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What treatments exist for ALS?

Unfortunately there is no known and real or effective treatment. The word treatment means something – something which makes the person to get better and gradually recover. However as per latest official information there is nothing like that for ALS yet and all the attempts are unsuccessful. The official authorities claim there are treatment options in the form of drugs. At best there are drugs with side effects which seem they can very slightly slow down the progression. The application of statistical methods to measure the effects of these drugs can be also questioned because of the great and unpredictable differences among all the patients . Stop for a while and ask yourself if you would call little bit slower dying with all the negatives and no improvement at all a treatment. It is an unfortunate situation but the drugs just do not work.


If you spend some time with all the remaining questions and ideally this whole website you can get better and logically built understanding why these drugs do not and also cannot work. Anyway for an overview one can check this source which also lists other than approved treatments. Please do not forget to at least read about my theory and experimental protocol which cannot be called treatment but which is intended to become a real game changer.

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