rapidly worsen.

My mother grew up in relatively poor conditions. Her parents were hard-working and taking care of other siblings as well. In terms of toxicity I think my mother could be exposed to unhealthy chemicals because her father was a painter and he also worked a lot at home. That old house which was subject to never ending repair & upgrade works could be source of toxicity as well – fungi, mold, dyes, solvents etc. Anyway this is sort of speculation. As far as I know she was relatively healthy as a child or I don´t have enough information.

As a family we lived happy life but then things started to get worse. Now I can see it is no coincidence her siblings died on cancer – not early like Lou Gehrig´s siblings but still early. My mother family was hit with this disaster and her parents, my grandma and grandpa were affected as well. Later on it was my mother who had to take care of them and this became very significant source of stress for her. I realize that now, but at those times I was too young. The stressful work, stress with old parents is actually compound trigger and quite dangerous. So far healthy mom started to have issues. These issues span period of approximately 15 years. This is actually in line with the long multi-stage theory where stress triggers cause viral infections are switched from latent state into fighting state and since this moment the results are unpredictable. This all makes sense because what changes is not the infection, but the immune system, it is weaker and weaker and “specific immunity dam” can break down. All the individual factors will decide whether person immunity will prevail and get back in control, or will loose ultimately. This can signify real hidden war with many battles over the years. Sometimes immune system will be able to win a battle but two years later due to another stress trigger new battles can take place and infection can celebrate success. War is over when the infected person dies. Can this be the case with ALS? I believe so but evidence is not available yet.

At first my mom kind of overcame the issues but then something appeared again and worse. Doctors were unable to help her much but she was very humble person and she did not complain. She did mention some issues though and I remembered these statements. I know that even today doctors are not helpful at all – they won´t help you, they won´t tell you what is wrong and what is worst, they don´t show the necessary empathy and they even don´t believe you are sick. Their tests are often useless – nobody can wonder I tend to agree with Anthony William on this. I have my own experience so I know where the current limits are. This respect for authorities, especially in health questions is quite apparent for older generations – I noticed that in my life. I´m already different breed  – not sure why, but I don´t trust doctors when I see how they work. I don´t respect them as authorities when I see they know nothing about the problem they are trying to solve and even worse they don´t trust people. I will elaborate more on this in next posts. Anyway I still recognize all the medical personel, especially during the COVID era. They have really tough times and do their best. They deserve nothing but respect and full support. There are good doctors and bad doctors, but who wants to face bad doctor, right?

The best treatment for my mother (still a period before ALS diagnosis) provided some old woman who recommended herbal teas. It helped her for some time but not permamently so it was just a matter of time when something worse appears – if person has no clue what is happening and how to defend himself/herself it seems worse things to come are inevitable. Unfortunately my mother never evaluated these signs correctly, perhaps she could have realized what is damaging her and switched to different mode and give her health care maximum priority. She did not have bad lifestyle, but not perfect either. If people rely only on medicine and don´t make changes in life it is often tragic. This is the lesson I learned and it perhaps saved me from big troubles later.

With today information I can summarize the problems in this chronological order:

  1. Borreliosis
  2. Thyroid issues – hypothyreosis
  3. Fibromyalgia (my diagnosis, she never heard anything like that from doctors!)
  4. Menier disease (also my diagnosis based on mother comments, she never heard about it from doctors!)
  5. Hypertension
  6. Diabetes (diagnosis received when it was already bad)
  7. ALS (relatively shortly after diabetes, a knock-out type diagnosis came and was then independently confirmed)

This terrible experience gave me some insights though, some came to my mind very recently:

  • I learned this disease is no sudden strike, despite it may look like it in many cases.
  • I learned the devastative impact diagnosis with no hope (= death sentence) has on human mentality which in turn materializes in reality on the body level.
  • I also learned there is something strange, which would normally look like an infectional behvavior (more on that in next post)
  • I learned that if the disease is being formed  for many years then logically there needs to be reverse process – I have never accepted the „incurable“ status, I searched for information everywhere.
  • I recognized this sequence of health issues was described by medical medium with 100% precision in the thyroid book and the author, Anthony William, blames hidden virus infections which are responsible for producing neurotoxins causing most of the ALS symptoms (pains, muscle twitching, inflammation in peripherial nerves as well as in CNS). The important fact here is that there was no mentioning of ALS in thyroid book, I just read the theory and recognized my mother case in it. I did not know Anthony William wrote about ALS in other books which I bought later on. I was not influenced with it at all. I just saw that nasty pattern so clearly. Now I think the theory is weird and perhaps even wrong in few technical details but as a whole it most likely explains the disease by far in the precise way, compare it with the information public is receiving from science.
  • I could also admit the cancer theory can be related with ALS as Anthony William claims, certain evidence lies in my family tree and even more –Alzheimer disease is present as well.

While I had to speculate when finding commonalities in Lou Gehrig case, with my mother I have full confidence regarding the nature of health issues, the length of problems, the intermediary diagnoses including the fatal and ultimate one.  It matches Epstein-Barr or herpetic virus infection theory to the very last detail. On my mother case I also learned ALS is really complex syndrome where lot of things in the system is damaged but medicine is unable to track it and put it into single context. They even don´t see obvious things! Problems with thyroid and taking hormones, then diabetes and all followed by strange symptoms, pains and feelings (Menier disease, Fibromyalgia) which are mystery for doctors. Muscle atrophy and twitches should have warned them much earlier. However even if they knew or noticed what would they do? They just don´t know how to fight such issues, there is no miraculous vaccine. The frontline doctors do really poor job in information gathering and thus this disease is not described from causation point for 200 years. This is mainly a result of the arrogancy, where people with serious issues are not trusted and sent home with “you are healthy” statement. On the other hand current science probably is unable to detect the issues in some measurable form and thus it results in such conclusions. The lack of trust is very apparent though.

