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Time has come to move my project to next phase. This is the very first post on my website with quite catchy and at the same time untrustworthy name – Chronic Diseases Demystified. I should explain it first.

Initially I chose this title in a quite intuitive way, such name purpose was to clearly demonstrate my area of interest and ambitions. Later I realized it can sound inappropriately to many people, moreover in these times (2020) when things receive „fake“ labels very easily and primary financial interests behind fake or manipulative content are omnipresent. It would be logical to change the website title but I have decided to leave it as it is and rather adjust the currently over-ambitious meaning. The title now does not describe the present or meaning of information written here, but unspecified future. It represents an ideal, a target we as mankind are pursuing. Of course it sounds like science fiction now but let´s see how it goes – this is a long term project.

Now I should explain why chronic diseases. Diseases are inherent part of our lives. It is actually very interesting subject. How people perceived diseases in past and how do they now? What causes them? These and many more questions became source of my interest. However how does that happen that someone gets interested in diseases and starts thinking like this? Of course something had to happen which ignited this rather unusual interest. The truth is, one day I realized there is something strange and suspicious around me. Too many people had nontrivial problems, some died. Past or present, it was strange. For many people this is just life, it happened, we all will somehow die one day, it is imperative to look forward … Well, I understand this attitude but I´m different. I started asking questions to myself but had no answers except one – I don´t know, I need to start searching for answers.

The thing is that people I liked or loved – they shared something. They died on chronic diseases. When we are ill we rely on our modern medicine but what answers can medicine give? The more I was looking for some good answers the more surprised I got. Current medicine does not actually know why people develop cancer or some other life threatening and ending diseases. Cancer is strange class of diseases – everyone knows it, medicine can even “cure” some early detected types but some are considered incurable. Everyone knows someone who had cancer and died or better, recovered. Some people seem to be luckier and recover while others don´t. There is surprisingly decent amount of information about people who were in great troubles – they were diagnosed with some cancer type disease but they sometimes even miraculously recovered and lived happily again. These cases medicine calls spontaneous remission. But what it means? It means that the ill person had to do something strange, something just had to change and as a result the person healed. Medical science has no idea what happened and thus it labels such case with those two words. This is actually very positive, because we should have examples and some experience which can be described and shared with best effort. Ill people then can use this information and try to learn from that. Together with medical care more and more people can experience their personal miracles and medical success. This all is actually happening. It still does not mean there is known and warranted recipe for those cancer types. There are still many factors and unfortunately some people won´t succeed. Still it is better than nothing.

But then there are diseases where no such miraculous case is known or officially registered. Such diseases are in incurable category. In the current state of things the diagnosis of such disease is almost like death sentence. One such known and feared disease is amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) also known as Lou Gehrig disease. World is still waiting for its miraculous patient #1. However is that actually true? I will be touching this topic in following posts.  There is just no single ray of light and hope for ALS patients besides those expensive experiments with stem cells (which do not help!). This disease and problem represents main reason of my interest in diseases. I wanted to know more on this. Since ALS falls into chronic diseases I had to base my work there. My initial motivation was to compare my “field knowledge” with scientific or medical theories plus any other explanations I can find, including those which normally people call esotheric. Is there any link to science? That was my ultimate question.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is the reason why I am building this web site. I have a story to tell. The story I will be describing on the background of my amateur research and disease studying is a real story. In worst case it can be treated as a work in line with „Raise Awareness“ motto, nothing more. In slightly more positive case it can be treated as at least some sort of moral support to all ALS patients around the world and their families. Then in the remaining case this story can perhaps inspire some other people around the world and people can soon make some significant progress.

Mysterious ALS – What all can I find about it?
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