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Medical Medium On Chronic Diseases

In previous post I mentioned name Anthony William for the first time. Regardless some negative voices one can register in the public space I need to admit this man significantly influenced my life. In a very positive way.

If someone reads all posts in this post series it will be clear why I´m so grateful. Anyway I need to also see the critics which is directed to this writer and author of MedicalMedium blog. I´m not denying the critics – it was new finding for me as I found that little bit later and honestly it is sort of detail for me given the importance of information. It is important to see the positive side and there is a lot positive this man has done – no doubt about it. All my life I rely on my intuition and experimental based nature. I learned good things from imperfect people and I think I myself am far from perfect. I think have good sense for making these decisions. Critical voice is just information – I need to somehow process it and that is exactly what I did. So what we can find out about Mr. William? My basic knowledgebase tells us following.

Anthony William Coviello, known professionally as Anthony William or the Medical Medium, is a medium who offers pseudoscientific medical and health advice based on alleged communication with a spirit. He authors books as well as offers advice online on such forums as Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop column and his own website. William claims that the Epstein-Barr virus is responsible for multiple ailments, including cancer. He is the self-proclaimed originator of the lemon juice in water morning detox as well as the celery juice fad, which he claims can offer many health benefits that are not scientifically proven. Critics allege that he is practising medicine without a license and that he has, at times, improperly solicited positive Amazon reviews for his books.

The Wiki page does not mention any positive information which looks like it was written by biased person – there are many people whom those pseudoscientific books helped! But ok, fair attitude is still not matter of course in this world 😉🖖 So A.W. consults health related issues without a license and then some Amazon reviews affair. Well that is fine for me. Many politicians would be grateful for such short problematic record and still they are driving this world. My opinion is that every human can comment health issues without a medical license – we all have right for that because we all are humans, we were sick, we all had health issues and we have seen how other persons dealed with their health issues. This is standard thing, people used to pass on such experience and wisdom for centuries and it enabled many to recover and survive. Requiring medical license is no guarantee, especially in the world of chronic diseases which science is unable to cure. Of course people need to be always very cautious ☝🙂. It is double-edged sword, everyone should be aware of this. I can say that in case of Anthony William there is very little to worry about. If someone disagrees and wants to share his opinion, please let me know. I´m basing my opinions mainly on the contents of the books which I know and then little bit of his website and Facebook page. Regarding the other issue I don´t know how trustworthy it is – the books are great, they don´t need rigged reviews. Promoting writing positive review does not automatically mean forcing someone to lie – it can be also understood as encouragement to write really good and more complete review if satisfied with the book. Just note that I haven´t written any reviews on books I bought including those written by Anthony William. Many were great books. It is matter of choice how each person evaluates such information – the suggested negative way or alternative? If I had more information I could have different opinion but my default in such cases is neutral opinion. This man has big audience and fan base – just check his Facebook. To certain extent this whole website is evaluation of Anthony William work – I think I could call it the most complex analysis and review of his work of all times 😀 Someone writes Amazon review but I have conducted several months long research including practical and very special experience with the treatment protocol (250+ days of heavy action). This all I need to describe in some detail on this website but it certainly is not all about Anthony William theories because originally I started my project using different literature. Please don´t forget my mission is about analyzing ALS and that is important, everything else is of lower importance to me.

The theory presented by Anthony William is very innovative and controversial and that is probably the main reason why it is being neglected and ignored in medical circles. Second reason is that it is hard to prove – is that really true? By the way the image of this post is Epstein-Barr virus. The above wikipedia citation sounds like this virus theory is some nonsense but as you will soon see it is actually very close to truth if not simply truth – I went through lot of scientifically materials. Check references section under each post!

As per my understanding A.W. represents rather certain variant of holistic medicine which could put him in better position in front of modern scientists. It is not primarilly about esotheric and too generic concepts like Everything starts in your head. It is actually very different. He really has aome advanced knowledge – I read the books and I can compare the information and level of detail with other authors. This always helps, having a wider view. I try to confirm the information by referring regular medical books in the trust but verify fashion. The theory which I will summarize next time actually was like if someone described situation in my family with high degree of precision. Because of this fact the theory gained my strange trust, perhaps I should write not trust but initial respect. I´m still criticial thinker. However as you will later see this level of trust/respect was very important for me.