Later on I did more analysis on these viruses from other sources because I want to validate information. Based on my mother comments and feelings I would tend to claim she may had more viruses in her body but one for sure – HHV-3 or Herpes Zoster. The reason why I think it, is the information obtained from Anthony William first book​1​ complemented with another book​2​. It causes those pain feelings and its site of latency is nerve ganglias. Anthony William claims there are more such virus types than just the one which medical science is aware of and not always it can be diagnosed visually – meaning skin disorders can be visually confirmed. If someone says ALS does not hurt, then it is not entirely true. My mother had pains. However medicine is so blind, it calls as ALS only the last period when they already know the signals going through nerves are so weak – a very very later stage in my opinion. The hope I´m building here is that even at this point nothing is lost. However it requires realizing the true essence of the problem and accepting immediate and very dramatic changes. Also uttermost importance is to protect patient spirit from devastative effects of the diagnosis.

Besides this I would say my mom had the worst symptom  described as a rare case using „body in one fire“ expression. This virus also causes typical back pain which is connection point not only with the rest of my family but also with Lou Gehrig case and the known lower back problems, also followed by blisters and bruises. This virus is quite known and common in people – how it could happen it can be important player in ALS disease? I´m not sure, but I think people just haven´t fully learned how far these herpetic slow infections can get. Also nerve ganglias is common place for HHV-1 and HHV-2. I also learned this is known to science. For example the polio virus is common virus, but it makes some people paralyzed.

We should not be too surprised to discover that humans are the exclusive host of poliovirus. The individual virion is a mere 18 to 30 nanometers in diameter. Under the electron microscope it has a capsid with the familiar icosahedral symmetry, which encloses a relatively simple RNA-based genome. In the small intestine, the virus binds to a specific receptor molecule in the lymphoid tissues of the pharynx and the Peyer´s patches of the gut. Here the virus hacks its way into the interior of the cells, where it takes over the genetic processes to convert the cell into a factory for manufacturing daughter viruses. The daughter viruses are released through rupture of the infected cell, after which they re-invade neighbouring cells and repeat the process​3​.

This information should also warn people, and give them certain imagination on what virus does. In the COVID era this general knowledge spreads more and people are getting interested in viruses in general. However the important part in our polio virus and poliomyelitis lesson follows.

All of this sounds a trifle horrific and even potentially deadly. But in reality the great majority of individuals infected by poliovirus show little or not signs of the disease, other than, perhaps, a mild looseness of the bowels​3​.

This is similar to herpetic virus behavior. It leads us to quite clear conclusion. The major problem is hidden immunodeficiency, which in my opinion can be improved and again is not genetical curse.

Only in a tiny minority does the virus make its way to the anterior horn nerve cells in the spinal cord, where infection and subsequent death of the nerve cells gives rise to the paralysis we saw in President Roosevelt. Bizarre as it might seem, the infection of the nerve cells appears to serve no purpose as far as virus transmission or evolutionary pathways are concerned. Indeed this most dreaded complication of poliomyelitis appears to be coincidental​3​.

Anyway it is not that important for me. Instead the bottom line is important – ALS can be from high degree viral infection caused disease and medical science should focus on this path with the same or even higher interest as they do with studying DNA and damaged genes. Damaged gene is damaged gene – you will still need to answer why it got damaged to proceed (virus? heavy metal?). What I learned is bad news for ill people – modern medicine tends to go for simple unhelpful solutions with money potential when not sure what is happening. Autoimmune theory is clear evidence so today they will conclude you have bad genes and that´s it, bad luck and they are done. From some strange reason, when they have no clue what is wrong, they always choose the option which is the worst for patients but best for them. Perhaps they could at least focus on heavy metals and toxins which body cannot get rid of from some reason. However here they again mention SOD1 gene, but ALS is not 100% explained or correlated with SOD1 mutation! There are other genes and issues. It just is not root cause and science is unable to proceed – my goal and wish is if these scientists could finally focus on something else than genes.

My mother died but I cannot ignore her case, it was painful experience but also sort of  eye-opener for me. In following posts I will finally focus on myself. It looked to me „the family curse“ chose me as another target. Later I will be summarizing the experience with those treatment protocols. The fact that earlier and then partially also later my mother responded to something as simple like common herbal teas is another tiny trace in my analytical & tracing efforts. Unfortunately the second response I haven´t recognized at that time – it was sort of glimpse in the stressful moments of my life. Much much later I remembered it and realized there could have been a moment of hope, but I had no knowledge, I could not leverage that signal. Of course I´m not trying to say you can beat ALS just with herbal tea. I just think it is one component in the heavy arsenal (one basic component out of tens of components) which I was able to put together with the help of Anthony William books and also books of other authors. The supportive information for possible curative effects for many components was also validated in scienctific sources. It is not about miraculous drug, but about many very specific and often simple or standard components which together can form powerful synergic and slowly recovering effect.

I will present this compiled information on this website and perhaps someone brave enough can find it useful.


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