What A.W. shares with other holistic approaches is the emphasize on root cause of any disease and distinguishing between this root cause and symptoms. Modern medicine with its statistical and chemical human body hacking approaches (trial & error) and inability to cure people is unfortunately known to many of us and affecting millions of lives. This is very sad story and please note we are in the world of chronic diseases, the fact that modern medicine can do miracles when you get serious injury in car accident etc. is unquestionable. However in case of all the diseases which devastate mankind more and more like cancer, neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer, ALS, MS, SMA, Parkinson or diabetes, lupus, hypertension, cystic fybrosis and many other, modern medicine is really struggling – it has no real explanation and thus it fallbacks to symptom related treatments. It is clear that such approach cannot lead to healing – in best case it leads to prolonging life and making it perhaps more bearable. I have an image in my persistent memory – it is image of my grandma, very nice and very humble person. As a typical senior person she had some health issues and I remember she had literally a plastic bag full of various medicaments/drugs which she was supposed to take. Her doctor prescribed that! Drug medicine with all the side effects and cross effects – for me a kind of horror story. My grandma unpleasant and very sad end was not surprising.

Holistic approaches Vs Modern medicine

  • attempt to find root cause Vs fighting symptoms
  • explanation what may be wrong Vs prescribed pill or even suppression of processes which are not well understood
  • natural treatments Vs synthetic drugs

Anthony William theory​1,2​ plus my comments in nutshell can be summarized using below points.

  • ALS MS (and other including various cancer types – breast, lung, liver, thyroid, reproduction system) are caused primarilly by viral infections
  • ALS specifically is caused by herpetic viruses, HHV-6 and other, mainly the famous Epstein-Barr virus. Please note EBV as a factor is known in multiple sclerosis – I was just watching TV news when some neurologist was talking about it and she was wondering how bad it got in last 50 years and she denied genetical factor as there is no evidence people genetically degenerated within such a short period.
  •  These viruses are kind of hidden in the organs or tissues – they are not really part of the blood stream where they were eliminated years ago by immune system, perhaps during mononucleosis having as teenager or middle ear infection.
  • Another significant factor is presence of heavy metals in the human body and all other chemicals including all those pills modern medicine is feeding us with (antibiotics, steroids, corticoids, synthetic hormones etc.)
  • Sometimes there are some bacterias as cofactors – mainly streptococcus which can live together with herpetic or EBV viruses in perfect symbiosis – this co-existence is also claimed to be root cause of boreliosis despite current world blames only bacterias. Another bacteria A.W. mentions is Helicobacter Pylori (H Pylori).
  • Another factor is absence of all important minerals, vitamins or enzymes which body desperately needs to run its native detox & self-defense routines as part of immune system reactions (mainly zinc, B-complex).
  • What else? Is it all? Not really – another problem is liver. People have usually no idea their liver is almost done, or in pretty bad shape. Liver does not hurt. If you have fat or lazy liver your body cannot work properly – mostly today people do not eat what their liver needs (natural glucose is claimed) and thus a starvation and poor function is a result. Check your waist measurement! This ultra-critical organ is just in the center of everything and I have validated this and summarized it in a dedicated post! Wait for it.
  • The last important ingredient to this tragic mix is role of adrenaline which is claimed to exist in tens of variations based on the stress emotion type. This information is perhaps shocking or even incorrect, who knows if and when someone will approve/confirm it. Here I´m just summarizing it as it is claimed in such way.

It is clear a part of the theory is not in a big conflict with findings of modern medicine summarized earlier – viruses, heavy metals, stress, lack of minerals are known to be important as well. There are differences but I will explain them in latter posts. What medicine does not emphasize and understand well is the importance of liver and thyroid but these two organs are of a critical importance to me.

In the next post I will follow up on those differences between these two theories and later on I will try to illustrate the possible origin of the ALS disease using this theory, i.e. how it actually gets developed in human body. I owe few citations to Anthony William though – they all come from his cellery book​3​ which by the way, is  #1 Best seller on Multiple Sclerosis.

ALS remains medical mystery. Person diagnosed with ALS can show multiple neurological symptoms – doctors often give diagnoses based on symptoms because the disease is one big unknown.

The root cause of ALS is viral infection in brain, most often HHV-6 and other one or two viruses (e.g. herpes zoster or Epstein-Barr virus) in other parts of body. ALS symptoms are caused by neurotoxins which appear only when body is seriously intoxicated with high amount of heavy metals – mainly aluminium, copper and mercury.

Thorough anti-viral treatment followed with correct detoxication of heavy metals can lead to improvement of ALS symptoms and possibly even neuron regeneration.

— Anthony William

ALS is a mystery but there is a theory which at least gives us hope. What else can I find about it? Can I support it somehow? Yes I can, but let´s be super cautious and share the experience and results found in a step-by-step fashion.
Please note the diagnosis may not always be precise – some time later, when searching for ALS information I found Anthony William Facebook post on ALS called “Reckless diagnosis”. There is a mention of case when patient with ALS actually suffered with Guillain–Barré syndrome a tough but recoverable health problem. This may be relevant at the beginning of the problems – I see a huge difference whether person obtains ALS or GBS diagnosis. Never underestimate the mental factor, human mind is very vulnerable. Anyway such case should be rare. Still I believe there is common denominator between these two, one is considered recoverable and one fatal. In following posts I will share my opinion on ALS mechanics.


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